Annual Gift Lists


We are hugely grateful to everyone who has donated to the Library and the College.

These Gift Lists show the generosity of our former and current members, as well as many others kind enough to donate.

Thank you to each of them.

Annual Gift Lists


Gifts to the Library 1 August 2019 - 31 July 2020

Gifts from Fellows and former Fellows of the College and members of SCR

From Lucia Athanassaki:

Πλειων: papers in memory of Christiane Sourvinou-Inwood. Edited by Athena Kavoulaki.

From Thomas Charles-Edwards:

Barbara Bombi, Anglo-papal relations in the early fourteenth century: a study in medieval diplomacy

Church life: pastors, congregations, and the experience of dissent in seventeenth-century England. Edited by Michael Davies, Anne Dunan-Page, and Joel Halcomb.

John Gallagher, Learning languages in early modern England

Noel Malcolm, Useful enemies: Islam and the Ottoman empire in western political thought, 1450-1750

Cultures of diplomacy and literary writing in the early modern world. Edited by Tracey A. Sowerby, Joanna Craigwood.

From Jaś Elsner:

Petros Bouras-Vallianatos, Innovation in Byzantine medicine: the writings of John Zacharias Aktouarios (c.1275-c.1330)

Dawn LaValle Norman, The aesthetics of hope in late Greek imperial literature: Methodius of Olympus' Symposium and the crisis of the third century       

Emma Scioli, Dream, fantasy, and visual art in Roman elegy

From Stephen Harrison:

Sallust. Edited by William W. Batstone and Andrew Feldherr.

Michael Brumbaugh, The new politics of Olympos: kingship in Kallimachos' hymns

Katerina Carvounis, A commentary on Quintus of Smyrna, Posthomerica 14

Homer's daughters: women's responses to Homer in the twentieth century and beyond. Edited by Fiona Cox and Elena Theodorakopoulos.

Barry Cunliffe, The Scythians: nomad warriors of the steppe

The Oxford handbook of the Phoenician and Punic Mediterranean. Edited by Brian R. Doak and Carolina López-Ruiz.

Hunter H. Gardner, Pestilence and the body politic in Latin literature

Experience, narrative, and criticism in ancient Greece: under the spell of stories. Edited by Jonas Grethlein, Luuk Huitink, and Aldo Tagliabue.

Emma M. Griffiths, Children in Greek tragedy: pathos and potential

Matthew Hosty, Batrachomyomachia (Battle of the Frogs and Mice): introduction, text, translation, and commentary

Maijastina Kahlos, Religious dissent in late antiquity, 350-450

Fiona Macintosh and Justine McConnell, Performing epic or telling tales

Sebastian Matzner, Rethinking metonymy: literary theory and poetic practice from Pindar to Jakobson

Felix J. Meister, Greek praise poetry and the rhetoric of divinity

Simon Mills, A commerce of knowledge: trade, religion, and scholarship between England and the Ottoman Empire, c.1600-1760

Classicisms in the Black Atlantic. Edited by Ian Moyer, Adam Lecznar, and Heidi Morse.

Death in late Bronze Age Greece: variations on a theme. Edited by Joanne M.A. Murphy.

Henry Power, Epic into novel: Henry Fielding, Scriblerian satire, and the consumption of classical literature

Jonathan L. Ready, Orality, textuality, and the Homeric epics: an interdisciplinary study of oral texts, dictated texts, and wild texts

The Oxford handbook of Roman Egypt. Edited by Christina Riggs.

Andrew Riggsby, Mosaics of knowledge: representing information in the Roman world

Christopher Siwicki, Architectural restoration and heritage in Imperial Rome

Liddell and Scott: the history, methodology, and languages of the world's leading lexicon of Ancient Greek. Edited by Christopher Stray, Michael Clarke, Joshua T. Katz

Peter Thonemann, An ancient dream manual: Artemidorus' The interpretation of dreams

David C. Yates, States of memory: the polis, panhellenism, and the Persian War

From Judith Maltby via her Tutorial Book Allowance:

Andrew Bradstock, David Sheppard batting for the poor: the authorized biography of the celebrated cricketer and bishop

Reforming the Reformation: essays in honour of Principal Peter Matheson. Edited by Ian Breward.

Bryan D. Spinks, The Rise and fall of the incomparable liturgy: the Book of Common Prayer, 1559-1906

John Carter Wood, This is your hour: Christian intellectuals in Britain and the crisis of Europe, 1937-49

From Anna Marmodoro:

David Allan, Adam Ferguson

Aristotle, The politics. Translated by Ernest Barker; revised with an introduction and notes by R.F. Stalley.

Aristotle, Physics. Translated by Robin Waterfield, with an introduction and notes by David Bostock.

Matter and metaphysics: fourth Symposium Hellenisticum. Edited by Jonathan Barnes and Mario Mignucci.

Ancient ontologies: contemporary debates. Edited by Riccardo Chiaradonna, Filippo Forcignanò and Franco Trabattoni.

Demosthenes, v.7. Translated by Norman W. DeWitt and Norman J. DeWitt.

Andrea Falcon, Corpi e movimenti: il De caelo di Aristotele e la sua fortuna nel mondo antico

Jerry Fodor and Ernest Lepore, Holism: a shopper's guide

La scienza e le cause a partire dalla Metafisica di Aristotele. Edited by Francesco Fronterotta

Lezioni socratiche. Edited by Gabriele Giannantoni and Michel Narcy.

Marcello Gigante, Kepos et peripatos: contributo alla storia dell'aristotelismo antico

Marcello Gigante, Scetticismo e epicureismo: per l'avviamento di un discorso storiografico

Gregory of Nyssa, Opere dogmatiche. Edited by Claudio Moreschini

Stephen P. Kershaw, A brief history of Atlantis: Plato's ideal state

Roman literature under Nerva, Trajan and Hadrian: literary interactions, AD 96-138. Edited by Alice Konig, Christopher Whitton.

Aesthetics: the big questions. Edited by Carolyn Korsmeyer

Meinard Kuhlmann, Ontological aspects of quantum field theory

David Luscombe, Medieval thought

Nathan Lyons, Signs in the dust: a theory of natural culture and cultural nature

Êthikê theôria: studi sull'Etica nicomachea in onore di Carlo Natali, Edited by Francesca Masi, Stefano Maso, Cristina Viano

Fate, chance, and fortune in ancient thought. Edited by Francesca Guadalupe Masi and Stefano Maso.

Stefano Maso, Capire e dissentire: Cicerone e la filosofia di Epicuro

Larry Siedentop, Inventing the individual: the origins of Western liberalism

The soul/body problem in Plato and Aristotle. Edited by Diego Zucca and  Roberto Medda

From Christopher Taylor:

Omnibus, issue 78 (2019:Sept.)

From John Watts:

David Crouch, The chivalric turn: conduct and hegemony in Europe before 1300

Eliza Hartrich, Politics and the urban sector in fifteenth-century England, 1413-1471

From John Watts, via his Tutorial Book Allowance account:

Christopher Markiewicz. The crisis of kingship in late medieval Islam: Persian emigres and the making of Ottoman sovereignty

Fiona Somerset, Feeling like saints: lollard writings after Wyclif

From Nigel Wilson:

Donald J. Mastronarde, Preliminary studies on the Scholia to Euripides

Otto Zwierlein, Kritischer Kommentar zu den Tragödien Senecas

Otto Zwierlein, Prolegomena zu einer kritischen Ausgabe der Tragödien Senecas

Otto Zwierlein, Senecas Hercules im Lichte kaiserzeitlicher und spätantiker Deutung: mit einem Anhang über 'tragische Schuld' sowie Seneca-Imitationen bei Claudian und Boethius

Otto Zwierlein, Senecas Phaedra und ihre Vorbilder

From Michael Winterbottom:

Biographical memoirs of Fellows of the British Academy, no.18 (2019)

Gifts of own publications from Fellows, former Fellows and members of the SCR

From Lucia Athanassaki:

Gods and mortals in Greek and Latin poetry: studies in honor of Jenny Strauss Clay. Edited by Lucia Athanassaki, Christopher Nappa, Athanassios Vergados.

From Giacomo Comiati:

Aldo Manuzio editore, umanista e filologo. Edited by Giacomo Comiati.

From Jaś Elsner:

Vessels: the object as container. Edited by Claudia Brittenham, includes A Roman vessel for cosmetics: form decoration, and subjectivity in the Muse casket by Jaś Elsner.

Conditions of visibility. Edited by Richard Neer, includes Concealment and revelation: the Pola casket and the visuality of early Christian relics by Jaś Elsner.

From Constanze Güthenke:

Constanze Güthenke, Feeling and classical philology: knowing antiquity in German scholarship, 1770-1920

From Stephen Harrison:

Seamus Heaney and the classics: Bann Valley muses. Edited by Stephen Harrison, Fiona Macintosh, and Helen Eastman.

Rediscovering E. R. Dodds: scholarship, education, poetry, and the paranormal. Edited by Christopher Stray, Christopher Pelling, and Stephen Harrison.

From John Watts:

Renaissance college: Corpus Christi College, Oxford, in context, 1450-1600. Edited by John Watts

Gifts from Old Members

From Clive Burgess:

The urban church in late medieval England: essays in honour of Clive Burgess: proceedings of the 2017 Harlaxton Symposium. Edited by David Harry and Christian Steer.

From Hassan Damluji:

Hassan Damluji, The responsible globalist: what citizens of the world can learn from nationalism

From Robert Johnson:

Nova Vulgata Bibliorum Sacrorum editio

The plants of Virgil's Georgics. Commentary and woodcuts by Elfriede Abbe.

Paul Alpers, The singer of the Eclogues: a study of Virgilian pastoral, with a new translation of the Eclogues.

David Armstrong, Horace

P. Vergili Maronis Aeneidos liber primus. With a commentary by R.G. Austin.

P. Vergili Maronis Aeneidos liber quartus. Edited with a commentary by R.G. Austin.

P. Vergili Maronis Aeneidos liber sextus. With a commentary by R.G. Austin.

Cyril Bailey, Religion in Virgil

Godfrey Bond, Oxford orations: a selection of orations by Godfrey Bond: public orator 1980-1992

Anthony Bowen, Cambridge orations, 1993-2007: a selection

Richard A. Branyon, Latin phrases & quotations

W.A. Camps, An introduction to Virgil's Aeneid

F.R. Dale, Character and incident in the Aeneid: presidential address given to the Virgil Society 14th March 1953

Linda Farrar, Ancient Roman gardens

The Oxford book of Latin verse: from the earliest fragments to the end of the Vth century A.D. Chosen by H.W.


Caroline Goad, Horace in the English literature of the eighteenth century

Philip Hardie, Virgil (Greece & Rome. New surveys in the classics, no. 28)

Homage to Horace: a bimillenary celebration. Edited by S. J. Harrison

Oxford readings in Vergil's Aeneid. Edited by S.J. Harrison

Richard Heinze, Virgil's epic technique. Translated by Hazel and David Harvey and Fred Robertson.

Gilbert Highet, The classical tradition: Greek and Roman influences on western literature

Horace, The complete odes and epodes. Translated with an introduction and notes by David West.

Horace, The odes. Edited with introduction, revised text and commentary by Kenneth Quinn.

Peter V. Jones & Keith C. Sidwell, Reading Latin (2 vols: Text and Grammar, vocabulary and exercises)

W.F. Jackson Knight, Roman Vergil

G. Wilson Knight, Jackson Knight: a biography

David J. Ladouceur, The Latin Psalter: introduction, selected text and commentary

Lucan, Civil war. With an English translation by J.D. Duff.

R.O.A.M. Lyne, Further voices in Vergil's Aeneid

R.O.A.M. Lyne, Words and the poet: characteristic techniques of style in Vergil's Aeneid

Virgil. Edited by Ian McAuslan and Peter Walcot.

R.G.M. Nisbet and Margaret Hubbard, A commentary on Horace: Odes, Book II

R.G.M. Nisbet and Niall Rudd, A commentary on Horace: Odes, Book III

R. M. Ogilvie, Latin and Greek: a history of the influence of the classics on English life from 1600 to 1918

Oxford in verse. Chosen and edited by Glyn Pursglove and Alistair Ricketts.

Michael C.J. Putnam, Virgil's pastoral art: studies in the Eclogues

Kenneth Quinn, Virgil's Aeneid: a critical description

Niall Rudd, The Satires of Horace: a study

Sallust, C. Sallusti Crispi Catilina. Edited by W.C. Summers.

Charles Segal, Lucretius on death and anxiety: poetry and philosophy in De rerum natura

David Shotter, Augustus Caesar

Keith Sidwell, Reading medieval Latin

Frank Stack, Pope and Horace: studies in imitation

Ronald Syme, The Roman revolution

Mary Rebecca Thayer, The influence of Horace on the chief English poets of the nineteenth century

Virgil, The Aeneid of Virgil. Edited with introduction and notes by T.E. Page

Virgil, The Aeneid. A new prose translation by David West.

Virgil, Conington's Virgil: Aeneid, Books I-II. Revised by Henry Nettleship.

Virgil, Conington's Virgil: Aeneid, Books III-VI. Revised by Henry Nettleship.

Virgil, Conington's Virgil: Eclogues. Revised by F. Haverfield.

Virgil, Conington's Virgil: Georgics. Revised by F. Haverfield.

Virgil, Eclogues. Edited by Robert Coleman.

Virgil, Georgics. Edited by Richard F. Thomas (v.1&2).

Virgil, The Georgics. Translated into English verse with introduction and notes by L.P. Wilkinson.

Virgil, The works of Virgil. Translated by John Dryden with an introduction by James Kinsley.

Love lyrics from the "Carmina Burana". Edited and translated with a commentary by P.G. Walsh.

Sir Mortimer Wheeler, Roman art and architecture

L.P. Wilkinson, The Georgics of Virgil: a critical survey

Gordon Williams, Horace

P. Vergili Maronis Aeneidos liber tertius. Edited with a commentary by R.D. Williams.

P. Vergili Maronis Aeneidos liber quintus. Edited with a commentary by R.D. Williams.

R.D. Williams, Virgil (Greece & Rome. New surveys in the classics, no. 1)

R.D. Williams and T.S. Pattie, Virgil: his poetry through the ages

Quality and pleasure in Latin poetry. Edited by Tony Woodman and David West.

From Matthew Spencer:

Matthew Spencer, Athos: travels on the holy mountain

From Thomas Thompson:

Thomas Thompson, Fifty-First Field: the story of the 51st field Regiment, Royal Artillery (Westmoreland &

Cumberland Yeomanry), in the Second World War

From Shelby Tucker:

Bruno Gutmann, Poetry and thinking of the Chagga : contributions to East African ethnology. Translated from the German by Ilona Gruber Drivdal and Shelby Tucker.

Other gifts

From Peter Blayney:

Lambeth Palace Library, Annual review 2018. With thanks for the use of an image of the title page of Φ.F.3.7

From Bloomsbury Publishing:

Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, She said: breaking the sexual harassment story that helped ignite a movement. Presented to the College on the occasion of the authors’ visit, October 2019.

From Alan Bott:

Alan Bott, A history of the parish church of St James, Elstead

From Christ Church Library:

Brian Barry, Essays in political theory, v.1 Democracy and power.

Alfred LeRoy Burt, Imperial architects: being an account of proposals in the direction of a closer imperial union, made previous to the opening of the first Colonial conference of 1887

A. C. Grayling, The quarrel of the age: the life and times of William Hazlitt

From Mechthild Clauss:

Mechthild Clauss, Symbolsprache der frühen Christenheit und des Mittelalters auf der Schwelle vom Alten zum Neuen Bund. With thanks for the use of image CCC MS 157 fol 40v (page 77b).

From the Fries Museum, Leeuwarden:

We Vikings: Frisians and Vikings in the coastal area of the Low Countries. Edited by Marie Stoter, Diana Spiekhout. With thanks for the use of an image of CCC MS 157 p.383.

From Barbara Harvey (Somerville 1946):

Rulers and ruled in late medieval England: essays presented to Gerald Harriss. Edited by Rowena E. Archer and Simon Walker.

Norwich Cathedral: church, city, and diocese, 1096-1996. Edited by Ian Atherton

M. L. Cameron, Anglo-Saxon medicine

Emma Cownie, Religious patronage in Anglo-Norman England, 1066-1135

James Stevens Curl, The erosion of Oxford

Petitions to the crown from English religious houses: c. 1272-c.1485. Edited by Gwilym Dodd and Alison K.

McHardy; with the assistance of Lisa Liddy.

David Harrison, The bridges of medieval England: transport and society, 400-1800

P.D.A. Harvey, Editing historical records

P.D.A. Harvey, Medieval maps

Felicity Heal, Hospitality in early modern England

Henry Mayr-Harting, Church and cosmos in early Ottonian Germany: the view from Cologne

Ludo J.R. Milis, Angelic monks and earthly men: monasticism and its meaning to medieval society

Peter Murray Jones, Medieval medicine in illuminated manuscripts

Diarmaid MacCulloch, Silence: a Christian history

Venerabilis Baedae Historiam ecclesiasticam gentis Anglorum, Historiam abbatum, Epistolam ad Ecgberctum, una cum Historia abbatum auctore anonymo, ad fidem codicum manuscriptorum denuo recognovit. Commentario tam critico quam historico instruxit Carolus Plummer.

From Hisashi Hayakawa (contributor):

Extreme solar particle storms: the hostile sun edited by Fusa Miyake, Ilya Usoskin and Stepan Poluianov [PDF version], With thanks for the use of an image of CCC MS 157 fol.192v

From Hertford College Library:

Lorna Jane Abray, The people's Reformation: magistrates, clergy, and commons in Strasbourg, 1500-1598

Thomas A. Brady, Jr, Turning Swiss: cities and empire, 1450-1550

A. N. Galpern, The religions of the people in sixteenth-century Champagne

R. Weiss, Humanism in England during the fifteenth century

From Peter Kornicki:

Peter Francis Kornicki, Captain Oswald Tuck and the Bedford Japanese School, 1942-1945

From David Leake:

John Boardman, Athenian red figure vases: the classical period: a handbook

John Ruskin, Ruskin's Venice. Edited by Arnold Whittick.

From Naomi van Loo:

William Poole, Naomi van Loo, Colin Dunn, New College Library through time

From MJP Architects:

Richard MacCormac, Building ideas: MJP Architects: essays and speculations

From Nuffield College Library:

Designs for democratic stability: studies in viable constitutionalism. Edited by Abdo I. Baaklini and Helen Desfosses.

Derek W. Urwin, The community of Europe: a history of European integration since 1945

Steven I. Wilkinson, Votes and violence: electoral competition and ethnic riots in India

From Oriel College Library:

Horst Friebolin, Basic one- and two-dimensional NMR spectroscopy

From Oxford Archaeology:

Julian Munby, Andrew Norton, Daniel Poore, Anne Dodd, Excavations at Oxford Castle, 1999-2009. With thanks for permission to reproduce three sketches by John Malchair, p.20.

From the Oxford Historical Society:

The building accounts of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 1517-1518. Edited by Barry Collett, Angela Smith, and Julian Reid (2 copies).

From Jonathan Phillips:Jonathan Phillips, The life and legend of the Sultan Saladin. With thanks for the use of an image of CCC MS 255A fol.7r

From Queen’s College Library:

Jean-Philippe Lauer, Saqqara, the royal cemetery of Memphis: excavations and discoveries since 1850

From the Radcliffe Science Library:

M. Aschbacher, Finite group theory

Athel Cornish-Bowden, Basic mathematics for biochemists

Bernard Massey, Mechanics of fluids

J.L. Meriam, Engineering mechanics, v.1-2

Eugen Merzbacher, Quantum mechanics (2 copies)

David W. H. Rankin, Structural methods in molecular inorganic chemistry

Leonard I. Schiff, Quantum mechanics

Stuart L. Shapiro, Black holes, white dwarfs, and neutron stars: the physics of compact objects

George H. Stout, X-ray structure determination: a practical guide

From Marco Rainini:

Filologia mediolatina: rivista della Fondazione Ezio Franceschini, XXVI (2019). With thanks for the use of images from CCC MS 255A.

Marco Rainini, Gioacchino da Fiore predicatore della crociata. With thanks for the use of an image of CCC MS 255A fol. 7r.

Marco Rainini, Il profeta del papa: vita e memoria di Raniero da Ponza, eremita di curia. With thanks for the use of images of CCC MS 255A fols. 13r, 14v, 15r, 16v.

Marco Rainini, Symbolic representations and diagrams of the Lord's prayer in the twelfth century. With thanks for the use of images of CCC MS 255A fols. 12v, 14v-15r.

From St Peter’s College Library:

The Oxford handbook of religion and science. Edited by Philip Clayton and Zachary Simpson.

Mahler and his world. Edited by Karen Painter.

From Vanessa Shorto:

Novum Testamentum graece. Edited by D. Eberhard Nestle and Erwin Nestle.

From Christopher Skelton-Foord:

Geometry and astronomy in New College, Oxford: on the quatercentenary of the Savilian professorships 1619-2019. Edited by William Poole and Christopher Skelton-Foord. With thanks from New College for the use of an image of CCC MS 22 fol.237v

From Worcester College Library:

Anthony King, The British constitution

Elizabeth Wicks, The evolution of a constitution: eight key moments in British constitutional history

From Athanassia Zografou:

Athanassia Zografou, Papyrus magiques grecs: le mot et le rite: autour des rites sacrificiels

Gifford Combs Book Fund

Provided in honour of Richard Carwardine for American History acquisitions 2019-2020

1. Berry, D.R.            Swing the sickle for the harvest is ripe: gender and slavery in antebellum Georgia

2. Boulukos, G.          The grateful slave: the emergence of race in eighteenth-century British and American      culture

3. Burnard, T.             The plantation machine: Atlantic capitalism in French Saint-Domingue and British Jamaica

4. Bynum, V.E.          Unruly women: the politics of social and sexual control in the old South

5. Coates, T.-N.          Between the world and me

6. Cohen, P.C.            The murder of Helen Jewett: the life and death of a prostitute in nineteenth-century New York

7. Cugoano, Q.O.       Thoughts and sentiments on the evil of slavery and other writings

8. Earle, W.                Obi, or, The history of Three-fingered Jack

9. Fett, S.M.               Working cures: healing, health, and power on Southern slave plantations

10. Foster, L.              Women, family, and utopia: communal experiments of the Shakers, the Oneida Community, and the Mormons

11. Frey, S.R.             Come shouting to Zion: African American Protestantism in the American South and British Caribbean to 1830

12. Fuentes, M.J.        Dispossessed lives: enslaved women, violence, and the archive

13. Hyde, A.F.           Empires, nations, and families: a history of the North American West, 1800-1860

14. Jensen, J.M.         Loosening the bonds: Mid-Atlantic farm women, 1750-1850

15. Johnson, P.E.       A shopkeeper's millennium: society and revivals in Rochester, New York, 1815-1837

16. Jordan, W.D.        White over black: American attitudes toward the Negro, 1550-1812

17. LaFleur, G.          The natural history of sexuality in early America

18. Mustakeem, S.M.             Slavery at sea: terror, sex, and sickness in the Middle Passage

19. Paton, D.              The cultural politics of Obeah: religion, colonialism and modernity in the Caribbean world

20. Peterson, D.         Indians in the family: adoption and the politics of antebellum expansion

21. Prince, M.            The history of Mary Prince: a West Indian slave

22. Ryan, M.P.           Cradle of the middle class: the family in Oneida County, New York, 1790-1865

23. Schwartz, M.J.     Birthing a slave: motherhood and medicine in the antebellum South

24. White, D.G.         Ar'n't I a woman?: female slaves in the plantation South

Lewis Book Fund 2019-2020

Epigraphy and ancient history book fund created to honour the memory of David Lewis FBA (1928-94) who was an undergraduate at Corpus, Junior Research Fellow there in 1954 and then a Student of Christ Church.  He was Professor of Ancient History from 1985 to 1994.  His distinguished career included serving as an editor for the Cambridge Ancient History series, and being a supportive colleague and teacher to generations of students and scholars.

1. Benefiel, R.     Inscriptions in the private sphere in the Greco-Roman world

2. Blümel, W.      Die Inschriften von Tralleis und Nysa. Teil II. Die Inschriften von Nysa

3. Boyes, P.J.      Understanding relations between scripts II: early alphabets

4. Duhoux, Y.     A companion to linear B: Mycenaean Greek texts and their world (v.2)

5. Duhoux, Y.     A companion to linear B: Mycenaean Greek texts and their world (v.3)

6. Friend, J.L.      Athenian Ephebeia in the fourth century BCE

7. Matthaiou, A.P.          Stephanōi Stephanos: meletes eis mnēmēn Stephanou N. Koumanoudē (1931-1987) 

8.  Noreña, C.F.   From document to history: epigraphic insights into the Greco-Roman world

9. Poliakov, F.     Die Inschriften von Tralleis und Nysa. Teil I. Die Inschriften von Tralleis

10.Thonemann, P.            Monuments from Phrygia and Lykaonia

11. Yegül, F.         Roman architecture and urbanism: from the origins to late antiquity

Lowe Fund 2019-2020

1. Bertrand, P.      Documenting the everyday in medieval Europe: the social dimensions of a writing revolution, 1250-1350

2. Endres, B.        Digitizing medieval manuscripts: the St. Chad Gospels, materiality, recoveries, and representation in 2D and 3D

3. Holz, S.G.        The roll in England and France in the late Middle Ages: form and content

4. Law-Turner, F.C.E.      The Ormesby psalter: patrons & artists in medieval East Anglia

5. Touwaide, A.   A census of Greek medical manuscripts: from Byzantium to the Renaissance

6. Tucker, J.         Reading and shaping medieval cartularies: multi-scribes manuscripts and their patterns of growth: a study of the earliest cartularies of Glasgow Cathedral and Lindores Abbey


Gifts to the Library 1 August 2018 - 31 July 2019

Gifts from Fellows and former Fellows of the College and members of SCR

From Nigel Bowles:

Robert S. Singh, In defense of the United States Constitution

From Richard Carwardine:

Brian Harrison, Dictionary of British temperance biography

From Jaś Elsner:

Rosemary Barrow, Gender, identity and the body in Greek and Roman sculpture

Dionysius of Halicarnassus and Augustan Rome: rhetoric, criticism and historiography. Edited by Richard Hunter and Casper C. de Jonge.

Nathaniel B. Jones, Painting, ethics, and aesthetics in Rome 

Edward C. Luck, Cultural genocide and the protection of cultural heritage

Maricí Martins Magalhães, Sylloge nummorum graecorum, Brasil I: moedas gregas e provinciais romanas

Claudia Moser, The altars of Republican Rome and Latium: sacrifice and the materiality of Roman religion

Jonathan Z. Smith, To take place: toward theory in ritual

Steven D. Smith, Greek epigram and Byzantine culture: gender, desire, and denial in the age of Justinian

Renaissances before the Renaissance: cultural revivals of late antiquity and the Middle Ages. Edited by Warren Treadgold.

Thomas G. Weiss and Nina Connelly, Cultural cleansing and mass atrocities: protecting cultural heritage in armed conflict zones

Ernest Wistrich, Recollections of a federalist: My life

From Liz Fisher:

The Oxford handbook of comparative environmental law. Edited by Emma Lees, Jorge E. Viñuales.

From Samuel Gartland:

Sarah B. Pomeroy, Ancient Greece: a political, social, and cultural history

From Stephen Harrison:

How to do things with history: new approaches to Ancient Greece. Edited by Danielle Allen, Paul Christesen, and Paul Millett

Nathanael J. Andrade, Zenobia: shooting star of Palmyra

Cinzia Arruzza, A wolf in the city: tyranny and the tyrant in Plato's Republic

Antony Augoustakis and R. Joy Littlewood, Campania in the Flavian poetic imagination

Caroline Bishop, Cicero, Greek learning, and the making of a Roman classic

The Roman agricultural economy: organization, investment, and production. Edited by Alan Bowman and Andrew Wilson

Virgil and his translators. Edited by Susanna Braund, Zara Martirosova Torlone.

Colin Burrow, Imitating authors: Plato to futurity

Richard Buxton, Myths and tragedies in their ancient Greek contexts

Elizabeth Donnelly Carney, Eurydice and the birth of Macedonian power

Letters and communities: studies in the socio-political dimensions of ancient epistolography. Edited by Paola Ceccarelli, Lutz Doering, Thorsten Fögen, Ingo Gildenhard.

Katherine Clarke, Shaping the geography of empire: man and nature in Herodotus' histories

Diodorus of Sicily, The library. Books 16-20, Philip II, Alexander the Great, and the successors. Edited by Robin Waterfield

Lindsay G. Driediger-Murphy, Roman Republican augury: freedom and control

Fred K. Drogula, Cato the Younger: life and death at the end of the Roman republic

Laura Eastlake, Ancient Rome and Victorian masculinity

Aneurin Ellis-Evans, The kingdom of Priam: Lesbos and the Troad between Anatolia and the Aegean

Euripides, Troades. Edited with introduction and commentary by David Kovacs.

Judith Fletcher, Myths of the underworld in contemporary culture: the backward gaze 

The Oxford handbook of Greek and Roman comedy. Edited by Michael Fontaine and Adele C. Scafuro

Stephanie Ann Frampton, Empire of letters: writing in Roman literature and thought from Lucretius to Ovid

Hallie M. Franks, The world underfoot: mosaics and metaphor in the Greek symposium

Barbara Graziosi, Homer: a very short introduction

Justina Gregory, Cheiron's way: youthful education in Homer and tragedy

Miriam T. Griffin, Politics and philosophy at Rome: collected papers. Edited by Catalina Balmaceda.

Theodora A. Hadjimichael, The emergence of the lyric canon

Peter Heather, Rome resurgent: war and empire in the age of Justinian

Peter Heslin, Propertius, Greek myth, and Virgil: rivalry, allegory, and polemic

Homer, Odyssey I. Edited with an introduction, translation, commentary, and glossary by Simon Pulleyn.

S.C. Humphreys, Kinship in ancient Athens: an anthropological analysis

G.O. Hutchinson, Plutarch's rhythmic prose

Jennifer Ingleheart, Masculine plural: queer classics, sex, and education

Greek epigram from the Hellenistic to the early Byzantine era. Edited by Maria Kanellou, Ivana Petrovic, and Chris Carey.

David Konstan, In the orbit of love: affection in ancient Greece and Rome

John A.L. Lee, The Greek of the Pentateuch: Grinfield lectures on the Septuagint 2011-2012

Genevieve Liveley, Narratology

Alexander C. Loney, The ethics of revenge and the meanings of the Odyssey

The Oxford handbook of Hesiod. Edited by Alexander C. Loney and Stephen Scully

The tiny and the fragmented: miniature, broken, or otherwise incomplete objects in the ancient world. Edited by S. Rebecca Martin and Stephanie M. Langin-Hooper.

Robert Mayhew, Aristotle's lost Homeric problems: textual studies

Dwayne A. Meisner, Orphic tradition and the birth of the gods

Varro, De lingua Latina: introduction, text, translation and commentary. Edited and translated by Wolfgang David Cirilo de Melo.

Tracking Hermes, pursuing Mercury. Edited by John F. Miller and Jenny Strauss Clay.

Oswyn Murray, The symposion: drinking Greek style: essays on Greek pleasure, 1983-2017

Tobias Myers, Homer's divine audience: the Iliad's reception on Mount Olympus

F.S. Naiden, Soldier, priest, and god: a life of Alexander the Great

Anna Peterson, Laughter on the fringes: the reception of old comedy in the imperial Greek world

Philomen Probert, Latin grammarians on the Latin accent: the transformation of Greek grammatical thought

Alex C. Purves, Homer and the poetics of gesture

Joseph Roisman, Lycurgus -Against Leocrates. Translated by Michael J. Edwards

Duane W. Roller, Cleopatra's daughter and other royal women of the Augustan era

Sappho, The poetry of Sappho: an expanded edition featuring newly discovered poems. Translation and notes by Jim Powell.

Kelly E. Shannon-Henderson, Religion and memory in Tacitus' Annals

W. Jeffrey Tatum, Quintus cicero: a brief handbook on canvassing for office (commentariolum petitionis)

Susan Treggiari, Servilia and her family

Katherine Wasdin, Eros at dusk: ancient wedding and love poetry

James E. G. Zetzel, Critics, compilers, and commentators: an introduction to Roman philology, 200 BCE-800 CE

Xenophon, Poroi (Revenue sources). Translated, with introduction and commentary by David Whitehead.

From John Ma, via his Tutorial Book Allowance account:

Mireille M. Lee, Body, dress, and identity in Ancient Greece

From Judith Maltby, via her Tutorial Book Allowance account:

The Bible and disability: a commentary. Edited by Sarah J. Melcher, Mikeal C. Parsons, Amos Yong.

Alison Milbank, God & the gothic: religion, romance, & reality in the English literary tradition

From Anna Marmadoro:

Aristotle, Aristotle: selections from Nicomachean Ethics, Politics

Plato, Meno. Edited with translation and notes by R.W. Sharples.

Richard Sorabji, Matter, space and motion: theories in antiquity and their sequel

Causation. Edited by Ernest Sosa and Michael Tooley.

From Neil McLynn:

Thorsten Opper, Hadrian: empire and conflict

From Tobias Reinhardt:

Thorsten Fögen, Patrii sermonis egestas: Einstellungen lateinischer Autoren zu ihrer Muttersprache ; ein Beitrag zum Sprachbewusstsein in der römischen Antike

Daniela Galli, Cicero's Paradoxa stoicorum: text and philological commentary

Anabelle Thurn, Rufmord in der späten römischen Republik: Charakterbezogene Diffamierungsstrategien in Ciceros Reden und Briefen

From Jay Sexton:

Steven L. Ossad, Omar Nelson Bradley: America's GI general, 1893-1981

From Christopher Taylor:

Omnibus, issue 76 (2018:Sept.) and issue 77 (2019:Mar.)

From John Watts:

Sam Brewitt-Taylor, Christian radicalism in the Church of England and the invention of the British sixties, 1957-1970: the hope of a world transformed

Thomas Brodie, German Catholicism at war, 1939-1945

Andrea Gamberini, The clash of legitimacies: the state-building process in late medieval Lombardy

From John Watts, via his Tutorial Book Allowance account:

Reuven Amitai. Holy war and rapprochement: studies in the relations between the Mamluk Sultanate and the Mongol Ilkhanate (1260-1335)

Fighting words: fifteen books that shaped the postcolonial world. Edited by Dominic Davies, Erica Lombard and Benjamin Mountford.

Duncan Hardy, Associative political culture in the Holy Roman Empire: upper Germany, 1346-1521

Paul Oldfield, Urban panegyric and the transformation of the medieval city, 1100-1300

Kenneth Owen, Political community in revolutionary Pennsylvania, 1774-1800 

From Michael Winterbottom: 

Biographical memoirs of Fellows of the British Academy, no.17 (2018)

Gifts of own publications from Fellows, former Fellows and members of the SCR

From Silvio Bär:

Silvio Bär, Herakles im griechischen Epos: Studien zur Narrativität und Poetizität eines Helden

Christophe Bourquin, Humor in der "Aeneis": ein rezeptionstheoretischer Versuch. Edited by Silvio Bär.

From Ewen Bowie:

Herodotus - narrator, scientist, historian. Edited by Ewen Bowie.

From Christopher Collard:

Christopher Collard, Colloquial expressions in Greek tragedy

From Stephen Harrison:

Epic performances from the middle ages into the twenty-first century. Edited by Fiona Macintosh, Justine McConnell, Stephen Harrison, and Claire Kenward

Complex inferiorities: the poetics of the weaker voice in Latin literature. Edited by Sebastian Matzner and Stephen Harrison

Roman receptions of Sappho. Edited by Thea S. Thorsen and Stephen Harrison.

From Eleanor Lybeck:

Eleanor Lybeck, All on show: the circus in Irish literature and culture 

From Judith Maltby:

Anglican women novelists: Charlotte Brontë to P.D. James. Edited by Judith Maltby and Alison Shell. Includes Rose Macaulay (1881-1958): Anglican apologist? by Judith Maltby.

From Anna Marmodoro:

Anna Marmodoro and Erasmus Mayr, Metaphysics: an introduction to contemporary debates and their history

From Anna Marmodoro and Neil McLynn:

Exploring Gregory of Nyssa: philosophical, theological, and historical studies. Edited by Anna Marmodoro and Neil B. McLynn

From Jay Rubenstein:

Jay Rubenstein, Nebuchadnezzar's dream: the Crusades, apocalyptic prophecy, and the end of history. With thanks for the use of images CCC MS 255A fols. 5v, 6r and 7r.

From David Rundle:

David Rundle, The Renaissance reform of the book and Britain: the English Quattrocento 

From Jay Sexton:

Jay Sexton, A nation forged by crisis: a new American history

From Michael Winterbottom:

Michael Winterbottom, Papers on Quintilian and ancient declamation. Edited by Antonio Stramaglia with Francesca Romana Nocchi and Giuseppe Russo.

Gifts from Old Members

From Sanja Bogojević:

Environmental rights in Europe and beyond. Edited by Sanja Bogojević and Rosemary Rayfuse.

From the library of L.G. Booth, donated in 2013:

About and around Oxford: a handy guide for visitors with limited leisure

Handbook to the University of Oxford (1947)

A new pictorial and descriptive guide to Oxford and district: with key plan of the colleges, large plan of the city and two district maps

Oxford official handbook

Muriel Beadle, These ruins are inhabited

L. G. Booth and P. O. Reece, The structural use of timber: a commentary on the British Standard Code of Practice C. P. 112

Nevill Coghill, The masque of Hope: presented for the entertainment of H. R. H. Princess Elizabeth on the occasion of her visit to University College

G.B. Grundy, Fifty-five years at Oxford: an unconventional autobiography

George Herbert, The temple: sacred poems and private ejaculations

Norman Longmate, Oxford triumphant

Philip Pattenden, Sundials at an Oxford college

The works of Isambard Kingdom Brunel: an engineering appreciation. Edited by Alfred Pugsley. Includes Timber works by L.G.Booth.

David Reed, Philip Opher, New architecture in Oxford

David, Widdicombe, Oxford University what's what: the undergraduate's guide (1948-1949)

From Todd Breyfogle:

Todd Breyfogle, On creativity, liberty, love and the beauty of the law

From Will Daunt:

Will Daunt, Gerard Manley Hopkins: the Lydiate connections and the writing of 'Spring and fall' in September 1880

From Paul Edwards:

Alphonse Daudet and Henri Magron, L'élixir du R.P. Gaucher 

From Evert van Emde Boas:

Evert van Emde Boas, Albert Rijksbaron, Luuk Huitink, and Mathieu de Bakker, Cambridge grammar of classical Greek. 

From Henry Hardy:

Henry Hardy, In search of Isaiah Berlin: a literary adventure

From Walter Huda:

R. Brad Abrahams, Walter Huda, William F. Sensakovic, Imaging physics 

Walter Huda, Review of radiologic physics

From Nathan M. Kaplan:

Julian Barnes, The sense of an ending

Britten, Serenade for tenor, horn and strings; Les illuminations; Nocturne. Sung by Ian Bostridge, CCC 1992 (CD)

Christopher Hogwood, Handel. Chronological table by Anthony Hicks

Ian McEwan, Saturday

Vita and Harold: the letters of Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicolson. Edited by Nigel Nicolson

Schumann, Liederkreis, op. 24 and Dichterliebe: song cycles with texts from poems by Heinrich Heine. Sung by Ian Bostridge, CCC 1992 (CD)

From Paul Morland:

Paul Morland, The human tide: how population shaped the modern world

From James Murray:

James D. Murray, My gift of polio: an unexpected life from Scotland's rustic hills to Oxford's hallowed halls and beyond

From Francis Oakley:

Francis Oakley, From the cast-iron shore: in lifelong pursuit of liberal learning

From Dorothy Salmon, sister of Richard Burton (CCC 1964):

R.D.E. Burton, The works of Michel Leiris

From John Scott:

Masterpieces from the John Scott Collection. Edited by Rowena Morgan-Cox and Michael Whiteway.

The John Scott Collection. Volume two, 'Modern English': design from the 1860s and 1870s. Text by Gordon Cooke, Stuart Durant, Rowena Morgan-Cox, Annamarie Phelps, John Scott and Michael Whiteway.

The John Scott collection. Volume three, British art pottery. Text by Gordon Cooke, Rowena Morgan-Cox, Annamarie Phelps, John Scott and Lisa Wood.

The John Scott collection. Volume four, James Powell & Sons Whitefriars glass 1860-1960. Text by Annamarie Phelps and John Scott.

The John Scott Collection. Volume five, truth, beauty, power; the designs of Dr Christopher Dresser, 1834-1904. Text by Stuart Durant, John Scott and Michael Whiteway.

The John Scott Collection. Volume six, A Christmas spectacular. Text by Gordon Cooke and John Scott.

The John Scott Collection. Volume seven, Art Nouveau, Continental Design & Sculpture. Edited by Rowena Morgan-Cox and Annamarie Phelps.

The John Scott Collection. Volume eight, Architect-designers from Pugin to Voysey. Edited by Rowena Morgan-Cox, Annamarie Phelps and Michael Whiteway.

The John Scott tile collection. Compiled and edited by Gillian Crumpton.

From Anna Walczuk:

Anna Walczuk, Elizabeth Jennings and the sacramental nature of poetry

From Philip Wareham:

Shakespeare's creative legacies: artists, writers, performers, readers. Edited by Paul Edmondson and Peter Holbrook.

Daisy Hay, Young romantics: the Shelleys, Byron and other tangled lives

Gender and power in shrew-taming narratives, 1500-1700. Edited by Graham Holderness, David Wootton.

Graham Holderness, Shakespeare and Venice

Shakespeare: The Roman Plays. Edited and introduced by Graham Holderness, Bryan Loughrey and Andrew Murphy.

The politics of theatre and drama. Edited by Graham Holderness

Gifts from members of MCR and JCR

From Zereena Arshad:

James Boswell, Life of Johnson. Edited by R. W. Chapman.

Beowulf. Edited with an introduction, notes and new prose translation by Michael Swanton.

W.B. Yeats, The collected poems of W.B. Yeats

From Jennifer Chen:

Martin Dixon, Robert McCorquodale, Sarah Williams, Cases & materials on international law

Blackstone's international law documents. Edited by Malcolm D. Evans.

Blackstone's statutes on contract, tort & restitution 2016-2017. Edited by Francis Rose.

From Alex Dymond:

James Kirby, Historians and the Church of England: religion and historical scholarship, 1870-1920

From Martin Madej:

Paul Craig and Gráinne de Búrca, EU law: text, cases, and materials

Other gifts

From anonymous donors:

Markus Bamert, Kloster Einsiedeln: Pilgern seit 1000 Jahren

Hugh Kennedy, The court of the Caliphs: the rise and fall of Islam's greatest dynasty

National Gallery of Ireland, Highlights of the collection: National Gallery of Ireland

Nicholas Penny, The National Gallery London

Christopher Pressler, Senate House Library, University of London

From the Bodleian Libraries:

Dennis Duncan, Stephen Harrison, Katrin Kohl, and Matthew Reynolds, Babel: adventures in translation. With thanks for the use of an image from LD.13.d.1

From Lesley Brown:

Terence, The girl from Andros. Edited with and introduction, translation and commentary by Peter Brown.

From Christ Church Library:

W. R. Morfill, A history of Russia: from the birth of Peter the Great to the death of Alexander II

R. B. Mowat, A history of European diplomacy, 1815-1914

From Laura Cleaver:

Laura Cleaver, Illuminated history books in the Anglo-Norman world, 1066-1272. With thanks for the use of images from CCC MS 157.

From Lynda Dennison:

Lynda Dennison, An index of images in English manuscripts from the time of Chaucer to Henry VIII, c. 1380-c. 1509. Oxford College Libraries.

From ECM Records:

Trio Mediaeval, Stella Maris. With thanks for the use of CCC MS 489, item no.22.

From the Folger Library:

Stephen H. Grant, Collecting Shakespeare: the story of Henry and Emily Folger

From the Friends of the National Libraries:

Max Egremont, Friends of the National Libraries: a short history

From Weimin He:

Weimin He, Tower of the winds: University of Oxford in transition

From The Howard Foundation:

Tim Rawle, A classical adventure: the architectural history of Downing College, Cambridge. Edited by John Adamson.

From Jesus College Library:

Archaeological reports (Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies (London, England)) no.[2]-13, no.15-16, and no.18-41

From Damiano Migliorini:

Relations: ontology and philosophy of religion. Edited by Daniele Bertini, Damiano Migliorini.

From Oriel College Library:

David Raeburn and Oliver Thomas, The Agamemnon of Aeschylus: a commentary for students

From Penguin Books:

Diarmaid MacCulloch, Thomas Cromwell: a life. With thanks for the use of CCC MS 443/VII, drawing 5, Malchair sketch of Rycote House.

From Seamus Perry:

Shakespeare studies, v.56 (2018) and v.57 (2019)

From Francesca Piccioni,

Francesca Piccioni, Apuleio Florida: Introduzione, testo, traduzione e commento

From Alan J. Ross:

Imagining Emperors in the Later Roman Empire. Edited by Diederik W.P. Burgersdijk and Alan J. Ross.

From St Peter’s College Library:

Zdeněk V. David, Finding the middle way: the Utraquists' liberal challenge to Rome and Luther

Cecil Gould, The sixteenth-century Italian schools

Onora O'Neill, A question of trust

Patricia Lee Rubin and Alison Wright, Renaissance Florence: the art of the 1470s

From The Science Museum:

Katie Barrett and Harry Cliff, The Sun: one thousand years of scientific imagery. With thanks for the use of image CCC MS 157 p.380.

