The Green Impact Team is a group of students and staff participating in the university’s Green Impact scheme. Green Impact is as much about changing behaviour as it is about making physical improvements. It is a United Nations award-winning programme that provides simple and effective ways for staff and students to improve the sustainable practices of their building, department or college.  

The University has tailored the online workbook to align with its Environmental Sustainability Strategy. The scheme is thus a great way to find out more about environmental issues at the University and play a practical part in making a difference. It also provides training for students to become Green Impact auditors and project assistants. The Corpus team comprises student volunteers including the Ethics and Environment Reps, as well as a Green Impact Project Assistant and the Sustainability Officer and volunteers from various departments of the college. 

Green Impact provides a huge variety of activities: some teams carry out a number of quick, small actions, and others prefer to take on longer term projects focusing on one or two areas. At Corpus we have focused on a whole range of projects from energy and emissions to biodiversity, food and future buildings plans. Student volunteers have worked on raising engagement with sustainability at Corpus and organising events on sustainability. They have also been encouraging each other to switch off electrical appliances and lights, worked on reducing waste and helped to organise three vegetarian formals over the last two terms. Staff have been promoting sustainable ways to get to work, assessing the sustainability of our great food and working on recycling - for instance coffee waste.

The Green Impact teams receive a gold, silver or bronze award as part of their accreditation. Corpus is delighted that, in its first submission, the College's team has achieved a Gold Award.

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