From Alex Shinn:

Alex Shinn, Religious, liturgical and musical change in two humanist foundations in Cambridge and Oxford, c. 1534 to c. 1650: St John's College, Cambridge, and Corpus Christi College, Oxford: a study of internal and external outlook, influence and outcomes

From Somerville College Library:

Rethinking American history in a global age. Edited by Thomas Bender

An age of transition: British politics 1880-1914. Edited by E.H.H. Green

Norman Hampson, Prelude to terror: the constituent assembly and the failure of consensus, 1789-91

Anne Moulin, Peasantry and society in France since 1789. Translated by M.C. and M.F. Cleary.

Just and unjust military intervention: European thinkers from Vitoria to Mill. Edited by Stefano Recchia and Jennifer M. Welsh.

From Christopher Stray:

Christopher Stray, Classics in Britain: scholarship, education, and publishing 1800-2000; with an introduction by Constanze Güthenke.

From Marjory Szurko:

Marjory Szurko, Sweet slices of history: baking & cakes. With thanks for the use of an image from CCC MS 291.

From John J.S. Tait:

John Tait, Possessed by music: an outline of the life and achievement of Alexander Glazunov

From University College Library:

S.L. Hurley, Justice, luck, and knowledge

From Julia Eva Wannenmacher:

Geschichte vom Ende her denken: Endzeitentwürfe und ihre Historisierung im Mittelalter. Edited by Susanne Ehrich and Andrea Worm.

From Wright & Wright:

Clare Wright & Catherine Slessor, Special collections: Wright & Wright

Gifford Combs Book Fund 

Provided in honour of Richard Carwardine for American History acquisitions 2018-2019

1. Bay, M.        Toward an intellectual history of Black women

2. Behdad, A.     A forgetful nation: on immigration and cultural identity in the United States

3. Berlin, I.         Freedom's soldiers: the Black military experience in the Civil War

4. Camp, S.M.H.    Closer to freedom: enslaved women and everyday resistance in the plantation South

5. Cobble, D.S.    Feminism unfinished: a short, surprising history of American women's movements

6. Cohen, J.        Luxurious citizens: the politics of consumption in nineteenth century America 

7. Gerhard, J.        Desiring revolution: second-wave feminism and the rewriting of American sexual thought, 1920 to 1982

8. Hale, G.E.        Making whiteness: the culture of segregation in the South, 1890-1940 

9. Jeffrey, J.R.    The great silent army of abolitionism: ordinary women in the antislavery movement

10. Karlsen, C.F.    The devil in the shape of a woman: witchcraft in colonial New England

11. Kerber, L.K.    Toward an intellectual history of women: essays

12. Kerber, L.K.    U.S. history as women's history: new feminist essays

13. Kessler-Harris, A.    Out to work: a history of wage-earning women in the United States

14. Krugler, D.F.    1919, the year of racial violence: how African Americans fought back 

15. Laurie, B.        Artisans into workers: labor in nineteenth-century America

16. McGuire, D.L.    At the dark end of the street: black women, rape, and resistance - a new history of the civil rights movement from Rosa Parks to the rise of black power 

17. Norton, M.B.    Founding mothers & fathers: gendered power and the forming of American society

18. Olegario, R.    The engine of enterprise: credit in America

19. Ostler, J.        The Plains Sioux and U.S. colonialism from Lewis and Clark to Wounded Knee

20. Parsons, E.F.    Ku-Klux: the birth of the Klan during Reconstruction

21. Smith-Rosenberg, C.    Disorderly conduct: visions of gender in Victorian America

22. Stansell, C.    City of women: sex and class in New York, 1789-1860

23. Wilentz, S.    Chants democratic: New York City and the rise of the American working class, 1788-1850

24. Yellin, J.F.    Women and sisters: the antislavery feminists in American culture 

Lewis Book Fund 2018-2019

Epigraphy and ancient history book fund created to honour the memory of David Lewis FBA (1928-94) who was an undergraduate at Corpus, Junior Research Fellow there in 1954 and then a Student of Christ Church.  He was Professor of Ancient History from 1985 to 1994.  His distinguished career included serving as an editor for the Cambridge Ancient History series, and being a supportive colleague and teacher to generations of students and scholars.

1.    Battinou, Z.         Corpus inscriptionum Judaicarum Graeciae. Corpus of Jewish and Hebrew Inscriptions from Mainland and Island Greece (late 4th c. BCE – 15th century).

2.    Bauer, A.         Epigraphy in an intermedial context 

3.    Baumbach, M.        Archaic and classical Greek epigram

4.    Chatzopoulos, M.B.    Νεοτης Γεγυμναςμενη: Macedonian lawgiver kings and the young

5.    Chiarini, S.        The so-called nonsense inscriptions on Ancient Greek vases: between Paideia and Paidiá

6.    Heller, A.        The politics of honour in the Greek cities of the Roman empire

7.    Kralli, I.        The Hellenistic Peloponnese: interstate relations: a narrative and analytic history, from the fourth century to 146 BC

8.    Lambert, S.D.        Inscribed Athenian laws and decrees in the age of Demosthenes: historical essays

9.    Matthaiou, A.P.     Αθηνιιων Επισκοπος: studies in honour of Harold B. Mattingly

10.    Matthaiou, A.P.    The Athenian empire on stone revisited: David Lewis Lecture in Ancient History, Oxford, 2009 

11.    Matthaiou, A.P.     Αξων: studies in honor of Ronald S. Stroud

12.    Nowakowski, P.    Inscribing the saints in late antique Anatolia 

13.    Petrovic, A.        The materiality of text: placement, perception, and presence of inscribed texts in classical antiquity

14.    Steele, P.M.        Understanding relations between scripts: the Aegean writing systems 

15.    Stern, K.B.         Writing on the wall: graffiti and the forgotten Jews of antiquity

16.    Stroud, R.S.        The Athenian empire on stone: David M. Lewis memorial lecture, Oxford 2006

17.    Vokotopoulos, P.L.    Heuretērio tōn byzantinōn toichographiōn tēs Hellados: Ionia Nēsia


Gifts to the Library 1 August 2017 - 31 July 2018

Gifts from Fellows and former Fellows of the College and members of SCR

From Richard Carwardine:

J. Matthew Gallman, Defining duty in the Civil War: personal choice, popular culture, and the Union home front

From Barry Collett:

The further correspondence of William Laud. Edited by Kenneth Fincham.

National prayers: special worship since the Reformation (v.2). Edited by Natalie Mears, Alasdair Raffe, Stephen Taylor and Philip Williamson with Lucy Bates

From Jaś Elsner:

Michel Meyer, What is rhetoric?

Marden Fitzpatrick Nichols, Author and audience in Vitruvius' De architectura

Haun Saussy, The ethnography of rhythm: orality and its technologies

Miguel John Versluys, Visual style and constructing identity in the Hellenistic world: Nemrud Daǧ and Commagene under Antiochos I

From Sebastian Fairweather:

More human: designing a world where people come first. Steve Hilton with Scott Bade and Jason Bade

From Samuel Gartland:

Barbara Kowalzig, Singing for the Gods: performances of myth and ritual in archaic and classical Greece

From Constanze Güthenke:

Miryana Dimitrova, Julius Caesar's self-created image and its dramatic afterlife

Elina Pyy, The semiotics of Caesar Augustus

From Stephen Harrison:

Maureen Alden, Para-narratives in the Odyssey: stories in the frame

Richard Alston, Rome's revolution: death of the Republic and birth of the Empire

Paths of song: the lyric dimension of Greek tragedy. Edited by Rosa Andújar, Thomas R. P. Coward and Theodora A. Hadjimichael

Vincent Azoulay, The tyrant-slayers of Ancient Athens: a tale of two statues. Translated by Janet Lloyd

A lexicon of Greek personal names. Volume V.C, Inland Asia Minor. Edited by J.-S. Balzat, R.W.V. Catling, É. Chiricat, T. Corsten

Barbara Weiden Boyd, Ovid's Homer: authority, repetition, and reception

T. Corey Brennan, Sabina Augusta: an imperial journey

John Briscoe, Liviana: studies on Livy

The Oxford handbook of Roman epigraphy. Edited by Christer Bruun and Jonathan Edmondson

Textual events: performance and the lyric in early Greece. Edited by Felix Budelmann and Tom Phillips

The Oxford handbook of warfare in the classical world. Edited by Brian Campbell, Lawrence A. Tritle

The Hellenistic reception of Classical Athenian democracy and political thought. Edited by Mirko Canevaro, Benjamin Gray

Hellenism and the local communities of the Eastern Mediterranean: 400 BCE-250 CE. Edited by Boris Chrubasik, Daniel King

Christy Constantakopoulou, Aegean interactions: Delos and its networks in the third century

Defining citizenship in archaic Greece. Edited by Alain Duplouy, Roger W. Brock

Roman error: classical reception and the problem of Rome's flaws. Edited by Basil Duffalo

Esther Eidinow, Envy, poison, and death: women on trial in ancient Athens 

Nathan T. Elkins, The image of political power in the reign of Nerva, AD 96-98

David Fearn, Pindar's eyes: visual and material culture in epinician poetry

Laurel Fulkerson, A literary commentary on the elegies of the Appendix Tibulliana

Memory in ancient Rome and early Christianity Edited by Karl Galinsky

Newly recovered English classical translations, 1600-1800. Compiled and edited by Stuart Gillespie

Philip Hardie, The ancient lives of Virgil: literary and historical studies. Edited by Anton Powell

Interpreting Herodotus. Edited by Thomas Harrison, Elizabeth Irwin

Anna-Maria Hartmann, English mythography in its European context, 1500-1650

Simon Hornblower, Lykophron, Alexandra: Greek text, translation, commentary, and introduction

The Oxford handbook of the Second Sophistic. Edited by William A. Johnson and Daniel S. Richter

Daniel King, Experiencing pain in Imperial Greek culture

Michael Lapidge, The Roman martyrs: introduction, translations, and commentary 

David M. Lewis, Greek slave systems in their Eastern Mediterranean context, c.800-146 BC

Rethinking Lessing's Laocoon: antiquity, enlightenment, and the 'limits' of painting and poetry. Edited by Avi Lifschitz, Michael Squire

Matthew P. Maher, The fortifications of Arkadian city states in the Classical and Hellenistic periods

Gesine Manuwald, Cicero, agrarian speeches: introduction, text, translation, and commentary

Daniele Miano, Fortuna: deity and concept in Archaic and Republican Italy

Jason Moralee, Rome's holy mountain: the Capitoline Hill in late antiquity

Eva Mroczek, The literary imagination in Jewish antiquity

Serviani in Vergili Aeneidos libros IX-XII commentarii. Edited by Charles E. Murgia

Jeremy Mynott, Birds in the ancient world: winged words

Greek historical inscriptions, 478-404 BC. Edited with introduction, translations, and commentaries by Robin Osborne and P.J. Rhodes

John Pemble, The Rome we have lost

Music, text, and culture in ancient Greece. Edited by Tom Phillips and Armand D'Angour

Eric E. Poehler, The traffic systems of Pompeii

Tanya Pollard, Greek tragic women on Shakespearean stages

Charlotte R. Potts, Religious architecture in Latium and Etruria, c. 900-500 BC

Suetonius the biographer: studies in Roman lives. Edited by Tristan Power and Roy K. Gibson

Oscar Wilde and classical antiquity. Edited by Kathleen Riley and Iarla Manny

Patricia A. Rosenmeyer, The language of ruins: Greek and Latin inscriptions on the Memnon colossus

Pseudo-Arcadius' epitome of Herodian's De Prosodia Catholica. Edited with an introduction and commentary by Stephanie Roussou

Benjamin Sammons, Device and composition in the Greek Epic Cycle 

Andrew G. Scott, Emperors and usurpers: an historical commentary on Cassius Dio's Roman history

John Sellars, Hellenistic philosophy

Henry Spelman, Pindar and the poetics of permanence

Housing the new Romans: architectural reception and classical style in the modern world. Edited by Katharine T. von Stackelberg, Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis

Paul Stephenson, The Serpent Column: a cultural biography

Claire Taylor, Poverty, wealth, and well-being: experiencing penia in democratic Athens

The Oxford handbook of neo-Latin. Edited by Stefan Tilg, Sarah Knight

Robin Waterfield, Creators, conquerors, and citizens: a history of ancient Greece

M.L. West, The making of the Odyssey

Tim Whitmarsh, Dirty love: the genealogy of the ancient Greek novel

Trade, commerce, and the state in the Roman world. Edited by Andrew Wilson and Alan Bowman.

The Oedipus plays of Sophocles: philosophical perspectives. Edited by Paul Woodruff

Sergio Yona, Epicurean ethics in Horace: the psychology of satire

Maria Ypsilanti, The epigrams of Crinagoras of Mytilene: introduction, text, commentary

From Stephen Harrison, via his Tutorial Book Allowance account:

Simon Hornblower, Thucydidean themes

From Judith Maltby, via her Tutorial Book Allowance account:

Disability in the Christian tradition: a reader. Edited by Brian Brock and John Swinton

Eric Josef Carlson, Marriage and the English Reformation

Men, masculinities and religious change in twentieth-century Britain. Edited by Lucy Delap and Sue Morgan

Anne Clifford's autobiographical writing, 1590-1676. Edited by Jessica L. Malay

Fiona McCall, Baal's priests: the loyalist clergy and the English Revolution

Helen L. Parish, Clerical marriage and the English Reformation: precedent, policy, and practice

From Anna Marmodoro:

Peter Adamson, Philosophy in the Hellenistic and Roman worlds

Aristotle, The metaphysics. Translated by Hugh Lawson-Tancred

A minimalist ontology of the natural world, Michael Esfeld and Dirk-André Deckert; with Dustin Lazarovici, Andrea Oldofredi and Antonio Vassallo.

John Heil, The universe as we find it

The Greek philosophers: selected Greek texts from the Presocratics, Plato, and Aristotle. Edited with introduction, notes and commentary by J.H. Lesher

Stephen Mumford and Rani Lill Anjum, Getting causes from powers

Lucretius, On the nature of the universe. Translated and introduced by R.E. Latham

Neo-Aristotelian perspectives in metaphysics. Edited by Daniel D. Novotný and Lukáš Novák

Plato, Timaeus and Critias. Translation revised, introduced and further annotated by T. K. Johansen

Plato, Timaeus; and, Critias. Translated with an introduction and an appendix on Atlantis by Desmond Lee

Claire Richter Sherman, Imaging Aristotle: verbal and visual representation in fourteenth-century France

Cristina Viano, L'alchimie et ses racines philosophiques: la tradition grecque et la tradition arabe

The first philosophers: the Presocratics and Sophists. Translated with commentary by Robin Waterfield

Charlotte Witt, Ways of being: potentiality and actuality in Aristotle's Metaphysics

From Christopher Taylor:

Omnibus, issue 74 (September 2017)

From John Watts:

Cultures of voting in pre-modern Europe. Edited by Serena Ferente, Lovro Kunčević, Miles Pattenden

Christian D. Liddy, Contesting the city: the politics of citizenship in English towns, 1250-1530

From John Watts, via his Tutorial Book Allowance account:

The search for modern China: a documentary collection. Edited by Pei-kai Cheng and Michael Lestz with Jonathan D. Spence

Hugh R. Clark, Community, trade, and networks: southern Fujian province from the third to the thirteenth centuries

Philippe Contamine, Charles VII: une vie, une politique

Religion and society in T'ang and Sung China. Edited by Patricia Buckley Ebrey and Peter N. Gregory

Johan Elverskog, Buddhism and Islam on the Silk Road

Ildar Garipzanov, Graphic signs of authority in late antiquity and the early middle ages, 300-900

Peter B. Golden, Central Asia in world history

Charles J. Halperin, Russia and the Golden Horde: the Mongol impact on medieval Russian history

Valerie Hansen, The Silk Road: a new history

Hans Hummer, Visions of kinship in medieval Europe

The power of laughter and satire in early modern Britain: political and religious culture, 1500-1820. Edited by Mark Knights, Adam Morton

J.L. Laynesmith, Cecily Duchess of York

The Chinese cultural revolution reconsidered: beyond purge and holocaust. Edited by Kam-yee Law.

Patrick Manning, The African diaspora: a history through culture

Susan Rose, The wealth of England: the medieval wool trade and its political importance 1100-1600

Ethan Isaac Segal, Coins, trade, and the state: economic growth in early medieval Japan

Andrew G. Walder, Fractured rebellion: the Beijing Red Guard movement

A social history of England, 1500-1750. Edited by Keith Wrightson

Stephanie Wynne-Jones, A material culture: consumption and materiality on the coast of precolonial East Africa

Rae Yang, Spider eaters: a memoir

Li Zhensheng, Red-color news soldier: a Chinese photographer's odyssey through the cultural revolution

Ma Bo, Blood red sunset: a memoir of the Chinese Cultural Revolution

From Mark Whittow:

P.S. Barnwell, Emperor, prefects & kings: the Roman West, 395-565

From Nigel Wilson:

Apollodoriana: ancient myths, new crossroads; studies in honour of Francesc J. Cuartero. Edited by Jordi Pàmias.

From Michael Winterbottom: 

Biographical memoirs of Fellows of the British Academy, XVI

Gifts of own publications from Fellows, former Fellows and members of the SCR

From Richard Carwardine:

Richard Carwardine, Lincoln's sense of humor

From Jaś Elsner:

Jaś Elsner, The art of the Roman Empire: AD 100-450

Sites and images: two research projects of Oxford University and the University of Chicago. Edited by Wu Hung and Guo Weiqi. Includes The excavated object: time, change and archaeology in the history of art by Jaś Elsner.

From Stephen Harrison:

Life, love and death in Latin poetry: studies in honor of Theodore D. Papanghelis, Edited by Stavros Frangoulidis and Stephen Harrison.

From Robin Osbourne:

Athenian democracy. Edited by Robin Osborne.

The Old Oligarch: Pseudo-Xenophon's constitution of the Athenians. Introduction, translation and commentary by Robin Osborne.

Robin Osborne, The transformation of Athens: painted pottery and the creation of classical Greece

From David Russell:

David Russell, Tact: aesthetic liberalism and the essay form in nineteenth-century Britain

From Sir Keith Thomas:

Keith Thomas, In pursuit of civility: manners and civilization in early modern England

From Ken Tsutsumibayashi:

Toleration in comparative perspective. Edited by Vicki A. Spencer. Includes Pierre Bayle and Benjamin Constant on toleration by Ken Tsutsumibayashi.

Gifts from Old Members

From Clive Burgess:

Clive Burgess, 'The right ordering of souls': the parish of All Saints' Bristol on the eve of the Reformation

From H.G.M. Leighton:

Online access to Gore-Browne on Companies (as well as the on-going paper subscription)

From Keith Maclennan:

Virgil, Aeneid VIII. Edited by Keith Maclennan

From Tim Mitford:

Timothy Bruce Mitford, East of Asia Minor: Rome's hidden frontier (v.1-2)

From Stephen Peggs:

Stephen Peggs and Todd Satogata, Introduction to accelerator dynamics

From Stephen Ryle in honour of the College’s quincentenary:

The collected works of Erasmus (50 volumes)

From John Scott:

The John Scott Tile Collection

From the library of John Stoye:

Ashmolean Museum, Lucien Pissarro in England: the Eragny Press, 1895-1914

A. Chambers Bunten, Life of Alice Barnham (1592-1650): wife of Sir Francis Bacon, Baron Verulam, Viscount St. Alban

Thomas Coryat, Coryat's crudities (v.1-2)

The writings and speeches of Oliver Cromwell. With an introduction, notes and a sketch of his life by Wilbur Cortez Abbott

Edward J. Dent, Foundations of English opera: a study of musical drama in England during the seventeenth century

C. H. Haring, The Spanish empire in America

Richard Ollard, The image of the king: Charles I and Charles II

C.D. van Strien, British travellers in Holland during the Stuart Period: Edward Browne and John Locke as tourists in the United Provinces

From Edmund Thomas:

Interactions between animals and humans in Graeco-Roman antiquity. Edited by Thorsten Fögen, Edmund Thomas.

Other gifts

From Robert Andrews and Olle Ferm:

Swedish students at the universities of Cambridge and Oxford in the Middle Ages. Edited by Robert Andrews and Olle Ferm. With thanks for the use of images CCC MS 227 f.25r, 41r, 45r.

From Adriano Aymonino:

Paper Palaces: the Topham collection as a source for British neo-classicism. Catalogue written by Adriano Aymonino with Lucy Gwynn and Mirco Modolo

From the “Barns Green War” project team:

Merve Goddard, Brenda Collins and Mary Hallett, The Upcotts of Christ's Hospital: 1902 to 1919. With thanks to the Corpus Archivists.

From Bodleian Library Rare Books Department:

J.C.T. Oates, Cambridge University Library: a history: from the beginnings to the Copyright Act of Queen Anne

From Brepols Publishers:

Pursuing Middle English manuscripts and their texts: essays in honour of Ralph Hanna. Edited by Simon Horobin and Aditi Nafde. With thanks for the use of the image CCC MS 201 fol.1r

From Laura Cleaver:

Writing history in the Anglo-Norman world: manuscripts, makers and readers, c.1066-c.1250. Edited by Laura Cleaver, Andrea Worm. With thanks for the use of an image, CCC MS 157 p.390

From Margaret M. Condon and the Cabot Project:

Evan T. Jones and Margaret M. Condon, Cabot and Bristol's age of discovery: the Bristol discovery voyages 1480-1508

From Sir Barry Cunliffe:

Sir Barry Cunliffe, On the ocean: the Mediterranean and the Atlantic from prehistory to AD 1500. With thanks for the use of an image from CCC MS 157 fol.383.

From Judith Curthoys:

Judith Curthoys, The stones of Christ Church: the story of the buildings of Christ Church, Oxford. With thanks for permission to reproduce images of CCC MS 443/4 fol.26.

From Edipuglia:

Johannes de Segarellis, Elucidatio tragoediarum Senecae: Thyestes/Tantalus

From Richard Emmerson:

Richard K. Emmerson, Apocalypse illuminated: the visual exegesis of Revelation in Medieval illustrated manuscripts. With thanks for the use of image CCC MS 255A (fol.7r).

From Exeter College Library:

The annual of the British School at Athens, v.2 (1895-6) and v.51 (1956)

The classical quarterly, v.2 (1908) and v.3 (1909)

The journal of Roman studies, v.45 (1955) and v.49 (1959)

From the Flemish-Netherlands Association:

The Low countries: arts and society in Flanders and the Netherlands v.26 (2018)

From Jesus College Library:

The Cambridge history of the Second World War. General editor, Evan Mawdsley, v.1-3

From Linacre College Library:

John Honner, The description of nature: Niels Bohr and the philosophy of quantum physics

Kant and his influence. Edited by George MacDonald Ross and Tony McWalter

Narrative in culture: the uses of storytelling in the sciences, philosophy, and literature. Edited by Cristopher Nash

From David Long with thanks to Richard Taylor (CCC 1963):

J.H. Baker, The third university of England: the inns of court and the common-law tradition

J.H. Baker, Legal education in London 1250-1850

Paul Brand, Observing and recording the medieval bar and bench at work: the origins of law reporting in England

George Garnett, John Selden and the Norman conquest

Three civilian notebooks, 1580-1640. Edited by R. H. Helmholz

David Ibbetson, Common law and "ius commune"

Irish Exchequer reports: reports of cases in the Courts of Exchequer and Chancery in Ireland, 1716-1734. Edited by Andrew Lyall

John Robert Maddicott, The origins of the English parliament

Select ecclesiastical cases from the King's courts 1272-1307. Edited by David Millon

James Oldham, The varied life of the self-informing jury

Case notes of Sir Soulden Lawrence, 1787-1800. Edited by James Oldham

Select cases in manorial courts, 1250-1550: property and family law. Edited by L.R. Poos and Lloyd Bonfield

Lord Russell of Killowen, International law and arbitration: the annual address delivered before the American Bar Association

Seldon Society, Sir Matthew Hale, 1609-1676: catalogue of an exhibition in the Old Hall, Lincoln's Inn, 5-7 July 1976

A. W. B. Simpson, Victorian law and the industrial spirit

Patrick Wormald, Lawyers and the state: the varieties of legal history

From Nuffield College Library:

The future of representative democracy. Edited by Sonia Alonso, John Keane, Wolfgang Merkel; with the collaboration of Maria Fotou.

Foreign policy: theories, actors, cases. Edited by Steve Smith, Amelia Hadfield, Tim Dunne.

From Oxford University Press:

Laura Ashe, The Oxford English literary history. Volume 1, 1000-1350: conquest and transformation

From The Paul Mellon Centre:

Penelope Curtis, Sculpture vertical, horizontal, closed, open. With thanks for the use of images of the Pelican sundial and the Claymond brass.

From Pearson:

Marilyn Stokstad, Michael Cothren, Art history. With thanks for permission to reproduce images of MS 157.

From Christoph Schmälzle:

Christoph Schmälzle, Laokoon in der Frühen Neuzeit. With thanks for the use of an image from L.890 Vg.3b/717.

From St Peter’s College Library:

Richard A. Brealey, Stewart C. Myers, Franklin Allen, Principles of corporate finance

Matthew Grimley, Citizenship, community, and the Church of England: liberal Anglican theories of the state between the wars

Miles Taylor, Ernest Jones, Chartism, and the romance of politics 1819-1869

From Anna Svensson:

Anna Svensson, A utopian quest for universal knowledge: diachronic histories of botanical collections between the sixteenth century and the present. With thanks for the use of an image, N.7.2 p.345

From Derek Turner:

Milestones & waymarkers: the journal of the Milestone Society v.10(2017), containing an article on John Modd (CCC 1762)

Gifford Combs Book Fund 

Provided in honour of Richard Carwardine for American History acquisitions 2017-2018

1. Barr, J.         Contested spaces of early America

2. Bickham, T.    The weight of vengeance: the United States, the British empire, and the War of 1812

3. Blackburn, R.    The American crucible: slavery, emancipation and human rights

4. Crosby, A.W.    The Columbian exchange: biological and cultural consequences of 1492

5. Davis, D.B.        The problem of slavery in the age of emancipation

6. Dayton, C.H.     Women before the bar: gender, law, and society in Connecticut, 1639-1789

7. Frey, S.R.        Water from the rock: black resistance in a revolutionary age

8. Godbeer, R.    Sexual revolution in early America

9. Gutjahr, P.C.    The Oxford Handbook of the Bible in America 

10. Hanger, K.S.    Bounded lives, bounded places: free Black society in colonial New Orleans, 1769-1803

11. Holton, W.    Forced founders: Indians, debtors, slaves, and the making of the American Revolution in Virginia

12. Kerber, L.K.    Women of the Republic: intellect and ideology in Revolutionary America 

13. Morgan, J.L.    Laboring women: reproduction and gender in New World slavery

14. Morgan, P.D.    Slave counterpoint: Black culture in the eighteenth-century Chesapeake and Lowcountry

15. Nelson, E.        The royalist revolution: monarchy and the American founding

16. Norton, M.B.    In the devil's snare: the Salem witchcraft crisis of 1692

17. Plane, A.M.    Colonial intimacies: Indian marriage in early New England

18. Reis, E.        Damned women: sinners and witches in Puritan New England

19. Sinha, M.        The slave's cause: a history of abolition

20. Spear, J.M.    Race, sex, and social order in early New Orleans

21. Ulrich, L.T.    Good wives: image and reality in the lives of women in northern New England, 1650-1750

22. Van Horn, J.     The power of objects in eighteenth-century British America

23. White, R.        The Republic for which it stands: the United States during Reconstruction and the Gilded Age, 1865-1896

TBA books presented to the Library by Ursula Coope, 2017

G.P. Baker         Wittgenstein: understanding and meaning (v.1)

G.P. Baker         Wittgenstein: understanding and meaning (v.2)

Sextus Empiricus        Outlines of scepticism

Michael Frede         Aristotle's Metaphysics Lambda : Symposium Aristotelicum

Christopher Gill         The structured self in Hellenistic and Roman thought

Thomas Kjeller Johansen         Plato's natural philosophy: a study of the Timaeus-Critias

Mi-Kyoung Lee         Epistemology after Protagoras: responses to relativism in Plato, Aristotle, and Democritus

A.A. Long         Stoic studies

C.B. Martin         The mind in nature

A.W. Moore         The infinite 

C.D.C. Reeve         Philosopher-kings: the argument of Plato's Republic

Richard Sorabji        Animal minds & human morals: the origins of the Western debate

Gisela Striker         Essays on Hellenistic epistemology and ethics



Gifts to the Library 1 August 2016 - 31 July 2017

Gifts from Fellows and former Fellows of the College and members of SCR

From Richard Carwardine:

Richard D.E. Burton (CCC 1964), Olivier Messiaen: texts, contexts, and intertexts (1937-1948). Edited by Roger Nichols.

Silvana R. Siddali, From property to person: slavery and the Confiscation Acts, 1861-1862

From Hannah Christensen, via her Tutorial Book Allowance account:

James Gleick, Chaos: making a new science

James R. Holton and Gregoray J. Hakim, An introduction to dynamic meteorology

Peter Moore, The weather experiment: the pioneers who sought to see the future

From Jaś Elsner:

Zahra Newby, Greek myths in Roman art and culture: imagery, values and identity in Italy, 50 BC-AD 250

Classicisms. Edited by Larry F. Norman and Anne Leonard

The frame in classical art: a cultural history. Edited by Verity J. Platt and Michael Squire

Morphogrammata / The lettered art of Optatian: figuring cultural transformations in the age of Constantine. Edited by Michael Squire and Johannes Wienand.

Ittai Weinryb, The bronze object in the Middle Ages: sculpture, material, making

Ex voto: votive giving across cultures. Edited by Ittai Weinryb.

From Stephen Harrison:

Maxwell L. Anderson, Antiquities 

Latin in medieval Britain. Edited by Richard Ashdowne and Carolinne White.

Silius Italicus, Punica 2. Edited with an introduction, translation, and commentary by Neil W. Bernstein.

Seneca, Thyestes. Edited by A.J. Boyle

Ross Burns, Origins of the colonnaded streets in the cities of the Roman East

The cup of song: studies on poetry and the symposion. Edited by Vanessa Cazzato, Dirk Obbink, and Enrico Emanuele Prodi.

Boris Chrubasik, Kings and usurpers in the Seleukid Empire: the men who would be king

Neil Coffee, Gift and gain: how money transformed Ancient Rome

Joy Connolly, The life of Roman republicanism

Colleen M. Conway, Sex and slaughter in the tent of Jael: a cultural history of a biblical story

Bruno Currie, Homer's allusive art

Evert Van Emde Boas, Language and character in Euripides' Electra

Euripides, Iphigenia in Tauris. Edited with introduction and commentary by L.P.E. Parker.

Matthew C. Farmer, Tragedy on the comic stage

William Fitzgerald, How to read a Latin poem: if you can't read Latin yet

Economy of Pompeii. Edited by Andrew Wilson and Miko Flohr

The Oxford handbook of Thucydides. Edited by Sara Forsdyke, Edith Foster, and Ryan Balot.

Robert Germany, Mimetic contagion: art and artifice in Terence's Eunuch 

Statius, Thebaid 2. Edited with an introduction, translation, and commentary by Kyle Gervais.

Lauren Donovan Ginsberg, Staging memory, staging strife: empire and civil war in the Octavia

Gianni Guastella, Word of mouth: fama and its personifications in art and literature from Ancient Rome to the Middle Ages

Ian Haynes, Blood of the provinces: the Roman auxilia and the making of provincial society from Augustus to the Severans

The Oxford handbook of medieval Latin literature. Edited by Ralph J. Hexter and David Townsend.

S.J. Heyworth & J.H.W. Morwood, A commentary on Vergil, Aeneid 3

Carolyn Higbie, Collectors, scholars, and forgers in the ancient world: object lessons.

Louise Hodgson, Res publica and the Roman republic: 'without body or form'

Eleftheria Ioannidou, Greek fragments in postmodern frames: rewriting tragedy 1970-2005

Kelsey Jackson Williams, The antiquary: John Aubrey's historical scholarship

S.N. Jaffe, Thucydides on the outbreak of war: character and contest

The letters of Psellos: cultural networks and historical realities. Edited by Michael Jeffreys, Marc D. Lauxtermann.

The essential Herodotus. Translation, introduction and annotations by William A. Johnson.

Philip Kay, Rome's economic revolution

Robert A. Kaster, Studies on the text of Suetonius' 'De uita Caesarum'.

Tom Lambert, Law and order in Anglo-Saxon England

R. Joy Littlewood, Commentary on Silius Italicus, Punica 10

Pater the classicist: classical scholarship, reception, and aestheticism. Edited by Charles Martindale, Stefano Evangelista, Elizabeth Prettejohn.

The Oxford handbook of Roman Britain. Edited by Martin Millett, Louise Revell and Alison Moore.

Charles Muntz, Diodorus Siculus and the world of the late Roman republic

Norman M. Naimark, Genocide: a world history

Laurie O'Higgins, The Irish classical self: poets and poor scholars in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

Cillian O'Hogan, Prudentius and the landscapes of late antiquity

Andrej Petrovic, and Ivana Petrovic, Inner purity and pollution in Greek religion: Volume I: Early Greek religion

The Oxford handbook of Roman law and society. Edited by Paul J. du Plessis, Clifford Ando and Kaius Tuori.

Alice Rio, Slavery after Rome, 500-1100

Jennifer T. Roberts, The plague of war: Athens, Sparta, and the struggle for ancient Greece

Thomas Russell, Byzantium and the Bosporus: a historical study, from the seventh century BC until the foundation of Constantinople

Ronald Syme, Approaching the Roman revolution: papers on Republican history. Edited by Federico Santangelo.

James Tan, Power and public finance at Rome, 264-49 BCE

Helena Taylor, The lives of Ovid in seventeenth-century French culture

H.C. Teitler, The last pagan emperor: Julian the Apostate and the war against Christianity

Alessandro Vatri, Orality and performance in classical Attic prose: a linguistic approach

Edward J. Watts, Hypatia: the life and legend of an ancient philosopher

Ian Worthington By the spear: Philip II, Alexander the Great, and the rise and fall of the Macedonian Empire

Women classical scholars: unsealing the fountain from the Renaissance to Jacqueline de Romilly. Edited by Rosie Wyles and Edith Hall.

From Stephen Harrison, via his Tutorial Book Allowance account:

Michael Gagarin and Paula Perlman, The laws of Ancient Crete c.650-400 BCE

From Richard Kraut:

Neera Kapur Badhwar, Well-being: happiness in a worthwhile life

Julian Barnes, Keeping an eye open: essays on art

The Oxford handbook of value theory. Edited by Iwao Hirose and Jonas Olson.

The Cambridge companion to life and death. Edited by Steven Luper.

Amartya Sen, Collective choice and social welfare

From Judith Maltby, via her Tutorial Book Allowance account:

Margaret Aston, Broken idols of the English Reformation [50% part-funded by the Modern History fund]

Gareth Atkins, Making and remaking saints in nineteenth-century Britain

Norman Bonney, Monarchy, religion and the state: civil religion in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and the Commonwealth

Elizabeth Bowen, The weight of a world of feeling: reviews and essays

William J. Bulman, Anglican enlightenment: orientalism, religion and politics in England and its empire, 1648-1715

Eamon Duffy, Reformation divided: Catholics, Protestants and the conversion of England

Steven K. Green, Inventing a Christian America: the myth of the religious founding

Printed images in early modern Britain: essays in interpretation. Edited by Michael Hunter.

Peter Marshall, Heretics and believers: a history of the English Reformation

Peter Marshall, The Oxford illustrated history of the Reformation

Susan Schreiner, Are you alone wise?: the search for certainty in the early modern era

Stevie Smith, The collected poems and drawings of Stevie Smith

From Anna Marmodoro:

Manolis Andronicos, The Greek museums

Diogenes the Cynic, Sayings and anecdotes: with other popular moralists. Translated with an introduction and notes by Robin Hard.

William Seager, Theories of consciousness: an introduction and assessment 

From Neil McLynn:

Michael Oppenheimer, The monuments of Italy: a regional survey of art, architecture and archaeology from classical to modern times (6 vols)

From Arietta Papaconstantinou:

John Haldon,    The empire that would not die: the paradox of eastern Roman survival, 640-740

Donald M. Nicol, The Byzantine lady: ten portraits, 1250-1500

From Julian Reid:

A history of the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford: the biography of a building. Edited by Jeffery Burley.

From Joanna Snelling:

David Frost, The Bowring story of the Varsity Match

From Christopher Taylor:

Omnibus, issue 72 (Sep 2016) and issue 73 (Mar 2017)

From John Watts:

The Oxford handbook of European Islam. Edited by Jocelyne Cesari.

Steven G. Ellis, Defending English ground: war and peace in Meath and Northumberland, 1460-1542

Alistair Malcolm, Royal favouritism and the governing elite of the Spanish monarchy, 1640-1665

Sara McDougall, Royal bastards: the birth of illegitimacy, 800-1230

Antoninus Samy, The building society promise: access, risk, and efficiency 1880-1939

Robert Stein, Magnanimous dukes and rising states: the unification of the Burgundian Netherlands, 1380-1480

Andrew S. Tompkins, Better active than radioactive!: anti-nuclear protest in 1970s France and West Germany

From John Watts, via his Tutorial Book Allowance account:

Language in medieval Britain: networks and exchanges: proceedings of the 2013 Harlaxton Symposium. Edited by Mary Carruthers.

John D. Cotts, Europe's long twelfth century: order, anxiety and adaptation, 1095-1229

Anne Haour, Rulers, warriors, traders, clerics: the central Sahel and the North Sea, 800-1500 

Lyndal Roper, Martin Luther: renegade and prophet

From Lucia Zedner: 

The criminal appeal reports, v.67 (1978)

Michael Cavadino, James Dignan, and George Mair, The penal system: an introduction

Kellow Chesney, The Victorian underworld

Blue Clark, Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock: treaty rights and Indian law at the end of the nineteenth century

Paul D. Halliday, Habeas corpus: from England to empire

H.L.A. Hart, The concept of law

J. S. Hurt, Elementary schooling and the working classes 1860-1918

Education, the child and society: a documentary history, 1900-1973. Edited by Willem van der Eyken.

From Lucia Zedner, via her Tutorial Book Allowance account:

Great debates in land law. Edited by David Cowan, Lorna Fox O'Mahony and Neil Cobb.

Markus D. Dubber, Foundational texts in modern criminal law

Diana Gittins, Fair sex: family size and structure, 1900-39

Bernard E. Harcourt, Exposed: desire and disobedience in the digital age

Ernest J. Weinrib, The idea of private law

Gifts of own publications from Fellows, former Fellows and members of the SCR

From Ewen Bowie:

Du récit au rituel par la forme esthétique : poèmes, images et pragmatique culturelle en Grèce ancienne. Edited by Claude Calame. Includes Un contexte ritual pour le Télèphe d’Archiloque? By Ewen Bowie.

The Cambridge Companion to Xenophon. Edited by Michael A. Flower. Includes Xenophon’s influence in Imperial Greece by Ewen Bowie.

From Thomas Charles-Edwards:

Ulster political lives, 1886-1921. Edited by James Quinn, Patrick Maume. Includes Eoin (John) MacNeill by Patrick Maume and Thomas Charles-Edwards.

From Jaś Elsner:

Philippa Adrych, Robert Bracey, Dominic Dalglish, Stefanie Lenk, Rachel Wood, Images of Mithra. Series editor and foreword by Jaś Elsner.

Ark of civilization. Edited by Sally Crawford, Katharina Ulmschneider and Jaś Elsner. With thanks for the use of photographs of Eduard Fraenkel (CCC 1935) and Rudolf Pfeiffer (Honorary Fellow 1959-79).

Comparativism in art history. Edited by Jaś Elsner.

The poetics of late Latin literature. Edited by Jaś Elsner and Jesús Hernández Lobato.

From Samuel Gartland:

Boiotia in the fourth century B.C. Edited by Samuel D. Gartland.

From Stephen Harrison:

The reception of the Homeric hymns. Edited by Andrew Faulkner, Athanassios Vergados, and Andreas Schwab. Includes The Homeric hymns and Horatian lyric by Stephen Harrison.

Stephen Harrison, Victorian Horace: classics and class. With thanks for the use of an image from CCC O.16.14 on the cover.

From Anna Marmodoro:

Anna Marmodoro, Everything in everything: Anaxagoras's metaphysics

Divine powers in Late Antiquity. Edited by Anna Marmodoro, Irini-Fotini Viltanioti.

From Robin Osborne:

Theologies of ancient Greek religion. Edited by Esther Eidinow, Julia Kindt, and Robin Osborne.

From Mark Whittow:

Byzantium in the eleventh century: being in between. Edited by Marc D. Lauxtermann, and Mark Whittow.

From Lucia Zedner:

The Oxford history of the prison: the practice of punishment in Western society. Edited by Norval Morris and David J. Rothman. Includes Wayward sisters: the prison for women by Lucia Zedner

The politics of crime control: essays in honour of David Downes. Edited by Tim Newburn and Paul Rock. Includes Opportunity makes the thief-taker: the influence of economic analysis on crime control by Lucia Zedner.

Gifts from Old Members

From Mueen Afzal:

Richard Heller, Peter Oborne, White on green: celebrating the drama of Pakistan cricket. Includes A prince and a diplomat: Shaharyar Khan by Mueen Afzal.

From Elisheva Baumgarten:

Entangled histories: knowledge, authority, and Jewish culture in the thirteenth century. Edited by Elisheva Baumgarten, Ruth Mazo Karras, and Katelyn Mesler. With thanks for the use of CCC MS 255A fol.12v on the cover.

From the family of Leslie Burton:

Keith Branigan, Michael Vickers, Hellas, the civilizations of ancient Greece

The Lisle letters: an abridgement. Edited by Muriel St. Clare Byrne.

Alistair Horne, A savage war of peace: Algeria 1954-1962

Henry Kissinger, White House years

Henry Kissinger, Years of upheaval

Peter Levi, Atlas of the Greek world

Richard Marius, Thomas More: a biography

William S. McFeely, Grant: a biography

William H. McNeill, The rise of the West: a history of the human community

Donald R. Morris, The washing of the spears

Russell F. Weigley, Eisenhower's lieutenants: the campaign of France and Germany, 1944-1945

From Tracy G. Herrick:

Tracy G. Herrick, Tales to tell: memoir

From Liam Hogan:

Liam Hogan, Happy ending not guaranteed

From the library of Arnold Jennings:

The Prometheus bound of Aeschylus. Edited with introduction, translation and notes by Janet Case.

From Yang Jingnian:

Fan Zeng, Fan Zeng's essays on art 

From H.G.M. Leighton:

Online access to Gore-Browne on Companies (as well as the on-going paper subscription)

From Robert Matthews:

Robert Matthews, Chancing it: the laws of chance and how they can work for you

From Keith Maclennan:

Plautius, Aulularia. Commentary and translation by Keith Maclennan, and Walter Stockert.

From Sir Brian Neill:

Sir Brian Neill, Richard Rampton, Heather Rogers, Timothy Atkinson, and Aidan Eardley, Duncan and Neill on defamation (3rd edition)

From Markus Schrenk:

Markus Schrenk, Metaphysics of science: a systematic and historical introduction

From the library of John Stoye:

The lost world of old Europe: the Danube Valley, 5000-3500 BC. Edited by David W. Anthony with Jennifer Y. Chi.

Pieter Geyl, The Netherlands in the seventeenth century: 1648-1715 

Sir J.A.R. Marriott, The life of John Colet 

J.G. Milne, The early history of Corpus Christi College, Oxford

Walter Oakeshott, The Queen and the poet

Émile Saillens, John Milton: man, poet, polemist

Michael Strachan, The life and adventures of Thomas Coryate

Gifts from members of MCR and JCR

From Damiano Migliorini:

Beatrice Brogliato and Damiano Migliorini, L'amore omosessuale: saggi di psicoanalisi, teologia e pastorale: in dialogo per una nuova sintesi

Other gifts

From Marilyn Laura Bowman:

Marilyn Laura Bowman, James Legge and the Chinese classics: A brilliant Scot in the turmoil of colonial Hong Kong. With many thanks for all help.

From Christopher Collard:

Euripides, Iphigenia at Aulis. Edited with an introduction, translation and commentary by Christopher Collard and James Morwood.

From Timothy Crafter:

C.E. Blunt, B.H.I.H. Stewart and C.S.S. Lyon, Coinage in tenth-century England: from Edward the Elder to Edgar's reform 

From Marc Antoine du Roy:

Marc Antoine du Ry, A late Romanesque Christ from a deposition or crucifixion c. 1170-1230. With thanks for the use of image CCC MS 157 fol.77b

From Mary Dzon:

Mary Dzon, The quest for the Christ child in the later Middle Ages. With thanks for the use of the image CCC MS 410 fol.24v.

From the Flemish-Netherlands Association:

The Low countries: arts and society in Flanders and the Netherlands v.25 (2017)

From the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities:

Specimens of mediaeval Hebrew scripts, v.3 Ashkenazic script. Compiled by Edna Engel and Malachi Beit-Arié. With thanks for permission to reproduce images of CCC MS 133 fols. 87r and 237r.

From John Jarick:

SOTS at 100 - centennial essays of the Society for Old Testament study. Edited by John Jarick. With thanks for the use of the image of CCC MS 10 fol.2r on the cover.

From Donna Kulviecaitè:

Liubomiras Kulviecas, Fragments on History of Physics and Mathematics.

Edited by Donata Kulviecaitè, Keʂtutis Arlauskas. Dedicated to “the quincentenary of foundation of Corpus Christi College in Oxford”.

From Albert de Lange:

Europa reformata: European Reformation cities and their Reformers. Edited by Michael Welker, Michael Beintker and Albert de Lange. With thanks for the use of an image of the title page of CCC Φ.B.1.1.

From David Leake:

Michael Innes, Death at the president's lodging

From Julia Marvin:

Julia Marvin, The construction of vernacular history in the Anglo-Norman prose Brut chronicle: the manuscript culture of late medieval England. With thanks for the use of CCC MS 78 fol.7v on the cover.

From Oxford University Press:

The Oxford illustrated history of witchcraft and magic. Edited by Owen Davies. With thanks for the use of the image CCC MS 125 f.76r on page 40.

From Seamus Perry:

Shakespeare studies, v.54 (2016)

From Presses universitaires de Lyon:

Tristan Vigliano, L'islam e(s)t ma culture: leçons d'histoire littéraire pour les jours de tourmente. With thanks for the use of image CCC MS 184 f.20r

From Barbara Rees (1919-2014):

Louis MacNeice, Autumn journal: a poem

From St Hilda’s College Library:

The golden age of Anglo-Saxon art, 966-1066. Edited by Janet Backhouse, D.H. Turner, Leslie Webster; with contributions by Marion Archibald et al.

Ioli Kalavrezou, Byzantine women and their world

Kate Mertes, The English noble household, 1250-1600: good governance and politic rule

Shulamith Shahar, Childhood in the middle ages

David M. Wilson, Anglo-Saxon art from the seventh century to the Norman conquest

From St Peter’s College Library:

David Brown, Palmerston: a biography

Alan C. Dessen and Leslie Thomson, A dictionary of stage directions in English drama, 1580-1642

Roy Jenkins, Churchill

Ben Pimlott, Harold Wilson

From Siegfried Wenzel:

Siegfried Wenzel, The sermons of William Peraldus: an appraisal. With thanks for permission to reproduce a sermon from CCC MS 54 (Appendix J).

From Nick Wilshere in memory of Theo Saunders (CCC 1975):

A cultural history of the human body: in the modern age. Edited by Ivan Crozier.

Neil Faulkner, Apocalypse: the great Jewish revolt against Rome AD 66-73 

Mark Kermode, Hatchet job: love movies, hate critics

Ruth Richardson, Dickens and the workhouse: Oliver Twist and the London poor

Thucydides, book IV. Edited by A.W. Spratt.

Gifts and TBA books presented to the Library by Richard Carwardine on retirement

1. Appleby, J.        Telling the truth about history

2. Baxter, R.        Life and death of the Rev. Joseph Alleine, A.B.: author of An alarm to the unconverted, &c.

3. Bernard, B.        Century

4. Blum, J.M.        Liberty, justice, order: essays on past politics

5. Bray, G.             The Anglican canons 1529-1947

6. Brogan, D.W.        An introduction to American politics

7. Brookeman, C.        American culture and society since the 1930s

8. Callcott, G.H.        History in the United States, 1800-1860: its practice and purpose

9. Chafe, W.H.        Civilities and civil rights: Greensboro, North Carolina, and the Black struggle for freedom

10. Chester, L.        An American melodrama: the Presidential campaign of 1968

11. Curtin, P.D.        The Atlantic slave trade: a census

12. Daughan, G.C.        If by sea: the forging of the American Navy-- from the American Revolution to the War of 1812

13. Dierenfield, B.J.    The civil rights movement

14. Dru, A.            The journals of Søren Kierkegaard: a selection edited and translated

15. Emerson, W.E.        Sons of privilege: the Charleston Light Dragoons in the Civil War

16. Fincham, K.        Visitation articles and injunctions of the early Stuart Church (v.1)

17. Fincham, K.        Visitation articles and injunctions of the early Stuart Church (v.2)

18. Fitzpatrick, E.        History's memory: writing America's past, 1880-1980

19. Galbraith, J.K.        American capitalism: the concept of countervailing power

20. Grant, D.        The fortunate slave: an illustration of African slavery in the early eighteenth century

21. Head, S.        The new ruthless economy: work & power in the digital age

22. Hodgson, G.        Woodrow Wilson's right hand: the life of Colonel Edward M. House

23. Hollinger, D.A.        Postethnic America: beyond multiculturalism

24. Lerner, G.        The majority finds its past: placing women in history

25. Lewis, A.        The second American revolution : a first-hand account of the struggle for civil rights

26. Lindaman, D.        History lessons: how textbooks from around the world portray U.S. history

27. Mervin, D.        Ronald Reagan and the American presidency

28. Milton, A.        The British delegation and the Synod of Dort (1618-1619)

29. Obama, B.        The audacity of hope: thoughts on reclaiming the American Dream

30. Perry, K.        British politics and the American Revolution

31. Pope-Hennessy, J.    Sins of the fathers: a study of the Atlantic slave traders 1441-1807

32. Potter, J.        The American economy between the World Wars

33. Renshaw, P.        The Wobblies: the story of the IWW and syndicalism in the United States

34. Schlesinger, A.M.    The bitter heritage: Vietnam and American democracy, 1941-1966

35. Short, A.        The origins of the Vietnam War

36. Swanstrom, R.        The United States Senate, 1787-1801: a dissertation on the first fourteen years of the upper legislative body

37. Tadman, M.        Speculators and slaves: masters, traders, and slaves in the Old South 

38. Thomas, P.D.G.    Revolution in America: Britain and the colonies, 1763-1776

39. Watson, A.        Jamestown: the voyage of English

Gifts and TBA books presented to the Library by Val Cunningham on retirement

1. Abel, E.            The Signs reader: women, gender, & scholarship

2. Abrams, M.H.         The correspondent breeze: essays on English romanticism

3. Atkins, J.W.H.        English literary criticism: 17th and 18th centuries

4. Backscheider, P.R.    Reflections on biography

5. Baldick, C.        In Frankenstein's shadow: myth, monstrosity, and nineteenth century writing 

6. Barker, F.        The tremulous private body: essays on subjection 

7. Beauman, N.         A very great profession: the woman's novel 1914-39

8. Beer, G.            Open fields: science in cultural encounter

9. Beer, P.             An introduction to the metaphysical poets 

10. Beja, M.        James Joyce, Dubliners and A portrait of the artist as a young man: a casebook

11. Bennett, T.        Outside literature

12. Blain, V.        The Feminist companion to literature in English: women writers from the Middle Ages to the present

13. Brantley, R.E.        Locke, Wesley, and the method of English romanticism

14. Bristow, J.        Victorian women poets: Emily Brontë, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Christina Rossetti 

15. Brooks, P.        Psychoanalysis and storytelling

16. Brower, R.A.         On translation

17. Brown, J.R.        Modern British dramatists: a collection of critical essays

18. Bullen, J.B.        The Pre-Raphaelite body: fear and desire in painting, poetry, and criticism

19. Carroll, D.        Paraesthetics: Foucault, Lyotard, Derrida

20. Cecil, H.        The flower of battle: British fiction writers of the First World War

21. Cheyette, B.        Constructions of "the Jew" in English literature and society: racial representations, 1875-1945

22. Claridge, G.        Sounds from the bell jar: ten psychotic authors

23. Crawford, R.        Contemporary poetry and contemporary science

24. Culler, J.        Framing the sign: criticism and its institutions

25. Docherty, T.        Criticism and modernity: aesthetics, literature, and nations in Europe and its academies

26. Dorman, M.        The liturgical sermons of Lancelot Andrewes, v.1

27. Dorman, M.        The liturgical sermons of Lancelot Andrewes, v.2

28. Duchen, C.        Feminism in France: from May '68 to Mitterrand

29. Duncan-Jones, K.    Shakespeare: upstart crow to sweet swan, 1592-1623

30. Dworkin, A.         Pornography: men possessing women

31. Easthope, A.        Englishness and national culture

32. Feltes, N.N.         Modes of production of Victorian novels

33. Fish, S.        How Milton works

34. Fish, S.        Surprised by sin: the reader in Paradise lost

35. Fish, S.        There's no such thing as free speech, and it's a good thing too

36. Flint, K.        The woman reader, 1837-1914

37. Fowler, R.        Linguistics and the novel 

38. Freadman, R.         Eliot, James and the fictional self: a study in character and narration

39. Freebairn, R.        Circular references

40. Fuller, D.        The arts and sciences of criticism

41. Gallagher, C.         Practicing new historicism

42. Gates, H.L.         The signifying monkey: a theory of Afro-American literary criticism

43. Greenblatt, S.J.    Learning to curse: essays in early modern culture

44. Hancock, M.        The key in the window: marginal notes in Bunyan's narratives

45. Inglis, F.         Cultural studies 

46. Kenner, H.        Joyce's voices

47. Kermode, F.        Pieces of my mind: writings 1958-2002

48. Kermode, F.        Poetry, narrative, history 

49. al-Kharrat, E.        City of saffron

50. Klaus, H.G.        The literature of labour: two hundred years of working-class writing

51. Kiberd, D.        Irish classics

52. Kinghorn, A.M.     The chorus of history: literary-historical relations in Renaissance Britain: 1485-1558 

53. Lee, H.            Body parts: essays in life-writing

54. Levine, G.         The art of Victorian prose

55. Lipking, L.        Abandoned women and poetic tradition

56. Litz, A.W.        The art of James Joyce: method and design in Ulysses and Finnegans wake

57. Lucas, J.        England and Englishness: ideas of nationhood in English poetry, 1688-1900

58. Lucy, N.        A Derrida dictionary

59. Luxon, T.H.        Literal figures: Puritan allegory and the Reformation crisis in representation

60. Marsh, J.        Word crimes: blasphemy, culture, and literature in nineteenth-century England

61. McCalman, I.        Radical underworld: prophets, revolutionaries and pornographers in London, 1795-1840 

62. McGann, J.        Black riders: the visible language of modernism

63. Miller, J.H.         The linguistic moment: from Wordsworth to Stevens 

64. Millgate, M.        Testamentary acts: Browning, Tennyson, James, Hardy

65. Mitchell, W.J.T.    The Politics of interpretation 

66. Myers, W.         Restoration and revolution

67. Newman, J.        The ballistic bard: postcolonial fictions

68. Nuttall, A.D.        The alternative trinity: Gnostic heresy in Marlowe, Milton, and Blake

69. O'Gorman, F.        The Victorian novel

70. Orwell, G.        Nineteen eighty-four (the facsimile of the extant manuscript)

71. Pearsall, D.        Chaucer to Spenser: a critical reader

72. Perkins, D.         Theoretical issues in literary history

73. Poirier, R.        The renewal of literature: Emersonian reflections 

74. Poovey, M.         The proper lady and the woman writer: ideology as style in the works of Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Shelley, and Jane Austen

75. Price, C.        The letters of Richard Brinsley Sheridan

76. Punter, D.        The Gothic

77. Pykett, L.        Engendering fictions: the English novel in the early twentieth century

78. Rabaté, J.-M.        The future of theory

79. Rabaté, J.-M.        James Joyce, authorized reader

80. Rabaté, J.-M.        Joyce upon the void: the genesis of doubt

81. Robbins, B.        The servant's hand: English fiction from below

82. Rose, J.        Sexuality in the field of vision

83. Rose, M.A.        Parody: ancient, modern, and post-modern

84. Rowlinson, M.    Tennyson's fixations: psychoanalysis and the topics of the early poetry

85. Saussure, F. de    Course in general linguistics

86. Selden, R.        The theory of criticism: from Plato to the present: a reader 

87. Showalter, E.        The female malady: women, madness, and English culture, 1830-1980

88. Smith, J.L.         Victorian melodramas: seven English, French, and American melodramas

89. Spivak, G.C.         In other worlds: essays in cultural politics

90. Stallybrass, P.        The politics and poetics of transgression

91. Stam, R.        Film and theory: an anthology

92. Thompson, E. P.    Witness against the beast: William Blake and the moral law

93. Thwaite, A.        Larkin at sixty 

94. Timpanaro, S.        The Freudian slip: psychoanalysis and textual criticism

95. Trotter, D.        Cooking with mud: the idea of mess in nineteenth-century art and fiction 

96. Warner, M.        Alone of all her sex: the myth and cult of the Virgin Mary

97. Waugh, P.        Practising postmodernism, reading modernism 

98. Waugh, P.        The harvest of the sixties: English literature and its background, 1960-1990

99. Wheeler, K.        Romanticism, pragmatism and deconstruction

100. White, H.        The content of the form: narrative discourse and historical representation

101. Wolff, R.L.        Gains and losses: novels of faith and doubt in Victorian England

102. Wu, D.        Romanticism: a critical reader

Some donations and bequests are too large to include in the annual lists.

Gift from the Lee Foundation

Separate from the gifts of individual books and ongoing journal subscriptions, the Library received generous support from the Lee Foundation.  This provided the entire annual book fund for 8 years. The following lists show what this significant donation enable us to buy.



1.    DePamphilis, M.L.    DNA replication and human disease

2.    Wilson, K.    Principles and techniques of biochemistry and molecular biology


3.    Atkins, P.W.    Atkins' Physical chemistry (1st copy)

4.    Atkins, P.W.    Atkins' Physical chemistry (2nd copy)

5.    Atkins, P.W.    Atkins' Physical chemistry (3rd copy)

6.    Atkins, P.W.    Atkins' Physical chemistry (4th copy)

7.    Atkins, P.W.    Molecular quantum mechanics

8.    Brown, J.M.    Molecular spectroscopy

9.    Sykes, P.        A guidebook to mechanism in organic chemistry (1st copy)

10.    Sykes, P.        A guidebook to mechanism in organic chemistry (2nd copy)

11.    Turro, N.J.    Modern molecular photochemistry of organic molecules


12.    Perrin, Y.    Iconographie impériale, iconographie royale, iconographie des élites dans le monde gréco-romain 

CLASSICS (includes one item part-funded through the remains of a donation from Andrew Onslow CCC 1979)

13.    Bing, P.    The scroll and the marble: studies in reading and reception in Hellenistic poetry

14.    Cerutti, S.M.    Cicero: Pro Archia poeta oratio

15.    Classen, C.J.    Probleme der Lukrezforschung

16.    Clauss, J.J.    A companion to Hellenistic literature

17.    Davis, G.        Polyhymnia : the rhetoric of Horatian lyric discourse

18.    Gill, C.        Personality in Greek epic, tragedy, and philosophy: the self in dialogue

19.    Graf, F.        Greek mythology: an introduction

20.    Gurval, R.A.    Actium and Augustus: the politics and emotions of civil war

21.    Hall, E.        Greek tragedy: suffering under the sun

22.    Hallett, J.P.    Roman sexualities

23.    Lightfoot, J.L.    Hellenistic collection: Philitas, Alexander of Aetolia, Hermesianax, Euphorion, Parthenius

24.    Lowrie, M.    Writing, performance, and authority in Augustan Rome

25.    Maidment, K.J.        Minor Attic orators v.1

26.    O'Hara, J.J.    Inconsistency in Roman epic: studies in Catullus, Lucretius, Vergil, Ovid and Lucan

27.    Papanghelis, T.D.    Propertius: a Hellenistic poet on love and death

28.    Scodel, R.    Listening to Homer: tradition, narrative, and audience

29.    Sharrock, A.    Reading Roman comedy : poetics and playfulness in Plautus and Terence

30.    Taplin, O.    Greek tragedy in action

31.    Taplin, O.    Literature in the Roman world

32.    Verdenius, W.J.        Commentaries on Pindar Vol. II. (part funded by remains of the donation from Andrew Onslow CCC 1979)

33.    Williams, C.A.    Roman homosexuality

34.    Winnington-Ingram, R.P.    Euripides and Dionysus: an interpretation of the Bacchae


35.    Bignamini, I.    Digging and dealing in eighteenth-century Rome

36.    Curcic, S.    Architecture in the Balkans from Diocletian to Süleyman the Magnificent (c. 300-ca. 1550)

37.    Fraser, P.M.    Greek ethnic terminology

38.    Fraser, P.M.    A lexicon of Greek personal names. Vol. 4, Macedonia, Thrace, northern regions of the Black Sea

39.    Fraser, P.M.    A lexicon of Greek personal names. Vol. 5A, Coastal Asia Minor: Pontos to Ionia

40.    Josephus, F.    Flavius Josephus, translation and commentary. Vol. 10. Against Apion

41.    Lanfranchi, P.    L'exagoge d'Ezéchiel le Tragique

42.    Leadbetter, W.L.        Galerius and the will of Diocletian

43.    Prioux, É.    Petits musées en vers: épigrammes et discours sur les collections antiques


44.    Hammond, P.    The strangeness of tragedy 

45.    Hopkins, D.    Conversing with antiquity: English poets and the classics, from Shakespeare to Pope

46.    Sachs, J.        Romantic antiquity: Rome in the British imagination, 1789-1832


47.    Greenhalgh, C.    Innovation, intellectual property and economic growth

48.    Stock, J.H.    Introduction to econometrics: brief edition (1st copy)

49.    Stock, J.H.    Introduction to econometrics: brief edition (2nd copy)

50.    Stock, J.H.    Introduction to econometrics: brief edition (3rd copy)


51.    Barr, H.        The Digby poems: a new edition of the lyrics

52.    Booth, J.        New Larkins for old: critical essays 

53.    Booth, J.        Philip Larkin: writer

54.    Bull, M.        The mirror of the gods: classical mythology in Renaissance art

55.    Campbell, G.    John Milton: life, work, and thought

56.    Cixous, H.    Portrait of Jacques Derrida as a young Jewish saint

57.    Cixous, H.    Veils

58.    Derrida, J.    Adieu to Emmanuel Levinas

59.    Derrida, J.    The animal that therefore I am

60.    Derrida, J.    The beast & the sovereign

61.    Derrida, J.    For what tomorrow : a dialogue

62.    Derrida, J.    Geneses, genealogies, genres and genius: the secrets of the archive

63.    Derrida, J.    The gift of death ; and, Literature in secret

64.    Derrida, J.    Islam and the West: a conversation with Jacques Derrida

65.    Derrida, J.    Learning to live finally: the last interview

66.    Derrida, J.    On touching - Jean-Luc Nancy

67.    Derrida, J.    Paper machine

68.    Derrida, J.    Points-- : interviews, 1974-1994

69.    Derrida, J.    Psyche: inventions of the other

70.    Derrida, J.    The work of mourning

71.    Donne, J.        The poems of John Donne

72.    Galsworthy, J.    The Forsyte Saga

73.    Greville, F.    Selected poems of Fulke Greville

74.    Gurr, A.        Shakespeare's opposites: the Admiral's company, 1594-1625

75.    Kearney, J.    The incarnate text: imagining the book in Reformation England

76.    Kelly, A.C.    Jonathan Swift and popular culture: myth, media, and the man

77.    Kottman, P.A.    Philosophers on Shakespeare

78.    Langley, E.    Narcissism and suicide in Shakespeare and his contemporaries

79.    Larkin, P.    Larkin's jazz: essays & reviews 1940-84

80.    MacFaul, T.    Poetry and paternity in Renaissance England: Sidney, Spenser, Shakespeare, Donne and Jonson

81.    Machan, T.W.    Language anxiety: conflict and change in the history of English

82.    Marprelate, M.    The Martin Marprelate tracts: a modernized and annotated edition

83.    McDowell, N.    Poetry and allegiance in the English civil wars: Marvell and the cause of wit

84.    Middleton, T.    Thomas Middleton: the collected works

85.    Niland, R.    Conrad and history

86.    Parker, P.    Shakespeare from the margins: language, culture, context

87.    Patterson, A.M.    Milton's words

88.    Pincombe, M.    The Oxford handbook of Tudor literature, 1485-1603

89.    Plumly, S.    Posthumous Keats: a personal biography

90.    Ricks, C.B.    Allusion to the poets

91.    Rochester, J.W.        John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester: the poems, and Lucina's rape

92.    Sherman, W.H.        Used books: marking readers in Renaissance England

93.    Sillars, S.        The illustrated Shakespeare, 1709-1875

94.    Theobald, L.    Double falsehood, or, The distressed lovers

95.    Treharne, E.    The Oxford handbook of medieval literature in English

96.    Wells, S.W.    Shakespeare, sex, and love

97.    Wilde, O.    The complete short stories

98.    Wordsworth, W.        William Wordsworth


99.    Alston, R.    Feeding the ancient Greek city

100.    Barclay, J.M.G.    Jews in the Mediterranean diaspora: from Alexander to Trajan (323 BCE-117 CE)

101.    Bang, P.F.    The Roman bazaar: a comparative study of trade and markets in a tributary empire

102.    Champion, C.B.    Cultural politics in Polybius's Histories

103.    Curtis, J.        The world of Achaemenid Persia: history, art and society in Iran and the ancient Near East

104.    Forsdyke, S.    Exile, ostracism, and democracy: the politics of expulsion in ancient Greece

105.    Funke, P.        The politics of ethnicity and the crisis of the Peloponnesian League: textual and philosophical issues

106.    Gastaldi, E.C.    La prassi della democrazia ad Atene: voci di un seminario

107.    Jones, C.P.    New heroes in antiquity: from Achilles to Antinoos

108.    Kuhrt, A.        The Persian Empire: a corpus of sources from the Achaemenid period

109.    Lane Fox, R.    Travelling heroes: Greeks and their myths in the epic age of Homer

110.    Manning, J.G.    The ancient economy: evidence and models

111.    Osborne, R.    Athens and Athenian democracy

112.    Pedley, J.G.    Sanctuaries and the sacred in the ancient Greek world

113.    Price, S.R.F.    The birth of classical Europe: a history from Troy to Augustine

114.    Raaflaub, K.A.    A companion to archaic Greece

115.    Tandy, D.W.    Warriors into traders: the power of the market in early Greece


116.    Abrams, P.    Towns in societies: essays in economic history and historical sociology

117.    Bakewell, P.J.    A history of Latin America to 1825

118.    Bloch, R.H.    A needle in the right hand of God: the Norman conquest of 1066 and the making of the Bayeux tapestry

119.    Brigden, S.    New worlds, lost worlds: the rule of the Tudors, 1485-1603

120.    Brunk, S.        Emiliano Zapata: revolution & betrayal in Mexico

121.    Carbonell, J.    The early printings of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address and what they reveal about his spoken words

122.    Di Cosmo, N.    The Cambridge history of Inner Asia: the Chinggisid age (Disc.)

123.    Doyle, M.    Fighting like the devil for the sake of God: Protestants, Catholics and the origins of violence in Victorian Belfast

124.    Durand, J.    Sainte Russie: l'art russe des origines à Pierre le Grand

125.    Garnett, G.    The Norman conquest: a very short introduction

126.    Garnett, J.    Revival and religion since 1700: essays for John Walsh

127.    Gordon, B.    Calvin

128.    Grünbacher, A.    The making of German democracy: West Germany during the Adenauer era, 1945-65

129.    Howe, D.W.    Making the American self: Jonathan Edwards to Abraham Lincoln

130.    Jones, H.        Blue and gray diplomacy: a history of Union and Confederate foreign relations

131.    Knight, A.    The Mexican Revolution

132.    Lieven, D.C.B.    Empire: the Russian empire and its rivals

133.    Mackay, C.S.    The hammer of witches : a complete translation of the Malleus maleficarum

134.    Offen, K.M.    Globalizing feminisms, 1789-1945

135.    Ogilvie, S.C.    A bitter living: women, markets, and social capital in early modern Germany (Disc.)

136.    O’Gorman, F.    The Cambridge companion to Victorian culture

137.    Pestana, C.G.    Protestant empire: religion and the making of the British Atlantic world

138.    Rollison, D.    A commonwealth of the people: popular politics and England's long social revolution, 1066-1649

139.    Schmidtz, D.    A brief history of liberty

140.    Smith, H.L.    Women's political writings, 1610-1725 vol. 1 (Disc.)

141.    Smith, H.L.    Women's political writings, 1610-1725 vol. 2 (Disc.)

142.    Smith, H.L.    Women's political writings, 1610-1725 vol. 3 (Disc.)

143.    Smith, H.L.    Women's political writings, 1610-1725 vol. 4 (Disc.)

144.    Sowerby, T.A.    Renaissance and reform in Tudor England : the careers of Sir Richard Morison c.1513-1556

145.    Tosh, J.        The pursuit of history: aims, methods and new directions in the study of modern history

146.    Warman, A.    "We come to object": The peasants of Morelos and the national state


147.    Alexy, R.        The argument from injustice: a reply to legal positivism

148.    Ashworth, A.    Sentencing and criminal justice

149.    Ashworth, A.    The criminal process

150.    Bailey, S.H.    Civil liberties: cases, materials, and commentary

151.    Bogdanor, V.    The new British constitution

152.    Bradney, A.    How to study law

153.    Cane, P.        Administrative tribunals and adjudication

154.    Cane, P.        The Hart-Fuller debate in the twenty-first century

155.    Collins, H.    The law of contract

156.    Deakin, S.F.    Labour law

157.    Delmas-Marty, M.    Ordering pluralism: a conceptual framework for understanding the transnational legal world

158.    Dyzenhaus, D.    A simple common lawyer: essays in honour of Michael Taggart

159.    Forsyth, C.F.    Administrative law

160.    Goyder, D.G.    Goyder's EC competition law

161.    Hickman, T.    Public law after the Human Rights Act

162.    Jans, J.H.        European environmental law

163.    Loveland, I.    Constitutional law, administrative law and human rights: a critical introduction

164.    Macrory, R.    Regulation, enforcement and governance in environmental law

165.    Maduro, M.P.    The past and future of EU law: the classics of EU law revisited on the 50th anniversary of the Rome Treaty

166.    Mitchell, C.    Landmark cases in the law of tort

167.    Murphy, W.T.    Understanding property law

168.    Oakley, A.J.    Parker and Mellows: the modern law of trusts

169.    Plessis, P.J. du    Borkowski's textbook on Roman law.

170.    Raz, J.    Between authority and interpretation: on the theory of law and practical reason

171.    Sanders, A.    Criminal justice

172.    Smith, R.J.    Property law: cases and materials

173.    Steele, J.        Tort law: text, cases, and materials

174.    Tapper, C.    Cross and Tapper on evidence

175.    Weatherill, S.    Cases and materials on EU law


176.    Abbaschian, R.    Physical metallurgy principles

177.    Gere, J.M.     Mechanics of materials (1st copy)

178.    Gere, J.M.     Mechanics of materials (2nd copy)



179.    Biggs, N.        Discrete mathematics

180.    Blyth, T.S.    Basic linear algebra

181.    Braun, J.        A first course in statistical programming with R

182.    Cameron, P.J.    Introduction to algebra

183.    Casella, G.    Statistical inference

184.    Conway, J.B.    Functions of one complex variable

185.    Gerber, H.U.    Life insurance mathematics

186.    Grimmett, G.    Probability and random processes

187.    Grimmett, G.    Probability : an introduction

188.    Hannabuss, K.    An introduction to quantum theory

189.    Hart, F. M.    Guide to analysis

190.    Jordan, D.W.    Mathematical techniques: an introduction for the engineering, physical, and mathematical sciences

191.    Lipschutz, S.    Linear algebra

192.    Reid, M.        Geometry and topology

193.    Roe, J.        Elementary geometry

194.    Ross, S.M.    A first course in probability

195.    Schey, H.M.    Div, grad, curl, and all that: an informal text on vector calculus

196.    Smith, G.        Introductory mathematics : algebra and analysis

197.    Stewart, I.    Complex analysis: (the hitchhiker's guide to the plane)

198.    Stirzaker, D.    Elementary probability

199.    Wilmott, P.    The mathematics of financial derivatives: a student introduction


200.    Abbas, A.K.    Cellular and molecular immunology

201.    Bear, M.F.    Neuroscience: exploring the brain (1st copy)

202.    Bear, M.F.    Neuroscience: exploring the brain (2nd copy)

203.    Ellis, H.    Clinical anatomy: applied anatomy for students and junior doctors (1st copy)

204.    Ellis, H.    Clinical anatomy: applied anatomy for students and junior doctors (2nd copy)

205.    Ellis, H.    Clinical anatomy: applied anatomy for students and junior doctors (3rd copy)

206.    Feather, A.    EMQs for medical students. Volume 1 (1st copy) (Disc.)

207.    Feather, A.    EMQs for medical students. Volume 1 (2nd copy) (Disc.)

208.    Feather, A.    EMQs for medical students. Volume 1 (3rd copy) (Disc.)

209.    Feather, A.    EMQs for medical students. Volume 1 (4th copy) (Disc.)

210.    Feather, A.    EMQs for medical students. Volume 2 (1st copy) (Disc.)

211.    Feather, A.    EMQs for medical students. Volume 2 (2nd copy) (Disc.)

212.    Feather, A.    EMQs for medical students. Volume 2 (3rd copy) (Disc.)

213.    Feather, A.    EMQs for medical students. Volume 2 (4th copy) (Disc.)

214.    Feather, A.    OSCEs for medical students. Volume 1 (1st copy) (Disc.)

215.    Feather, A.    OSCEs for medical students. Volume 1 (2nd copy) (Disc.)

216.    Feather, A.    OSCEs for medical students. Volume 1 (3rd copy) (Disc.)

217.    Feather, A.    OSCEs for medical students. Volume 1 (4th copy) (Disc.)

218.    Feather, A.    OSCEs for medical students. Volume 2 (1st copy) (Disc.)

219.    Feather, A.    OSCEs for medical students. Volume 2 (2nd copy) (Disc.)

220.    Feather, A.    OSCEs for medical students. Volume 2 (3rd copy) (Disc.)

221.    Feather, A.    OSCEs for medical students. Volume 2 (4th copy) (Disc.)

222.    Gohil, S.    300 single best answer questions for medical and surgical finals (1st copy) (Disc.)

223.    Gohil, S.    300 single best answer questions for medical and surgical finals (2nd copy) (Disc.)

224.    Gohil, S.    300 single best answer questions for medical and surgical finals (3rd copy) (Disc.)

225.    Gohil, S.    300 single best answer questions for medical and surgical finals (4th copy) (Disc.)

226.    Knipe, D.M.    Fields virology

227.    Moore, K.L.    Essential clinical anatomy

228.    Neal, M.J.    Medical pharmacology at a glance

229.    Twohig, H.    OSCE: a teaching manual for medical undergraduates


230.    Alter, R.        Pen of iron: American prose and the King James Bible

231.    Campbell, L.    Renaissance faces: Van Eyck to Titian

232.    Chartier, R.    The order of books: readers, authors, and libraries in Europe between the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries

233.    Grafton, A.    Worlds made by words: scholarship and community in the modern West

234.    Jensen, K.    Incunabula and their readers : printing, selling and using books in the fifteenth century

235.    Maclean, I.    Learning and the market place: essays in the history of the early modern book (Disc.)

236.    Malcolm, N.    Reason of state, propaganda, and the Thirty Years' War: an unknown translation by Thomas Hobbes

237.    Myers, R.    Books for sale: the advertising and promotion of print since the fifteenth century

238.    Nasmyth, P.    Georgia: in the mountains of poetry

239.    Norton, D.    A history of the Bible as literature (vol. 1)

240.    Norton, D.    A history of the Bible as literature (vol. 2)

241.    Pettegree, A.    The book in the Renaissance

242.    Pfaff, R.W.    The liturgy in medieval England: a history

243.    Poster, C.    Letter-writing manuals and instruction from antiquity to the present: historical and bibliographic studies

244.    Preziosi, D.    The art of art history: a critical anthology

245.    Schilder, G.    Sailing for the East: history and catalogue of manuscript charts on vellum of the Dutch East India Company (VOC), 1602-1799 (Disc.)

246.    Slack, N.        Operations management

247.    Tett, G.        Fool's gold: how unrestrained greed corrupted a dream, shattered global markets and unleashed a catastrophe

248.    Yin, R.K.        Case study research: design and methods


249.    Carruthers, M.    Rhetoric beyond words: delight and persuasion in the arts of the Middle Ages

250.    Dahlhaus, C.    Ludwig van Beethoven: approaches to his music

251.    Gaunt, S.        The troubadours: an introduction

252.    Rushton, J.    Mozart

253.    Sternfeld, F.W.        The birth of opera


254.    Altman, A.    A liberal theory of international justice

255.    Alvarez, M.    Kinds of reasons: an essay in the philosophy of action

256.    Ayala, F.J.    Contemporary debates in philosophy of biology

257.    Baier, A.        Reflections on how we live

258.    Beere, J.B.    Doing and being: an interpretation of Aristotle's Metaphysics Theta

259.    Bett, R.        The Cambridge companion to ancient scepticism

260.    Burge, T.        Origins of objectivity

261.    Burgess, J.P.    Philosophical logic

262.    Carriero, J.P.        Between two worlds : a reading of Descartes's Meditations

263.    Cottingham, J.        Mind, method, and morality: essays in honour of Anthony Kenny

264.    Cooper, D.E.    Aesthetics: the classic readings

265.    Engstrom, S.P.    The form of practical knowledge : a study of the categorical imperative

266.    Eyjólfur Kjalar Emilsson    Plotinus on sense-perception : a philosophical study

267.    Geuss, R.        Politics and the imagination

268.    Guyer, P.        Knowledge, reason, and taste : Kant's response to Hume

269.    Hills, A.        The beloved self : morality and the challenge from egoism

270.    Horwich, P.    Truth, meaning, reality 

271.    Johnston, M.    Surviving death

272.    McDowell, J.H.        The engaged intellect: philosophical essays

273.    McDowell, J.H.        Having the world in view : essays on Kant, Hegel, and Sellars

274.    Miller, R.W.    Globalizing justice : the ethics of poverty and power

275.    Miller, S.        The moral foundations of social institutions: a philosophical study

276.    Nadler, S.M.    Spinoza's Ethics : an introduction

277.    O’Brien, L.    Mental actions

278.    Rawls, J.        Lectures on the history of moral philosophy

279.    Pogge, T.        Politics as usual: what lies behind the pro-poor rhetoric

280.    Schmidtz, D.    A brief history of liberty

281.    Schneewind, J.B.    Essays on the history of moral philosophy

282.    Schroeder, M.A.        Noncognitivism in ethics

283.    Searle, J.R.    Making the social world: the structure of human civilization

284.    Shafer-Landau, R.    The fundamentals of ethics

285.    Sider, T.        Logic for philosophy

286.    Stoljar, D.    Physicalism

287.    Strawson, G.    Selves : an essay in revisionary metaphysics

288.    Timmerman, J.    Kant's 'Groundwork of the metaphysics of morals': a critical guide

289.    Warburton, N.    The art question

290.    Wiggins, D.    Sameness and substance renewed

291.    Zimmerman, D.W.    Oxford studies in metaphysics. Volume 5


292.    Annett, J.F.    Superconductivity, superfluids, and condensates (copy 1)

293.    Annett, J.F.    Superconductivity, superfluids, and condensates (copy 2)

294.    Barnett, S.M.    Quantum information

295.    Blundell, S.    Concepts in thermal physics

296.    Cheng, T.    Relativity, gravitation and cosmology: a basic introduction

297.    Ferreira, P.G.    The state of the universe: a primer in modern cosmology

298.    Foster, J.        A short course in general relativity (Disc.)

299.    Green, D.    The physics of particle detectors (Disc.)

300.    Jones, R.A.L.    Soft condensed matter

301.    Kleinknecht, K.    Detectors for particle radiation

302.    Lehner, G.    Electromagnetic field theory for engineers and physicists (Disc.)

303.    Maggiore, M.    A modern introduction to quantum field theory

304.    Martin, B.R.    Particle physics

305.    Morin, D.    Introduction to classical mechanics: with problems and solutions (Disc.)

306.    Morris, V.J.    Atomic force microscopy for biologists 

307.    Nölting, B.    Methods in modern biophysics

308.    Perkins, D.H.    Particle astrophysics

309.    Rae, A.I.M.    Quantum mechanics

310.    Sharma, K.K.    Optics: principles and applications (Disc.)

311.    Yu, P. Y.        Fundamentals of semiconductors : physics and materials properties (Disc.)

POLITICS [plus £500 from McWilliam??]

312.    Baumgartner, F.R.    Agendas and instability in American politics (Disc.)

313.    Berlin, I.        Freedom and its betrayal: six enemies of human liberty (Disc.)

314.    Boyce, D.G.    Nationalism in Ireland

315.    Bueno de Mesquita, B.    Predicting politics (Disc.)

316.    Bueno de Mesquita, B.    Predictioneer: one who uses maths, science and the logic of brazen self-interest to see and shape the future (Disc.) 

317.    Cotta, M.        Democratic representation in Europe: diversity, change, and convergence

318.    Diamond, J.    Natural experiments of history (Disc.)

319.    Ferguson, N.    The shock of the global: the 1970s in perspective (Disc.)

320.    Francis, M.    The Conservatives and British society, 1880-1990

321.    Garton Ash, T.    The file: a personal history (Disc.)

322.    Garvin, T.    The evolution of Irish nationalist politics

323.    Hall, P.A.    The political power of economic ideas: Keynesianism across nations (Disc.)

324.    Hollis, P.        Ladies elect: women in English local government 1865-1914

325.    Holton, S.S.    Feminism and democracy: women's suffrage and reform politics in Britain, 1900-1918

326.    Howe, S.        Ireland and empire: colonial legacies in Irish history and culture

327.    Mansergh, N.    The unresolved question: the Anglo-Irish settlement and its undoing 1912-72

328.    McLean, I.    Rational choice and British politics: an analysis of rhetoric and manipulation from Peel to Blair

329.    Pugh, M.        Lloyd George

330.    Scheuerman, W.E.    The rule of law under siege: selected essays of Franz L. Neumann and Otto Kirchheimer (Disc.)

331.    Vickery, A.    Women, privilege, and power: British politics, 1750 to the present

332.    Walter, B.F.    Reputation and civil war: why separatist conflicts are so violent


333.    Flint, J.        How genes influence behaviour

334.    Frisby, J.P.    Seeing: the computational approach to biological vision

335.    Fuster, J.M.    The prefrontal cortex

336.    Gallistel, C.R.    Memory and the computational brain: why cognitive science will transform neuroscience

337.    Mace, J.H.    Involuntary memory

338.    Oaksford, M.    Bayesian rationality: the probabilistic approach to human reasoning

339.    Patrick, C.J.    Handbook of psychopathy

340.    Pervin, L.A.    Personality: theory and research

341.    Reilly, S.        Conditioned taste aversion: behavioral and neural processes

342.    Rutter, M.    Genes and behavior: nature-nurture interplay explained

343.    Snowling, M.J.    The science of reading: a handbook

Total: 343 Last updated 29/07/10 JB

(incl. 43 Disc. fund purchases)



1.    Berg, J.M. et al        Biochemistry (6th ed.)

2.    Berg, J.M. et al        Biochemistry (6th ed.) (2nd copy)

3.    Chang, R.        Physical chemistry for the chemical and biological sciences

4.    Croft, T.        Foundation maths (4th ed)

5.    Jackson, M.B.    Molecular and cellular biophysics

6.    Lewin, B.        Genes IX

7.    Lewin, B.        Genes IX

8.    Luckey, M.    Membrane structural biology: with biochemical and biophysical foundations

9.    Nelson, D.L.    Lehninger principles of biochemistry (5th ed.)

10.    Nelson, D.L.    Lehninger principles of biochemistry (5th ed.)

11.    Samuels, M.L.    Statistics for the life sciences (3rd ed)

12.    Watson, J.D.    Molecular biology of the gene (6th ed.)


13.    Atkins, P.W.    Four laws that drive the universe

14.    Ben-Naim, A.    Entropy demystified: the second law reduced to plain common sense

15.    Boas, M.L.    Mathematical methods in the physical sciences

16.    Buncel, E.        The role of the solvent in chemical reactions

17.    Erbil, H.Y.        Surface chemistry of solid and liquid interfaces

18.    Fenn, J.B.        Engines, energy, and entropy: a thermodynamics primer

19.    Fleisch, D.A.    A student’s guide to Maxwell’s equations

20.    Girault, H.H.    Analytical and physical electrochemistry

21.    Greenwood, N.N.    Chemistry of the elements (2nd ed.)

22.    Greenwood, N.N.    Chemistry of the elements (2nd ed.)

23.    Griffiths, D.J.    Introduction to electrodynamics (3rd ed.)

24.    Griffiths, D.J.    Introduction to electrodynamics (3rd ed.)

25.    Haken, H.        Molecular physics and elements of quantum chemistry: introduction to experiments and theory

26.    Henriksen, N.E.    Theories of molecular reaction dynamics: the microscopic foundation of chemical kinetics

27.    Hill, T.L.        Statistical mechanics: principles and selected applications

28.    Lemons, D.S.    Mere thermodynamics

29.    Morrison, R.T.    Organic chemistry

30.    Phillips, A.C.    Introduction to quantum mechanics

31.    Simons, J.        An introduction to theoretical chemistry

32.    Steiner, E.        The chemistry maths book

33.    Steiner, E.        The chemistry maths book

34.    Suppan, P.        Chemistry and light

35.    Vincent, A.    Molecular symmetry and group theory: a programmed introduction to chemical applications

36.    Vollhardt, K.P.C.        Organic chemistry: structure and function (5th ed.)

37.    Warn, J.R.W.    Concise chemical thermodynamics (2nd ed.)

38.    Willock, D.J.    Molecular symmetry

39.    Wright, M.R.    Fundamental chemical kinetics: an explanatory introduction to the concepts

40.    Wyatt, P.        Organic synthesis: the disconnection approach (2nd ed.)

41.    Wyatt, P.        Organic synthesis: the disconnection approach (2nd ed.)


42.    Breckenridge, J.D.        The numismatic iconography of Justinian II (685-695, 705-711 A.D.) (Disc.)

43.    Cooley, A.E.    Res gestae divi Augusti = The achievements of the divine Augustus

44.    Webb, R.        Ekphrasis, imagination and persuasion in ancient rhetorical theory and practice

45.    Fejfer, J.        Roman portraits in context

46.    Goldhill, S.    Jerusalem: city of longing

47.    Hamilakis, Y.    The nation and its ruins: antiquity, archaeology, and national imagination in Greece

48.    Jenkins, I.        The Parthenon sculptures in the British Museum

49.    Muth, S.    Gewalt im Bild: das Phänomen der medialen Gewalt im Athen des 6. und 5. Jahrhunderts v. Chr.

50.    Nelson, R.S.    Holy image, hallowed ground: icons from Sinai

51.    Palagia, O.        Art in Athens during the Peloponnesian War

52.    Pirenne-Delforge, V.    Retour à la source : Pausanias et la religion grecque

53.    Pretzler, M.    Pausanias: travel writing in Ancient Greece

54.    Renfrew, C.    Archaeology: theories, methods and practice (5th ed.)

55.    Spier, J.        Picturing the Bible: the earliest Christian art

56.    Stewart, A.F.    Classical Greece and the birth of Western art

57.    Taylor, R.M.    The moral mirror of Roman art

CLASSICS (and one title shared with Classics and English, and English funds)

58.    Adams, J. N.    The regional diversification of Latin, 200 BC-AD 600

59.    Aeschylus.        Aeschylus, Volume I

60.    Aeschylus.        Aeschylus, Volume II

61.    Aeschylus.        Aeschylus, Volume III

62.    Armstrong, R.    Cretan women : Pasiphae, Ariadne, and Phaedra in Latin poetry

63.    Arrian.        Arrian, Volume I

64.    Arrian.        Arrian, Volume II

65.    Baragwanath, E.    Motivation and narrative in Herodotus

66.    Dalley, S.        Myths from Mesopotamia: Creation, the Flood, Gilgamesh, and others

67.    Foley, H.P.    Female acts in Greek tragedy

68.    Fortenbaugh, W.        Dicaearchus of Messana: text, translation, and discussion

69.    Gauthier, P.    Les cités grecques et leurs bienfaiteurs

70.    Goldhill, S.    How to stage Greek tragedy today

71.    Goldhill, S.    Sophocles and the Greek tragic tradition

72.    Goldhill, S.    The end of dialogue in antiquity

73.    Gregory, J.        A companion to Greek tragedy

74.    Halliwell, S.    Greek laughter : a study in cultural psychology from Homer to early Christianity

75.    Hall, E.        New directions in ancient pantomime

76.    Hejduk, J.D.    Clodia: a sourcebook

77.    Homer,        The Homeric hymn to Aphrodite: introduction, text, and commentary

78.    Homer.        The Homeric hymn to Demeter : translation, commentary, and interpretive essays

79.    Maltby, R.        Tibullus, Elegies: text, introduction and commentary

80.    Millett, P.        Lending and borrowing in ancient Athens

81.    Mori, A.        The politics of Apollonius Rhodius' Argonautica

82.    Nünlist, R.    The ancient critic at work : terms and concepts of literary criticism in Greek scholia

83.    Nussbaum, M.C.    The therapy of desire: theory and practice in Hellenistic ethics

84.    Osgood, J.        Caesar's legacy: civil war and the emergence of the Roman Empire

85.    Propp, V.        Morphology of the folktale

86.    Romm, J.        Herodotus

87.    Sallust.        Sallust's Bellum Catilinae 

88.    Seneca, L.A.    Tragedies, Volume I

89.    Seneca, L.A.    Tragedies, Volume II

90.    Volk, K.        Vergil's Eclogues

91.    Volk. K.        Vergil's Georgics

92.    Webb, R.        Demons and dancers : performance in late antiquity


93.    Gaisser, J.H.    Catullus and his Renaissance readers

94.    Hornblower, S.    A commentary on Thucydides, v.3

95.    Hutchinson, G.O.        Talking books: readings in Hellenistic and Roman books of poetry

96.    Schironi, F.    From Alexandria to Babylon: Near Eastern languages and Hellenistic erudition in the Oxyrhynchus glossary

97.    Stray, C.        Gilbert Murray reassessed: Hellenism, theatre, and international politics

98.    Tatius, A.        Le roman de Leucippé et Clitophon

99.    Vaan, M. de    Etymological dictionary of Latin and the other Italic languages

CLASSICS AND ENGLISH (Includes one title part funded by English and Classics funds)

100.    Burris, S.        The poetry of resistance: Seamus Heaney and the pastoral tradition

101.    Hall, E.        The return of Ulysses: a cultural history of Homer's Odyssey

102.    Kallendorf, C.    A companion to the classical tradition

103.    Kupersmith, W.    English versions of Roman satire in the earlier eighteenth century

(Partially funded from English and Classics funds.)

104.    Martindale, C.    Classics and the uses of reception


105.    Agénor, P.-R.    Development macroeconomics (3rd ed.)

106.    Bagliano, F.C.    Models for dynamic macroeconomics

107.    Bannock, G.    The Penguin dictionary of economics (7th ed.)

108.    Begg, D.K.H.    Economics (copy A)

109.    Begg, D.K.H.    Economics (copy B)

110.    Boeri, T.        The role of unions in the twenty-first century : a report for the Fondazione Rodolfo Debenedetti

111.    Brandt, L.        China's great economic transformation

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113.    Cohen, G. A.    Self-ownership, freedom, and equality

114.    Desai, M.        Development and nationhood : essays in the political economy of South Asia

115.    Ferguson, N.    The ascent of money: a financial history of the world

116.    Freund, B.        The making of contemporary Africa : the development of African society since 1800

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118.    Gregory, P.R.    Comparing economic systems in the twenty-first century (7th ed.)

119.    Hayami, A.    The economic history of Japan: 1600-1990 (v .1)

120.    Hayami, Y.    Development economics : from the poverty to the wealth of nations.

121.    Heijdra, B.J.    The foundations of modern macroeconomics

122.    Hendry, D.F.    Econometric modelling: a likelihood approach

123.    Higgs, R.        Depression, war, and cold war : studies in political economy

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125.    Hirshleifer, J.    The analytics of uncertainty and information

126.    Kennedy, P.    A guide to econometrics (6th ed.)

127.    Nakamura, T.    The economic history of Japan: 1600-1990 (v. 3)

128.    Ng, Y.-K.        Welfare economics: towards a more complete analysis

129.    Thomas, R.L.    Using statistics in economics

130.    Wolf, M.        Fixing global finance

131.    Wooldridge, J.M.        Introductory econometrics: a modern approach (4th ed.)

ENGLISH (and one title shared with Classics and English, and Classics funds)

132.    Achinstein, S.    Milton and toleration

133.    Andrew, M.    The poems of the Pearl manuscript in modern English translation: Pearl, Cleanness, Patience, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight    

134.    Ashcroft, B.    Caliban's voice : the transformation of English in post-colonial literatures

135.    Ashe, L.        Fiction and history in England, 1066-1200

136.    Backscheider, P. R.    Popular fiction by women, 1660-1730 : an anthology

137.    Barber, C.L.    The English language: a historical introduction

138.    Brauner, D.    Philip Roth

139.    Burrow, J.A.    The poetry of praise

140.    Cameron, D.    On language and sexual politics

141.    Carpenter, H.    A serious character: the life of Ezra Pound

142.    Carter, R.        The language and literature reader

143.    Cannon, C.    Middle English literature: a cultural history

144.    Dobson, M.    The Oxford companion to Shakespeare

145.    Donoghue, D.    Old English literature : a short introduction

146.    Douglas-Fairhurst, R.    Victorian afterlives : the shaping of influence in nineteenth-century literature

147.    Eltis, S.        Revising Wilde: society and subversion in the plays of Oscar Wilde

148.    Gray, D.        Later medieval English literature

149.    Griffiths, J.    John Skelton and poetic authority : defining the liberty to speak

150.    Halliday, M.A.K.        The language of science

151.    Hamlin, H.        Psalm culture and early modern English literature

152.    Hammerschmidt-Hummel, H.    The life and times of William Shakespeare 1564-1616

153.    Heaney, S.        Beowulf: a new verse translation

154.    Herbert, G.    The English poems of George Herbert

155.    Hill, G.        Collected critical writings

156.    Hill, G.        Selected poems

157.    Hill, G.        A treatise of civil power

158.    Hughes, G.    An encyclopedia of swearing: the social history of oaths, profanity, foul language, and ethnic slurs in the English-speaking world

159.    Jones, C.        Strange likeness: the use of Old English in twentieth-century poetry

160.    Kerrigan, J.    Archipelagic English: literature, history, and politics 1603-1707

161.    Knecht, R.J.    The French Renaissance court, 1483-1589

162.    Larkin, P.        Early poems and juvenilia

163.    Larkin, P.        Further requirements: interviews, broadcasts, statements and book reviews

164.    Larkin, P.        A girl in winter

165.    Larkin, P.        Jill

166.    Larkin, P.        Trouble at Willow Gables and other fictions

167.    Leech, G.N.    Style in fiction: a linguistic introduction to English fictional prose

168.    Lewis, R.        Language, mind and nature : artificial languages in England from Bacon to Locke

169.    Marsden, R.    The Cambridge Old English reader

170.    McCully, C.    Old English poems and riddles

171.    Mesthrie, R.    World Englishes: the study of new linguistic varieties

172.    Mortimer, N.    John Lydgate's Fall of princes : narrative tragedy in its literary and political contexts

173.    Muldoon, P.    Horse latitudes

174.    Muldoon, P.    Poems, 1968-1998

175.    Mukherji, S.    Early modern tragicomedy

176.    Murphy, J.J.    Rhetoric in the Middle Ages: a history of the rhetorical theory from Saint Augustine to the Renaissance

177.    O’Gorman, F.    Victorian literature and finance

178.    Orchard, A.    A critical companion to Beowulf

179.    Patke, R.S.        Postcolonial poetry in English

180.    Pennycook, A.    English and the discourses of colonialism

181.    Prynne, J.H.    Field notes: ‘The solitary reaper’ and others

182.    Prynne, J.H.    Poems

183.    Punter, D.        Metaphor

184.    Quinn, Justin    The Cambridge introduction to modern Irish poetry, 1800-2000

185.    Reynolds, M.    The realms of verse 1830-1870 : English poetry in a time of nation-building

186.    Salzman, P.    Reading early modern women's writing

187.    Schneider, E.W.        Postcolonial English: varieties around the world

188.    Shakespeare, W.        Shakespeare’s poems: Venus and Adonis, The rape of Lucrece and the shorter poems

189.    Shklovskii, V.B.        Energy of delusion: a book on plot

190.    Solopova, E.    Key concepts in medieval literature

191.    Spenser, E.    A view of the state of Ireland: from the first printed edition (1633)

192.    Stanley, E.G.    Imagining the Anglo-Saxon past

193.    Waller, P.        Writers, readers, and reputations: literary life in Britain, 1870-1918

194.    Wilson, T.        Arte of rhetorique (1560)

195.    Wolfe, J.        Humanism and machinery in Renaissance literature


196.    Banaji, J.        Agrarian change in late antiquity : gold, labour, and aristocratic dominance

197.    Briant, P.        La transition: entre l'empire achéménide et les royaumes hellénistiques

198.    Frisch, P.        Zehn agonistische Papyri

199.    Clarke, K.        Making time for the past: local history and the polis

200.    Constantakopoulou, C.        The dance of the islands: insularity, networks, the Athenian empire and the Aegean world

201.    Dickinson,O.    The Aegean from Bronze Age to Iron Age : continuity and change between the twelfth and eighth centuries BC

202.    Drinkwater, J.F.        Fifth-century Gaul: a crisis of identity?

203.    Gast, J.        The history of Greece, from the accession of Alexander of Macedon, till its final subjection to the Roman power [1797] vol. 1 (Disc.)

204.    Gast, J.        The history of Greece, from the accession of Alexander of Macedon, till its final subjection to the Roman power [1797] vol. 2 (Disc.)

205.    Lintott, A.W.    Cicero as evidence: a historian's companion

206.    Mitchell, L.G.    The development of the polis in archaic Greece

207.    Moreno, A.    Feeding the democracy: the Athenian grain supply in the fifth and fourth centuries BC

208.    Musson, A.    Crime, law and society in the later Middle Ages

209.    Ober, J.        Democracy and knowledge : innovation and learning in classic Athens

210.    Orth, W.        Königlicher Machtanspruch und städtische Freiheit

211.    Rees, R.        Diocletian and the tetrarchy

212.    Smarczyk, B.    Untersuchungen zur Religionspolitik und politischen Propaganda Athens im Delisch-Attischen Seebund

213.    Vlassopoulos, K.        Unthinking the Greek polis: Ancient Greek history beyond Eurocentrism

214.    Ward-Perkins, B.        The fall of Rome and the end of civilization

215.    Wörrle, M.        Stadt und Fest im kaiserzeitlichen Kleinasien: Studien zu einer agonistischen Stiftung aus Oinoanda

216.    Yarrow, L.M.    Historiography at the end of the republic : provincial perspectives on Roman rule


217.    Alford, S.        Burghley: William Cecil at the court of Elizabeth I

218.    Amt, E.        Women's lives in medieval Europe: a sourcebook

219.    Balogh, B.        A government out of sight: the mystery of national authority in nineteenth-century America

220.    Bisson, T.N.    The crisis of the twelfth century: power, lordship, and the origins of European government

221.    Black, J.        Eighteenth-century Britain, 1688-1783 (2nd ed.)

222.    Bouvier, N.    The Japanese chronicles

223.    Brown, C.G.    Postmodernism for historians

224.    Bynum, C.W.    Wonderful blood: theology and practice in late medieval northern Germany and beyond

225.    Caplan, J.        Nazi Germany

226.    Carwardine, R.    Abraham Lincoln and the Fourth Estate: the White House and the press during the American Civil War

227.    Coetzee, F.    For party or country: nationalism and the dilemmas of popular conservatism in Edwardian England

228.    Coffey, J.        The Cambridge companion to Puritanism

229.    Collini, S.        Absent minds: intellectuals in Britain

230.    Collins, J.R.    The allegiance of Thomas Hobbes

231.    Constable, G.    The Reformation of the twelfth century

232.    Cunliffe, Barry W.    Europe between the oceans: themes and variations: 9000 BC to AD 1000

233.    Darwin, J.        Britain and decolonisation: the retreat from Empire in the post-war world

234.    Eiximenis, F.    Francesc Eiximenis: an anthology

235.    Epstein, S.R.    Guilds, innovation, and the European economy, 1400-1800

236.    Evans, G.R.    The church in the early Middle Ages

237.    Fletcher, A.    Growing up in England: the experience of childhood, 1600-1914

238.    Fletcher, A.    Tudor rebellions (5th ed.)

239.    Foner, E.        Our Lincoln: new perspectives on Lincoln and his world

240.    Foot, S.        Monastic life in Anglo-Saxon England, c. 600-900

241.    Gaposchkin, M.C.        The making of Saint Louis: kingship, sanctity, and crusade in the later Middle Ages

242.    Ghosh, P.        A historian reads Max Weber: essays on the Protestant Ethic

243.    Gordon, A        A modern history of Japan : from Tokugawa times to the present

244.    Gregory, A.    The last Great War: British society and the First World War    

245.    Griffin, R.        Modernism and fascism: the sense of a beginning under Mussolini and Hitler

246.    Hahn, S.        The political worlds of slavery and freedom

247.    Hanioglu, M.S.        A brief history of the late Ottoman empire

248.    Harman, P.M.    The scientific revolution

249.    Hatcher, J.        The Black Death: an intimate history

250.    Hegel, G.W.F.        The philosophy of history 

251.    Heal, B.        The cult of the Virgin Mary in early Modern Germany: Protestant and Catholic piety, 1500-1648

252.    Hendrickson, D.C.        Union, nation, or empire: the American debate over international relations, 1789-1941 

253.    Herring, G.C.    From colony to superpower: U.S. foreign relations since 1776

254.    Hixson, W.L.    The myth of American diplomacy: national identity and U.S. foreign policy

255.    Kazin, M.        Americanism: new perspectives on the history of an ideal    

256.    Kent, N.        A concise history of Sweden

257.    Ker, I.        The Cambridge companion to John Henry Newman 

258.    Kinealy,C.        Repeal and revolution: 1848 in Ireland

259.    Kleineke, H.    Edward IV

260.    Lay, S.        The Reconquest kings of Portugal: political and cultural reorientation on the medieval frontier

261.    Lee, S.J.        European dictatorships 1918-1945 (3rd ed.)

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263.    Luraghi, N.    The ancient Messenians: constructions of ethnicity and memory

264.    Maitland, F.W.        Selected historical essays of F.W. Maitland.

265.    Manela, E.        The Wilsonian moment: self-determination and the international origins of anticolonial nationalism

266.    Marenbon, J.    Medieval philosophy: an historical and philosophical introduction

267.    Mason, E.        King Rufus: the Life & Murder of William II of England

268.    Matthew, H.C.G.        Gladstone, 1809-1898

269.    McElligott, A.    Weimar Germany

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271.    Morse, E.S.    Japanese homes and their surroundings

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273.    Parkin, J.        Taming the Leviathan : the reception of the political and religious ideas of Thomas Hobbes in England, 1640-1700

274.    Parry, D.L.L.     France since 1800: squaring the hexagon

275.    Pérez, L.A.    Cuba: between reform and revolution

276.    Pugh, M.        'We danced all night': a social history of Britain between the wars

277.    Pugh, M.        Women and the women’s movement in Britain, 1914-1999

278.    Questier, M.C.        Catholicism and community in early modern England: politics, aristocratic patronage, and religion, c. 1550-1640

279.    Rawley, J.A.    The transatlantic slave trade: a history

280.    Robinson, I.S.    Eleventh-century Germany: the Swabian chronicles

281.    Rodgers, N.    Ireland, slavery and anti-slavery : 1612-1865

282.    Rosendale, T.    Liturgy and literature in the making of Protestant England

283.    Ruse, M.        The Cambridge companion to the Origin of species

284.    Shepard, J.        The Cambridge history of the Byzantine Empire c. 500--1492

285.    Smallwood, S.E.        Saltwater slavery: a middle passage from Africa to American diaspora

286.    Smith, J.M.H.    Europe after Rome: a new cultural history 500-1000

287.    Smith, R.L.    Premodern trade in world history

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289.    Stafford, P.    A companion to the early middle ages: Britain and Ireland, c.500-1100

290.    Stasavage, D.    Public debt and the birth of the democratic state: France and Great Britain, 1688-1789

291.    Suger        The deeds of Louis the Fat

292.    Tacitus        The annals: the reigns of Tiberius, Claudius, and Nero

293.    Turner, R.V.    Eleanor of Aquitaine: Queen of France, Queen of England

294.    Walker, B.L.        The lost wolves of Japan

295.    Wheatcroft, A.        The enemy at the gate: Habsburgs, Ottomans and the battle for Europe

296.    Wickham, C.    Marxist history-writing for the twenty-first century

297.    Wickham, C.    The inheritance of Rome : a history of Europe from 400 to 1000

298.    Williams, A.    Æthelred the Unready: the ill-counselled king

299.    Worcester, T.    The Cambridge companion to the Jesuits

300.    Wormald, J.    Scotland: a history

301.    Wormald, J.    The seventeenth century

302.    Yates, M.        Town and countryside in western Berkshire, c.1327-c.1600: social and economic change


303.    Allison, J.W.F.    The English historical constitution: continuity, change and European effects

304.    Armstrong, S.        Perspectives on punishment : the contours of control

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311.    Brudner, A.        Constitutional goods

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321.    Goldsworthy, J.        Interpreting constitutions: a comparative study

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345.    Shaw, M.N.        International law (6th ed.)

346.    Tamanaha, B.Z.        On the rule of law: history, politics, theory

347.    Vincent-Jones, P.        The new public contracting : regulation, responsiveness, relationality

348.    Virgo, G.        Maudsley and Burn's trusts and trustees: cases and materials (7th ed.)

349.    Witting, C.A.        Liability for negligent misstatements

350.    Zakrzewski, R.        Remedies reclassified


351.    Dieter, G.E.    Mechanical metallurgy

352.    Blinder, S.M.    Introduction to quantum mechanics: in chemistry, materials science, and biology

353.    Green, D.J.    An introduction to the mechanical properties of ceramics

354.    Griffiths, D.J.    Introduction to quantum mechanics

355.    Guinier, A.    The structure of matter : from the blue sky to liquid crystals

356.    Higgins, R.A.    Engineering metallurgy (vol. 1)

357.    Higgins, R.A.    Engineering metallurgy (vol. 2)

358.    O’Handley, R.C.        Modern magnetic materials: principles and application (Disc.)

359.    Ragone, D.V.    Thermodynamics of materials (vol. 1)

360.    Ragone, D.V.    Thermodynamics of materials (vol. 2)

361.    Randle, V.        Introduction to texture analysis: macrotexture, microtexture and orientation mapping

362.    Schwartz, A.J.    Electron backscatter diffraction in materials science

363.    Sonntag, R.E.    Fundamentals of thermodynamics

364.    Tanner, B.K.    Introduction to the physics of electrons in solids

365.    Tanner, B.K.    Introduction to the physics of electrons in solids (2nd copy)

366.    West, D.R.F.    Ternary phase diagrams in materials science


367.    Ablowitz, M.J.    Complex variables: introduction and applications

368.    Allenby, R.B.J.T.        Numbers and proofs

369.    Bartle, R.G.    Introduction to real analysis (3rd ed.)

370.    Bartle, R.G.    Introduction to real analysis (3rd ed.) (2nd copy)

371.    Biggs, N.        Discrete mathematics (2nd ed.)

372.    Bollobás, B.    Modern graph theory (Disc.)

373.    Bourbaki, N.    General topology (Chapters 1-4)

374.    Bourbaki, N.    General topology (Chapters 5-10)

375.    Buskes, G.        Topological spaces: from distance to neighborhood

376.    Cameron, P.J.    Introduction to algebra (2nd ed.)

377.    Diestel, R.        Graph theory (Disc.)

378.    Durrett, R.        Probability: theory and examples (Disc.)

379.    Gamelin, T.W.    Complex analysis

380.    Hannabuss, K.    An introduction to quantum theory (Disc.)

381.    Hardy, G. H.    An introduction to the theory of numbers (6th ed)

382.    Hardy, G. H.    An introduction to the theory of numbers (6th ed)

383.    Keener, J.P.    Principles of applied mathematics: transformation and approximation

384.    Krantz, S.G.    The implicit function theorem: history, theory, and applications

385.    Kurtz, D.S.    Theories of integration: the integrals of Riemann, Lebesgue, Henstock-Kurzweil, and Mcshane

386.    Iserles, A.        A first course in the numerical analysis of differential equations

387.    Landau, L.D.    The classical theory of fields (Disc.)

388.    Landau, L.D.    Mechanics (Disc.)

389.    Marsden, J.E.    Basic complex analysis

390.    Mitchell, T.M.    Machine learning

391.    Munkres, J.R.    Topology

392.    Negnevitsky, M.    Artificial intelligence: a guide to intelligent systems

393.    Osborne, M.J.    An introduction to game theory

394.    Pitman, J.        Probability

395.    Priestley, H.A.    Introduction to complex analysis

396.    Quarteroni, A.    Numerical mathematics (Disc.)

397.    Remmert, R.    Theory of complex functions

398.    Rice, J.A.        Mathematical statistics and data analysis

399.    Sharpe, D.W.    Rings and factorization

400.    Smith, G.        Topics in group theory

401.    Stedall, J.A.    Mathematics emerging: a sourcebook 1540-1900        

402.    Stoer, J.        Introduction to numerical analysis

403.    West, D.B.        Introduction to graph theory (Disc.)

404.    Williams, D.    Probability with martingales (Disc.)

405.    Wright, F.J.    Computing with Maple (Disc.)


406.    Bear, M.F.        Neuroscience: exploring the brain

407.    Begg, J.D.        Abdominal x-rays made easy

408.    Boron, W.F.    Medical physiology: a cellular and molecular approach

409.    Boron, W.F.    Medical physiology: a cellular and molecular approach (2nd copy)

410.    Boron, W.F.    Medical physiology: a cellular and molecular approach (3rd copy)

411.    Collier, L.H.    Human virology: a text for students of medicine, dentistry, and Microbiology

412.    Corne, J.        Chest X-ray made easy

413.    Corne, J.        Chest X-ray made easy (2nd copy)

414.    Davies, R.W.    Molecular biology of the neuron

415.    Easterbrook, P.J.        Basic medical sciences for MRCP part 1

416.    Gleadle, J.        History and examination at a glance

417.    Gleadle, J.        History and examination at a glance (2nd copy)

418.    Gomperts, B. D.        Signal transduction

419.    Guyton, A.C.    Textbook of medical physiology

420.    Hampton. J.R.    150 ECG problems (3rd ed.)

421.    Hampton, J.R.    150 ECG problems (3rd ed.) (2nd copy)

422.    Hampton, J.R.    The ECG made easy (7th ed.) (copy A)

423.    Hampton, J.R.    The ECG made easy (7th ed.) (copy B)

424.    Hampton, J.R.    The ECG made easy (7th ed.) (copy C)

425.    Hampton, J.R.    The ECG made easy (7th ed.) (copy D)

426.    Levinson, W.    Review of medical microbiology and immunology (10th ed.)

427.    Levinson, W.    Review of medical microbiology and immunology (10th ed.) (2nd copy)

428.    Marshall, W.J.    Clinical chemistry (6th ed.) (copy A)

429.    Marshall, W.J.    Clinical chemistry (6th ed.) (copy B)

430.    Murphy, K.    Janeway’s immunobiology (7th ed.)

431.    Playfair, J.H.L.        Infection and immunity

432.    Scambler, G.    Sociology as applied to medicine (6th ed.) (copy A)

433.    Scambler, G.    Sociology as applied to medicine (6th ed.) (copy B)

434.    Scambler, G.    Sociology as applied to medicine (6th ed.) (copy C)

435.    Scambler, G.    Sociology as applied to medicine (6th ed.) (copy D)

436.    Scambler, G.    Sociology as applied to medicine (6th ed.) (copy E)

437.    Schoenwolf, G.C.        Larsen’s human embryology (4th ed.) (copy A)

438.    Schoenwolf, G.C.        Larsen’s human embryology (4th ed.) (copy B)

439.    Schoenwolf, G.C.        Larsen’s human embryology (4th ed.) (copy C)

440.    Schoenwolf, G.C.        Larsen’s human embryology (4th ed.) (copy D)

441.    Siegel, G.J.    Basic neurochemistry: molecular, cellular, and medical aspects (7th ed.)

442.    Smith, E.E.    Atkinson & Hilgard's Introduction to psychology

443.    Snell, R.S.        Clinical neuroanatomy (7th ed.)

444.    Stoneham, M.    Invasive medical skills: a multimedia approach

445.    Strachan, T.    Human molecular genetics 3

446.    Strachan, T.    Human molecular genetics 3 (2nd copy)

447.    Ward, K.N.    Notes on medical microbiology : including virology, mycology and parasitology

448.    Ward, K.N.    Notes on medical microbiology : including virology, mycology and parasitology (2nd copy)


449.    Alhazen.        Alhacen's theory of visual perception: a critical edition, with English translation and commentary, of the first three books of Alhacen’s De Aspectibus, v.1

450.    Alhazen.        Alhacen's theory of visual perception: a critical edition, with English translation and commentary, of the first three books of Alhacen’s De Aspectibus, v.2

451.    Aylmer, U.    Oxford food: an anthology

452.    Barrett, S.        Environment and statecraft: the strategy of environmental treaty-making

453.    Bartram, A.    Typeforms: a history

454.    Brake, L.        Dictionary of nineteenth-century journalism: in Great Britain and Ireland.

455.    Brook, T.        Vermeer's hat: the seventeenth century and the dawn of the global world

456.    Cartwright, N.    The dappled world : a study of the boundaries of science

457.    Cheney, C.R.    A handbook of dates: for students of British history

458.    Cook, M.A.    The Koran: a very short introduction

459.    Daiches, D.    The King James version of the English Bible : an account of the development and sources of the English Bible of 1611 with special reference to the Hebrew Tradition

460.    Debus, A.G.    Man and nature in the Renaissance

461.    De Hamel, C.    The book: a history of the Bible

462.    Doyle, W.        The French Revolution : a very short introduction

463.    Duff, E. G.        A century of the English book trade: short notices of all printers, stationers, book-binders and others connected with it from the issue of the first dated book in 1475 to the incorporation of the Company of Stationers in 1557

464.    Ebrey, P.B.    The Cambridge illustrated history of China

465.    Gabel, J.B.        The Bible as literature: an introduction

466.    Gaines, J,        Evening in the palace of reason: Bach meets Frederick the Great in the Age of Enlightenment

467.    Goldschmidt, H.        Race, nation, and religion in the Americas

468.    Gordon, D.    The regal image of Richard II and the Wilton Diptych

469.    Graham, H.    The Spanish Civil War: a very short introduction

470.    Hainsworth, P.    The Oxford companion to Italian literature

471.    Hamburger, J.F.        Crown and veil: female monasticism from the fifth to the fifteenth centuries

472.    Herbert, R.        Whodunit?: a who's who in crime & mystery writing

473.    Howard, J.        Darwin: a very short introduction

474.    Jung, E.         Animus ; and, Anima

475.    King, C.        The Black Sea: a history

476.    Kitching, C.J.    Archive buildings in the United Kingdom, 1993-2005

477.    Majumdar, N.    The other side of terror : an anthology of writings on terrorism in South Asia

478.    McMahon, R.J.    The Cold War: a very short introduction

479.    Meilaender, G.    The Oxford handbook of theological ethics

480.    Neill, A.        The philosophy of art: readings ancient and modern

481.    Reeve, J.        Sacred: books of the three faiths : Judaism, Christianity, Islam

482.    Redford, B.    Designing the life of Johnson

483.    Saks, E.R.        The centre cannot hold: a memoir of my schizophrenia

484.    Sidebottom, H.    Ancient warfare: a very short introduction

485.    Summit, J.        Memory's library: medieval books in early modern England

486.    Sutton, J.        An atlas of typeforms

487.    Tyack, G.        Oxford: an architectural guide

488.    Tyerman, C.    The Crusades: a very short introduction

489.    Umesao, T.    Seventy-seven keys to the civilization of Japan

490.    Weiler, B.K.U.    England and Europe in the reign of Henry III

491.    Willes, M.        Reading matters: five centuries of discovering books

492.    Williams, R.J.P.        Chemistry at Oxford: a history from 1600 to 2005

493.    Zhao, S.        A nation-state by construction: dynamics of modern Chinese nationalism


494.    Bergeron, K.    Disciplining music: musicology and its canons

495.    Bowers, J.        Women making music: the Western art tradition, 1150-1950

496.    Burrows, D.    Handel and the English Chapel Royal

497.    Feld, S.        Sound and sentiment: birds, weeping, poetics, and song in Kaluli expression

498.    Magowan, F.    Melodies of mourning: music & emotion in Northern Australia

499.    Palisca, C.V.    Music and ideas in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries

500.    Sullivan, A.    The complete annotated Gilbert and Sullivan


501.    Allison, H.E.    Custom and reason in Hume: a Kantian reading of the first book of the Treatise

502.    Baier, A.        Death and character: further reflections on Hume

503.    Bermúdez, J.L.    Reason and nature: essays in the theory of rationality

504.    Blackburn, S.    Lust

505.    Boghossian, P.    Content and justification: philosophical papers

506.    Brandom, R.    Between saying and doing: towards an analytic pragmatism

507.    Cappelen, H.    Relativism and monadic truth

508.    Cohen, G.A.    Rescuing justices and equality

509.    Cohon, R.        Hume’s morality: feeling and fabrication

510.    Cottingham, J.    Cartesian reflections: essays on Descartes’s philosophy

511.    Currie, G.        The nature of fiction

512.    Daniell, D.        Bible in English: its history and influence

513.    Darwall, S.L.    Moral discourse and practice : some philosophical approaches

514.    Deigh, J.        Emotions, values, and the law

515.    Farkas, K.        The subject's point of view

516.    Ferrari, G.R.F.    The Cambridge companion to Plato’s Republic

517.    Fodor, J.A.    LOT 2: the language of thought revisited

518.    Gallois, A.        The world without, the mind within: an essay on first-person authority

519.    García-Carpintero, M.    Relative truth

520.    Gaukroger, S.    The emergence of a scientific culture: science and the shaping of modernity, 1210-1685

521.    Gibbard, A.    Reconciling our aims: in search of bases for ethics

522.    Gilbert, M.        A theory of political obligation : membership, commitment, and the bonds of society

523.    Griffin, J.        On human rights

524.    Haybron, D.M.    The pursuit of unhappiness: the elusive psychology of well-being

525.    Hohwy, J.        Being reduced: new essays on reduction, explanation, and causation

526.    Honneth, A.    Disrespect: the normative foundations of critical theory

527.    Horwich, P.    Reflections on meaning

528.    Irwin, T.        The development of ethics: a historical and critical study, v.2 From Suarez to Rousseau

529.    Jackson, F.        Mind, morality, and explanation: selected collaborations

530.    Jamieson, D.    Ethics and the environment: an introduction

531.    Johnson-Laird, P. N.    How we reason

532.    Joyce, J.M.    The foundations of causal decision theory

533.    Kekes, J.        Enjoyment: the moral significance of styles of life

534.    Kenny, A.        From Empedocles to Wittgenstein: historical essays in philosophy

535.    Klosko, G.        Political obligations

536.    Korsgaard, C.M.        Self-constitution: agency, identity, and integrity

537.    Korsgaard, C.M.        The constitution of agency: essays on practical reason and moral psychology

538.    Kramer, M.H.    The legacy of H.L.A. Hart: legal, political, and moral philosophy

539.    Kupperman, J.J.        Ethics and qualities of life

540.    Kupperman, J.J.        Six myths about the good life: thinking about what has value

541.    Loux, M.J.        The Oxford handbook of metaphysics

542.    Lowe, E.J.        Personal agency: the metaphysics of mind and action

543.    Lowe, E.J.        Truth and truth-making

544.    Lycan, W.G.    Real conditionals

545.    McKeever, S.D.    Principled ethics : generalism as a regulative ideal

546.    Mill, J.S.        On liberty and other essays

547.    Misak, C.        The Oxford handbook of American philosophy

548.    Mulhall, S.        Wittgenstein’s private language: grammar, nonsense, and imagination in Philosophical investigations, sections 243-315

549.    Olsson, E.J.    Against coherence: truth, probability, and justification

550.    Peacocke, C.    Truly understood

551.    Priest, G.        An introduction to non-classical logic: from if to is (2nd ed.)

552.    Pritchard, D.    Arguing about knowledge

553.    Quine, W.V.    Confessions of a confirmed extensionalist and other essays

554.    Quine, W.V.    Quine in dialogue

555.    Quine, W.V.    Quintessence: basic readings from the philosophy of W.V. Quine

556.    Richard, M.    When truth gives out

557.    Sainsbury, R.M.    Paradoxes

558.    Scanlon, T.    Moral dimensions: permissibility, meaning, blame

559.    Scott, D.        Maieusis: essays on ancient philosophy in honour of Myles Burnyeat

560.    Schmidtz, D.    Person, polis, planet: essays in applied philosophy

561.    Schroeder, M.A.        Being for: evaluating the semantic program of expressivism

562.    Searle, J.R.    Philosophy in a new century : selected essays

563.    Solomon, R.C.    True to our feelings : what our emotions are really telling us

564.    Sorabji, R.        Self: ancient and modern insights about individuality, life, and death

565.    Stalnaker, R.    Our knowledge of the internal world

566.    Teichmann, R.    The philosophy of Elizabeth Anscombe

567.    Thompson, M.    Life and action: elementary structures of practice and practical thought

568.    Van Fraassen, B.C.    Scientific representation: paradoxes of perspective

569.    Watson, G.    Agency and answerability : selected essays

570.    Wiggins, D.    Ethics: twelve lectures on the philosophy of morality

571.    Wolterstorff, N.    Justice: rights and wrongs

572.    Yablo, S.        Thoughts : papers on mind, meaning, and modality

573.    Zimmerman, M.J.    Living with uncertainty: the moral significance of ignorance


574.    Bettini, A.        Introduction to elementary particle physics

575.    Bettini, A.        Introduction to elementary particle physics (2nd copy)

576.    Bettini, A.        Introduction to elementary particle physics (3rd copy)

577.    Binney, J.        The physics of quantum mechanics

578.    Binney, J.        The physics of quantum mechanics (2nd copy)

579.    Bowler, Peter J.    Making modern science: a historical survey

580.    Brau, C.A.        Modern problems in classical electrodynamics

581.    Cotterill, R.    Biophysics : an introduction

582.    Griffiths, D.J.    Introduction to elementary particles

583.    Griffiths, D.J.    Introduction to electrodynamics (3rd ed.)

584.    Griffiths, D.J.    Introduction to electrodynamics (3rd ed.) (2nd copy)

585.    Foot, C.J.        Atomic physics (copy C)

586.    Foot, C.J.        Atomic physics (copy D)

587.    Foot, C.J.        Atomic physics (copy E)

588.    Goldstein, H.    Classical mechanics (3rd ed.)

589.    Hawley, J.F.    Foundations of modern cosmology

590.    Paterson, A. R.        A first course in fluid dynamics

591.    Phillips, A.C.    The physics of stars (2nd ed.)

592.    Phillips, A.C.    The physics of stars (2nd ed.) (2nd copy)

593.    Phillips, A.C.    The physics of stars (2nd ed.) (3rd copy)

594.    Rosser, W.G.V.    Introductory special relativity

595.    Shankar, R.    Principles of quantum mechanics (2nd ed.)

596.    Townsend, J.S.    A modern approach to quantum mechanics

597.    Townsend, J.S.    A modern approach to quantum mechanics (2nd copy)

598.    Tritton, D. J.    Physical fluid dynamics


599.    Archer, R.        Why is there no labor party in the United States?

600.    Arter, D.        Democracy in Scandinavia: consensual, majoritarian or mixed?

601.    Bartolini, S.    Restructuring Europe : centre formation, system building and political structuring between the nation-state and the European Union

602.    Carter, E.L.    The extreme right in Western Europe: success or failure?

603.    Castles, F.G.    The future of the welfare state: crisis myths and crisis realities

604.    Chandra, K,    Why ethnic parties succeed : patronage and ethnic head counts in India

605.    Cole, A.        Developments in French politics 4

606.    Colomer, J.M.        Comparative European politics (3rd ed.)

607.    Dittmer, L.        China's quest for national identity

608.    Dunleavy, P.        Developments in British politics 8

609.    Dyson, K.        European states and the Euro: Europeanization, variation, and convergence

610.    Edles, L.D.    Symbol and ritual in the new Spain: the transition to democracy after Franco

611.    Fewsmith, J.    China since Tiananmen : from Deng Xiaoping to Hu Jintao

612.    Freedman, D.    Statistical models : theory and practice

613.    Gallagher, M.    The politics of electoral systems        

614.    Gellner, E.        Nationalism

615.    Goldstone, J.A.        Revolutions: theoretical, comparative, and historical studies

616.    Hayes-Renshaw, F.    The Council of Minister

617.    Knapp, A.        Parties and the party system in France: a disconnected democracy?

618.    King, G.        Designing social inquiry : scientific inference in qualitative research

619.    Klingemann, H.        Parties, policies, and democracy

620.    Kopstein, J.        Comparative politics: interests, identities, and institutions in a changing global order

621.    Little, D.            Varieties of social explanation : an introduction to the philosophy of social science

622.    Mainwaring, S.        Presidentialism and democracy in Latin America

623.    Mair, P.        Political parties and electoral change: party responses to electoral markets

624.    Miller, D.        National responsibility and global justice

625.    Norris, P.        Critical citizens: global support for democratic government

626.    Norris, P.        On message: communicating the campaign

627.    Norton, P.        Parliaments and governments in Western Europe

628.    Nugent, N.        The government and politics of the European Union (6th ed.)

629.    Nugent, N.        The European commission

630.    Nugent, N.        European Union enlargement

631.    Polsby, N.W.    How Congress evolves: social bases of institutional change

632.    Riker, W.H.    The art of political manipulation

633.    Rosenberg, G.N.        The hollow hope: can courts bring about social change?

634.    Sartori, G.        Parties and party systems: a framework for analysis

635.    Schwartz, H.    The struggle for constitutional justice in post-communist Europe

636.    Shafer, B.E.    The two majorities: the issue context of modern American politics

637.    Shapiro, I.        Political contingency: studying the unexpected, the accidental, the unforeseen

638.    Shugart, M.S.    Presidents and assemblies: constitutional design and electoral dynamics

639.    Smith, K.E.    European Union foreign policy in a changing world

640.    Strøm, K.        Delegation and accountability in parliamentary democracies

641.    Suleiman, E.N.        Dismantling democratic states

642.    Thomassen, J.    The European voter: a comparative study of modern democracies

643.    Trentmann, F.    Free trade nation: commerce, consumption, and civil society in modern Britain

644.    Varshney, A.    Democracy, development, and the countryside : urban-rural struggles in India

645.    Watts, R.L.    Comparing federal systems (3rd ed.)

646.    Weingast, B.R.        The Oxford handbook of political economy

647.    Zaller, J.        The nature and origins of mass opinion


648.    Appignanesi, L.        Mad, bad and sad: a history of women and the mind doctors from 1800 to the present

649.    Cohen, L.        Practical statistics for students: an introductory text

650.    Dudai, Y.        Memory from A to Z : keywords, concepts, and beyond

651.    Eysenck, M.W.        Cognitive psychology: a student's handbook

652.    Eysenck, M.W.        Cognitive psychology: a student's handbook (2nd copy)

653.    Dalgleish, T.    Handbook of cognition and emotion

654.    Hewstone, M.    Introduction to social psychology: a European perspective

655.    Hewstone, M.    Introduction to social psychology: a European perspective (2nd copy)

656.    Jeannerod, M.        Motor cognition : what actions tell to the self

657.    Nevid, J. S.    Abnormal psychology in a changing world

658.    Plomin, R.        Behavioral genetics

659.    Radden, J.        The philosophy of psychiatry : a companion

660.    Rose, D.        Consciousness: philosophical, psychological, and neural theories

661.    Scherer, K.R.        Appraisal processes in emotion: theory, methods, research

662.    Smith, E.E.    Atkinson & Hilgard's Introduction to psychology

663.    Tesser, A.        Blackwell handbook of social psychology: intraindividual processes

Total:  663 Last updated 06/08/09 JB

(Including 14 Disc. purchases)




1.    Alberts, B.        Molecular biology of the cell (5th ed.) (copy A)

2.    Alberts, B.        Molecular biology of the cell (5th ed.) (copy B)

3.    Alberts, B.        Molecular biology of the cell (5th ed.) (copy C)

4.    Alberts, B.        Molecular biology of the cell (5th ed.) (copy D)

5.    Grafen, A.        Modern statistics for the life sciences (copy A)

6.    Grafen, A.     Modern statistics for the life sciences (copy B)

7.    Hancock, J.T.    Cell signaling (2nd ed.)

8.    Lodish, H.        Molecular cell biology (6th ed.)

9.    Morgan, D.O.    The cell cycle: principles of control

10.    Nicholls, D.G.    Bioenergetics 3

11.    Price, N.C.        Principles and problems in physical chemistry for biochemists (3rd ed.)


12.    Albani, J.R.    Principles and applications of fluorescence spectroscopy

13.    Cohen-Tannoudji, C.    Quantum mechanics, vol.1

14.    Compton, R.G.    Understanding voltammetry

15.    Evans, D.F    .    The colloidal domain: where physics, chemistry, biology, and technology meet (2nd ed.)

16.    Hamley, I.W.    Introduction to soft matter : polymers, colloids, amphiphiles and liquid crystals

17.    Housecroft, C.E.        Inorganic chemistry (3rd ed.)

18.    Housecroft, C.E.        Inorganic chemistry (3rd ed.)

19.    Levine, R.D.    Molecular reaction dynamics

20.    Maier, J.        Physical chemistry of ionic materials: ions and electrons in solids

21.    McQuarrie, D.A.        Physical chemistry: a molecular approach

22.    McQuarrie, D.A.        Quantum chemistry (2nd ed.)

23.    Robertson, J.    Protecting group chemistry

24.    Verwey, E.J.W.        Theory of the stability of lyophobic colloids: the interaction of sol particles having an electric double layer

25.    Widom, B.        Statistical mechanics: a concise introduction for chemists

CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY & ANCIENT HISTORY [Includes one purchase split with Ancient History: The architecture of Alexandria and Egypt]

26.    Ando, C.        The matter of the gods: religion and the Roman Empire

27.    Bauer, F.A.    Statuen in der Spätantike

28.    Dillon, S.        Representations of war in ancient Rome

29.    The Grove encyclopedia of classical art & architecture (vol. 1) (Disc.)

30.    The Grove encyclopedia of classical art & architecture (vol. 2) (Disc.)

31.    Izzet, V.        The archaeology of Etruscan society

32.    James, L.        Art and text in Byzantine culture (Disc.)

33.    Marconi, C.    Greek vases: images, contexts and controversies

34.    Marvin, M.    The language of the muses: the dialogue between Roman and Greek sculpture

35.    Petropoulou, M.-Z.    Animal sacrifice in ancient Greek religion, Judaism, and Christianity, 100 BC-AD 200

36.    Schulz, P.        Early Hellenistic portraiture: image, style, context

CLASSICS [Includes five purchases split with Anc. Hist., including The Cambridge Companion to Archaic Greece]

37.    Aelian        Historical miscellany

38.    Aristophanes    Aristophanis fabvlae, v.1

39.    Aristophanes    Aristophanis fabvlae, v.2

40.    Asheri, D.        A commentary on Herodotus books I-IV

41.    Beard, M.        The Roman triumph

42.    Boyle, A.J.    An introduction to Roman tragedy

43.    Carter, D.M.    The politics of Greek tragedy

44.    Cicero        M. Tulli Ciceronis De finibus bonorum et malorum libri quinque

45.    Cicero        M. Tullius Ciceronis De re publica; De legibus; Cato maior de senectute; Laelius de amicitia

46.    Colvin, S.        A historical Greek reader: Mycenaean to the Koiné

47.    Davidson, J.N.    The Greeks and Greek love: a radical reappraisal of homosexuality in ancient Greece

48.    Euripides        Alcestis

49.    Feeney, D.C.    Caesar's calendar: ancient time and the beginnings of history

50.    Fitch, J.G.        Seneca

51.    Gaisser, J.H.    Catullus

52.    Gale, M.R.        Lucretius

53.    Gutzwiller, K.J.    A guide to Hellenistic literature

54.    Hitchcock, L.    Theory for classics: a student's guide

55.    Huxley, G.L.    Greek epic poetry: from Eumelos to Panyassis

56.    Knox, P.E.        Oxford readings in Ovid

57.    Lloyd, M.        Aeschylus 

58.    Lloyd-Jones, H.        Supplementum Supplementi hellenistici

59.    Lowe, N.J.        The classical plot and the invention of western narrative

60.    Lysias        Lysiae Orationes: cum fragmentis

61.    Martial         M. Valerii Martialis Liber spectaculorum

62.    Patterson, C.B.    Antigone’s answer: essays on death and burial, family and state in classical Athens

63.    Pindar        Pythian eleven

64.    Plato        Platonis Rempublicam

65.    Propertius        Sexti Properti Elegos

66.    Thucydides    History of the Peloponnesian War

67.    West, M.L.    Greek epic fragments: from the seventh to the fifth centuries BC

68.    West, M.L.    Homeric hymns, Homeric apocrypha, lives of Homer

69.    Xenophon        Anabasis [bought jointly with Anc. Hist.]

70.    Xenophon        Cyropaedia (books I-IV) [bought jointly with Anc. Hist.]

71.    Xenophon        Cyropaedia (books V-VIII) [bought jointly with Anc. Hist.]

72.    Xenophon        Memorabilia; Oeconomicus

73.    Xenophon        Scripta minora [bought jointly with Anc. Hist.]


74.    Apuleius        Metamorphoses: text, introduction and commentary, book 2

75.    Davis, D.        Panthea’s children: Hellenistic novels and medieval Persian romances

76.    Heyworth, S.J.    Cynthia: a companion to the text of Propertius

77.    Kelly, A.        A referential commentary and lexicon to Iliad VIII

78.    Laplace, M.    Le roman d'Achille Tatios: "discours panégyrique" et imaginaire Romanesque

79.    Lauxtermann, M.D.    Byzantine poetry from Pisides to Geometres    

80.    Pfuhl, E.        Die ostgriechischen Grabreliefs. Textband I

81.    Pfuhl, E.        Die ostgriechischen Grabreliefs. Tafelband I

82.    Pfuhl, E.        Die ostgriechischen Grabreliefs. Textband II

83.    Pfuhl, E.        Die ostgriechischen Grabreliefs. Tafelband II

84.    Reader, W.W.        The severed hand and the upright corpse: the declamations of Marcus Antonius Polemo

85.    Todd, S.C.        A commentary on Lysias, speeches 1-11


86.    Armstrong, R.H.        A compulsion for antiquity: Freud and the ancient world

87.    Stray, C.        A companion to classical receptions

88.    Ziolkowski, J.M.        The Virgilian tradition: the first fifteen hundred years


89.    Barr, N.A.        The economics of the welfare state (4th ed.)

90.    Blanchard, O.    Macroeconomics (4th ed.)

91.    Eeckhoudt, L.    Economic and financial decisions under risk

92.    Frank, R.H.    Microeconomics and behaviour (6th ed.)

93.    Gollier, C.        The economics of risk and time

94.    Gravelle, H.    Microeconomics (3rd ed.)

95.    Gravelle, H.    Microeconomics (3rd ed.)

96.    Harford, T.    The logic of life: uncovering the new economics of everything

97.    Harford, T.    The undercover economist

98.    Krugman, P.R.    International economics: theory and policy (7th ed.) (copy A)

99.    Krugman, P.R.    International economics: theory and policy (7th ed.) (copy B)

100.    Jacques, I.        Mathematics for economics and business (5th ed.)

101.    Mankiw, N.G.        Macroeconomics (European ed.) (copy A)

102.    Mankiw, N.G.        Macroeconomics (European ed.) (copy B)

103.    Mankiw, N.G.        Macroeconomics (European ed.) (copy C)


104.    Bhadeshia, H.K.D.H.        Steels: microstructure and properties (3rd ed.)

105.    Carter, C.B.    Ceramic materials: science and engineering

106.    Gaskell, D.R.        Introduction to the thermodynamics of materials

107.    Kibble, T.W.B.    Classical mechanics

108.    Nicholson, J.W.    The chemistry of polymers (2nd ed.)

109.    Reed, R.C.        The superalloys: fundamentals and applications

110.    Smallman, R.E.        Modern physical metallurgy and materials engineering: science, process, applications

111.    Sutton, Adrian P.        Interfaces in crystalline materials

112.    Vesely, F.        Computational physics: an introduction (2nd ed.)

ENGLISH [Includes one purchase split with Mod. Hist.: Wakelin, Humanism, reading, and English literature, 1430-1530]

113.    Bailey, R.W.        Nineteenth-century English

114.    Batt, C.        Essays on Thomas Hoccleve

115.    Beer, A.R.        Milton:  poet, pamphleteer and patriot

116.    Benwell, B.        Masculinity and men's lifestyle magazines

117.    Blamires, A.        Chaucer, ethics, and gender

118.    Brewer, C.        Treasure-house of the language: the living OED

119.    Britain, D.        Language in the British Isles

120.    Brown, P.    A companion to medieval English literature and culture, c.1350-c.1500

121.    Burrow, J.A.        Medieval writers and their work: Middle English literature,1100--1500

122.    Burrow, J.A.        Thomas Hoccleve

123.    Carter, R.        Seeing through language: a guide to styles of English writing

124.    Clarke, C.A.M.    Literary landscapes and the idea of England, 700-1400

125.    Crystal, D.        English as a global language (2nd ed.)

126.    Crystal, D.        Language and the Internet (2nd ed.)

127.    Dyas, D.        The Bible in Western culture: the student's guide

128.    Edminster, W.        The preaching fox: festive subversion in the plays of the Wakefield Master

129.    Elliott, E.        Selected poetry of Ebenezer Elliott

130.    Fowler, R.        Linguistic criticism (2nd ed.)

131.    Gorji, M.    Rude Britannia

132.    Greene, G.        Graham Greene: a life in letters

133.    Head, D.        The Cambridge guide to literature in English (3rd ed.)

134.    Hines, J.        The fabliau in English

135.    Horobin, S.        Chaucer's language

136.    Hughes, T.        Letters of Ted Hughes

137.    Knapp, E.        The bureaucratic muse: Thomas Hoccleve and the literature of late medieval England

138.    Kramsch, C.J.        Language and culture

139.    Lippi-Green, R.    English with an accent: language, ideology, and discrimination in the United States

140.    Lyne, R.        Shakespeare's late work

141.    MacFaul, T.        Male friendship in Shakespeare and his contemporaries 

142.    MacNeice, L.        Collected poems

143.    McCullough, P.    Lancelot Andrewes: selected sermons and lectures

144.    Meyer-Lee, R.J.        Poets and power from Chaucer to Wyatt

145.    Milton, J.        Complete shorter poems

146.    Milton, J.        Paradise lost

147.    Middleton, T.        Thomas Middleton: the collected works

148.    Mugglestone, L.    ‘Talking proper’: the rise of accent as social symbol (2nd ed.)

149.    Nash, W.        The language of humour

150.    Nevalainen, T.        An introduction to early modern English

151.    Page, N.        Speech in the English novel (2nd ed.)

152.    Paroissien, D.        A companion to Charles Dickens

153.    Poole, W.        Milton and the idea of the fall

154.    Pound, E.        Personae: the shorter poems of Ezra Pound

155.    Prendergast, C.    The classic: Sainte-Beuve and the nineteenth-century culture wars

156.    Smith, N.        The poems of Andrew Marvell

157.    Spolsky, B.        Sociolinguistics

158.    Strohm, P.        Middle English

159.    Taylor, G.        Thomas Middleton and early modern textual culture: a companion to the collected works

160.    Tucker, H.F.        Epic: Britain's heroic muse 1790-1910

161.    Verdonk, P.        Stylistics

162.    Worden, B.        Literature and politics in Cromwellian England: John Milton, Andrew Marvell, Marchamont Nedham

163.    Widdowson, H.G.    Linguistics

164.    Yule, G.        Pragmatics

HISTORY (ANCIENT) [Includes five purchases split with Classics: Xenophon: Anabasis; Cyropaedia (vols 1 & 2); Scripta minora, Archaic Greece and one split with CAAH]

165.    Barrett, A.        Caligula: the corruption of power

166.    Bringmann, K.        A history of the Roman Republic

167.    Canfora, L.        Julius Caesar: the people's dictator

168.    Clark, A.J.        Divine qualities: cult and community in Republican Rome

169.    Foxhall, L.        Olive cultivation in ancient Greece: seeking the ancient economy

170.    Grainger, J.D.        Seleukos Nikator

171.    Lincoln, B.    Religion, empire, and torture: the case of Achaemenian Persia, with a postscript on Abu Ghraib 

172.    Marek, C.    Die Inschriften von Kaunos

173.    McKenzie, J.        The architecture of Alexandria and Egypt, c.300 B.C. to A.D. 700 [bought jointly with CAAH]

174.    Millar, F.        Rome, the Greek world, and the East, v.3: The Greek world, the Jews, and the East.

175.    Oliver, G.J.        War, food, and politics in early Hellenistic Athens

176.    Rosenstein, N.        A companion to the Roman Republic

177.    Rüpke, J.    Religion of the Romans

178.    Sabin, P.    The Cambridge history of Greek and Roman warfare, v. 1: Greece, the Hellenistic world and the rise of Rome (Disc.)

179.    Sabin, P.    The Cambridge history of Greek and Roman warfare, v.2: Rome from the late Republic to the late Empire (Disc.)

180.    Scheidel, W.        The Cambridge economic history of the Greco-Roman world

181.    Shapiro, H.A.        The Cambridge companion to archaic Greece

182.    Shaw, B.D.    Spartacus and the Slave Wars: a brief history with documents

HISTORY (MODERN) [Includes one purchase split with English]

183.    Armitage, D.        The ideological origins of the British empire

184.    Arthurson, I.        The Perkin Warbeck conspiracy, 1491-1499

185.    Aurell, M.        The Plantagenet empire, 1154-1224

186.    Bailey, M        Medieval Suffolk: en economic and social history, 1200-1500

187.    Bartlett, R.        The natural and the supernatural in the Middle Ages

188.    Bentley, M.        Modern historiography: an introduction

189.    Brockey, L.M.        Journey to the East: the Jesuit mission to China, 1579-1724

190.    Brown, A.        Court and civic society in the Burgundian Low Countries, c.1420-1530: selected sources

191.    Burton, O.V.        The age of Lincoln

192.    Chazan, R.        The Jews of Medieval Western Christendom, 1000-1500

193.    Crowmartie, A.    The constitutionalist revolution: an essay on the history of England, 1450-1642

194.    Dalton, P.        King Stephen's reign: (1135-1154)

195.    Darwin, J.        After Tamerlane: the global history of empire since 1405

196.    Davies, G.        See government grow: education politics from Johnson to Reagan

197.    Dawson, J.E.A.    Scotland re-formed, 1488-1587

198.    Doyle, D.N.        America and Ireland, 1776-1976: the American identity and the Irish connection

199.    Eby, C.D.        Comrades and commissars: the Lincoln Battalion in the Spanish Civil War

200.    Elkins, S.M.        The age of federalism

201.    Elliott, J.H.        Empires of the Atlantic world: Britain and Spain in America, 1492-1830

202.    Evans, R.J.W.        Austria, Hungary, and the Habsburgs: essays on Central Europe, c.1683-1867

203.    Feather, J.    The provincial book trade in eighteenth-century England

204.    Fletcher, A.    Tudor rebellions (5th ed.)

205.    Forrest, I.        The detection of heresy in late medieval England

206.    Freehling, W.W.    The road to disunion, v.1: Secessionists at bay

207.    Freehling, W.W.    The road to disunion, v.2: Secessionists triumphant

208.    Gelderen, M. van         Republicanism: a shared European heritage. Vol.1 Republicanism and constitutionalism in early modern Europe

209.    Gelderen, M. van         Republicanism: a shared European heritage. Vol.2 The values of republicanism in early modern Europe

210.    Gildea, R.    Surviving Hitler and Mussolini: daily life in occupied Europe

211.    Goodman, A.        The Wars of the Roses: the soldiers’ experience

212.    Griffiths, R.A.        The making of the Tudor dynasty 

213.    Guyatt, N.    Providence and the invention of the United States, 1607-1865

214.    Haigh, C.    The plain man's pathways to heaven: kinds of Christianity in post-reformation England, 1570-1640

215.    Hall, R.L.        On Afric’s shore: a history of Maryland in Liberia, 1834-1857

216.    Halsall, G.        Barbarian migrations and the Roman west, 376-568

217.    Hardman Moore, S.        Pilgrims: New World settlers and the call of home

218.    Harper-Bill, C.    Henry II: new interpretations

219.    Head, R.C.        Orthodoxies and heterodoxies in early modern German culture: order and creativity, 1550-1750

220.    Hoffer, P.C.        The Supreme Court: an essential history

221.    Housley, N.        Contesting the crusades

222.    Howe, D.W.        What hath God wrought: the transformation of America, 1815-1848

223.    Kekewich, M.L.    The politics of fifteenth-century England: John Vale's book

224.    Kesselring, K.J.    The Northern Rebellion of 1569: faith, politics and protest in Elizabethan England

225.    Laiou, A.E.        The Byzantine economy

226.    Laynesmith, J.L.    The last medieval queens: English queenship 1445-1503

227.    Leffler, M.P.        For the soul of mankind: the United States, the Soviet Union, and the Cold War

228.    Leyser, H.        Medieval women: a social history of women in England, 450-1500

229.    Magliocca, G.N.    Andrew Jackson and the Constitution: the rise and fall of generational regimes

230.    Marshall, P.J.        The making and unmaking of empires: Britain, India, and America c.1750-1783

231.    McConville, B.    The king's three faces: the rise and fall of royal America, 1688-1776

232.    McLean, P.        The art of the network: strategic interaction and patronage in Renaissance Florence

233.    McPherson, J.M.        This mighty scourge: perspectives on the Civil War

234.    Mignolo, W.D.        The idea of Latin America

235.    Minot, L.        The poems of Laurence Minot, 1333-1352

236.    Misra, M.        Vishnu's crowded temple: India since the Great Rebellion

237.    Morgan, K.        Slavery and the British empire: from Africa to America

238.    Nicolson, A.        Earls of paradise

239.    Oakes, J.    The radical and the Republican: Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, and the triumph of antislavery politics

240.    Pagden, A.        Worlds at war: the 2,500-year struggle between East and West

241.    Pollard, A.J.        Warwick the Kingmaker: politics, power and fame

242.    Pratt, D.        The political thought of King Alfred the Great

243.    Raymond, J.        News networks in seventeenth-century Britain and Europe

244.    Richardson, H.C.    West from Appomattox: the reconstruction of America after the Civil War

245.    Romano, D.        The likeness of Venice: a life of Doge Francesco Foscari

246.    Rubin, P.L.        Images and identity in fifteenth-century Florence

247.    Smith, H.        Georgian monarchy: politics and culture, 1714-1760

248.    Sutton, J.W.        The dicts and sayings of the philosophers

249.    Tanner, M.        The Raven king: Matthias Corvinus and the fate of his lost library

250.    Wakelin, D.        Humanism, reading, and English literature, 1430-1530 [purchase split with English]

251.    Weiler, B.K.U.     Kingship, rebellion and political culture: England and Germany, c.1215-c.1250

252.    Winter, J.M.        The Great War in history: debates and controversies, 1914 to the present

253.    Withington, P.        The politics of commonwealth: citizens and freemen in early modern England

254.    Wycliffe, J.        John Wyclif: on the truth of Holy Scripture

255.    Yarema, A.E.        The American Colonization Society: an avenue to freedom?

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382.    Lynch, J.    Anniversary essays on Johnson’s Dictionary

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391.    Walker, G.        The hot topic: how to tackle global warming and still keep the lights on

392.    Whyte, W.        Oxford Jackson: architecture, education, status, and style 1835-1924

393.    Woolley, B.        The Queen's conjurer: the life and magic of Dr Dee


394.    Ashley, K.        Moving subjects: processional performance in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

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400.    Kerman, J.        Musicology

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416.    Cresswell, M.J.    Language in the world

417.    Dreyfus, H.L.        A companion to Heidegger

418.    Frankfurt, H.G.    Demons, dreamers, and madmen: the defense of reason in Descartes’s Meditations

419.    Frankfurt, H.G.    On bullshit

420.    Frankfurt, H.G.    Taking ourselves seriously and getting it right

421.    Frede, M.        Rationality in Greek thought

422.    Freeman, S.R.        Justice and the social contract: essays on Rawlsian political philosophy

423.    Gardiner, S.M.        Virtue ethics, old and new

424.    Gardner, J.        Offences and defences: selected essays in the philosophy of criminal law

425.    Gaus, G.F.    On philosophy, politics, and economics

426.    Harris, J.A.        Of liberty and necessity: the free will debate in eighteenth-century British philosophy

427.    Huemer, M.        Ethical intuitionism

428.    Irwin, T.        The development of ethics: a historical and critical study, v.1

429.    Janaway, C.    Beyond selflessness: reading Nietzsche's genealogy

430.    Joyce, R.    The evolution of morality

431.    Kail, P.J.E.    Projection and realism in Hume's Philosophy

432.    Kymlicka, W.        Multicultural odysseys: navigating the new international politics of diversity

433.    Lacey, A.R.        Robert Nozick

434.    Lackey, J.    The epistemology of testimony

435.    Leiter, B.    The Oxford handbook of continental philosophy

436.    Lemos, N.M.        An introduction to the theory of knowledge

437.    Lockwood, M.        The labyrinth of time: introducing the universe

438.    Luban, D.    Legal ethics and human dignity

439.    Manser, A.R.        Sartre: a philosophic study

440.    McCulloch, G.        Using Sartre: an analytical introduction to early Sartrean themes

441.    McGinn, C.        Mindsight: image, dream, meaning

442.    Miller, A.    An introduction to contemporary metaethics

443.    Miller, A.    Philosophy of language

444.    Morris, K.J.        Sartre

445.    Nagel, T.    Other minds: critical essays 1969-1994

446.    Nagel, T.    What does it all mean?: a very short introduction to philosophy

447.    Nehamas, A.        Nietzsche: life as literature

448.    Nietzsche, F.W.    Human, all too human

449.    Nietzsche, F.W.    Untimely meditations

450.    Nuccetelli, S.    Themes from G.E. Moore: new essays in epistemology and ethics

451.    Olson, E.T.    What are we?: a study in personal ontology

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453.    Psillos, S.    Causation and explanation

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455.    Read, R.    The new Hume debate (rev. ed.)

456.    Récanati, F.    Perspectival thought: a plea for (moderate) relativism

457.    Reis, B.    The virtuous life in Greek ethics

458.    Rosenberg, A.        Philosophy of social science (3rd ed.)

459.    Ross, D.    Distributed cognition and the will: individual volition and social context

460.    Rundle, B.    Why there is something rather than nothing

461.    Schacht, R.        Nietzsche’s postmoralism: essays on Nietzsche’s prelude to philosophy’s future

462.    Schlipp, P.A.        The philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre

463.    Scott, D.    Plato's Meno

464.    Scott, D.    Recollection and experience: Plato's theory of learning and successors

465.    Shapiro, S.        Vagueness in context

466.    Shoemaker, S.        Physical realization

467.    Sinnott-Armstrong, W.    Moral psychology, v.1. The evolution of morality: adaptations and innateness

468.    Sinnott-Armstrong, W.    Moral psychology, v.2. The cognitive science of morality: intuition and diversity

469.    Sinnott-Armstrong, W.    Moral psychology, v.3. The neuroscience of morality: emotion, brain disorders, and development

470.    Thomas, A.        Bernard Williams

471.    Timmons, M.        Rationality and the good: critical essays on the ethics and epistemology of Robert Audi

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475.    Weiss, B.        Michael Dummett

476.    Williamson, T.    The philosophy of philosophy


477.    Arfken, G.B.        Mathematical methods for physicists (6th ed.)

478.    Arfken, G.B.        Mathematical methods for physicists (6th ed.)

479.    Bailin, D.        Introduction to gauge field theory

480.    Blundell, S.        Concepts in thermal physics

481.    Born, M.    Principles of optics: electromagnetic theory of propagation, interference and diffraction of light

482.    Brooker, G.        Modern classical optics

483.    Brooker, G.        Modern classical optics

484.    Brooker, G.        Modern classical optics

485.    Carroll, S.M.        Spacetime and geometry: an introduction to general relativity

486.    Cohen-Tannoudji, C.        Quantum mechanics, vol.2

487.    Fermi, E.        Nuclear physics

488.    Glazer, A.M.        Statistical mechanics: a survival guide

489.    Gnädig, P.        200 puzzling physics problems

490.    Graham-Smith, F.    Optics and photonics: an introduction (2nd ed.)

491.    Hecht, E.        Optics

492.    Martin, B.R.        Nuclear and particle physics

493.    Riley, K.F.        Mathematical methods for physics and engineering (3rd ed.)

494.    Riley, K.F.        Mathematical methods for physics and engineering (3rd ed.)

495.    Riley, K.F.        Mathematical methods for physics and engineering (3rd ed.)

496.    Riley, K.F.        Mathematical methods for physics and engineering (3rd ed.)

497.    Riley, K.F.        Mathematical methods for physics and engineering (3rd ed.)

498.    Woodhouse, N.M.J.        General relativity

499.    Woodhouse, N.M.J.        General relativity

500.    Yariv, A.        Quantum electronics (3rd ed.) (Disc.)

501.    Zee, A.            Quantum field theory in a nutshell


502.    Acock, Alan C.    A gentle introduction to Stata

503.    Bottomore, T.        Karl Marx

504.    Butler, D.        The British general election of 1997

505.    Dahl, R.A.        The democracy sourcebook

506.    Davidson, R.H.    The postreform Congress

507.    Gigerenzer, G.        Heuristics and the law

508.    Hodder-Williams, R.        The politics of the US Supreme Court (Disc.)

509.    Kaarsholm, P.        Inventions and boundaries: historical and anthropological approaches to the study of ethnicity and nationalism

510.    Kelley, J.G.        Ethnic politics in Europe: the power of norms and incentives

511.    Lippmann, W.        Liberty and the news

512.    Maier, C.S.        Changing boundaries of the political: essays on the evolving balance between the state and society, public and private in Europe

513.    Morgan, G.        The idea of a European superstate: public justification and European integration

514.    Persson, T.        The economic effects of constitutions

515.    Popkin, S.L.        The rational peasant: the political economy of rural society in Vietnam

516.    Pridham, G.        Stabilising fragile democracies: comparing new party systems in southern and eastern Europe

517.    Putnam, R.D.        Democracies in flux: the evolution of social capital in contemporary society

518.    Rhodes, R.A.W.    The Oxford handbook of political institutions

519.    Runciman, W.G.    The social animal

520.    Tetlock, P.        Expert political judgment: how good is it? How can we know?


521.    Berthoz, A.        Emotion and reason: the cognitive science of decision making

522.    Carlson, N.R.        Physiology of behaviour (9th ed.)

523.    Carlson, N.R.        Physiology of behaviour (9th ed.)

524.    Fieandt, K. von    The perceptual world    

525.    Gibilisco, S.        Everyday math demystified

526.    Gleitman, H.        Psychology

527.    Hewstone, M.    Introduction to social psychology: a European perspective (4th ed.)

528.    Hogg, M.A.        Blackwell handbook of social psychology: group processes

529.    Howell, D.C.        Statistical methods for psychology (6th ed.)

530.    Pearce, J.M.        Animal learning and cognition: an introduction (3rd ed.)

531.    Rolls, E.T.        Memory, attention, and decision-making: a unifying computational neuroscience approach (copy A)

532.    Rolls, E.T.        Memory, attention, and decision-making: a unifying computational neuroscience approach (copy B)    

533.    Smith, E.R.        Social psychology (3rd ed.)

534.    Velmans, M.        The Blackwell companion to consciousness

Total received:  534 

(Including 17 Discretionary purchases)



1.    Alberts, B.        Molecular biology of the cell (copy I)

2.    Alberts, B.        Molecular biology of the cell (copy J)

3.    Atkins, P.W.    Physical chemistry for the life sciences 

4.    Berg, H.C.        Random walks in biology 

5.    Branden, C.     Introduction to protein structure (copy D)

6.    Clayden, J.        Organic chemistry (copy E)

7.    Griffiths, A.J.F.    Introduction to genetic analysis (copy A)

8.    Griffiths, A.J.F.    Introduction to genetic analysis (copy B)

9.    Hammes, G.G.    Spectroscopy for the biological sciences

10.    Lane, N.        Power, sex, suicide: mitochondria and the meaning of life

11.    Latchman, D.S.    Eukaryotic transcription factors

12.    Parsons, A.F.    Keynotes in organic chemistry

13.    Salway, J.G.    Metabolism at a glance (copy A)

14.    Salway, J.G.    Metabolism at a glance (copy B)

15.    Taylor, M.E.    Introduction to glycobiology (copy A)

16.    Taylor, M.E.    Introduction to glycobiology (copy B)

17.    Voet, D.        Biochemistry (3rd ed.) (copy F)

18.    Weinberg, R.A.    The biology of cancer

19.    White, D.        The physiology and biochemistry of prokaryotes


20.    Albright, T.A.    Problems in molecular orbital theory

21.    Atkins, P.W.     Student's solutions manual to accompany Atkins' Physical chemistry 

22.    Banwell, C.N.    Fundamentals of molecular spectroscopy (4th ed.)

23.    Bunker, P.R.    Fundamentals of molecular symmetry

24.    Davidson, G.    Introductory group theory for chemists

25.    Dirac, P.A.M.    The principles of quantum mechanics (4th ed.)

26.    Donohoe, T.J.    Oxidation and reduction in organic synthesis (copy A)

27.    Donohoe, T.J.    Oxidation and reduction in organic synthesis (copy B)

28.    Freeman, R.    A handbook of nuclear magnetic resonance

29.    Hollas, J.M.    Basic atomic and molecular spectroscopy

30.    Housecroft, C.E.        Inorganic chemistry (2nd ed.)

31.    Metiu, H.        Physical chemistry: Kinetics

32.    Metiu, H.        Physical chemistry: quantum mechanics

33.    Metiu, H.        Physical chemistry: statistical mechanics

34.    Metiu, H.        Physical chemistry: Thermodynamics

35.    Silfvast, W.T.    Laser fundamentals (2nd ed.)

36.    Silva, J.J.R.F. da    The biological chemistry of the elements: the inorganic chemistry of life (2nd ed.)

37.    Smith, M.        March's advanced organic chemistry: reactions, mechanisms and structure (copy A)

38.    Smith, M.        March's advanced organic chemistry: reactions, mechanisms and structure (copy B)

39.    Spaldin, N.A.    Magnetic materials: fundamentals and device applications

40.    Rodriguez, F.    Principles of polymer systems

CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY & ANCIENT HISTORY [includes one purchase split with Anc Hist: Woolley, L. Ur 'of the Chaldees']

41.    Barringer, J.M.    Periklean Athens and its legacy: problems and perspectives

42.    Cambon, P.    Afghanistan, les trésors retrouvés: collections du musée national de Kaboul (Disc.)

43.    Connelly, J.B.    Portrait of a priestess: women and ritual in ancient Greece

44.    D'Ambra, E.    Roman art

45.    Dillon, S.        Ancient Greek portrait sculpture: contexts, subjects, and styles

46.    Hicks, D.        The Cambridge companion to historical archaeology

47.    Hopkins, A.    Roman bodies: antiquity to the eighteenth century

48.    Gallina Zevi, A.    'Roman Ostia' revisited: archaeological and historical papers in memory of Russell Meiggs

49.    Jenkins, I.        Greek architecture and its sculpture

50.    Marconi, C.    Temple decoration and cultural identity in the archaic Greek world: the metopes of Selinus (Disc.)

51.    Neils, J.        The Parthenon: from antiquity to the present

52.    Newby, Z.        Art and inscriptions in the ancient world

53.    Ridgway, B.S.    Hellenistic sculpture. III, The styles of ca.100-31 B.C.

54.    Stansbury-O'Donnell, M.        Pictorial narrative in ancient Greek art

55.    Stierlin, H.        Greece: from Mycenae to the Parthenon

56.    Trendall, A.D.    The red-figured vases of Paestum

57.    Uzzi, J.D.        Children in the visual arts of imperial Rome (Disc.)

58.    Vout, C.        Power and eroticism in Imperial Rome (Disc.)


59.    Adams, J.N.    Aspects of the language of Latin poetry

60.    Breed, B.W.    Pastoral inscriptions: reading and writing Virgil's Eclogues

61.    Callimachus.    The poems of Callimachus

62.    Dickey, E.        Ancient Greek scholarship: a guide to finding, reading, and understanding scholia, commentaries, lexica, and grammatical treatises, from their beginnings to the Byzantine period

63.    Didymus.        Didymos on Demosthenes

64.    Drijvers, J.W.    The late Roman world and its historian: interpreting Ammianus Marcellinus

65.    Fraenkel, E.    Plautine elements in Plautus : (Plautinisches im Plautus)

66.    Griffiths, E.    Medea

67.    Gunther, H.-C.    Brill’s companion to Propertius

68.    Gutzwiller, K.    The new Posidippus: a Hellenistic poetry book

69.    Hesiod        Hesiod, v.1 (Theogony, Works and days, Testimonia)

70.    Hesiod        Hesiod, v.2 (The shield, Catalogue of women, Other fragments)

71.    Holford-Strevens, L.    Aulus Gellius: an Antonine scholar and his achievement

72.    Honigmann, E.    Le synekdèmos d'Hiéroklès et L'opuscule géographique de Georges de Chypre: texte, introduction, commentaire et cartes

73.    Hornblower, S.    Pindar's poetry, patrons, and festivals: from archaic Greece to the Roman Empire

74.    Hunter, R.L.    The shadow of Callimachus: studies in the reception of Hellenistic poetry at Rome

75.    Laird, A.        Oxford readings in ancient literary criticism

76.    Lysias.        Lysias: five speeches: speeches 1, 12, 19, 22, 30

77.    Mills, S.        Euripides, Bacchae

78.    Mossman, J.    Euripides

79.    Murray, P.        Music and the Muses: the culture of "mousike" in the classical Athenian city

80.    Nisbet, G.        Ancient Greece in film and popular culture

81.    Parsons, P.J.    The city of the sharp-nosed fish: Greek lives in Roman Egypt

82.    Pöschl, V.        The art of Vergil: image and symbol in the Aeneid

83.    Reed, J.D.        Virgil's gaze: nation and poetry in the Aeneid

84.    Rosén, H.        Latine loqui: trends and directions in the crystallization of classical Latin

85.    Seneca, Lucius Annaeus         17 letters (edited by C.D.N. Costa)

86.    Smith, R.R.R.    Aphrodisias II: Roman portrait statuary from Aphrodisias


87.    Bakker, E.J.    Brill's companion to Herodotus

88.    Bardill, J.        Brickstamps of Constantinople (vol. 1)

89.    Bardill, J.        Brickstamps of Constantinople (vol. 2)

90.    Brinkmann, V.    Bunte Götter: die Farbigkeit antiker Skulptur

91.    Buck, C.D.    A grammar of Oscan and Umbrian: with a collection of inscriptions and a glossary

92.    Clay, J.S.        Hesiod's cosmos

93.    Habermehl, P.    Petronius, Satyrica 79-141: ein philologisch-literarischer Kommentar

94.    Heffernan, J.A.W.        Museum of words: the poetics of ekphrasis from Homer to Ashbery

95.    Horsfall, N.    Virgil, Aeneid 3: a commentary

96.    Keulen, W.H.    Apuleius Metamorphoses, Book I

97.    Lyons, C.L.    Antiquity & photography: early views of ancient Mediterranean sites

98.    Rosato, C.        Euripide sulla scena latina arcaica : la Medea di Ennio e le Baccanti di Accio

99.    Valerius Maximus        Memorable doings and sayings (edited and translated by D.R. Shackelton Bailey) (vol. 1)

100.    Valerius Maximus        Memorable doings and sayings (vol. 2)


101.    Berger, S.        How we compete: what companies around the world are doing to make it in today's global economy

102.    Caves, R.E.    World trade and payments: an introduction (10th ed.)

103.    Champ, B.        Modeling monetary economies

104.    Chang, H.-J.    Kicking away the ladder: development strategy in historical perspective

105.    Collier, P.        The bottom billion: why the poorest countries are failing and what can be done about it

106.    Eichengreen, B.J.    The European economy since 1945: coordinated capitalism and beyond

107.    Hills, J.        Inequality and the state

108.    Mankiw, N.G.        Macroeconomics (copy A)

109.    Mankiw, N.G.        Macroeconomics (copy B)

110.    Mankiw, N.G.        Macroeconomics (copy C)

111.    Mishkin, F.S.        The economics of money, banking, and financial markets (8th ed.)

112.    Morgan, C.W.        Microeconomics (copy A)

113.    Morgan, C.W.        Microeconomics (copy B)

114.    Osborne, M.J.        An introduction to game theory

115.    Rasmusen, E.        Games and information: an introduction to game theory

116.    Sennett, R.        The culture of the new capitalism

117.    Stern, N.        The economics of climate change: the Stern review

118.    Varian, H.R.        Intermediate microeconomics (copy A)

119.    Varian, H.R.        Intermediate microeconomics (copy B)

120.    Walsh, C.E.        Monetary theory and policy


121.    Ashby, M.F.        Engineering materials 1: an introduction to properties, applications and design (3rd ed.)

122.    Ashby, M.F.        Engineering materials 2: an introduction to microstructures, processing and design (3rd ed.)

123.    Beddoes, J.        Principles of metal manufacturing processes

124.    Bolton, W.        Fourier series

125.    Callister, W.D.    Materials science and engineering: an introduction

126.    Cao, G.    Nanostructures & nanomaterials: synthesis, properties & applications

127.    Doi, M.    Introduction to polymer physics

128.    Harris, J.N.    Mechanical working of metals: theory and practice

129.    Jones, D.A.    Principles and prevention of corrosion (2nd ed.)

130.    Knott, J. F.    Fracture mechanics: worked examples

131.    McCrum, N.G.    Principles of polymer engineering (2nd ed.)

132.    Poole, C.P.    Introduction to nanotechnology

133.    Tilley, R.J.D.    Crystals and crystal structures

134.    West, J.M.    Basic corrosion and oxidation (2nd ed.) (Disc.)

135.    Zangwill, A.    Physics at surfaces


136.    Adamson, S.        Reading Shakespeare's dramatic language: a guide

137.    Attridge, D.        Peculiar language : literature as difference from the Renaissance to James Joyce

138.    Backscheider, P.R.    Eighteenth-century women poets and their poetry: inventing agency, inventing genre

139.    Ballaster, R.    Fables of the East: selected tales 1662-1785

140.    Ballaster, R.    Fabulous orients: fictions of the East in England, 1662-1785

141.    Beal, J.C.        English in modern times: 1700-1945

142.    Boehmer, E.    Empire, the national, and the postcolonial, 1890-1920: resistance in interaction

143.    Burrow, J.A.        Gestures and looks in medieval narrative

144.    Clark, D.L.    Rhetoric and poetry in the Renaissance : a study of rhetorical terms in English Renaissance literary criticism

145.    Corbett, J.        The Edinburgh companion to Scots

146.    Dillon, J.        The Cambridge introduction to early English theatre

147.    Elmes, S.        Talking for Britain: a journey through the nation's dialects

148.    Finegan, E.        Language in the USA: themes for the twenty-first century

149.    Fowler, A.        Kinds of literature: an introduction to the theory of genres and modes

150.    Fussell, P.        Poetic meter and poetic form

151.    Gillespie, S.    Shakespeare and Elizabethan popular culture

152.    Groves, B.        Texts and traditions: religion in Shakespeare, 1592-1604

153.    Hawkes, T.        Metaphor

154.    Hobsbaum, P.        Metre, rhythm, and verse form

155.    Hoenselaars, T.    Shakespeare and the language of translation

156.    Hogg, R.M.        A history of the English language

157.    Hogg, R.M.        An introduction to Old English

158.    Holmes, J.        An introduction to sociolinguistics

159.    Horobin, S.        An introduction to Middle English

160.    Hunter, L.        Shakespeare, language and the stage: the fifth wall: approaches to Shakespeare from criticism, performance and theatre studies

161.    Ismond, P.        Abandoning dead metaphors: the Caribbean phase of Derek Walcott's poetry

162.    James, H.    The complete letters of Henry James, 1855-1872 (vol. 1)

163.    James, H.    The complete letters of Henry James, 1855-1872 (vol. 2)

164.    Lakoff, G.        More than cool reason: a field guide to poetic metaphor

165.    Leighton, A.        On form: poetry, aestheticism, and the legacy of a word (Disc.)

166.    Lentricchia, F.        Critical terms for literary study

167.    Marks, E.R.    Taming the chaos: English poetic diction theory since the Renaissance

168.    McGann, J.J.    The poetics of sensibility: a revolution in literary style

169.    Mehrotra, A. K.    A history of Indian literature in English

170.    Mills, S.        Discourse

171.    Mitchell, B.    A guide to Old English (7th ed.)

172.    Montgomery, M.    Ways of reading: advanced reading skills for students of English literature

173.    Moretti, F.     The novel: vol. 1 History, geography and culture

174.    Moretti, F.     The novel: vol. 2 Forms and themes

175.    Mugglestone, L.        The Oxford history of the English language

176.    Mullan, J.    Sentiment and sociability: the language of feeling in the eighteenth century

177.    Oppenheim, L.    Palgrave advances in Samuel Beckett studies

178.    Palfrey, S.        Doing Shakespeare

179.    Park, Y-M.    The postcolonial Jane Austen

180.    Peck, L.L.        Consuming splendor: society and culture in seventeenth-century England

181.    Proudfoot, R.        Shakespeare: text, stage and canon

182.    Richards, I.A.        The philosophy of rhetoric

183.    Roe, N.    John Keats and the culture of dissent

184.    Shakespeare, W.    As you like it (edited by J. Dusinberre)

185.    Shakespeare, W    Hamlet (edited by A. Thompson and N. Taylor)

186.    Shakespeare, W.    Hamlet: the texts of 1603 and 1623 (edited by A. Thompson and N. Taylor)

187.    Shakespeare, W.    A midsummer night's dream (edited by H.F. Brooks)

188.    Shakespeare, W.    Much ado about nothing (edited by C. McEachern)

189.    Shakespeare, W.    Romeo and Juliet (edited by B. Gibbons)

190.    Shakespeare, W.    Timon of Athens (edited by H.J. Oliver)

191.    Tanaka, K.    Advertising language: a pragmatic approach to advertisements in Britain and Japan

192.    Taylor, M.        Shakespeare criticism in the twentieth century (Disc.)

193.    Thomson, P.        The Cambridge introduction to English theatre, 1660-1900

194.    Tomalin, C.    Samuel Pepys: the unequalled self

195.    Wales, K.    A dictionary of stylistics (2nd ed.)

196.    Watt, J.    Contesting the Gothic: fiction, genre, and cultural conflict, 1764-1832

197.    Whitney, C.        Early responses to Renaissance drama

198.    Williams, N.M.    Palgrave advances in William Blake studies

199.    Wolfram, W.        American English: dialects and variation

200.    Young, R.        Colonial desire: hybridity in theory, culture, and race

HISTORY (ANCIENT) – Includes one purchase split with CAAH

201.    Andreau, J.    Economie antique: la guerre dans les économies antiques    

202.    Austin, M.        The Hellenistic world from Alexander to the Roman Conquest: a selection of ancient sources in translation

203.    Bonnet, C.    Religions orientales--culti misterici

204.    Borgwardt, E.        A new deal for the world: America's vision for human rights

205.    Burckhardt, J.        The Greeks and Greek civilization

206.    Danziger, D.        Hadrian's empire: when Rome ruled the world

207.    Eckstein, A.M.    Mediterranean anarchy, interstate war, and the rise of Rome

208.    Errington, R.M.    Roman Imperial Policy from Julian to Theodosius

209.    Gagarin, M.        The Cambridge companion to Ancient Greek law

210.    Habicht, C.        The Hellenistic monarchies: selected papers

211.    Hall, J.M.         A history of the archaic Greek world

212.    Hansen, M.H.        Polis: an introduction to the ancient Greek city-state

213.    Hekster, O.    Imaginary kings: royal images in the ancient Near East, Greece and Rome

214.    Herman, G.    Morality and behaviour in democratic Athens: a social history

215.    Hurlet, F.        Le proconsul et le prince d'Auguste à Dioclétien

216.    Milet.        Inschriften von Milet, Bd. 6, Teil 3

217.    Millar, F.    A Greek Roman Empire: power and belief under Theodosius II (408-450)

218.    Millar, F.        The Roman Republic in political thought

219.    Miller, S.G.        Ancient Greek athletics

220.    Mitchell, S.        Patterns in the economy of Roman Asia Minor

221.    Morgan, C.        Early Greek states beyond the polis (Disc.)

222.    Muller-Dufeu, M.        La sculpture grecque: sources littéraires et épigraphiques

223.    Price, S.        The Oxford dictionary of classical myth and religion

224.    Raaflaub, K.A.    Origins of democracy in ancient Greece

225.    Thomas, C.G.        Alexander the Great in his world

226.    Warrior, V.M.        Roman religion

227.    Woolley, L.        Ur 'of the Chaldees' [bought jointly with CAAH]

HISTORY (MODERN) – Includes one purchase split with Dr Watts’ TBA 

228.    Armitage, D.        The declaration of independence: a global history

229.    Auslin, M.R.        Negotiating with imperialism: the unequal treaties and the culture of Japanese diplomacy

230.    Bellany, A.J.        The politics of court scandal in early modern England: news, culture and the Overbury affair, 1603-1660

231.    Bayly, C.A.        Forgotten wars: the end of Britain's Asian Empire

232.    Bentley, M.        Modernizing England's past : English historiography in the age of modernism, 1870-1970

233.    Bernard, G.W.        Power and politics in Tudor England: essays

234.    Blockmans, W.    Introduction to medieval Europe, 300-1550

235.    Bradbury, J.        The Routledge companion to medieval warfare

236.    Breuilly, J.    Nineteenth-century Germany : politics, culture, and society 1780-1918

237.    Bull, M.        France in the central Middle Ages 900-1200

238.    Burgess, G. (translator)    The song of Roland

239.    Calendar of inquisitions post mortem and other analogous documents preserved in the Public Record Office. Vol. XVIII, 1-6 Henry IV

240.    Calendar of the patent rolls preserved in the Public Record Office. Elizabeth I, vol. VII

241.    Calendar of the patent rolls preserved in the Public Record Office. Elizabeth I, vol. VIII

242.    Calendar of state papers, Domestic Series, of the reign of Edward VI, 1547-1553 : preserved in the Public Record Office

243.    Chrétien    Arthurian romances

244.    Clarke, P.F.    Hope and glory: Britain 1900-2000

245.    Connell, W.J.        Florentine Tuscany: structures and practices of power

246.    Cohn, S.K.     Lust for liberty: the politics of social revolt in medieval Europe, 1200-1425: Italy, France, and Flanders

247.    Creech, J.        Righteous indignation: religion and the populist revolution

248.    Cunningham, S.    Henry VII

249.    Curta, F.        Southeastern Europe in the Middle Ages, 500-1250

250.    Ditchburn, D.        Atlas of medieval Europe (2nd ed.)

251.    Duffy, E.        Marking the hours: English people and their prayers, 1240-1570

252.    Edbury, P.W.         The conquest of Jerusalem and the Third Crusade: sources in translation

253.    Faroqhi, S.    Approaching Ottoman history: an introduction to the sources (Disc.)

254.    Faroqhi, S.        Subjects of the Sultan : culture and daily life in the Ottoman Empire

255.    Fitzpatrick, M.        The Enlightenment world

256.    Fleming, P.    Regionalism and revision: the crown and its provinces in England, 1250-1650

257.    Ford, A.        The origins of sectarianism in early modern Ireland

258.    Furet, F.    Revolutionary France 1770-1880

259.    Frame, R.        Ireland and Britain, 1170-1450

260.    Garnett, G.    Marsilius of Padua and 'the truth of history'

261.    Gilmore, G.E.        Gender and Jim Crow: women and the politics of white supremacy in North Carolina, 1896-1920

262.    Given-Wilson, C.    Fourteenth century England

263.    Goldie, M.    The Cambridge history of eighteenth-century political thought [bought jointly with John Watts’ TBA account]

264.    Griffiths, P.    Londinopolis: essays in the cultural and social history of early modern London

265.    Hazareesingh, S.        The legend of Napoleon

266.    Hendrickson, D.C.        Peace pact: the lost world of the American founding

267.    Hobbins, D.    The trial of Joan of Arc

268.    Hogan, M.J.    Explaining the history of American foreign relations

269.    Hont, I.    Jealousy of trade: international competition and the nation-state in historical perspective

270.    Horrox, R.     A social history of England, 1200-1500

271.    Innes, M.    An introduction to early medieval Western Europe, 400-900 : the sword, the plough and the book

272.    Israel, J.I.        Enlightenment contested: philosophy, modernity, and the emancipation of man 1670-1752

273.    Israel, J.I.    Radical enlightenment: philosophy and the making of modernity 1650-1750

274.    Jeal, T.        Baden-Powell

275.    Jefferson, T.    Notes on the State of Virginia

276.    Kagan, R.    Dangerous nation: America in the world, 1600-1900

277.    Kan, S.A.    New perspectives on Native North America: cultures, histories, and representations

278.    Kennedy, P.M.    The parliament of man: the United Nations and the quest for world government

279.    King, D.S.        The liberty of strangers: making the American nation

280.    Lahey, S.E.        Philosophy and politics in the thought of John Wyclif

281.    Levene, M.        Genocide in the age of the nation state, v.2 The rise of the West and the coming of genocide

282.    Levine, P.    Gender and empire

283.    List and analysis of state papers: foreign series: Elizabeth I; preserved in the Public Record Office. Vol. III

284.    List and analysis of state papers: foreign series: Elizabeth I; preserved in the Public Record Office. Vol. IV

285.    Louis, W.R.        Ends of British imperialism: the scramble for empire, Suez and decolonization: collected essays

286.    McLellan, D.        Marxism after Marx

287.    Mitchell, N.    The danger of dreams: German and American imperialism in Latin America

288.    Moore, R.I.    The formation of a persecuting society: authority and deviance in Western Europe, 950-1250

289.    Mosse, G.L.    The nationalization of the masses: political symbolism and mass movements in Germany from the Napoleonic wars through the Third Reich

290.    Onuf, P.S.    Jefferson's empire: the language of American nationhood

291.    Orme, N.    Medieval schools: from Roman Britain to Renaissance England

292.    Ormrod, W.M.        Edward III

293.    Owen, R.    State, power and politics in the making of the modern Middle East

294.    Pappé, I.    A history of modern Palestine: one land, two peoples

295.    Pappé, I.    The modern Middle East

296.    Pestana, C.G.        The English Atlantic in an age of revolution, 1640-1661

297.    Pettegree, A.        Reformation and the culture of persuasion

298.    Porter, B.    The absent-minded imperialists: empire, society, and culture in Britain

299.    Prucha, F.P.    The great father: the United States government and the American Indians

300.    Ranke, L.v.    History of the Reformation in Germany

301.    Rauchway, E.        Blessed among nations: how the world made America

302.    Riall, L.    The Italian Risorgimento: state, society and national unification

303.    Ricardus        Chronicle of the Third Crusade: a translation of the "Itinerarium Peregrinorum et Gesta Regis Ricardi

304.    Robinson, A.L.    Bitter fruits of bondage: the demise of slavery and the collapse of the Confederacy, 1861-1865

305.    Robson, M.        The Franciscans in the Middle Ages

306.    Rogers, C.J.        The military revolution debate: readings on the military transformation of early modern Europe

307.    Rothman, A.    Slave country: American expansion and the origins of the Deep South

308.    Rubin, B.M.        The transformation of Palestinian politics: from revolution to state-building

309.    Sahlins, P.    Boundaries: the making of France and Spain in the Pyrenees

310.    Sarris, P.    Economy and society in the age of Justinian

311.    Schoenwald, J.M.    A time for choosing: the rise of modern American conservatism

312.    Sherborne, J.        War, politics and culture in fourteenth-century England

313.    Shlaim, A.        The iron wall: Israel and the Arab world

314.    Sisay, H.B.    Big powers and small nations: a case study of United States-Liberian relations

315.    Smith, A.I. P.        No party now: politics in the Civil War North

316.    Smith, C.D.        Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict

317.    Smith, J.M.H.        Province and Empire: Brittany and the Carolingians

318.    Studnicki-Gizbert, D.        A nation upon the ocean sea: Portugal's Atlantic diaspora and the crisis of the Spanish Empire, 1492-1640

319.    Taylor, C.        Joan of Arc: la Pucelle

320.    Tosh, J.    A man's place: masculinity and the middle-class home in Victorian England

321.    Tyerman, C.        God's war: a new history of the Crusades

322.    Wasson, E.A.        Aristocracy and the modern world

323.    Westad, O.A.        The global Cold War: third world interventions and the making of our times

324.    White, G. J.    Restoration and reform, 1153-1165

325.    Worster, D.    Rivers of empire : water, aridity, and the growth of the American West

326.    Zimmer, O.    Nationalism in Europe, 1890-1940


327.    Abbey, R.    Blackstone’s guide to the Land Registration Act 2002

328.    Barnard, C.    The substantive law of the EU: the four freedoms.

329.    Birks, P.    Restitution and equity, vol. 1 Resulting trusts and equitable compensation

330.    Bradley, A.W.        Constitutional and administrative law

331.    Brownsword, R.    Contract law: themes for the twenty-first century

332.    Burn, E.H.        Cheshire and Burn's Modern law of real property

333.    Burn, E.H.        Maudsley and Burn's Land law: cases and materials

334.    Burrows, A.S.        Cases and materials on the law of restitution

335.    Cane, P.        Atiyah's Accidents, compensation and the law (7th ed.)

336.    Card, R.        Criminal law (17th ed.)

337.    Cavadino, M.        Penal systems: a comparative approach

338.    Chalmers, D.         European Union law: text and materials

339.    Chambers, R.        Resulting trusts

340.    Collins, H.        Labour law : text and materials

341.    Cooke, E.        Land law

342.    Cooke, E.        The new law of land registration

343.    Craig, P.        EU administrative law

344.    Furmston, M. P.    Cheshire, Fifoot and Furmston's law of contract

345.    Galligan, D.J.        Law in modern society

346.    Gardner, S.        An introduction to land law

347.    Harris, D.J.        Cases and materials on international law (6th ed.)

348.    Herring, J.        Criminal law: text, cases, and materials (2nd ed.)

349.    Herring, J.        Family law

350.    Honderich, T.        Punishment: the supposed justifications revisited

351.    Jowell, J.    The changing constitution (6th ed.)

352.    Leyland, P.        The constitution of the United Kingdom: a contextual analysis

353.    Loveland, I.        Constitutional law, administrative law and human rights: a critical introduction

354.    Lucy, W.    Philosophy of private law

355.    Maguire, M.        The Oxford handbook of criminology (4th ed.)

356.    Pearce, R.A.        The law of trusts and equitable obligations

357.    Pettit, P.H.        Equity and the law of trusts

358.    Rogers, W.V.H.        Winfield and Jolowicz on tort

359.    Sanders, A.        Criminal justice (3rd ed.)

360.    Smith, R.J.        Property law: cases and materials

361.    Steele, J.        Tort law: text, cases, & materials

362.    Thomas, M.        Property law 2006-2007 (14th ed.)

363.    Turpin, C.        British government and the constitution: text, cases and materials (6th ed.)

364.    Virgo, G.        The principles of the law of restitution

365.    Weatherill, S.        Cases and materials on EU law

366.    Wyatt and Dashwood's European Union law

367.    Zander, M.    Cases and materials on the English legal system (10th ed.)


368.    Alon, N.    The probabilistic method

369.    Alperin, J.L.        Groups and representations

370.    Bollobás, B.        Random graphs (2nd ed.)

371.    Cover, T.M.        Elements of information theory (2nd ed.)

372.    Cormen, T.H.        Introduction to algorithms (2nd ed.)

373.    Crawley, M.J.        Statistics: an introduction using R

374.    Curtis, C.W.        Linear algebra: an introductory approach

375.    Dalgaard, P.    Introductory statistics with R

376.    Gollmann, D.        Computer security

377.    Habib, M.    Probabilistic methods for algorithmic discrete mathematics

378.    Hennessy, J.L.        Computer architecture: a quantitative approach (4th ed.)

379.    James, G.D.        Representations and characters of groups

380.    Janson, S.    Random graphs

381.    Jones, G.A.    Information and coding theory

382.    Mitzenmacher, M.    Probability and computing: randomized algorithms and probabilistic analysis

383.    Molloy, M.S.        Graph colouring and the probabilistic method

384.    Ross, S.M.        Simulation

385.    Stirzaker, D.        Elementary probability (2nd ed.)

386.    Subject 102 [CT1]: Financial mathematics: core technical: core reading 2006

387.    Subject CT4: models: core technical: core reading for the 2007 examinations

388.    Tanenbaum, A.S.    Structured computer organization (5th ed.)


389.    Boron, W.F.    Medical physiology: a cellular and molecular approach

390.    Browse, N.L.    Browse's introduction to the symptoms and signs of surgical disease (copy D)

391.    Browse, N.L.    Browse's introduction to the symptoms and signs of surgical disease (copy E)

392.    Browse, N.L.    Browse's introduction to the symptoms and signs of surgical disease (copy F)

393.    Burton, N.L.        Psychiatry

394.    Burton, N.L.        Psychiatry

395.    Ellis, H.        Lecture notes on general surgery

396.    Hames, B.D.        Biochemistry (copy A)

397.    Hames, B.D.        Biochemistry (copy B)

398.    Hughes-Jones, N.C.        Lecture notes on haematology    

399.    Johnson, L.R.        Gastrointestinal physiology (copy A)

400.    Johnson, L.R.        Gastrointestinal physiology (copy B)

401.    Keshav, S.    The gastrointestinal system at a glance (copy A)

402.    Keshav, S.    The gastrointestinal system at a glance (copy B)

403.    Kumar, P.J.    Kumar & Clark clinical medicine (copy A)

404.    Kumar, P.J.    Kumar & Clark clinical medicine (copy B)

405.    Kumar, V.    Robbins and Cotran pathologic basis of disease (7th ed.)

406.    Marshall, W.J.        Clinical chemistry

407.    Pocock, G.    Human physiology: the basis of medicine (copy A)

408.    Pocock, G.    Human physiology: the basis of medicine (copy B)

409.    Pocock, G.    Human physiology: the basis of medicine (copy C)

410.    Rang, H.P.    Rang and Dale’s pharmacology (6th ed.)

411.    Rang, H.P.    Rang and Dale’s pharmacology (6th ed.)

412.    Richards, D.        Oxford handbook of practical drug therapy

413.    Schwartzstein, R.M.        Respiratory physiology: a clinical approach

414.    Snell, R.S.    Clinical neuroanatomy (copy 1)

415.    Snell, R.S.    Clinical neuroanatomy (copy 2)

416.    Snell, R.S.    Clinical neuroanatomy (copy 3)

417.    Talley, N.J.    Clinical examination: a systematic guide to physical diagnosis

418.    Wilkins, R.J.        Oxford handbook of medical sciences (copy 1)

419.    Wilkins, R.J.        Oxford handbook of medical sciences (copy 2)

420.    Wilkins, R.J.        Oxford handbook of medical sciences (copy 3)

421.    Young, B.    Wheater's functional histology: a text and colour atlas (copy 1)

422.    Young, B.    Wheater's functional histology: a text and colour atlas (copy 2)


423.    Amjar-Wollheim, M.        At home in Renaissance Italy

424.    Black, A.    The public library in Britain, 1914-2000

425.    Black, J.    Reading Sumerian poetry

426.    Brown, M.    The historical source book for scribes

427.    Cawdry, R.    The first English dictionary, 1604 : Robert Cawdrey's A table alphabetical

428.    Concise Oxford English dictionary

429.    Cook, N.    The Cambridge history of twentieth-century music

430.    Crosby, E.U.        Bishop and chapter in twelfth-century England: a study of the mensa episcopalis

431.    Eisenstein, E.L.        The printing revolution in early modern Europe

432.    Finley, W.    Chaucer illustrated: five hundred years of the Canterbury tales in pictures

433.    Gransden, A.        Legends, traditions and history in medieval England

434.    Grassmann, H.        Wörterbuch zum Rig-Veda (Disc.)

435.    Griffiths, D.        Fleet Street: five hundred years of the press

436.    Green, L.D.        Renaissance rhetoric short-title catalogue 1460-1700

437.    Harvey, P.D.A.    The Hereford world map: medieval world maps and their context

438.    Hawkins, A.R.        Teaching bibliography, textual criticism, and book history

439.    Hitchings, H.        Dr Johnson's dictionary: the extraordinary story of the book that defined the world

440.    Lovett, P.        The British Library companion to calligraphy, illumination and heraldry: a history and practical guide

441.    Machamer, P.        The Cambridge companion to Galileo

442.    MacLean, G.M.    The rise of oriental travel : English visitors to the Ottoman Empire, 1580-1720

443.    McClendon, C.B.        The origins of medieval architecture: building in Europe, A.D. 600-900

444.    McKay, B.    Light on the book trade: essays in honour of Peter Isaac

445.    McKenzie, D.F.    A chronology and calendar of documents relating to the London book trade 1641-1700, v.1 1641-1670 (Disc.)

446.    McKenzie, D.F.    A chronology and calendar of documents relating to the London book trade 1641-1700, v.2 1671-1685 (Disc.)

447.    McKenzie, D.F.    A chronology and calendar of documents relating to the London book trade 1641-1700, v.3 1686-1700 (Disc.)

448.    Memoirs of a Sergeant: the 43rd Light Infantry during the Peninsular War

449.    Page, D.     The Partition omnibus

450.    Parker Pearson, M.    The archaeology of death and burial

451.    Raymond, J.        Pamphlets and pamphleteering in early modern Britain

452.    Reynolds, B.        Dante: the poet, the political thinker, the man

453.    Robbins, K.    History, religion and identity in modern Britain

454.    Sauer, E.    'Paper-contestations' and textual communities in England, 1640-1675

455.    Shillingsburg, P.L.        From Gutenberg to Google : electronic representations of literary texts

456.    Smith, K.A.        Art, identity and devotion in fourteenth-century England: three women and their books of hours

457.    Trench, L.     Materials & techniques in the decorative arts: an illustrated dictionary

458.    Trevor-Roper, H.R.    Europe's physician: the various life of Sir Theodore de Mayerne

459.    Vainker, S.J.        Chinese silk: a cultural history

460.    Wallace-Hadrill, A.    The British School at Rome: one hundred years

461.    Wilson, B.        The making of Victorian values : decency and dissent in Britain, 1789-1837


462.    Abbate, C.    Unsung voices: opera and musical narrative in the nineteenth century

463.    Albright, D.    Modernism and music: an anthology of sources    

464.    Judd, C.C.    Tonal structures in early music

465.    Kerman, J.    Opera as drama

466.    Kisby, F.    Music and musicians in renaissance cities and towns

467.    Magee, B.    Wagner and philosophy

468.    Perkins, L.L.        Music in the age of the Renaissance

469.    Samson, J.    The Cambridge history of nineteenth-century music (Disc.)

470.    Todd, R.L.    Mendelssohn studies

471.    Warrack, J.H.        German opera: from the beginnings to Wagner

472.    Whittall, A.    Exploring twentieth-century music: tradition and innovation

473.    Whittall, A.    Musical composition in the twentieth century


474.    Adams, R.M.    A theory of virtue: excellence in being for the good

475.    Annas, J.        Hellenistic philosophy of mind

476.    Audi, R.        Moral value and human diversity

477.    Benson, H.H.        A companion to Plato

478.    Bobonich, C.        Plato's utopia recast: his later ethics and politics

479.    Bostock, D.        Space, time, matter and form: essays on Aristotle's Physics

480.    Brock, S.        Realism and antirealism

481.    Brown, C.        Peter Strawson

482.    Burge, T.        Foundations of mind

483.    Burnyeat, M.        A map of Metaphysics zeta

484.    Cassam, Q.        The possibility of knowledge

485.    Chappell, T.        Values and virtues: Aristotelianism in contemporary ethics

486.    Ci, J.        The two faces of justice

487.    Coope, U.        Time for Aristotle: Physics IV. 10-14

488.    Cooper, J.M.        Reason and emotion: essays on ancient moral psychology and ethical theory

489.    Crisp, R.        Reasons and the good

490.    Darwall, S.L.        The second-person standpoint: morality, respect, and accountability

491.    Dupré, J.        Humans and other animals

492.    Fischer, J.M etc.    Four views on free will

493.    Garrett, B.        What is this thing called metaphysics?

494.    Gaut, B.N.        Art, emotion, and ethics

495.    Gert, B.        Common morality: deciding what to do

496.    Goldman, A.I.    Simulating minds: the philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience of 


497.    Greenough, P.        Truth and realism

498.    Guignon, C.B.        The Cambridge companion to Heidegger

499.    Hawthorne, J.        Metaphysical essays

500.    Hawthorne, J.        Knowledge and lotteries

501.    Herman, B.        Moral literacy

502.    Hyman, J.        The objective eye: color, form, and reality in the theory of art

503.    Inwood, B.        The Cambridge companion to the Stoics

504.    Jenkins, M.        Bernard Williams

505.    Kamm, F.M.        Intricate ethics

506.    Leiter, B.        Nietzsche and morality

507.    Lewens, T.        Risk: philosophical perspectives

508.    Lorenz, H.        The brute within: appetitive desire in Plato and Aristotle

509.    Macdonald, C.        McDowell and his critics

510.    MacIntyre, A.C.    The tasks of philosophy: selected essays, volume 1

511.    MacIntyre, A.C.    Ethics and politics: selected essays, volume 2

512.    Maudlin, T.        The metaphysics within physics

513.    Maudlin, T.        Truth and paradox: solving the riddles

514.    Millikan, R.G.        Varieties of meaning: the 2002 Jean Nicod lectures

515.    Merricks, T.        Truth and ontology

516.    Nehamas, A.        Only a promise of happiness: the place of beauty in a world of art

517.    Newman, L.        The Cambridge companion to Locke's essay concerning human understanding

518.    Norman, J.        After Euclid

519.    Pears, D.F.        Paradox and platitude in Wittgenstein's philosophy

520.    Pogge, T.W.M.    John Rawls: his life and theory of justice

521.    Pritchard, D.        What is this thing called knowledge?

522.    Freeman, S.        Rawls

523.    Rawls, J.    Lectures on the history of political philosophy

524.    Richardson Lear, G.        Happy lives and the highest good: an essay on Aristotle's Nicomachean ethics

525.    Ricoeur, P.         Memory, history, forgetting

526.    Ripstein, A.        Equality, responsibility, and the law

527.    Roberts, J.R.        A metaphysics for the mob: the philosophy of George Berkeley

528.    Rödl, S.    Self-consciousness

529.    Schulzinger, R.D.    A time for peace: the legacy of the Vietnam War

530.    Setiya, K.        Reasons without rationalism

531.    Sheppard, A.D.R.    Aesthetics: an introduction to the philosophy of art

532.    Shields, C.J.        Aristotle

533.    Silverman, A.J.    The dialectic of essence: a study of Plato's metaphysics

534.    Skorupski, J.        Why read Mill today?

535.    Soames, S.        Reference and description: the case against two-dimensionalism

536.    Stoljar, D.        Ignorance and imagination

537.    Stout, R.        Action

538.    Sutton, J.        Without justification

539.    Taylor, B.        Models, truth, and realism

540.    Taylor, G.        Deadly vices

541.    Thomas, A.        Value and context: the nature of moral and political knowledge

542.    Travis, C.        Thought's footing: a theme in Wittgenstein's Philosophical investigations

543.    Van Inwagen, P.    The problem of evil: the Gifford lectures delivered in the University of St. Andrews in 2003

544.    Velleman, J.D.        Practical reflection

545.    Velleman, J.D.        Self to self: selected essays

546.    Wicks, R.    Routledge philosophy guidebook to Kant on judgement

547.    Wong, D.B.        Natural moralities: a defense of pluralistic relativism


548.    Alon, U.        Introduction to systems biology: design principles of biological circuits

549.    Andrews, J.        Energy science: principles, technologies, and impacts

550.    Becker, K.         String theory and M-theory: a modern introduction

551.    Barger, V.        Collider physics

552.    Blundell, S.         Concepts in thermal physics (copy A)

553.    Blundell, S.         Concepts in thermal physics (copy B)

554.    Bodansky, D.        Nuclear energy: principles, practices, and prospects (2nd ed.)

555.    Carroll, B.W.        An introduction to modern astrophysics (2nd ed.)

556.    Dendy, R.O.        Plasma dynamics

557.    Einstein, A.        Einstein's miraculous year: five papers that changed the face of physics

558.    Feynman, R.P.        The Feynman lectures on physics, v. 3

559.    Goodsell, D.S.        Bionanotechnology: lessons from nature

560.    Howard, J.        Mechanics of motor proteins and the cytoskeleton

561.    Nelson, P.C.        Biological physics: energy, information, life

562.    Ockendon, H.        Viscous flow (copy B)

563.    Ockendon, H.        Waves and compressible flow (copy B)

564.    Pang, T.    Introduction to computational physics

565.    Perkins, D.H.        Particle astrophysics

566.    Read, P.L.        The Martian climate revisited: atmosphere and environment of a desert planet

567.    Rees, G.        Physics by example: 200 problems and solutions

568.    Siegman, A.E.        Lasers

569.    Smith, P.        Mechanics (2nd ed.)

570.    Woodhouse, N.M.J.        Special relativity


571.    Ball, S.        The Heath government, 1970-1974: a reappraisal

572.    Bauman, Z.        Intimations of postmodernity

573.    Breen, R.    Class stratification: a comparative perspective

574.    Collins, R.    Four sociological traditions

575.    Collins, R.    Four sociological traditions: selected readings

576.    Cornfield, D.B.    Labor revitalization: global perspectives and new initiatives (Disc.)

577.    Cowley, P.         The rebels: how Blair mislaid his majority (Disc.)

578.    Craib, I.        Classical social theory

579.    Craib, I.        Modern social theory: from Parsons to Habermas

580.    Crewe, I.        Political communications: why Labour won the general election of 1997

581.    Barnett, C.        The lost victory: British dreams, British realities, 1945-1950

582.    Esposito, J.L.        Religion and global order

583.    Fawcett, L.        The Third World beyond the Cold War: continuity and change

584.    Fielding, S.        The Labour Party: continuity and change in the making of 'New' Labour

585.    Fulbrook, M.        History of Germany, 1918-2000: the divided nation (Disc.)

586.    Garton Ash, T.        In Europe's name: Germany and the divided continent

587.    Giddens, A.        The third way and its critics

588.    Gilpin, R.        The challenge of global capitalism: the world economy in the 21st century

589.    Glenny, M.    The fall of Yugoslavia: the third Balkan war

590.    Hansen, R.    Citizenship and immigration in post-war Britain: the institutional origins of a multicultural nation

591.    Heath, A.    Labour’s last chance?: the 1992 election and beyond (Disc.)

592.    Holsti, K.J.        The state, war, and the state of war

593.    Huth, P.K.        The democratic peace and territorial conflict in the twentieth century

594.    Ikenberry, G.J.        America unrivaled: the future of the balance of power

595.    Jefferys, K.    Retreat from New Jerusalem: British politics, 1951-64

596.    Jones, W.D.    Arming the eagle: a history of U.S. weapons acquisition since 1775

597.    Joppke, C.        Immigration and the nation-state: the United States, Germany, and Great  Britain

598.    Judah, T.        Kosovo: war and revenge

599.    Kahler, M.        Governance in a global economy: political authority in transition

600.    Kaldor, M.        New and old wars : organized violence in a global era, with an afterword, January 2001

601.    Katznelson, I.        Political science: the state of the discipline

602.    Katzenstein, P.J.        Tamed power: Germany in Europe

603.    Keene, E.        Beyond the anarchical society: Grotius, colonialism and order in world politics (Disc.)

604.    Kohli, A.        The success of India's democracy

605.    Löwith, K.        Max Weber and Karl Marx

606.    Lukacs, J.        Five days in London, May 1940

607.    McDonald, T.J.    The historic turn in the human sciences

608.    McKibbin, R.        The evolution of the Labour Party, 1910-1924

609.    Mearsheimer, J.J.    The tragedy of Great Power politics (Disc.)

610.    Morgenthau, H.J.        Politics among nations: the struggle for power and peace

611.    Nye, J.S.        Soft power: the means to success in world politics

612.    Ottaway, M.        Democracy challenged: the rise of semi-authoritarianism

613.    Paul, K.    Whitewashing Britain: race and citizenship in the postwar era

614.    Peele, G.    Developments in American politics 5 

615.    Pugh. M.    'Hurrah for the blackshirts!': fascists and fascism in Britain between the wars (Disc.)

616.    Rubin, B.R.    Post-Soviet political order: conflict and state building

617.    Sayer, D.    Capitalism and modernity: an excursus on Marx and Weber

618.    Schlesinger, A.M.    The imperial Presidency (Disc.)

619.    Seidman, S.    Postmodernism and social theory: the debate over general theory

620.    Seligson, M.A.    Development and underdevelopment: the political economy of global inequality

621.    Shapiro, I.        Problems and methods in the study of politics

622.    Silber, L.        The death of Yugoslavia

623.    Simms, B.        Unfinest hour: Britain and the destruction of Bosnia (Disc.)

624.    Skinner, Q.        Liberty before liberalism (Disc.)

625.    Snyder, J.L.    From voting to violence: democratization and nationalist conflict

626.    Spencer, I.R.G.    British immigration policy since 1939: the making of multi-racial Britain

627.    Swingewood, A.    A short history of sociological thought

628.    Turner, H.A.        Hitler's thirty days to power: January 1933

629.    Verma, A.        Unions in the 21st century: an international perspective (Disc.)

630.    War and peace in the 20th century and beyond: proceedings of the Nobel Centennial Symposium

631.    Wichert, S.        Northern Ireland since 1945

632.    Williamson, P.        Stanley Baldwin: conservative leadership and national values (Disc.)

633.    Woodward, S.L.        Balkan tragedy: chaos and dissolution after the Cold War


634.    Atkinson, J.        The developing visual brain

635.    Bechtel, W.        Connectionism and the mind: parallel processing, dynamics, and evolution in networks

636.    Blackmore, S.J.    Consciousness: an introduction

637.    Blackmore, S.J.    Consciousness: a very short introduction

638.    Brown, R.        Group processes: dynamics within and between groups

639.    Dowker, A.        Individual differences in arithmetic : implications for psychology, neuroscience and education

640.    de Gelder, B.        Out of mind: varieties of unconscious processes

641.    Horne, J.        Sleepfaring: a journey through the science of sleep

642.    Huttenlocher, P.R.    Neural plasticity: the effects of environment on the development of the cerebral cortex

643.    Jackendoff, R.        Foundations of language: brain, meaning, grammar, and evolution

644.    Lazarus, R.S.        Stress and emotion: a new synthesis

645.    Plunkett, K.        Exercises in rethinking innateness: a handbook for connectionist simulations

646.    Russell, J.A.        The psychology of facial expression

Total: 646 Last updated 26/7/07 JRS




1.    Bendall, D.S.    Protein electron transfer

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5.    Price, N.C.        Principles and problems in physical chemistry for biochemists

6.    Price, N.C.        Principles and problems in physical chemistry for biochemists (2nd copy)

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11.    Voet, D.        Biochemistry (3rd ed.) (3rd copy)


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41.    Dinsmoor, W.B.        The Propylaia to the Athenian Akropolis (vol. 2) (Disc.)

42.    Greek archaeology without frontiers (shared purchase with Ancient History)

43.    Hallett, C.H.    The Roman nude: heroic portrait statuary, 200 BC-AD 300

44.    Harris, W.V.    Rethinking the Mediterranean

45.    Hedrick, C.    Ancient history: monuments and documents

46.    Lenski, N.        The Cambridge companion to the Age of Constantine

47.    Lexicon topographicum urbis Romae. Supplementum II.2 Gli Scavi di Roma 1922-1975

48.    Ling, R.        The Insula of the Menander at Pompeii v.2 (Disc.)

49.    Newby, Z.        Greek athletics in the Roman world: victory and virtue

50.    Porter, J.I.        Classical pasts: the classical traditions of Greece and Rome

51.    Riggs, C.        The beautiful burial in Roman Egypt: art, identity, and funerary religion (Disc.)

52.    Tanner, J.        The invention of art history in Ancient Greece: religion, society and artistic rationalisation

53.    Tronzo, W.    St. Peter's in the Vatican (Disc.)

54.    Wildung, D.    Egypt from prehistory to the Romans


55.    Aeschylus        Aeschyli tragoediae: cum incerti poetae Prometheo

56.    Bacchylides    Die Lieder des Bakchylides

57.    Beacham, R.C.    Spectacle entertainments of early imperial Rome

58.    Blok, J.H.        Solon of Athens: new historical and philological approaches (Disc.)

59.    Burnett, A.P.    Pindar's songs for young athletes of Aigina

60.    Cebes, of Thebes        Die Bildtafel des Kebes: Allegorie des Lebens

61.    Chariton        De Callirhoe narrationes amatoriae

62.    Chatzopoulos, M.V.    Macedonian institutions under the kings (vol. 1)

63.    Chatzopoulos, M.V.    Macedonian institutions under the kings (vol. 2)

64.    Cicero        Defence speeches

65.    Cicero        Letters to friends v.1

66.    Cicero        Letters to friends v.2

67.    Cicero        Letters to friends v.3

68.    Cicero        M. Tulli Ciceronis pro M. Caelio oratio

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71.    Duncan, A.    Performance and identity in the classical world

72.    Fantham, E.    Ovid's Metamorphoses

73.    Fulkerson, L.    The Ovidian heroine as author: reading, writing, and community in the Heroides

74.    Geffcken, K.A.    Comedy in the Pro Caelio

75.    Goold, G.P.    Catullus

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77.    Griffiths, E.    Euripides: Herakles

78.    Halperin, D.M.    One hundred years of homosexuality: and other essays on Greek love

79.    Herodotus        The histories

80.    Juvenal        The satires

81.    Kilpatrick, R. S.        The poetry of criticism: Horace, Epistles II and Ars poetica

82.    Lucretius        De rerum natura

83.    Martial        Epigrams v.1

84.    Martial        Epigrams v.2

85.    Martial        Epigrams v.3

86.    Ozgen, I.        The Lydian treasure: heritage recovered

87.    Todd, S.C.        Lysias    

88.    Pernot, L.        Rhetoric in antiquity

89.    Petronius        Satyrica

90.    Petronius        The Satyricon

91.    Pliny        Fifty letters of Pliny

92.    Probert, P.        Ancient Greek accentuation: synchronic patterns, frequency effects, and prehistory

93.    Revermann, M.        Comic business: theatricality, dramatic technique, and performance contexts of Aristophanic comedy

94.    Rhodes, P.        A history of the classical Greek world: 478-323 BC

95.    Stehle, E.        Performance and gender in ancient Greece: nondramatic poetry in its setting

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97.    Whitmarsh, T.    Ancient Greek literature

CLASSICS CENTRE – shared purchase of Hansen, An inventory of archaic and classical poleis: an investigation with the History (Ancient) fund

98.    Apuleius    Metamorphoses: text, introduction and commentary IV 28-35, V and VI 1-24

99.    Conophagos, C.E.        Le Laurium antique et la technique grecque de la production de l'argent

100.    Erdmann, E.        Nordosttor und persische Belagerungsrampe in Alt-Paphos

101.    Hägg, T.    Parthenope: selected studies in ancient Greek fiction (1969-2004)

102.    Propertius        Elegie. Libro II

103.    Wachter, R.        Non-Attic Greek vase inscriptions


104.    Hall, E.        Greek tragedy and the British theatre, 1660-1914

105.    Macintosh, F.        Agamemnon in performance 458 BC to 2004 AD

106.    Sowerby, R.    The Augustan art of poetry: Augustan translation of the classics


107.    Binmore, K.G.        Fun and games: a text on game theory

108.    Carlin, W.        Macroeconomics: imperfections, institutions and policies

109.    Carlin, W.        Macroeconomics: imperfections, institutions and policies (2nd copy)

110.    Carlin, W.        Macroeconomics: imperfections, institutions and policies (3rd copy)

111.    Caves, R.E.        World trade and payments: an introduction

112.    Elbaum, B.        The decline of the British economy

113.    Floud, R.        The Cambridge economic history of modern Britain v.1

114.    Floud, R.        The Cambridge economic history of modern Britain v.2

115.    Floud, R.        The Cambridge economic history of modern Britain v.3

116.    Gros, D.    Winds of change: economic transition in Central and Eastern Europe

117.    Kay, J.A.        The truth about markets: why some nations are rich but most remain poor

118.    Levitt, S.D.    Freakonomics: a rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything

119.    Naughton, B.        Growing out of the plan: Chinese economic reform, 1978-1993

120.    Offer, A.        The challenge of affluence: self-control and well-being in the United States and Britain since 1950

121.    Sachs, J.        The end of poverty: how we can make it happen in our lifetime

122.    Seabright, P.        The company of strangers: a natural history of economic life

123.    Sen, A.K.        Development as freedom

124.    Sennett, R.        The corrosion of character: the personal consequences of work in the new capitalism

125.    Snowdon, B.    Modern macroeconomics: its origins, development and current state

126.    Spencer, P.    The structure and regulation of financial markets

127.    Stiglitz, J.        Fair trade for all: how trade can promote development


128.    Boyd, R.        The science of polymer molecules: an introduction concerning the synthesis, structure and properties of the individual molecules that constitute polymeric materials

129.    Bye, G.C.    Portland cement: composition, production and properties

130.    Campbell, J.        Castings

131.    Chandrasekhar, S.        Liquid crystals

132.    Cowie, J. M. G.        Polymers: chemistry and physics of modern materials

133.    Crank, J.        The mathematics of diffusion (2nd ed.)

134.    Goodhew, P.J.        Electron microscopy and analysis

135.    Grovenor, C.        Microelectronic materials

136.    Hill, R.        The mathematical theory of plasticity

137.    Jiles, D.        Introduction to magnetism and magnetic materials

138.    Llewellyn, D.T.    Steels: metallurgy and applications

139.    Lovett, D. R.        Tensor properties of crystals

140.    Pettifor, D. G.        Bonding and structure of molecules and solids

141.    Polmear, I.J.        Light alloys: from traditional alloys to nanocrystals

142.    Shewmon, P.G.    Diffusion in solids

143.    Tabor, D.        The hardness of metals

144.    Trethewey, K.R.    Corrosion for science and engineering

145.    Wood, E.A.        Crystals and light: an introduction to optical crystallography


146.    Adorno, T.        Minima moralia: reflections from damaged life

147.    Anderson, J. J.        Language and imagination in the Gawain-poems

148.    Andersson, L.        Bad language

149.    Attridge, D.        James Joyce's Ulysses: a casebook

150.    Attridge, D.        J.M. Coetzee and the ethics of reading: literature in the event

151.    Attwell, D.        J.M. Coetzee: South Africa and the politics of writing

152.    Bailey, R.M.        Images of English: a cultural history of the language

153.    Barber, C.        The English language: a historical introduction

154.    Baron, N.S.    Alphabet to email: how written English evolved and where it's heading

155.    Beasley, R.        Persuasive signs: the semiotics of advertising

156.    Bennett, A.        An introduction to literature, criticism and theory

157.    Bex, T.        Variety in written English: texts in society: societies in text (Disc.)

158.    Blotner, J.L.        Faulkner: a biography

159.    Bakhtin, M.M.        Speech genres and other late essays

160.    Buchanan, J.        Shakespeare on film

161.    Burns, E.    Richard III

162.    Cameron, D.        Language and sexuality

163.    Cameron, D.        Verbal hygiene

164.    Cannon, C.        The grounds of English literature (Disc.)

165.    Carter, R.        Seeing through language: a guide to styles of English writing

166.    Chernaik, W.L.    The Merchant of Venice, William Shakespeare

167.    Clarke, D.        The politics of early modern women's writing

168.    Crowley, T.    Proper English?: readings in language, history and cultural identity

169.    Crystal, D.        The stories of English

170.    Culler, J.        Literary theory: a very short introduction

171.    Danson, L.        Shakespeare's dramatic genres

172.    Duncan, T.G.        A companion to the Middle English lyric

173.    Durant, A.        Literary studies in action

174.    Eckert, P.        Language and gender

175.    Fabb, N.        Language and literary structure: the linguistic analysis of form in verse and narrative

176.    Faulkner, W.        Selected letters of William Faulkner

177.    Fennell, B.A.        A history of English:  a sociolinguistic approach

178.    Gurr, A.        Staging in Shakespeare's theatres

179.    Hadfield, A.        Shakespeare and renaissance Europe

180.    Hamer, M.        William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

181.    Hanna, R.        London literature, 1300-1380

182.    Hardyment, C.        Malory: the life and times of King Arthur's chronicler

183.    Harris, R.        The language, ethnicity and race reader

184.    Healy, M.        William Shakespeare: Richard II

185.    Hill, G.        Style and faith

186.    Hirsch, E.D.        Validity in interpretation

187.    Honan, P.        Christopher Marlowe: poet & spy

188.    Hughes, A.        English accents and dialects: an introduction to social and regional varieties of English in the British Isles (Disc.)

189.    Hughes, G.        A history of English words

190.    Joseph, J.E.        Language and identity: national, ethnic, religious

191.    Kermode, F.        The age of Shakespeare

192.    Klein, H.M.    English and Scottish sonnet sequences of the Renaissance vol. I

193.    Klein, H.M.    English and Scottish sonnet sequences of the Renaissance vol. II

194.    Jones, V.    Women and literature in Britain, 1700-1800

195.    Lacey, N.J.        A companion to Chrétien de Troyes

196.    Lakoff, G.        Metaphors we live by (Disc.)

197.    Lanier, D.    Shakespeare and modern popular culture

198.    Leith, D.    A social history of English

199.    Lennard, J.    The poetry handbook: a guide to reading poetry for pleasure and practical criticism

200.    Lindley, D.        Shakespeare and music

201.    Liuzza, R.M.        Old English literature: critical essays

202.    Loomba, A.    Shakespeare, race, and colonialism

203.    Lupack, A.        The Oxford guide to Arthurian literature and legend

204.    McArthur, T.        The English languages

205.    McCabe, R.A.        Spenser's monstrous regiment: Elizabethan Ireland and the poetics of difference (Disc.)

206.    McDonald, R.        Shakespeare and the arts of language

207.    Marlowe, C.        The collected poems of Christopher Marlowe (Disc.)

208.    Marx, S.        Shakespeare and the Bible

209.    Maslen, R. W.        Shakespeare and comedy

210.    Millar, R.M.        Language, nation, and power: an introduction

211.    Miola, R.S.        Shakespeare's reading (Disc.)

212.    Morrison, T.        Playing in the dark: whiteness and the literary imagination

213.    Nevalainen, T.        Historical sociolinguistics: language change in Tudor and Stuart England

214.    Nolan, M.        John Lydgate and the making of public culture (shared purchase with Modern History)

215.    Olson, D.R.    The world on paper: the conceptual and cognitive implications of writing and reading

216.    Parker, K.        Antony & Cleopatra

217.    Poole, A.        Tragedy: a very short introduction

218.    Roberts, S.        William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

219.    Salih, S.    Versions of virginity in late medieval England

220.    Selden, R.        Practising theory and reading literature: an introduction

221.    Shattock, J.        Women and literature in Britain, 1800-1900

222.    Short, M.H.        Exploring the language of poems, plays, and prose

223.    Singh, I.    The history of English

224.    Smith, B.R.        Shakespeare and masculinity (Disc.)

225.    Smith, E.        William Shakespeare: Othello

226.    Stríbrny, Z.        Shakespeare and Eastern Europe (Disc.)

227.    Strohm, P.    Politique: languages of statecraft between Chaucer and Shakespeare (shared purchase with Modern History)

228.    Sullivan, G.A.        Early modern English drama: a critical companion

229.    Thomas, L.        Language, society and power: an introduction

230.    Vickers, B.        Shakespeare, co-author: a historical study of five collaborative plays

231.    Walder, D.        Literature in the modern world: critical essays and documents

232.    Walker, G.        Medieval drama: an anthology

233.    Walker, G.        Writing under tyranny

234.    Wall, S.        Charles Dickens: a critical anthology

235.    Wardhaugh, R.    Proper English: myths and misunderstandings about language (Disc.)

236.    Watts, R.    Alternative histories of English

237.    Wells, S.    Shakespeare in the theatre: an anthology of criticism (Disc.)

238.    Wiggins, M.        Shakespeare and the drama of his time (Disc.)

239.    Wimsatt, W.K.    The verbal icon: studies in the meaning of poetry

240.    Wolfreys, J.    Glossalalia: an alphabet of critical keywords

HISTORY (ANCIENT) – shared purchase of Greek archaeology without frontiers with the CAAH fund

241.    Allen, L.     The Persian empire: a history

242.    Bosworth, A.B.        The legacy of Alexander: politics, warfare, and propaganda under the successors

243.    Dmitriev, S.        City government in Hellenistic and Roman Asia minor

244.    Edmondson, J.C.    Flavius Josephus and Flavian Rome

245.    Galinsky, K.        The Cambridge companion to the Age of Augustus

246.    Hansen, M.    An inventory of archaic and classical poleis (bought in conjunction with the Classics Centre)

247.    Heckel, W.    Crossroads of history: the Age of Alexander

248.    Higbie, C.    The Lindian chronicle and the Greek creation of their past

249.    Humphreys, S.C.    The strangeness of gods: historical perspectives on the interpretation of Athenian religion    

250.    McQueen, E. I.    Diodorus Siculus: the reign of Philip II: the Greek and Macedonian narrative from book XVI: a companion

251.    Meiggs, R.    A selection of Greek historical inscriptions to the end of the fifth century B.C.

252.    Mikalson, J.D.,    Ancient Greek religion

253.    Nestoridou, G.        To Aigaion ton nomismaton = The Aegean of the coins

254.    Ober, J.    Athenian legacies: essays on the politics of going on together

255.    Parker, R.    Polytheism and society at Athens

256.    Scheidel, W.        The ancient economy

257.    Wees, H.    Greek warfare: myths and realities

258.    Wiedemann, T.E.J.    Emperors and gladiators

HISTORY (MODERN) – see also joint purchases under English

259.    Adams, I.        Brothers across the ocean: British foreign policy and the origins of the Anglo-American 'special relationship', 1900-1905

260.    Arnold, J.        Belief and unbelief in medieval Europe

261.    Beale, H.K.        Theodore Roosevelt and the rise of America to world power

262.    Bernard, G. W.    The king's reformation: Henry VIII and the remaking of the English church

263.    Blackledge, P.        Reflections on the Marxist theory of history

264.    Burin, E.        Slavery and the peculiar solution: a history of the American Colonization Society

265.    Cameron, E.        The sixteenth century

266.    Carroll, S.        Noble power during the French wars of religion: the Guise affinity and the Catholic cause in Normandy

267.    Coss, P.R.        The origins of the English gentry

268.    Cowling, M.        1867: Disraeli, Gladstone and revolution: the passing of the second Reform Bill

269.    Cragoe, M.        London politics, 1760-1914

270.    Crouch, D.        The birth of nobility: constructing aristocracy in England and France 900-1300

271.    Cust, R.        Charles I: a political life

272.    Davies, S.        Stalin: a new history

273.    Dickinson, H.T.    Britain and the French Revolution, 1789-1815

274.    Donald, D.H.        The Civil War and Reconstruction

275.    Duffy, E.        The stripping of the altars: traditional religion in England c.1400-c.1580

276.    Duggan, A.        Thomas Becket

277.    Dunbabin, J.        Captivity and imprisonment in medieval Europe, 1000-1300

278.    Dyer, C.        An age of transition?: economy and society in England in the later Middle Ages

279.    Eckhard, T.        Tibor Eckhard in his own words: an autobiography

280.    Edwards, R.        New spirits: Americans and the world, 1865-1905

281.    Everard, J.        Jersey 1204: the forging of an island community

282.    Farmer, A.        The American Civil War, 1861-65

283.    France, J.    The Crusades and the expansion of Catholic Christendom, 1000-1714

284.    Gaddis, J.L.        The Cold War

285.    Gale, M.        Manifest manhood and the Antebellum American empire

286.    Geary, P.J.        The myth of nations: the medieval origins of Europe

287.    Gerwarth, R.        The Bismarck myth: Weimar Germany and the legacy of the Iron Chancellor

288.    Gibson, W.        The Church of England 1688-1832: unity and accord

289.    Gobat, M.    Confronting the American dream: Nicaragua under U.S. imperial rule

290.    Greenberg, A.S.    Manifest manhood and the Antebellum American empire (Disc.)

291.    Harris, J.    Byzantium and the Crusades

292.    Harris, T.    The politics of the excluded, c.1500-1850

293.    Harris, T.    Restoration: Charles II and his Kingdoms, 1660-1685

294.    Hobsbawm, E.J.    On history

295.    Holmes, C.        Basil II and the governance of Empire (976-1025) (cost shared with John Watt’s Tutorial Book Allowance account)

296.    Holt, M.P.    The French wars of religion, 1562-1629

297.    Hsia, R.P.    The world of Catholic renewal, 1540-1770

298.    Hyams, P.R.        Rancor and reconciliation in medieval England

299.    Iriye, A.     The Cambridge history of American foreign relations vol. 3 The globalizing of America, 1913-1945 (Disc.)

300.    Isenberg, A.    The destruction of the bison: an environmental history, 1750-1920

301.    James, L.    Raj: the making and unmaking of British India

302.    Johnson, P.E.        The early American republic, 1789-1829

303.    Kramer, P.A.        The blood of government: race, empire, the United States, and the Philippines

304.    LaFeber, W.    Cambridge history of American foreign relations v.2

305.    Lambert, P.    Making history: an introduction to the history and practices of a discipline

306.    Larres, K.    Germany since unification: the development of the Berlin Republic (Disc.)

307.    Lewis, J.E.        The American Union and the problem of neighborhood: the United States and the collapse of the Spanish empire, 1783-1829

308.    Liddy, C.D.    War, politics and finance in late medieval English Towns: Bristol, York and the Crown, 1350-1400

309.    McIntosh, M.K.    Working women in English society, 1300-1620

310.    McKitterick, R.    The early Middle Ages: Europe 400-1000

311.    May, R.E.        The southern dream of a Caribbean empire, 1854-1861

312.    Merrill, D.        Major problems in American foreign relations: documents and essays v.1

313.    Merrill, D.        Major problems in American foreign relations: documents and essays v. 2

314.    Moore, R.I.        The first European revolution, c. 970-1215

315.    Nicholson, H.J.    Love, war, and the grail

316.    Noble, T.F.        From Roman provinces to medieval kingdoms

317.    Nuttall, P.        From Flanders to Florence: the impact of Netherlandish painting, 1400-1500

318.    Patterson, J.T.        Restless giant: the United States from Watergate to 9/11

319.    Peacey, J.    The regicides and the execution of Charles I

320.    Perkins, B.        Cambridge history of American foreign relations v.1

321.    Power, D.    The central Middle Ages

322.    Radulescu, R.        Gentry culture in late-medieval England

323.    Reynolds, D.        From World War to Cold War: Churchill, Roosevelt, and the international history of the 1940s

324.    Roach, A.        Heresy and medieval society, 1100-1320

325.    Saul, N.    St. George's Chapel Windsor in the fourteenth century

326.    Schaller, M.        Right turn: American life in the Reagan-Bush era, 1980-1992

327.    Silbey, J.H.        The American political nation, 1838-1893

328.    Silbey, J.H.    Storm over Texas: the annexation controversy and the road to civil war

329.    Skinner, Q.    Machiavelli: a very short introduction

330.    Skinner, S.A.        Tractarians and the 'condition of England': the social and political thought of the Oxford movement

331.    Spaeth, D.    The Church in an age of danger: parsons and parishioners, 1660-1740

332.    Stears, M.    Progressives, pluralists, and the problems of the state: ideologies of reform in the United States and Britain, 1909-1926

333.    Stephanson, A.    Manifest destiny: American expansionism and the empire of right

334.    Sumption, J.        Pilgrimage: an image of mediaeval religion

335.    Theophanes,        The chronicle of Theophanes Confessor: Byzantine and Near Eastern history, A.D. 284-813 (Disc.)

336.    Tracy, J.D.        Europe's reformations, 1450-1650

337.    Walsham, A.     Charitable hatred: tolerance and intolerance in England, 1500-1700

338.    Walter, J.        Understanding popular violence in the English Revolution: the Colchester plunderers

339.    Wandel, L.P.        The Eucharist in the Reformation: Incarnation and Liturgy

340.    Weeks, P.        Farewell, my nation: the American Indian and the United States in the nineteenth century

341.    Wickham, C.        Framing the early Middle Ages: Europe and the Mediterranean, 400-800

342.    Wilentz, S.        The rise of American democracy: Jefferson to Lincoln

343.    Woolf, D.R.        Reading history in early modern England

344.    Youngs, D.        The life-cycle in Western Europe, c.1300-c.1500

345.    Zimmerman, J.D.    Jews in Italy under Fascist and Nazi rule, 1922-1945 (Disc.)


346.    Ashworth, A.        The criminal process

347.    Ashworth, A.        Principles of criminal law (5th ed.)

348.    Ashworth, A.        Sentencing and criminal justice (4th ed.)

349.    Atiyah, P.S.        Atiyah's Introduction to the law of contract (6th ed.)

350.    Bell, S.            Environmental law

351.    Bix, B.        Jurisprudence: theory and context (4th ed.)

352.    Bogdandy, A.v.    Principles of European constitutional law

353.    Burrows, A.S.        Remedies for torts and breach of contract (3rd ed.)

354.    Cassese, A.        International law (2nd ed.)

355.    Craig, P.    The executive and public law: power and accountability in comparative perspective

356.    Davies, P.L.        Gower and Davies' principles of modern company law

357.    Dennis, I.H.        Sweet & Maxwell's criminal law statutes 2004/05

358.    Dennis, I.H.        Sweet & Maxwell's criminal law statutes 2004/05 (2nd copy)

359.    Evans, M.D.        International law 

360.    Lowenfeld, A.F.    International economic law

361.    Lunney, M.        Tort law: text and materials

362.    Martin, J.E.        Modern equity (17th ed.)

363.    McBride, N.J.        Tort law (2nd ed.)

364.    McKendrick, E.    Contract law (6th ed.)

365.    McKendrick, E.    Contract law: text, cases, and materials (2nd ed.)

366.    Matsushita, M.    The World Trade Organization: law, practice, and policy

367.    Prechal, S.        Directives in EC law

368.    Sarooshi, D.    International organizations and their exercise of sovereign powers

369.    Shavell, S.    Foundations of economic analysis of law

370.    Shaw, M.N.         International law (5th ed.)

371.    Smith, J.C.        Smith and Thomas: a casebook on contract (11th ed.)

372.    Smith, R.J.        Property law (5th ed.)

373.    Sunstein, C.R.        Designing democracy: what constitutions do

374.    Tridimas, T.        The general principles of EC law (2nd ed.)

375.    White, R.C.A.        Workers, establishment, and services in the European Union


376.    Ebbinghaus, H.    Mathematical logic

377.    Fauvel, J.        The history of mathematics: a reader

378.    Grand, M.        Patterns in Java. Vol. 1

379.    Howison, S.        Practical applied mathematics: modelling, analysis, approximation

380.    Katz, V.        A history of mathematics: an introduction

381.    Liskov, B.        Program development in Java: abstraction, specification, and object-oriented design

382.    Sestoft, P.        Java precisely


383.    Alberts, B.        Molecular biology of the cell (4th ed.)

384.    Alberts, B.        Molecular biology of the cell (4th ed.) (2nd copy)

385.    Berg, J.M.        Biochemistry (5th ed.)

386.    Berg, J.M.        Biochemistry (5th ed.) (2nd copy)

387.    Browse, N.L.        Browse's introduction to the symptoms and signs of surgical disease (4th ed.)

388.    Browse, N.L.        Browse's introduction to the symptoms and signs of surgical disease (4th ed.) (2nd copy)

389.    Browse, N.L.        Browse's introduction to the symptoms and signs of surgical disease (4th ed.) (3rd copy)

390.    Burton, R.F.    Physiology by numbers: an encouragement to quantitative thinking

391.    Burton, R.F.    Physiology by numbers: an encouragement to quantitative thinking (2nd copy)

392.    Burton, R.F.    Physiology by numbers: an encouragement to quantitative thinking (3rd copy)

393.    Campbell, M.J.    Medical statistics: a commonsense approach

394.    Clark, D.L.    The brain and behavior: an introduction to behavioral neuroanatomy

395.    Faiz, O.    Anatomy at a glance

396.    Faiz, O        Anatomy at a glance (2nd ed.)

397.    Faiz, O        Anatomy at a glance (2nd ed.) (2nd copy)

398.    Flint, J.J.    Principles of virology: molecular biology, pathogenesis and control of animal viruses

399.    Impey, L.        Obstetrics and gynaecology

400.    Janeway, C.A.        Immunobiology: the immune system in health and disease (6th ed.)

401.    Janeway, C.A.        Immunobiology: the immune system in health and disease (6th ed.) (2nd copy)

402.    Langman, J.    Langman's Medical embryology (9th ed.)

403.    Lewin, B.    Genes VIII

404.    Lewin, B.    Genes VIII (2nd copy)

405.    Moore, K.L.        Clinically oriented anatomy (5th ed.)

406.    Moore, K.L.        Clinically oriented anatomy (5th ed.) (2nd copy)

407.    Rang, H.P.    Pharmacology (5th ed.)

408.    Rang, H.P.    Pharmacology (5th ed.) (2nd copy)


409.    Béjoint, H.        Modern lexicography: an introduction

410.    Bevers, H.        Rembrandt: the master & his workshop: drawings & etchings

411.    Bowers, J.M.        The crisis of will in Piers Plowman

412.    Bowron, E.P.        Masterworks of European painting in the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

413.    Brown, C.    Rembrandt: the master & his workshop: paintings

414.    Burley, J.    A history of the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford: the biography of a building

415.    Camille, M.        Image on the edge: the margins of medieval art

416.    Cromwell, O.        Speeches of Oliver Cromwell

417.    Evans, H.C.        The glory of Byzantium: art and culture of the Middle Byzantine era, A.D. 843-1261 (Disc.)

418.    Foster, J.    British archives: a guide to archive resources in the United Kingdom (Disc.)

419.    Galilei, G.    Sidereus nuncius, or, The sidereal messenger

420.    Gilchrist, A.        Gilchrist on Blake: life of William Blake, "pictor ignotus"

421.    Haskell, F.    History and its images: art and the interpretation of the past

422.    Heather, P.J.        The fall of the Roman Empire: a new history of Rome and the Barbarians

423.    Hilton, T.    John Ruskin

424.    A history of the University of Cambridge, vol. 1 (Disc.)

425.    A history of the University of Cambridge, vol. 2 (Disc.)

426.    A history of the University of Cambridge, vol. 3 (Disc.)

427.    A history of the University of Cambridge, vol. 4 (Disc.)

428.    Irwin, R.    For lust of knowing: the orientalists and their enemies

429.    Jenkins, K.    Governance and nationbuilding: the failure of international intervention

430.    Kirsh, A.    Seeing through paintings: physical examination in art historical studies

431.    Liddell, H.G.        A Greek-English lexicon (Disc.)

432.    Miller, D.    The liberty reader

433.    Mugglestone, L.    Lexicography and the OED: pioneers in the untrodden forest

434.    Mugglestone, L.    Lost for words: the hidden history of the Oxford English dictionary

435.    Myers, R.        Censorship & the control of print in England and France, 1600-1910

436.    Nebenzahl, K.        Mapping the Silk Road and beyond: 2,000 years of exploring the East

437.    Nersessian, V.        Treasures from the ark: 1700 years of Armenian Christian art

438.    Platt, C.    Marks of opulence: the why, when, and where of Western art, 1000-1900 AD

439.    Ross, G.    The boat race: the story of the first hundred races between Oxford and Cambridge

440.    Simpson, J.        Queen of Sheba: treasures from ancient Yemen

441.    St Clair, W.        The reading nation in the Romantic period

442.    Stevens, D.        Tudor church music

443.    Tavernor, R.        On Alberti and the art of building

444.    Thompson, N.S.    Chaucer, Boccaccio, and the debate of love: a comparative study of the Decameron and the Canterbury tales

445.    Walker, G.        The Bodleian Library: a subject guide to the collections

446.    Watt, James C. Y.        China: dawn of a golden age, 200-750 AD (Disc.)

447.    Wellington, J.S.    Dictionary of bibliographic abbreviations found in the scholarship of classical studies and related disciplines

448.    Welsby, D.A.        Sudan: ancient treasures, an exhibition of recent discoveries from the Sudan National Museum

449.    Williamson, P.        Gothic sculpture, 1140-1300


450.    Atlas, A.W.        Renaissance music: music in Western Europe, 1400-1600

451.    Brown, B.A.        W.A. Mozart, Così fan tutte

452.    Hunter, M.        Opera buffa in Mozart's Vienna

453.    Keefe, S.P.        The Cambridge companion to Mozart

454.    Landon, H.C.R.    The Mozart compendium: a guide to Mozart's life and music

455.    Mozart, W.A.        Mozart piano concertos: nos 1 - 6 in full score

456.    Mozart, W.A.        Piano concertos: nos. 17-22 in full score, with Mozart's cadenzas for nos. 17-19, from the Breitkopf & Härtel complete works edition

457.    Mozart, W.A.        Piano concertos: nos. 23-27: in full score: with Mozart's cadenzas for nos. 23 and 27 and the Concert rondo in D: from the Breitkopf & Härtel complete works edition

458.    Stanley, G.    The Cambridge companion to Beethoven


459.    Audi, R.        Practical reasoning and ethical decision

460.    Beitz, C.R.        Political equality: an essay in democratic theory

461.    Bennett, J.F.        A philosophical guide to conditionals

462.    Boghossian, P.A.    Fear of knowledge: against relativism and constructivism

463.    Brock, G.        The political philosophy of cosmopolitanism

464.    Bull, H.        Hedley Bull on international society

465.    Cerezo, M.    The possibility of language: internal tensions in Wittgenstein's Tractatus

466.    Conee, E.B.        Riddles of existence: a guided tour of metaphysics

467.    Copp, D.        The Oxford handbook of ethical theory

468.    Davidson, D.        The essential Davidson

469.    Davidson, D.        Truth and predication

470.    Elster, J.    Alchemies of the mind: rationality and the emotions

471.    Evans, M.        Just war theory: a reappraisal

472.    Fabre, C.    Whose body is it anyway?: justice and the integrity of the person

473.    Ferrari, G. R. F.    City and soul in Plato's Republic

474.    Fine, K.        Modality and tense: philosophical papers

475.    Frege, G.        The Frege reader

476.    Fumerton, R.A.    Epistemology

477.    Gauker, C.        Conditionals in context

478.    Gendler, T.S.        Perceptual experience

479.    Greenspan, P.S.    Practical guilt: moral dilemmas, emotions, and social norms

480.    Haakonssen, K.     The Cambridge companion to Adam Smith

481.    Haldane, J.        Faithful reason: essays Catholic and philosophical

482.    Hampshire, S.        Spinoza and Spinozism

483.    Hasenclever, A.    Theories of international regimes

484.    Jackson, F.        The Oxford handbook of contemporary philosophy

485.    Jenkin, M.R.M.    Seeing spatial form

486.    Jolley, N.        Leibniz

487.    Kane, R.        A contemporary introduction to free will

488.    Kekes, J.        The illusions of egalitarianism

489.    Kekes, J.        A case for conservatism

490.    Kim, J.        Physicalism, or something near enough

491.    Kvanvig, J.L.        The knowability paradox

492.    Kraut, R.    The Blackwell guide to Aristotle's Nicomachean ethics

493.    Künne, W.        Conceptions of truth

494.    Lafollette, H.        The Oxford handbook of practical ethics

495.    Lear, J.        Freud

496.    Lowe, E.J.    The four-category ontology: a metaphysical foundation for natural science

497.    Mann, W.        The discovery of things: Aristotle's Categories and their context

498.    Martin, R.    Rawls's law of peoples: a realistic utopia

499.    McDaniel. K.        The good, the right, life, and death: essays in honor of Fred Feldman

500.    Mele, A.R.    Free will and luck

501.    Mitchell, B.        An engagement with Plato's Republic: a companion to the Republic

502.    Mulgan, T.        Future people: a moderate consequentialist account of our obligations to future generations

503.    Murphy, M.C.        Natural law in jurisprudence and politics

504.    Oddie, G.        Value, reality, and desire

505.    Osborn, E.        Clement of Alexandria

506.    Pakaluk, M.        Aristotle's Nicomachean ethics: an introduction

507.    Priest, G.        In contradiction: a study of the transconsistent

508.    Pugmire, D.        Sound sentiments: integrity in the emotions

509.    Rescher, N.        What if?: thought experimentation in philosophy

510.    Rosenthal, D.M.    Consciousness and mind

511.    Salmon, N.        Metaphysics, mathematics, and meaning: philosophical papers I

512.    Salmon, W.C.        Reality and rationality

513.    Sandel, M.J.        Public philosophy: essays on morality in politics

514.    Santas, G.    The Blackwell guide to Plato's Republic

515.    Sher, G.        In praise of blame

516.    Smith, M.    Ethics and the a priori: selected essays on moral psychology and meta-ethics

517.    Talbott, W. J.        Which rights should be universal? (Disc.)

518.    Tersman, F.        Moral disagreement

519.    Wallace, R. J.        Normativity and the will: selected papers on moral psychology and practical reason

520.    Waluchow, W.J.    The dimensions of ethics: an introduction to ethical theory

521.    Waxman, W.        Kant and the empiricists: understanding understanding

522.    White, N.P.        A brief history of happiness

523.    Williams, B.A.O.    Descartes: the project of pure enquiry

524.    Williams, B.A.O.    In the beginning was the deed: realism and moralism in political argument

525.    Williams, B.A.O.    Philosophy as a humanistic discipline

526.    Williams, B.A.O.    The sense of the past: essays in the history of philosophy


527.    Aubrecht, G.J.        Energy

528.    De Young, D.        The physics of extragalactic radio sources

529.    Devenish, R.        Deep inelastic scattering

530.    Dodelson, S.        Modern cosmology

531.    Fernow, R.        Introduction to experimental particle physics

532.    Gross, F.    Relativistic quantum mechanics and field theory

533.    Heyde, K.L.G.        Basic ideas and concepts in nuclear physics: an introductory approach

534.    Hoddeson, L.        The rise of the standard model: particle physics in the 1960s and 1970s

535.    Hughes, P.A.        Beams and jets in astrophysics

536.    Kernighan, B.        The C programming language

537.    Kernighan, B.        The C programming language (2nd copy)

538.    Lambourne, R.    Basic mathematics for the physical sciences

539.    Lambourne, R.    Basic mathematics for the physical sciences (2nd copy)

540.    Lipschutz, S.        Schaum's outline of theory and problems of linear algebra

541.    Lipschutz, S.        Schaum's outline of theory and problems of linear algebra (2nd copy)

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544.    Stroustrup, B.        The C++ programming language (2nd copy) (Disc.)

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554.    Aspinwall, M.        Rethinking Britain and Europe: plurality elections, party management and British policy on European integration

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583.    Luck, E.C.        Mixed messages: American politics and international organization, 1919-1999        

584.    Lundestad, G.        The United States and Western Europe since 1945: from "empire" by invitation to transatlantic drift

585.    Mattli, W.        The logic of regional integration: Europe and beyond

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590.    Neuendorf, K.A.    The content analysis guidebook (Disc.)

591.    North, D.C.    Institutions, institutional change and economic performance (Disc.)

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Total: 623 Last updated 28/7/06  JRS




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149.    Lester, G.A.        Three late medieval morality plays: Mankind, Everyman, Mundus et infans - 2nd copy

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175.    Elser, P.    The early Christian World vol. 2 (Disc.)

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182.    Kuhrt, A.    The ancient Near East: c.3000-330 B.C. (vol. 2)

183.    Luraghi, Neno        Helots and their masters in Laconia and Messenia: histories, ideologies, structures

184.    Ammianus Marcellinus    The later Roman Empire: A.D. 354-378

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HISTORY (MODERN) – see also joint purchase under HistAnc (Greene, Archaeology)

201.    Abulafia, D.    Italy in the central Middle Ages 1000-1300

202.    Althoff, G.    Family, friends and followers: political and social bonds in medieval Europe

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204.    Atack, J.    A new economic view of American history: from colonial times to 1940

205.    Bayly, C.A.        Origins of nationality in South Asia: patriotism and ethical government in the making of modern India

206.    Barber, M.    The two cities: medieval Europe, 1050-1320

207.    Barrow, G. W. S.    Robert Bruce & the community of the realm of Scotland

208.    Beales, D.E.D.        Enlightenment and reform in eighteenth-century Europe

209.    Bensel, R.F.        Yankee Leviathan: the origins of central state authority in America, 1859-1877

210.    Blair, J.    The church in Anglo-Saxon society

211.    Blight, D.M.        Race and reunion: the Civil War in American memory

212.    Bloxham, D.        The Holocaust: critical historical approaches

213.    Bowen, H.V.        The worlds of the East India Company

214.    Brady, C.    British interventions in early modern Ireland (Disc.)

215.    Breitman, R.        US intelligence and the Nazis

216.    Bridge, F.R.        The great powers and the European states system 1815-1914

217.    Britnell, R.    Britain and Ireland 1050-1530: Economy and Society

218.    Brogiolo, G.    Towns and their territories between late antiquity and the early Middle Ages (Disc.)

219.    Brown, M.    The wars of Scotland: Scotland, 1214-1371

220.    Bumke, J.    Courtly culture: literature and society in the High Middle Ages

221.    The Cambridge history of Southeast Asia: Vol. 1 From early times to c.1500

222.    The Cambridge history of Southeast Asia: Vol. 2 From c.1500 to c.1800

223.    The Cambridge history of Southeast Asia: vol. 3 From 1900 to 1930s

224.    The Cambridge history of Southeast Asia: vol. 4 From World War II to the present

225.    Camille, M.    Mirror in parchment: the Luttrell Psalter and the making of medieval England

226.    Carwardine, R.    Evangelicals and politics in antebellum America

227.    Carwardine, R.    Lincoln

228.    Clark, L.    Authority and subversion (Disc.)

229.    Cohen, L.    A consumers' republic: the politics of mass consumption in postwar America

230.    Corney, F.C.    Telling October: memory and the making of the Bolshevik Revolution

231.    Corradini, R.        The construction of communities in the early Middle Ages: texts, resources and artefacts (Disc.)

232.    Deloria, P.J.    A companion to American Indian history

233.    Doran, S.    Tudor foreign policy

234.    Dudink, Stephan    Masculinities in politics and war: gendering modern history

235.    Dudziak, M.L.        Cold War civil rights: race and the image of American democracy

236.    Dupré, L.    The Enlightenment and the intellectual foundations of modern culture

237.    Eckes, A.E.    Globalization and the American century

238.    Elliott, D.    Proving woman: female spirituality and inquisitional culture in the later Middle Ages

239.    Eusebius,    Life of Constantine

240.    Fairclough, A.        Martin Luther King, Jr.

241.    Feller, D.    The Jacksonian promise: America, 1815-1840

242.    Ferguson, N.        Colossus: the rise and fall of the American empire

243.    Flexner, E.    Century of struggle: the woman's rights movement in the United States

244.    Foner, E.    The new American history

245.    Fraser, T.G.        The Arab-Israeli conflict

246.    Fussell, P.        The Great War and modern memory (Disc.)

247.    Given-Wilson, C.    Chronicles: the writing of history in medieval England

248.    Goldberg, P.J.P.    Medieval England: a social history 1250-1550

249.    Gruzinski, S.        The conquest of Mexico: the incorporation of Indian societies into the Western world, 16th-18th centuries

250.    Hamerow, H.        Early medieval settlements: the archaeology of rural communities in Northwest Europe, 400-900

251.    Harriss, G.L.        Shaping the nation: England 1360-1461

252.    Hietala, T.R.        Manifest design: American exceptionalism and Empire

253.    Hoganson, K.L.    Fighting for American manhood: how gender politics provoked the Spanish-American and Philippine-American Wars

254.    Holmes, G.    The age of oligarchy: pre-industrial Britain 1722-1783

255.    Holt, M.F.    The political crisis of the 1850s

256.    Huggins, M.        The Victorians and sport

257.    Ives, E.W.    The life and death of Anne Boleyn: 'the most happy' (Disc.)

258.    Jenkins, P.    A history of the United States

259.    Jones, E.L.    The record of global economic development

260.    Jones, H.    Death of a generation: how the assassinations of Diem and JFK prolonged the Vietnam War

261.    Jotischky, A.        Crusading and the crusader states

262.    Kennedy, D.M.    Freedom from fear vol. 1: The American people in the Great Depression

263.    Kennedy, D.M.    Freedom from fear vol. 2: The American people in World War II

264.    Kennedy, D.M.    Over here: the First World War and American society

265.    Khilnani, S.        The idea of India

266.    King, D.S.    Making Americans: immigration, race, and the origins of the diverse democracy

267.    Kolchin, P.    American slavery, 1619-1877

268.    LaFeber, W.        The American age: United States foreign policy at home and abroad since 1750

269.    LaFeber, W.    The new empire: an interpretation of American expansion, 1860-1898

270.    Lawson, G.    The constitution of empire: territorial expansion and American legal history

271.    Leffler, M.P.        A preponderance of power: national security, the Truman administration, and the Cold War

272.    Lewis, James E.    John Quincy Adams: policymaker for the Union

273.    Limerick, P.N.        The legacy of conquest: the unbroken past of the American West

274.    Logevall, F.        Choosing war: the lost chance for peace and the escalation of war in Vietnam

275.    Love, E.T.L.        Race over empire: racism and U.S. imperialism, 1865-190    

276.    Lowe, R.    The welfare state in Britain since 1945

277.    MacCulloch, D.    Reformation: Europe's house divided, 1490-1700

278.    McKitterick, R.    History and memory in the Carolingian world

279.    McLoughlin, B.    Stalin's terror: high politics and mass repression in the Soviet Union

280.    McPherson, J.M.    For cause and comrades: why men fought in the Civil War

281.    Madison, J.        Notes of debates in the Federal Convention of 1787

282.    Mullett, M.A.        Martin Luther

283.    Najemy, J.M.        Italy in the age of the Renaissance: 1300-1550

284.    Ninkovich, F.A.    The United States and imperialism

285.    Ogilvie, S.    Germany: a new social and economic history vol. II 1630-1800 (Disc.)

286.    Ormrod, W. M.    Political life in medieval England, 1300-1450

287.    Ovendale, R.        The origins of the Arab-Israeli wars 4th ed. (Disc.)

288.    Painter, N.I.        Standing at Armageddon: the United States, 1877-1919

289.    Paludan, P.S.        "A people's contest": the Union and Civil War, 1861-1865

290.    Piehler, G.K.        Remembering war the American way

291.    Pohl, W.    The Transformation of frontiers from late antiquity to the Carolingians (Disc.)

292.    Pollard, A.    Imagining Robin Hood: the late medieval stories in historical context

293.    Prestwich, M.        The three Edwards: war and state in England, 1272-1377

294.    Prince, K.M.        Rally 'round the flag, boys!: South Carolina and the confederate

295.    Robinson, I.S.        The papal reform of the eleventh century: lives of Pope Leo IX and Pope Gregory VII

296.    Rodgers, D.T.        Atlantic crossings: social politics in a progressive age

297.    Rose, S.O.    Which people's war?: national identity and citizenship in wartime Britain 1939-1945

298.    Rubin, M.    The hollow crown: a history of Britain in the late Middle Ages

299.    Scott, J.    Algernon Sidney and the English republic, 1623-1677 (Disc.)

300.    Scott, J.    Commonwealth principles: republican writing of the English revolution

301.    Scribner, B.        Germany: a new social and economic history vol. I 1450-1630

302.    Sellers, C.    The market revolution: Jacksonian America, 1815-1846

303.    Shafer, B.E.    The two majorities and the puzzle of modern American politics (Disc.)

304.    Shagan, E.H.        Catholics and the 'protestant nation': religious politics and identity in early modern England

305.    Stauffer, J.        The black hearts of men: radical abolitionists and the transformation of race

306.    Suri, J.        Power and protest: global revolution and the rise of détente

307.    Tanner, R.        The late medieval Scottish parliament: politics and the three estates, 1424-1488

308.    Thomas, E.M.        The Confederate nation, 1861-1865

309.    Thomas, H.M.        The English and the Normans: ethnic hostility, assimilation, and identity 1066-c.1220 (Disc.)

310.    Thompson, J.A.    Woodrow Wilson

311.    Vorenberg, M.        Final freedom: the Civil War, the abolition of slavery, and the Thirteenth Amendment

312.    Weeks, W.E.        Building the continental empire: American expansion from the Revolution to the Civil War

313.    Wesseling, H.L.    The European colonial empires, 1815-1919

314.    Winks, R.W.        Europe and the making of modernity, 1815-1914 (Disc.)

315.    Worster, D.    Dust Bowl: the southern plains in the 1930s

316.    Wright, J.R.C.        Gustav Stresemann: Weimar's greatest statesman

317.    Wrightson, K.        English society, 1580-1680


318.    Atiyah, P.S.    The sale of goods

319.    Bamford, N.    Public law in a multi-layered constitution

320.    Barnett, H.    Constitutional & administrative law (5th ed.)

321.    Beale, H.    Contract law

322.    Bix, B.        Jurisprudence: theory and context

323.    Cane, P.    Atiyah's Accidents, compensation and the law (6th ed.)

324.    Card, R.    Criminal law (16th ed.)

325.    Davies, A.C.L.    Perspectives on labour law

326.    Kimel, D.    From promise to contract: towards a liberal theory of contract

327.    Dougan, M.        National remedies before the European Court of Justice: issues of harmonisation and differentiation

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330.    Gray, K.J.    Land law (3rd ed.)

331.    Gray, K.J.    Elements of land law (4th ed.)

332.    Herring, J.    Criminal law: text, cases and materials

333.    Hudson, B.    Understanding justice: an introduction to ideas, perspectives and controversies in modern penal theory

334.    Lacey, N.    A life of H.L.A. Hart: the nightmare and the noble dream

335.    Mayson, S.W.        Mayson, French & Ryan on company law (21st ed.)

336.    McKendrick, E.    Contract law (5th ed.)

337.    Newburn, T.    Handbook of policing

338.    Palmer, M.    Dispute processes: ADR and the primary forms of decision making

339.    Penner, J.E.    The law of trusts

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341.    Simester, A.P.        Criminal law: theory and doctrine (2nd ed.)

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343.    Steele, J.    Risks and legal theory

344.    Stone Sweet, A.    The judicial construction of Europe

345.    Swadling, W.        The Quistclose trust: critical essays

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348.    Tiley, J.    Revenue law (4th ed.)

349.    Treitel, G. H.        An outline of the law of contract (6th ed.)

350.    Treitel, G. H.        The law of contract (11th ed.)

351.    Trimidas, T.        European Union law for the twenty-first century: rethinking the new legal order (vol. 1)

352.    Trimidas, T.        European Union law for the twenty-first century: rethinking the new legal order (vol. 2)

353.    Vaver, D.    Intellectual property in the new millennium: essays in honour of William R. Cornish

354.    Wade, W.    Administrative law (9th ed.)

355.    Watson, L.    Revenue law: principles and practice (22nd ed.)

356.    Weir, T.    A casebook on tort (10th ed.)

357.    Wyatt, D.    Rudden and Wyatt's EU treaties and legislation (9th ed.)


358.    Barwise, J.    Hyperproof

359.    Blackburn, P.        Modal logic

360.    Cohen, E.    Geometric modeling with splines: an introduction

361.    Cori, R.    Mathematical logic: a course with exercises (part 1)

362.    Cori, R.    Mathematical logic: a course with exercises (part 2)

363.    Feil, T.        Essential discrete mathematics for computer science

364.    Hindley, J. R.        Basic simple type theory

365.    Huth, M.    Logic in computer science: modelling and reasoning about systems

366.    Iserles, A.    A first course in the numerical analysis of differential equations

367.    Lamport, L.        LaTeX: a document preparation system: user's guide and reference manual

368.    Papadimitriou, C.H.        Computational complexity

369.    Schreiner, D.        OpenGL programming guide: the official guide to learning OpenGL, version 1.2

370.    Shapiro, S.    Thinking about mathematics: the philosophy of mathematics

371.    Sipser, M.    Introduction to the theory of computation

372.    Stillwell, J.    Classical topology and combinatorial group theory

373.    Süli, E.        An introduction to numerical analysis

374.    Tanenbaum, A.S.    Computer networks

375.    Truss, J. K.    Discrete mathematics for computer scientists

376.    Ward, S.    Computation structures

377.    Wolsey, L.    Integer programming


378.    Aaronson, P.I.        The cardiovascular system at a glance

379.    Aaronson, P.I.        The cardiovascular system at a glance – 2nd copy

380.    Aidley, D.J.        The physiology of excitable cells (4th ed.)

381.    Aidley, D.J.        The physiology of excitable cells (4th ed.) - 2nd copy

382.    Ballinger, A.        Saunders' pocket essentials of clinical medicine (3rd ed.)

383.    Cooper, J.R.        The biochemical basis of neuropharmacology

384.    Douglas, G.        Macleod's clinical examination (11th ed.) (Disc.)

385.    Douglas, G.        Macleod's clinical examination (11th ed.) – 2nd copy (Disc.)

386.    Hope, R.A.        Medical ethics and law: the core curriculum

387.    Hope, R.A.        Medical ethics and law: the core curriculum - 2nd copy

388.    Janeway     Immunobiology: the immune system in health and disease (6th ed.)

389.    Junqueira, L.C.U.    Basic histology: text & atlas

390.    Junqueira, L.C.U.    Basic histology: text & atlas – 2nd copy

391.    Junqueira, L.C.U.    Basic histology: text & atlas – 3rd copy

392.    Junqueira, L.C.U.    Basic histology: text & atlas – 4th copy

393.    Junqueira, L.C.U.    Basic histology: text & atlas – 5th copy

394.    Kumar & Clark    Clinical medicine (5th ed.)

395.    Kumar & Clark    Clinical medicine (5th ed.) – 2nd copy

396.    Lissauer, T.        Illustrated textbook of paediatrics

397.    Mackinnon, P.        Oxford textbook of functional anatomy, vol. 1 

398.    Mackinnon, P.        Oxford textbook of functional anatomy, vol. 1 - 2nd copy

399.    Mackinnon, P.        Oxford textbook of functional anatomy, vol. 1 - 3rd copy (Disc.)

400.    Mackinnon, P.        Oxford textbook of functional anatomy, vol. 1 - 4th copy (Disc.)

401.    Mackinnon, P.        Oxford textbook of functional anatomy, vol. 1 - 5th copy (Disc.)

402.    Mackinnon, P.        Oxford textbook of functional anatomy, vol. 2

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404.    Mackinnon, P.        Oxford textbook of functional anatomy, vol. 2 - 3rd copy (Disc.)

405.    Mackinnon, P.        Oxford textbook of functional anatomy, vol. 2 - 4th copy (Disc.)

406.    Mackinnon, P.        Oxford textbook of functional anatomy, vol. 2 - 5th copy (Disc.)

407.    Mackinnon, P.        Oxford textbook of functional anatomy, vol. 3

408.    Mackinnon, P.        Oxford textbook of functional anatomy, vol. 3 - 2nd copy

409.    Mackinnon, P.        Oxford textbook of functional anatomy, vol. 3 - 3rd copy (Disc.)

410.    Mackinnon, P.        Oxford textbook of functional anatomy, vol. 3 - 4th copy (Disc.)

411.    Mackinnon, P.        Oxford textbook of functional anatomy, vol. 3 - 5th copy (Disc.)

412.    Moore, K.    Essential clinical anatomy

413.    Moore, K.    Essential clinical anatomy – 2nd copy

414.    O'Callaghan, C.    The kidney at a glance

415.    O'Callaghan, C.    The kidney at a glance – 2nd copy

416.    Ramrakha, P.S.    Oxford handbook of acute medicine (2nd ed.)

417.    Robertson, D.        Primer on the autonomic nervous system

418.    Rose, B.D.    Clinical physiology of acid-base and electrolyte disorders

419.    Snell, R.S.    Clinical anatomy

420.    Snell, R.S.    Clinical anatomy – 2nd copy

421.    Strauss, J.H.        Viruses and human disease

422.    Taiz, L.    Plant physiology (3rd ed.)

423.    West, John B.        Respiratory physiology: the essentials

424.    West, John B.        Respiratory physiology: the essentials – 2nd copy

425.    West, John B.        Respiratory physiology: the essentials – 3rd copy 

MISCELLANEOUS (Also Oxford History of Western Music with Music fund)

426.    Ackroyd, P.        London: the biography

427.    Adonis, A. & Thomas, K.    Roy Jenkins: a retrospective

428.    Alcalay, R.    The complete English-Hebrew dictionary (cost split with Archives)

429.    Binski, P.    Becket's crown: art and imagination in Gothic England, 1170-1300

430.    Bury, M.    The print in Italy, 1550-1620

431.    Castor, H.    Blood and roses

432.    De Hamel, C.        Scribes and illuminators

433.    Delano-Smith, C.    English maps: a history

434.    Finnish-English/English-Finnish dictionary 

435.    Fisiak, J.    Midsize Polish-English/English-Polish dictionary

436.    Friar, S.    The Sutton companion to heraldry

437.    Fronek, J.    Anglicko-cesky, cesko-anglicky slovník

438.    Harrison, C.    Art in theory, 1648-1815: an anthology of changing ideas

439.    Harrison, C.    Art in theory, 1815-1900: an anthology of changing ideas

440.    Harrison, C.    Art in theory, 1900-2000: an anthology of changing ideas

441.    Jeffery, P.    The collegiate churches of England and Wales

442.    Johns, A.    The nature of the book: print and knowledge in the making

443.    Keene, D.    St Paul's: the cathedral church of London, 604-2004

444.    Knapp, J.A.        Illustrating the past in early modern England: the representation of history in printed books (Disc.)

445.    Landau, D.        The Renaissance print, 1470-1550

446.    McKenzie, D.F.    Making meaning: "Printers of the mind" and other essays

447.    Murray, P.    A dictionary of Christian art

448.    Norstedts comprehensive English-Swedish and Swedish-English dictionary

449.    North, J.D.    God's clockmaker: Richard of Wallingford and the invention of time

450.    Opher, P.    Oxford libraries: an architectural history and pictorial record

451.    Oxford dictionary of English

452.    Pearson, D.        English bookbinding styles, 1450-1800

453.    Raguin, V.C.        Artistic integration in Gothic buildings

454.    Rosenblum, R.        19th-century art (Disc.)

455.    Watt, T.    Cheap print and popular piety, 1550-1640

456.    Weston, R.    Modernism

MUSIC (Oxford History of Western Music bought with support from MISC fund)

457.    Cumming, J.E.    The motet in the age of DuFay

458.    Everist, M.    French motets in the thirteenth century: music, poetry and genre

459.    Page, C.    Discarding images: reflections on music and culture in medieval France

460.    Pesce, D.    Hearing the motet: essays on the motet of the Middle Ages and Renaissance

461.    Taruskin, R.    The Oxford history of western music (vol. 1)

462.    Taruskin, R.    The Oxford history of western music (vol. 2)

463.    Taruskin, R.    The Oxford history of western music (vol. 3)

464.    Taruskin, R.    The Oxford history of western music (vol. 4)

465.    Taruskin, R.    The Oxford history of western music (vol. 5)

466.    Taruskin, R.    The Oxford history of western music (vol. 6)


467.    Allison, H.E.        Kant's transcendental idealism

468.    Annas, J.    Platonic ethics, old and new

469.    Appiah, K.A.        The ethics of identity

470.    Bell, J.S.    Speakable and unspeakable in quantum mechanics

471.    Ben-Menahem, Y.    Hilary Putnam

472.    Bermúdez, J.L.    Philosophy of psychology: a contemporary introduction (Disc.)

473.    Beversluis, J.        Cross-examining Socrates: a defense of the interlocutors in Plato's early dialogues

474.    Boolos, G.    Logic, logic, and logic

475.    Brickhouse, T.C.    Routledge philosophy guidebook to Plato and the trial of Socrates

476.    Broome, J.    Weighing lives

477.    Brown, J.R.    Philosophy of mathematics: an introduction to the world of proofs and pictures

478.    Burge, T.    Truth, thought, reason: essays on Frege

479.    Burley, J.    Dworkin and his critics: with replies by Dworkin

480.    Campbell, J.K.        Freedom and determinism

481.    Carruthers, P.        The nature of the mind: an introduction

482.    Cohen, M.    Wittgenstein's beetle and other classic thought experiments

483.    Collins, J.    Causation and counterfactuals

484.    Cooper, D.    A companion to aesthetics

485.    Cullity, G.    The moral demands of affluence

486.    Dancy, J.    Ethics without principles

487.    Dancy, R.M.        Plato's introduction of forms

488.    Davidson, D.        Truth, language, and history

489.    Davies, S.    Themes in the philosophy of music (Disc.)

490.    De Caro, M.        Naturalism in question

491.    DeRose, Keith        Skepticism: a contemporary reader

492.    Dillon, J.M.    The heirs of Plato: a study of the Old Academy (347-274 B.C.) (Disc.)

493.    Edmundson, W.    An introduction to rights

494.    Fisher, A.    The logic of real arguments (2nd ed.)

495.    Fleischacker, S.    A short history of distributive justice

496.    Galeotti, A.E.        Toleration as recognition (Disc.)

497.    Gaynesford, M.     John McDowell

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511.    Hodges, W.    Logic 2nd ed. (2nd copy)

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520.    Ludlow, P.    There's something about Mary: essays on phenomenal consciousness and Frank Jackson's knowledge argument

521.    Matthen, M.    Seeing, doing, and knowing: a philosophical theory of sense perception

522.    McGinn, C.        The mysterious flame: conscious minds in a material world

523.    McLaughlin, B.P.    Perspectives on self-deception (Disc.)

524.    Mele, A.R.    Self-deception unmasked (Disc.)

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527.    Morris, C.W.        An essay on the modern state

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530.    Politis, V.    Routledge philosophy guidebook to Aristotle and the Metaphysics

531.    Priest, G.    Towards non-being: the logic and metaphysics of intentionality (Disc.)

532.    Pritchard, D.        Epistemic luck (Disc.)

533.    Rhees, R.    Wittgenstein's On certainty: there - like our life

534.    Ryckman, T.    The reign of relativity: philosophy in physics 1915-1925

535.    Savile, A.    Kant's critique of pure reason: an orientation to the central theme (Disc.)

536.    Searle, J.    Mind: a brief introduction

537.    Shields, C.J.        Classical philosophy: a contemporary introduction

538.    Sinnott-Armstrong, W.    Pyrrhonian skepticism

539.    Sosa, E.    Epistemology

540.    Sosa, E.    The philosophy of mind

541.    Solomon, R.C.        In defense of sentimentality

542.    Stern, D.G.    Wittgenstein's Philosophical investigations: an introduction

543.    Steup, M.    Contemporary debates in epistemology (Disc.)

544.    Stevenson, L.F.    Ten theories of human nature (4th ed.) (Disc.)

545.    Stout, J.    Democracy and tradition

546.    Stratton-Lake, P.    Kant, duty and moral worth

547.    Swanton, C.    Virtue ethics: a pluralistic view (Disc.)

548.    Thornton, T.    John McDowell

549.    Timmons, M.    Morality without foundations: a defense of ethical contextualism

550.    Walzer, M.    Arguing about war

551.    White, M.G.    From a philosophical point of view: selected studies

552.    White, N.P.    Individual and conflict in Greek ethics

553.    Wilson, C.    Moral animals: ideals and constraints in moral theory


554.    Bouwmeester, D.    The physics of quantum information: quantum cryptography, quantum teleportation, quantum computation

555.    Buckel, W.    Superconductivity: fundamentals and applications

556.    Coles, P.    Cosmology: the origin and evolution of cosmic structure (2nd ed.)

557.    Dennery, P.    Mathematics for physicists

558.    Ditchburn, R.W.    Light

559.    Foot, C.    Atomic physics

560.    Foot, C.    Atomic physics - 2nd copy

561.    Gasiorowicz, S.    Quantum physics (3rd ed.)

562.    Gasiorowicz, S.    Quantum physics (3rd ed.) - 2nd copy

563.    Griffiths, D.J.        Introduction to elementary particles

564.    Kittel, C.    Introduction to solid state physics (8th ed.)

565.    Kittel, C.    Introduction to solid state physics (8th ed.) – 2nd copy

566.    Knoll, G.F.    Radiation detection and measurement

567.    Mandl, F.    Quantum field theory

568.    Saleh, B.E.A.        Fundamentals of photonics

569.    Stolze, J.    Quantum computing: a short course from theory to experiment

570.    Taylor, E.F.    Spacetime physics: introduction to special relativity

571.    Taylor, E.F.    Spacetime physics: introduction to special relativity - 2nd copy

572.    Tinkham, M.        Introduction to superconductivity (2nd ed.)

573.    Tipler, P.A.    Physics for scientists and engineers (5th ed.)

574.    Verdeyen, J.T.        Laser electronics


575.    Allison, G.T.    Essence of decision: explaining the Cuban missile crisis

576.    Beetham, D.        Legitimacy and the EU

577.    Beiner, R.    Theorizing citizenship (Disc.)

578.    Beyme, K. von.,     The legislator: German Parliament as a centre of political decision-making (Disc.)

579.    Brady, J. et al        The postwar transformation of Germany: democracy, prosperity, and nationhood (Disc.)

580.    Brinkley, A.    The end of reform: New Deal liberalism in recession and war

581.    Burgess, M.    Federalism and the European Union: The Building of Europe, 1950-2000

582.    Childers, T.    The Nazi voter: the social foundations of fascism in Germany, 1919-1933 (Disc.)

583.    Conradt, D.P.        The German polity 8th ed. (Disc.)

584.    Conradt, D.P.        Germany's new politics: parties and issues in the 1990s

585.    Dalton, R.J.    Politics in West Germany

586.    Deakin, N.    In search of civil society (Disc.)

587.    DeClair, E.G.        Politics on the fringe: the people, policies, and organization of the French National Front

588.    Dinan, D.    Ever closer union: an introduction to European integration

589.    Driver, S.    New Labour: politics after Thatcherism (Disc.)

590.    Elgie, R.    Political institutions in contemporary France

591.    Elster, J.    Closing the books: transitional justice in historical perspective

592.    Elster, J.    Constitutionalism and democracy

593.    Forbes, J.    Contemporary France: essays and texts on politics, economics and society

594.    Fulbrook, M.    German history since 1800 (Disc.)

595.    Furlong, P.    Modern Italy: representation and reform

596.    Fysh, P.    The politics of racism in France

597.    Gambetta, D.    Making sense of suicide missions (Disc.)

598.    Gambetta, D.    The Sicilian Mafia: the business of private protection

599.    Gibbons, J.    Spanish politics today

600.    Gilbert, M.    Italian politics: the faltering transition

601.    Goodin, R.E.        Green political theory

602.    Grant, W.    The Common Agricultural Policy

603.    Hainsworth, P.        The politics of the extreme right: from the margins to the mainstream (Disc.)

604.    Hall, P.A.    Governing the economy: the politics of state intervention in Britain and France

605.    Hancock, M.D.    Politics in Europe: an introduction to the politics of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Russia, and the European Union (3rd ed.)

606.    Hanley, D.    Christian democracy in Europe: a comparative perspective

607.    Hargreaves, A.G.    Immigration, 'race' and ethnicity in contemporary France

608.    Havel, B.    The power of the powerless: citizens against the state in central-eastern Europe (Disc.)

609.    Heywood, P.        The government and politics of Spain

610.    Howard, M.M.        The weakness of civil society in post-Communist Europe

611.    Kalyvas, S.N.        The rise of Christian Democracy in Europe

612.    Kay, A.    The reform of the Common Agricultural Policy: the case of the MacSharry reforms

613.    Kitschelt, H.        The transformation of European social democracy

614.    Kommers, D.P.    The constitutional jurisprudence of the Federal Republic of Germany (Disc.)

615.    Koff, S.Z.    Italy: from the First to the Second Republic

616.    Kymlicka, W.        The rights of minority cultures (Disc.)

617.    Lamberts, E.        Christian democracy in the European Union, 1945/1995: proceedings of the Leuven colloquium, 15-18 November 1995

618.    Landfried, C.    Constitutional review and legislation: an international comparison

619.    Lane, J.    European politics: an introduction

620.    Le Gales, P.    Regions in Europe (Disc.)

621.    Letwin, S.R.    The anatomy of Thatcherism (Disc.)

622.    Levine, A.    Engaging political philosophy: from Hobbes to Rawls

623.    Lieberman, E.S.    Race and regionalism in the politics of taxation in Brazil and South Africa

624.    Marcus, J.    The National Front and French politics: the resistible rise of Jean-Marie Le Pen

625.    McLean, I.    Public choice: an introduction (Disc.)

626.    Merkl & Weinberg    The revival of right-wing extremism in the nineties (Disc.)

627.    Mill, J.S.    Mill: texts, commentaries (Disc.)

628.    Milward, A.S.        The European rescue of the nation-state

629.    Moeller, R.G.        West Germany under construction: politics, society, and culture in the Adenauer era (Disc.)

630.    Müller, W.C.        Policy, office, or votes?: how political parties in Western Europe make hard decisions

631.    Newell, J.    Parties and democracy in Italy

632.    Norris, P.    Electoral engineering: voting rules and political behavior

633.    Nugent, N.    The government and politics of the European Union

634.    Padgett, S.    Bundestagswahl '98: end of an era?

635.    Peterson, J.    The institutions of the European Union

636.    Poggi, G.    The state: its nature, development and prospects

637.    Putnam, R.D.        Bowling alone: the collapse and revival of American community (Disc.)

638.    Putnam, R.D.    Making democracy work: civic traditions in modern Italy (Disc.)

639.    Raz, Joseph    The practice of value

640.    Roberts, G.K.        German politics today

641.    Rosen, M.    On voluntary servitude: false consciousness and the theory of ideology (Disc.)

642.    Schmidt, M.    Political institutions in the Federal Republic of Germany (Disc.)

643.    Skocpol, T.        Civic engagement in American democracy (Disc.)

644.    Shapiro, I.    Democracy's value

645.    Simmons, H.G.    The French National Front: the extremist challenge to democracy

646.    Skyrms, B.    The stag hunt and the evolution of social structure

647.    Sperber, J.    Germany 1800-1870

648.    Stigler, S.M.    Statistics on the table: the history of statistical concepts and methods

649.    Stone Sweet, A.    The institutionalization of Europe

650.    Strom, K.    Minority government and majority rule (Disc.)

651.    Turner, Lowell    Negotiating the new Germany: can social partnership survive?

652.    Webb, P.    Political parties in advanced industrial democracies

653.    Weber, M.    Political writings (Disc.)

654.    Weiss, L.    The myth of the powerless state: governing the economy in a global era

655.    Whitehead, L.        Democratization: theory and experience (Disc.)

656.    Wissenburg, M.L.J.        Green liberalism: the free and the green society

657.    Zakaria, F.    The future of freedom: illiberal democracy at home and abroad

658.    Zinn, H.    The politics of history (2nd ed.)


659.    Carlson, N.R.        Physiology of behavior

660.    Claridge, G.    Schizotypy: implications for illness and health

661.    Cooper, C.    Intelligence and abilities

662.    Frackowiak, R.S.J.        Human brain function

663.    Levine, M.W.    Levine & Shefner's Fundamentals of sensation and perception (3rd ed.)

664.    Lovallo, W.R.        Stress & health: biological and psychological interactions

665.    Marks, D.F.    The health psychology reader

666.    Ogden, J.    Health psychology: a textbook

667.    Rolls, E.    Computational neuroscience of vision

668.    Sternberg, R.J.        Models of intelligence: international perspectives

669.    Wyatt, T.D.        Pheromones and animal behaviour: communication by smell and taste

Total: 669 Last updated 22/7/05 JRS




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142.    Ruthven, M.        A satanic affair: Salman Rushdie and the rage of Islam

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145.    Smith, E.    Shakespeare's comedies

146.    Smith, E.    Shakespeare's histories

147.    Smith, E.    Shakespeare's tragedies

148.    Smith, N.    The poems of Andrew Marvell    

149.    Wollstonecraft, M.        The collected letters of Mary Wollstonecraft


150.    Ashby, M.    Engineering materials 2: an introduction to microstructures, processing and design

151.    Bhatt, P.    Engineering

152.    Cheney, W.    Numerical mathematics and computing 

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155.    Gordon, J.    Structures: or why things don't fall down

156.    Green, d.    Applied digital economics

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160.    Streetman, B.        Solid state electronic devices

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162.    Anderson, G.        The second Sophistic (Disc.)

163.    Ando, C.    Roman religion

164.    Bagnall, R.    The Hellenistic Period: historical sources in translation

165.    Bennett, J.    Trajan: Optimus Princeps (Disc.)

166.    Birley, A.    Septimius severus: the African emperor (Disc.)

167.    Bowman, A.        Representations of empire: Rome and the Mediterranean world

168.    Braund, D.    Myth, history and culture in republican Rome: studies in honour of T.P. Wiseman

169.    Brosius, M.    The Persian Empire from Cyrus II to Artaxerxes I

170.    Bruun, C.    The Roman middle republic: politics, religion and historiography c. 400-133 B.C.

171.    Chrysostomou, P.     Nikopolis

172.    Corbeill, A.    Controlling laughter: political humor in the late Roman Republic

173.    Cornell, T.    The second Punic War: a reappraisal

174.    Dakaris, S.    Dodona

175.    Davaras, K.    The Palace of Malia

176.    Dominik, W.        Roman eloquence: rhetoric in society and literature (Disc.)

177.    Drougou, S.    Vergina: wandering through the archaeological site

178.    Erskine, A.    A companion to the Hellenistic world (Disc.)

179.    Erskine, A.    Troy between Greece and Rome: local tradition and imperial power

180.    Frend, W.    The early church (Disc.)

181.    Gerousi, E.    Melos: the Christian monuments of the island

182.    Grainger, J.        Nerva and the Roman succession crisis of AD 96-99 (Disc.)

183.    Hadzi-Vallianou, D.        Phaistos

184.    Hall, J.        Hellenicity: between ethnicity and culture

185.    Hesk, J.    Deception and democracy in classical Athens

186.    Horsfall, N.        The culture of the Roman plebs

187.    Kaltsas, N.        Olympie

188.    Koumoussi, A.     The Acrocorinth

189.    Kypraiou, E.        Smouldering Lemnos

190.    Levick, B.    Vespasian (Disc.)

191.    McEwen, I.        Vitruvius; writing the body of architecture

192.    May, J.        Trials of character (Disc.)

193.    Petrakos, V.        Rhamnous

194.    Rhodes, P.    Greek historical inscriptions 404-323 BC

195.    Rhomiopoulou, K.    Lefkadia ancient mieza

196.    Rowe, G.    Princes and political cultures: the new Tiberian senatorial decrees

197.    Sapouna-Sakellaraki, E.   Skyros

198.    Scheid, J.    An introduction to Roman religion

199.    Shipley, G.    The Greek world after Alexander, 323-30 BC

200.    Siganidou, M.        Pella

201.    Tsatsopoulou-Kaloudi, P.     Mesembria-zone

202.    Tsigarida, B.    The gold of Macedon

203.    Walbank, F.    Polybius, Rome and the Hellenistic world: essays and reflections

204.    Wellesley, K.        The year of the four emperors (Disc.)

205.    Zapheiropoulou, P.    Paros

206.    Zikos, N.    Amphipolis: Early Christian and Byzantine Amphipolis


207.    Asch, R.    Nobilities in transition 1550-1700: courtiers and rebels in Britain and Europe

208.    Barber, R.    Henry Plantagenet

209.    Barron, Caroline M.        London in the later middle ages: government and people 1200-1500 (Disc.)

210.    Becher, M.    Charlemagne

211.    Behringer, W.        Witchcraft persecutions in Bavaria: popular magic, religious zealotry and reason of state in early modern Europe

212.    Brogiolo, G.        The idea and ideal of the town between late Antiquity and the early Middle ages

213.    Brown, A.    Church and society in England, 1000-1500

214.    Brunner, O.        Land and lordship: structures and governance in medieval Austria

215.    Burke, E.    Reflections on the Revolution in France

216.    Carpenter, D.        The struggle for mastery: Britain 1066-1284

217.    Church, S.    King John: new interpretations

218.    Clark, S.    Languages of witchcraft: narrative, ideology and meaning in early modern culture

219.    Collinson, P.        The sixteenth century: 1485-1603

220.    Cooper, J.    Propaganda and the Tudor state: political culture in the Westcountry

221.    Davies, H.    At vacant hours: poems by Thomas St Nichols and his family

222.    Davies, W.        From the Vikings to the Normans

223.    De Jong, M.        Topographies of power in the early middle ages

224.    Dixon, C.    The Protestant clergy of early modern Europe

225.    Dodd, G.    Henry IV: the establishment of the regime, 1399-1406

226.    Engel, P.    Realm of St. Stephen: a history of medieval Hungary, 895-1526

227.    Farriss, N.    Maya society under colonial rule (Disc.)

228.    Fenster, T.    Fama: the politics of talk and reputation in medieval Europe

229.    Fleming, T.        The illusion of victory: Americans in World War I

230.    Gibson, M.        Early modern witches: witchcraft cases in contemporary writing

231.    Goodare, J.        The Scottish witch-hunt in context

232.    Gowing, L.    Common bodies: women, touch and power in seventeenth-century England

233.    Griffiths, R.    The fourteenth and fifteenth centuries

234.    Haines, R.    King Edward II: Edward of Caernarfon, his life, his reign, and its aftermath, 1284-1330

235.    Hamilton, B.        Religion in the medieval West

236.    Hassig, R.    Mexico and the Spanish conquest

237.    Helmholz, R.        Roman canon law in reformation England

238.    Hollister, C.    Henry I

239.    Hufton, O.    The prospect before her: a history of women in Western Europe

240.    Hunter Blair, P.    An introduction to Anglo-Saxon England

241.    Keen, M.    England in the later Middle Ages

242.    Kellar, C.    Scotland, England and the reformation 1534-1561

243.    Kelley, D.    Fortunes of history: historical inquiry from Herder to Huizinga

244.    Knighton, C.        Westminster Abbey reformed 1540-1640

245.    Kors, A.    Witchcraft in Europe, 400-1700: a documentary history

246.    Levack, B.    The witch-hunt in early modern Europe

247.    Lynch, K.    Individual, family and community in western Europe

248.    Mango, C.    Oxford history of Byzantium    

249.    Marshall, P.        Reformation England: 1480-1642

250.    Matthew, D.        King Stephen

251.    Menache, S.        Clement V

252.    Milton-Edwards, B.        Conflicts in the Middle East since 1945

253.    Morris, B.    1948 and after; Israel and the Palestinians

254.    Morris, R.    Monks and laymen in Byzantium, 843-1118

255.    Palmer, R    English law in the age of the black death

256.    Pohl, W.    Strategies of distinction: the construction of the ethnic communities, 300-800

257.    Potter, D.    France in the later middle ages

258.    Purkiss, D.    The witch in history: early modern and twentieth-century representations

259.    Rigby, S.    A companion to Britain in the later Middle Ages

260.    Roper, L.    Oedipus and the Devil: witchcraft, sexuality and religion in early modern Europe

261.    Scribner, R.        The German Reformation

262.    Scribner, R.        Germany: a new social and economic history

263.    Service, R.        A history of modern Russia from Nicholas II to Putin

264.    Sharpe, J.    The bewitching of Anne Gunter

265.    Smith,     G.    The Cavliers in exile, 1640-1660

266.    Spraggon, J.        Puritan iconoclasm during the English Civil War

267.    Steiner, Z.    Britain and the origins of the First World War

268.    Stevenson, D.        Revolution and counter-revolution in Scotland 1644-1651

269.    Stevenson, D.        The Scottish revolution 1637-1644

270.    Taylor, A.    American colonies

271.    Tocqueville, A.     The Old Regime and the Revolution    

272.    Townsend, R        The Aztecs

273.    Waite, G.    Heresy, magic, and witchcraft in early modern Europe

274.    Wakeman, R.        Themes in modern European history since 1945

275.    Wood, D.    Medieval economic thought

276.    Woolrych, A.        Britain in revolution 1625-1660

277.    Wrightson, K.        Earthly necessities: economic lives in early modern Britain

278.    Zuber, T.    Inventing the Schlieffen plan


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280.    Barnard, C.    The substantive law of the EU

281.    Birks, P.    Unjust enrichment

282.    Bogdanor, V.        The British constitution in the twentieth century

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285.    Brownlie, I.    Principles of public international law

286.    Cane, P.    Administrative law

287.    Clarkson, C.        Criminal law: text and materials

288.    Coleman, J.        Markets, morals and the law

289.    Coleman, J.        Risks and wrongs

290.    Craig, P.    Administrative law

291.    Davies, A.    Accountability: a public law analysis of government by contract

292.    Deakin, S.    Markesinis and Deakin's tort law

293.    Gardner, S.        An introduction to the law of trusts

294.    Getzler, J.    Rationalizing property, equity and trusts

295.    Goldsworthy, J       The sovereignty of parliament

296.    Irvine, Lord        Human rights, constitutional law and the development of the    English legal system

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301.    Markesinis, B.        The German law of torts: a comparative treatise

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310.    Tomkins, A.        Public law

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312.    Weatherill, S.        Cases and materials on EU law

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321.    Carrier, G.    Ordinary differential equations (copy B)

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334.    Ganong, W.    Review of medical physiology (copy B)

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340.    Levick, J.    An introduction to cardiovascular physiology (copy B)

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342.    Nairn, R.    Immunology for medical students(copy B)

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345.    Netter, F.    Atlas of human anatomy

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347.    Pasley, J.    USMLE Road map:Physiology (copy B)

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349.    Smith, M.    The digestive system

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351.    Levinson, W.        Medical microbiology & immunology: examination & board review (copy B)


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428.    Soames, S.    Philosophical analysis in the twentieth century v. II

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449.    Johnson, N.        Financial market complexity

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451.    Kippenhahn, R.    Stellar structure and evolution

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463.    Yariv, A.    Optical electronics in modern communications


464.    Abraham, H.        The judicial process

465.    Abramson, P.        Value change in global perspective

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467.    Almond, G.    The civic culture revisited

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471.    Betz, H.    The new politics of the right

472.    Beyme, Klaus von    Right-wing extremism in Western Europe (Disc.)

473.    Bogdanor, V.        Devolution in the United Kingdom (Disc.)

474.    Bogdanor, V.        Politics and the constitution: essays on British government (Disc.)

475.    Broughton, D.        Changing party systems in Western Europe

476.    Clemens, C.        The Kohl chancellorship (Disc.)

477.    Conradt, D.        Power shift in Germany (Disc.)

478.    Cox, G.    Making votes count: strategic coordination in the world's electoral systems

479.    Cram, L.    Developments in the European Union (Disc.)

480.    Crouch, C.    Social change in Western Europe

481.    Currie, D.    The constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany

482.    Dalton, R.    Germans divided: the 1994 Bundestag elections and the evolution of the German party system

483.    Dalton, R.    The new Germany votes (Disc.)

484.    Dehousse, R.        The European Court of Justice: the politics of judicial integration

485.    Dell, E.    A hard pounding: politics and economic crisis, 1974-1976 (Disc.)

486.    Diamond, L.        Political parties and democracy

487.    Di Palma, G.        To craft democracies: an essay on democratic traditions

488.    Dunleavy, P.        Developments in British politics 7

489.    Dunleavy, P.        Developments in British politics 7 (Disc.)

490.    Dunn, J.    Modern revolutions: an introduction to the analysis of a political phenomenon

491.    Durkheim, E.        Professional ethics and civic morals (Disc.)

492.    Eckersley, R.    Environmentalism and political theory: toward an ecocentric approach

493.    Edwards, G.    The European Commission

494.    Elgie, R.    Divided government in comparative perspective (Disc.)

495.    Friedman, G.        State-making and labor movements: France and the United States, 1876-1914

496.    Gallagher, M.        Representative government in modern Europe

497.    Goodin, R.    A new handbook of political science (Disc.)

498.    Gray, J.    Liberalism (Disc.)

499.    Grofman, B.        Electoral laws and their political consequences

500.    Gundle, S.    The new Italian republic (Disc.)

501.    Haas, E.B.    The uniting of Europe (Disc.)

502.    Hayes-Renshaw, F.    The Council of Ministers (Disc.)

503.    Hayward, J.        The crisis of representation in Europe

504.    Held, D.    Democracy and the global order: from the modern state to cosmopolitan governance

505.    Heywood, P.        Developments in West European politics 2

506.    Hill, M.    The policy process in the modern state (Disc.)

507.    Hine, D.    Governing Italy: the politics of bargained pluralism (Disc.)

508.    Hine, D.    Italian politics: the return of politics (Disc.)

509.    Hoskyns, C.        Democratizing the European Union

510.    Huelshoff, M.        From Bundesrepublik to Deutschland: German politics after unification (Disc.)

511.    Jacob, H.    Courts, law, and politics in comparative perspective

512.    James, S.    British cabinet government 2nd ed. (Disc.)

513.    Jeffery, C.    Recasting German federalism (Disc.)

514.    Jowell, J.    The changing constitution 5th ed. (Disc.)

515.    Kavanagh, D.        The reordering of British politics: politics after Thatcher (Disc.)

516.    Keylor, W.        A world of nations: the international order since 1945

517.    Kitschelt, H.        The radical right in western Europe (Disc.)

518.    King, D.    Separate and unequal: black Americans and the US Federal Government (Disc.)

519.    Knapp, A.    The government and politics of France (Disc.)

520.    Lane, J.    The new institutional politics: performance and outcomes (Disc.)

521.    Lange, T.    The political economy of German unification

522.    Laver, M.    Private desires, political action: an invitation to the politics of rational choice

523.    Lijphart, A.    Institutional design in new democracies: Eastern Europe and Latin America

524.    Mair, P.    Party system change: approaches and interpretations

525.    McCormick, J.        Understanding the European Union: a concise introduction

526.    Mény, Y.    Government and politics in Western Europe: Britain, France, Italy, Germany

527.    Mudde, C.    The ideology of the extreme right (Disc.)

528.    Neckerman, P.     The unification of Germany (Disc.)

529.    Nisbet, R.    Conservatism: dream and reality

530.    O'Donnell, G.        Transitions from authoritarian rule

531.    Padgett, S.        Continuity and change in German politics: beyond the politics of centrality?: a festschrift for Gordon Smith (Disc.)

532.    Padgett, S.    The development of the German chancellorship

533.    Padgett, S.    Developments in German politics 3

534.    Peele, G.    Developments in American politics 4

535.    Peterson, P.        The price of federalism (Disc.)

536.    Poggi, G.    Forms of power

537.    Pulzer, P.    German politics, 1945-1995

538.    Rosamond, B.        Theories of European integration

539.    Rothstein, B.        The social democratic state

540.    Saggar, S.    Race and representation (Disc.)

541.    Sandholtz, W.        European integration and supranational governance (Disc.)

542.    Sartori, G.    Comparative constitutional engineering

543.    Schmitter, P.        How to democratize the European Union ... and why bother?

544.    Scott, J.    Seeing like a state: how certain schemes to improve the human condition have failed

545.    Scruton, R.        The meaning of conservatism

546.    Sherrington, P.     The Council of Ministers (Disc.)

547.    Shugart, M.    Mixed-member electoral systems: the best of both worlds?

548.    Smith, G.    Developments in German politics

549.    Stevens, A.    Government and politics of France 3rd ed. (Disc.)

550.    Strom, K.    Challenges to political parties: the case of Norway (Disc.)

551.    Tsebelis, G.    Nested games: rational choice in comparative politics

552.    Volcansek, M.        Judicial politics and policy-making in Western Europe (Disc.)

553.    Webb, P.    The modern British party system (Disc.)

554.    White, S.    New labour: the progressive future? (Disc.)


555.    Frith, U.    Autism: explaining the enigma. 2nd ed.

556.    Glimcher, P.    Decisions, uncertainty and the brain

557.    Kagel, J.    The handbook of experimental economics

558.    Kolb, B.    Fundamentals of human neuropsychology

559.    Mesulam, M.    Principles of behavioral and cognitive neurology

Total: 559 Last updated 05/08/04 JRS




1.    Blow, D.        Outline of crystallography for biologists

2.    Branden, C.    Introduction to protein structure. 2 copies

3.    Lengeler, J.    Biology of the prokaryotes

4.    Madigan, M.    Brock biology of microorganisms. 10th ed.

5.    Slack, J.        Essential developmental biology

6.    Sudbery, P.    Human molecular genetics

7.    Taylor, M.        Introduction to glycobiology (2 copies)


8.    Carey, F.        Advanced organic chemistry. 4th ed.

9.    Crabtree, R.    The organometallic chemistry of the transition metals. 3rd ed.

10.    Dill, K.    Molecular driving forces: statistical thermodynamics in chemistry and biology

11.    Grossel, M.    Alicyclic chemistry

12.    Harwood, L.    Polar rearrangements

13.    Moloney, M.    Reaction mechanisms at a glance: a stepwise approach to problem-solving in organic chemistry

14.    Shriver, D.        Inorganic chemistry. 3rd ed. (2 copies)

15.    Smith, M.    March's advanced organic chemistry: reactions, mechanisms, and structure. 5th ed.


16.    Barkan, L.    Unearthing the past: archaeology and aesthetics in the making of Renaissance culture

17.    Beard, M.        Classical art: from Greece to Rome (Disc.)

18.    Bland, R.        The Hoxne treasure: an illustrated introduction

19.    Broneer, O.    Temple of Poseidon (Isthmia, 1)

20.    Broneer, O.    Topography and architecture (Isthmia, 2)

21.    Buitron-Oliver, D.        New perspectives in early Greek art (Disc.)

22.    Ferrari, G.        Figures of speech: men and maidens in ancient Greece

23.    Fredrick, D.    The Roman gaze: vision, power, and the body

24.    Gazda, E.    The ancient art of emulation: studies in artistic originality and tradition from the present to classical antiquity

25.    Greene, K.        Roman Pottery

26.    Henderson, J.    Pliny's statue: the Letters, self-portraiture & classical art

27.    Henig, M.        Architecture and architectural sculpture in the Roman empire

28.    Huskinson, J.    Experiencing Rome: culture, identity and power in the Roman empire

29.    J. Paul Getty Museum    Roman funerary monuments in the J. Paul Getty Museum. Vol.1

30.    Lucian        Lucian on the Syrian goddess

31.    Stierlin, H.        The Roman Empire: from the Etruscans to the decline of the Roman empire

32.    Taylor, R.        Roman builders: a study in architectural process

33.    Titchener, F.    The eye expanded: life and the arts in Greco-Roman antiquity

34.    Versluys, M.    Aegyptiaca Romana: nilotic scenes and the Roman views of Egypt

35.    Wiseman, T.    Classics in progress: essays on ancient Greece and Rome (Disc.)


36.    Allan, W.        The Andromache and Euripidean tragedy

37.    Aristophanes    Acharnians

38.    Austin, C.        Posidippi Pellaei quae supersunt omnia

39.    Braund, S.        Latin literature

40.    Budelmann, F.    Homer, tragedy and beyond: essays in honour of P.E. Easterling

41.    Easterling, P.    Greek and Roman actors: aspects of an ancient profession

42.    Spentzou, E.    Cultivating the muse: struggles for power and inspiration in Classical literature

43.    Elsner, J.        Reflections of Nero: culture, history & representation

44.    Fitzgerald, W.    Catullan provocations: lyric poetry and the drama of position

45.    Greene, E.        The erotics of domination: male desire and the mistress in Latin love poetry

46.    Herbert-Brown, G    .    Ovid's Fasti: historical readings at its bimillennium

47.    Knox, B.        Oedipus at Thebes: Sophocles' tragic hero and his time

48.    Nauta, R.        Poetry for patrons: literary communication in the age of Domitian

49.    Ovid    Ovid: Amores: text, prolegomena and commentary, in four volumes. Vol. 3

50.    Ovid        Ars amatoria. Book 3

51.    Michelakis, P.    Achilles in Greek tragedy

52.    Sharrock, A.    Intratextuality: Greek and Roman textual traditions

53.    Usher, S.        Greek oratory: tradition and originality

54.    Volk, K.        The poetics of Latin didactic: Lucretius, Vergil, Ovid, Manilius

55.    West, David    Dulce periculum: odes III

56.    Wheeler, S.    A discourse of wonders: audience and performance in Ovid's Metamorphoses


57.    Binns, J. W.    Intellectual culture in Elizabethan and Jacobean England: the Latin writings of the age

58.    Peacock, A.    The poetry of Michael Longley

59.    Segal, E.        The death of comedy

60.    Walton, J.        Amid our troubles: Irish versions of Greek tragedy


61.    Adams, J.    Bilingualism and the Latin language

62.    Bergmann, B.    The art of ancient spectacle

63.    Boyle, A.    Flavian Rome: culture, image, text

64.    Clare, R.    The path of the Argo: language, imagery and narrative in the Argonautica of Apollonius Rhodius

65.    Evers, C.    Rome et ses provinces : genèse & diffusion d'une image du pouvoir

66.    Fraser, P.M.     A lexicon of Greek personal names, Volume IIIB, Central Greece from the Megarid to Thessaly

67.    Künzl, E.    Souvenirs und Devotionalien: Zeugnisse des geschäftlichen, religiösen und kulturellen Tourismus im antiken Römerreich

68.    May, J.        Brill's companion to Cicero: oratory and rhetoric

69.    Oakley, S. P.    A commentary on Livy, Books VI-X

70.    Putnam, Michael         Virgil's epic designs: ekphrasis in the Aeneid

71.    Rimell, V.        Petronius and the anatomy of fiction

72.    Stamatopoulou, M.    Excavating classical culture: recent archaeological discoveries in Greece


73.    Agénor, P.        Development macroeconomics

74.    Barr, N.        The economics of the welfare state

75.    Baumol, W.     The free-market innovation machine: analyzing the growth miracle of capitalism

76.    Begg, D.        Economics. 7th ed.

77.    Cassidy, J.        Dot.con: the greatest story ever sold (Disc.)

78.    Collier, Paul     Globalization, growth, and poverty: building an inclusive world economy.

79.    Connolly, S.    Economics of the public sector

80.    Corden, W.    Economic policy, exchange rates, and the international system

81.    Corden, W.    Trade policy and economic welfare

82.    Friedman, B.    Handbook of monetary economics. Vols. 1&2 (Disc.)

83.    Gintis, H.    Game theory evolving: a problem-centered introduction to modeling strategic behavior

84.    Greene, W.    Econometric analysis. 5th ed.

85.    Gregg, P.        The state of working Britain

86.    Hart, O.        Firms, contracts, and financial structure

87.    Hull, J.        Options, futures & other derivatives. 5th ed.

88.    Jones, C.        Introduction to economic growth

89.    Krugman, P.    The accidental theorist: and other dispatches from the dismal science

90.    Krugman, P.    International economics: theory and policy. 6th ed.

91.    Mankiw, N.    Macroeconomics. 5th ed.    

92.    Mankiw, N.    New Keynesian economics

93.    Martin, S.        Advanced industrial economics. 2nd ed

94.    Mas-Colell, A.        Microeconomic theory

95.    Myles, G.        Public economics

96.    Osborne, M.    A course in game theory

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98.    Stiglitz, J.        Economics of the public sector. 3rd ed.

99.    Stiglitz, Joseph     Globalization and its discontents

100.    Varian, H.        Intermediate microeconomics: a modern approach. 6th ed.


101.    Hughes, E.    Hughes electrical & electronic technology


102.    Auden, W.    As I walked out one evening: songs, ballads, lullabies, limericks and other light verse

103.    Auden, W.H.        "In solitude, for company": W.H. Auden after 1940: unpublished prose and recent criticism

104.    Auden, W.H.        'The language of learning and the language of love': uncollected writings, new interpretations

105.    Barr, Helen         The Piers Plowman tradition: a critical edition of Pierce the Ploughman's crede, Richard the redeless, Mum and the sothsegger and The crowned king

106.    Beckett, S.        All strange away

107.    Beckett, S.        Company

108.    Beckett, S.        Disjecta: miscellaneous writings and a dramatic fragment

109.    Beckett, S.        Dream of fair to middling women

110.    Beckett, S.        For to end yet again

111.    Beckett, S.        Happy days: the production notebook of Samuel Beckett

112.    Beckett, S.        Proust

113.    Beckett, S.        Texts for nothing

114.    Belsey, C.         Critical practice 

115.    Berger, J.        Ways of seeing

116.    Brennan, C.        The poetry of Sylvia Plath

117.    Carey, John    The intellectuals and the masses: pride and prejudice among the literary intelligentsia, 1880-1939

118.    Clare, J.    'Art made tongue-tied by authority': Elizabethan and Jacobean dramatic censorship

119.    Clare, J.        Drama of the English Republic 1649-60

120.    Cohn, R.        A Beckett canon

121.    Cohn, R.        Samuel Beckett: Waiting for Godot: a casebook

122.    Cook, G        The discourse of advertising. 2nd ed.

123.    Crowley, T.        Standard English and the politics of language

124.    Crystal, David     Language and the Internet

125.    Drakakis, John     Alternative Shakespeares

126.    Dryden, J.        The works of John Dryden (vols 6&7) (Disc.)

127.    Duncan-Jones, K.        Ungentle Shakespeare: scenes from his life

128.    Fletcher, J.        The two noble kinsmen

129.    Hope, J.        Shakespeare's grammar

130.    Larkin, P.        Collected poems

131.    Lodge, D.        Modern criticism and theory: a reader

132.    Knowles, O.        Oxford reader's companion to Conrad

133.    Knowlson, J.        Damned to fame: the life of Samuel Beckett

134.    Knowlson, J.        Frescoes of the skull: the later prose and drama of Samuel Beckett

135.    Knowlson, J.        Samuel Beckett, Krapp's last tape: a theatre workbook

136.    Kooy, Michael     Coleridge, Schiller, and aesthetic education

137.    McCalman, Iain     An Oxford companion to the romantic age: British culture, 1776-1832

138.    Moi, Toril         Sexual/textual politics: feminist literary theory

139.    Murdoch, I.        Metaphysics as a guide to morals

140.    Norbrook, David         Poetry and politics in the English Renaissance

141.    Page, N.        Oxford reader's companion to Hardy

142.    Pope, Alexander     The Dunciad: in four books

143.    Proudfoot, R.        In Arden: editing Shakespeare: essays in honour in Richard Proudfoot

144.    Reid, David        The metaphysical poets

145.    Rignall, J.        Oxford reader's companion to George Eliot

146.    Schlicke, P.        The Oxford reader's companion to Dickens

147.    Schmidt, Holger         Building customs in Viking age Denmark

148.    Shakespeare, W.    Julius Caesar

149.    Shakespeare, W.    King Henry IV part 1

150.    Shakespeare, W.    King Henry VI part 1

151.    Shakespeare, W.    King Henry VI part 2

152.    Shakespeare, W.    King Henry VI part 3

153.    Shakespeare, W.    King Henry VIII (All is true)

154.    Shakespeare, W.    King Lear

155.    Shakespeare, W.    King Richard II

156.    Shakespeare, W.    Love's labour's lost

157.    Shakespeare, W.    The merry wives of Windsor

158.    Shakespeare, W.    Othello

159.    Shakespeare, W.    Shakespeare's sonnets

160.    Shakespeare, W.    The tempest

161.    Shakespeare, W.    Titus Andronicus

162.    Shakespeare, W.    Troilus and Cressida

163.    Simpson, J.        The Oxford English literary history. Vols. 2 & 8

164.    Spearing, A.        Medieval to Renaissance in English poetry

165.    Stern, T.        Rehearsal from Shakespeare to Sheridan


166.    Allen, D.    The world of Prometheus: the politics of punishing in democratic Athens

167.    Archibald, Z.        Hellenistic economies

168.    Briant, P.        From Cyrus to Alexander: a history of the Persian Empire

169.    Bruneau, P.        Délos: Île sacrée et ville cosmopolite

170.    Cahill, N.        Household and city organization at Olynthus

171.    Eilers, C.        Roman patrons of Greek cities

172.    Gradel, I.        Emperor worship and Roman religion

173.    Haselberger, L        Mapping Augustan Rome

174.    Hesiod            Works and days

175.    Hornblower, S.    The Greek world, 479-323 BC. 3rd ed.    

176.    Ogden, D.        The Hellenistic world: new perspectives

177.    Pantermales, D.    Dion: he anakalypse

178.    Powell, A.        The Greek world

179.    Ridgway, D.        The first Western Greeks

180.    Rigsby, K.         Asylia: territorial inviolability in the Hellenistic world

181.    Wees, Hans van     War and violence in ancient Greece


182.    Abulafia, David     A Mediterranean emporium: the Catalan kingdom of Majorca

183.    Abulafia, David     Medieval frontiers: concepts and practices

184.    Ansari, A.        A history of modern Iran since 1921: the Pahlavis and after

185.    Armitage, David     The British Atlantic World, 1500-1800

186.    Bailey, Mark        The English manor, c.1200-1500

187.    Bailyn, B.        The ideological origins of the American Revolution

188.    Barber, Malcolm         The Templars: selected sources

189.    Barnard, T.        A new anatomy of Ireland: the Irish Protestants, 1649-1770 (Disc.)

190.    Barrow, G.        Kingship and unity: Scotland 1000-1306. 2nd ed.

191.    Barton, Simon     The aristocracy of twelfth-century Leon and Castile

192.    Benedict, P.        Christ's churches purely reformed: a social history of Calvinism

193.    Bensch, S.P.        Barcelona and its rulers, 1096-1291

194.    Berlin, I.    Many thousands gone: the first two centuries of slavery in North America

195.    Blackbourn, D.     History of Germany, 1780-1918: the long nineteenth century

196.    Blair, J.        Anglo-Saxon Oxfordshire

197.    Bonney, R.    The European dynastic states, 1494-1660 (Disc.)

198.    Bonwick, C.    The American revolution

199.    Brading, D.A.    The first America: the Spanish monarchy, Creole patriots, and the Liberal state 1492-1867

200.    Brown, K.        Good wives, nasty wenches, and anxious patriarchs

201.    Cannadine, D.        Class in Britain

202.    Canning, J.    The political thought of Baldus de Ubaldis

203.    Casas, B.    A short account of the destruction of the Indies

204.    Cieza de León, P.    The discovery and conquest of Peru: chronicles of the New World encounter

205.    Citino, N.    From Arab nationalism to OPEC: Eisenhower, King Sa'ud and the making of US-Saudi relations

206.    Clark, J.        The religious orders in pre-Reformation England

207.    Clendinnen, Inga     Autonomy and community: the royal manor of Havering, 1200-1500

208.    Cogswell, T.        Politics, religion, and popularity in early Stuart Britain (Disc.)

209.    Collinson, P.        Elizabethans

210.    Coward, B.        The Stuart age: England, 1603-1714 (Disc.)

211.    Crouch, David     The Normans: the history of a dynasty

212.    Cust, R.        The English Civil War

213.    Dalton, Paul         Conquest, anarchy, and lordship: Yorkshire, 1066-1154

214.    Dawisha, A.    Arab nationalism in the twentieth century: from triumph to despair

215.    Duggan, Anne     Nobles and nobility in medieval Europe: concepts, origins, transformations

216.    Duke, A.    Reformation and revolt in the Low Countries

217.    Dunn, Alastair     The Great Rising of 1381: the Peasants' Revolt and England's failed revolution

218.    Dyer, Christopher    Making a living in the middle ages: the people of Britain 850-1520

219.    Fay, B.            History and theory: contemporary readings

220.    Fischer, D.        Albion's seed: four British folkways in America

221.    Freedman, L.         Kennedy's wars: Berlin, Cuba, Laos and Vietnam

222.    Friedrichs, C.        The early modern city, 1450-1750 (Disc.)

223.    Gillingham, J.         Richard I

224.    Goodman, A.        Margery Kempe and her world

225.    Gordon, Bruce     The Swiss Reformation 

226.    Gregory, J.    The national church in local perspective: the Church of England and the regions, 1660-1800

227.    Gwyn, Peter         The king's cardinal: the rise and fall of Thomas Wolsey

228.    Harris, J.        Private lives, public spirit: a social history of Britain, 1870-1914

229.    Hoak, Dale         Tudor political culture

230.    Hoffmann, D.        Stalinism: the essential readings

231.    Holt, P.    The Age of the Crusades: the Near East from the eleventh century to 1517 (Disc.)

232.    Hoppit, Julian        A land of liberty?: England, 1689-1727

233.    Huchthausen, P.    October fury

234.    Imber, Colin         The Ottoman Empire, 300 -1600: the structure of power

235.    Jehlen, M.        The English literatures of America, 1500-1800

236.    Justice, Steven        Writing and rebellion: England in 1381

237.    Karant-Nunn, S.    Luther on women: a sourcebook

238.    Kuhn, T.        The structure of scientific revolutions

239.    Kupperman, K.    Indians and English: facing off in early America

240.    Laybourn, Keith     Fifty key figures in twentieth century British politics

241.    Lerner, G.        Why history matters: life and thought

242.    Lilie, R.        Byzantium and the Crusader States, 1096-1204 (Disc.)

243.    Lockhart, James     Early Latin America: a history of colonial Spanish America and Brazil

244.    Lowe, K. J. P.    Church and politics in renaissance Italy: the life and career of Cardinal Francesco Soderini, 1453-1524

245.    Marshall, Peter     The beginnings of English Protestantism

246.    Martin, J.    Venice reconsidered: the history and civilization of an Italian city-state, 1297-1797

247.    Marwick, A.        The new nature of history: knowledge, evidence, language

248.    Marx, K.        The Communist manifesto

249.    Mattson, Kevin     Intellectuals in action: the origins of the New Left and radical liberalism, 1945 –1970

250.    McLaren, M.    The London chronicles of the fifteenth century: a revolution in English writing (Disc.)

251.    Morgan, K.    Slavery and servitude in colonial North America: a short history

252.    Nash, G.    The urban crucible: the northern seaports and the origins of the American Revolution

253.    Nicol, Donald     The immortal emperor: the life and legend of Constantine Palaiologos, last emperor of the Romans

254.    Nicol, Donald     The reluctant emperor: a biography of John Cantacuzene, Byzantine Emperor and monk, c.1295-1383

255.    Ostrowski, D.    Muscovy and the Mongols: cross-cultural influences on the steppe frontier, 1304 -1589

256.    Perry, M.        Marxism and history

257.    Phillips, J.        The Crusades, 1095 -1197

258.    Reitan, E.    The Thatcher revolution: Margaret Thatcher, John Major, and Tony Blair

259.    Riley-Smith, J.    The first crusaders, 1095-1131 (Disc.)

260.    Ross, Kristin         May '68 and its afterlives

261.    Schama, S.        Citizens: a chronicle of the French revolution

262.    Schmid, Andre    Korea between empires, 1895-1919

263.    Shagan, E.        Popular politics and the English Reformation

264.    Simpson, L.         The encomienda in New Spain: the beginning of Spanish Mexico

265.    Skinner, Q.        Visions of politics: Renaissance virtues

266.    Smith, D.        Cromwell and the interregnum: the essential readings

267.    Soper, P.        The Ethics of deference: learning from law’s morals

268.    Sorensen, G.        International fascism, 1919-45

269.    Spufford, P.        Power and profit: the merchant in medieval Europe

270.    Stubbs, W.    The constitutional history of England in its origin and development. 5th ed.

271.    Underdown, D.    Fire from heaven: life in an English town in the seventeenth century

272.    Vauchez, André     The laity in the Middle Ages: religious beliefs and devotional practices

273.    Venn, Fiona        The oil crisis 

274.    Waswo, Ann        Modern Japanese society, 1868-1994

275.    Waugh, Scott L.     Christendom and its discontents: exclusion, persecution, and rebellion, 1000-1500

276.    Westwood, J.        Endurance and endeavour: Russian history, 1812-2001


277.    Adams, J.        Understanding contract law

278.    Andenas, M.        Services and free movement in EU law

279.    Anson, W. R.        Anson's law of contract

280.    Arnull, A.        Accountability and legitimacy in the European Union

281.    Ashworth, A.        Principles of criminal law

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283.    Baker, John H.        An introduction to English legal history

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286.    Berman, H.        Law and revolution: the formation of the western legal tradition

287.    Birks, Peter         Breach of trust 

288.    Bradley, A. W.     Constitutional and administrative law

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290.    Corbett, R.        The European Parliament. 5th ed.

291.    Craig, P.P.         EU law: text, cases, and materials (2 copies)

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293.    Douglas-Scott, S.        Constitutional law of the European Union

294.    Estella de Noriega, A.        The EU principle of subsidiarity and its critique

295.    Faulkner, David         Crime, state and citizen: a field full of folk

296.    Glazebrook, P.R.         Blackstone's statutes on criminal law

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298.    Hartley, T.    The foundations of European Community law: an introduction to the constitutional and administrative law of the European Community. 5th ed.

299.    Hawkins, K    Law as last resort: prosecution decision-making in a regulatory agency

300.    Hedley, Steve         A critical introduction to restitution

301.    Hedley, Steve        Tort

302.    Ibbetson, D.        A historical introduction to the law of obligations

303.    Johnston, David     Unjustified enrichment: key issues in comparative perspective

304.    Jones, M.A.         Textbook on torts

305.    McClean, D.        Dear images: art, copyright and culture

306.    Megarry, R.E.        Megarry's Manual of the law of real property

307.    Ovey, Clare         Jacobs and White, the European Convention on Human Rights

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309.    Penner, J.        Introduction to jurisprudence and legal theory

310.    Riddall, J.G.        The law of trusts

311.    Simpson, A.W.B.         Invitation to law 

312.    Smith, R.J.         Property law  

313.    Turpin, C.        British government and the constitution: text, cases and materials

314.    Waldron, J.        The law

315.    White, Robin         The English legal system in action: the administration of justice

316.    Zuckerman, A.     Civil justice in crisis: comparative perspectives of civil procedure


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319.    Cameron, P.        Introduction to algebra

320.    Cohn, P.        Classic algebra

321.    Coulouris, G.        Distributed systems: concepts and design

322.    Fenn, R.    Geometry

323.    Jordan, D. W.    Mathematical techniques: an introduction for the engineering, physical, and mathematical sciences

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329.    Ashcroft, F.        Ion channels and disease: channelopathies

330.    Atkinson, Rita     Hilgard's introduction to psychology

331.    Bear, Mark F.        Neuroscience: exploring the brain

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339.    Longstaff, A.        Neuroscience

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342.    Mims, Cedric A.    Mims' pathogenesis of infectious disease

343.    Mims, Cedric A.     The war within us:  everyman's guide to infection and immunity

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366.    Cressy, D.    Travesties and transgressions in Tudor and Stuart England: tales of discord and dissension

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370.    Halsey, A. H.        Education: culture, economy, and society

371.    Higgins, R.        Problems and process: international law and how we use it

372.    Hylson-Smith, K.    The churches in England from Elizabeth I to Elizabeth II

373.    Jocelin, of Brakelond    Chronicle of the abbey of Bury St. Edmunds

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376.    Marsden, P.        The crossing place: a journey among the Armenians

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379.    Porter, Roy     The creation of the modern world: the untold story of the British Enlightenment

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381.    Seth, V.        The golden gate (Disc.)

382.    Stalley, R.        Early medieval architecture

383.    The Times atlas of the world: reference edition

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385.    Turner, Barry         UK today: essential facts in an ever-changing world

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387.    Who's who in education 2003 (Disc.)

388.    Woodcock, T.        The Oxford guide to heraldry


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399.    Almog, Joseph     What am I?: Descartes and the mind-body problem

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405.    Campbell, John     Reference and consciousness

406.    Carruthers, Peter     Phenomenal consciousness: a naturalistic theory

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413.    Davies, B.        Thomas Aquinas: contemporary philosophical perspectives

414.    Divers, John        Possible worlds 

415.    Fine, K.        The limits of abstraction

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417.    Fodor, Jerry A.    The compositionality papers

418.    Foot, Philippa         Moral dilemmas and other topics in moral philosophy

419.    Foot, Philippa        Virtues and vices and other essays in moral philosophy

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425.    Gendler, Tamar     Conceivability and possibility

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430.    Honderich, T.        After the terror

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432.    Kitcher, Philip     Science, truth, and democracy

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442.    Papineau, David     Thinking about consciousness

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452.    Robinson, Daniel     Praise and blame: moral realism and its application

453.    Rodin, D.        War and self-defense

454.    Ross, W.D.         The right and the good

455.    Singer, P.        One world 

456.    Sinnott-Armstrong, W.    Rationality, rules, and ideals: critical essays on Bernard Gert’s Moral theory

457.    Skinner, Q.        Visions of politics: regarding method

458.    Smith, A.D.         The problem of perception

459.    Smith, Nicholas     Reading McDowell: on Mind and world

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461.    Sosa, E.        Realism and relativism

462.    Stich, S.        The Blackwell guide to philosophy of mind

463.    Stoneham, Tom     Berkeley's world: an examination of the Three dialogues

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466.    Van Fraassen, B.    The empirical stance

467.    Williams, B.A.O.    Truth & truthfulness: an essay in genealogy


468.    Bergmann, L        Optics of waves and particles

469.    Boeker, E.        Environmental physics

470.    Born, M.    Principles of optics: electromagnetic theory of propagation, interference and diffraction of light

471.    Brown, B.        Medical physics and biomedical engineering

472.    Brown, J.        Fourier series and boundary value problems

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474.    Faber, T.        Fluid dynamics for physicists

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483.    Jones, R.        Soft condensed matter

484.    Kibble, T. W. B.     Classical mechanics 

485.    Klein, M.        Optics

486.    Lawden, D.        An introduction to tensor calculus, relativity and cosmology (Disc.)

487.    McCall, M.        Classical mechanics: a modern introduction

488.    McMurry, S.        Quantum mechanics

489.    Peacock, J.        Cosmological physics

490.    Reichl, L.        A modern course in statistical physics (Disc.)

491.    Rindler, W.        Relativity: special, general, and cosmological (Disc.)

492.    Scholz, C.        The mechanics of earthquakes and faulting

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494.    Sundaresan, M.    Handbook of particle physics

495.    Taylor, J.        Hidden unity in nature's laws

496.    Williams, W.        Introducing special relativity


497.    Amenta, E    Bold relief: institutional politics and the origins of modern American social policy

498.    Ball, S.        Mass conservatism: the Conservatives and the public since the 1880s

499.    Beck, R.    International rules : approaches from international law and international relations

500.    Byers, M.    The role of law in international politics: essays in international relations and international law

501.    Carter, N.        The politics of the environment: ideas, activism, policy

502.    Chamberlain, M.    Decolonization: the fall of the European empires

503.    Clark, I.        Classical theories of international relations

504.    De-Shalit, A.        The environment: between theory and practice

505.    Dobson, A.    Green political thought

506.    Doherty, B.    Democracy and green political thought: sustainability, rights and citizenship

507.    Eatwell, R.    The Nature of the right: European and American politics and political thought since 1789

508.    Ely, J.            Democracy and distrust: a theory of judicial review

509.    Gerstle, G.        American crucible: race and nation in the twentieth century

510.    Green, E.    Ideologies of conservatism: conservative political ideas in the twentieth century

511.    Hacker, J.    The divided welfare state: the battle over public and private social benefits in the United States

512.    Halsey, A. H.        Twentieth-century British social trends

513.    Hood, C.        The art of the state: culture, rhetoric, and public management

514.    Honderich, T.    Conservatism

515.    Huber, E.    Development and crisis of the welfare state: parties and policies in global markets

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521.    Hayward, T.    Political theory and ecological values

522.    Iversen, T.    Contested economic institutions: the politics of macroeconomics and wage bargaining in advanced democracies

523.    Jackson, R.        The global covenant: human conduct in a world of states

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525.    Lichbach, M.        Comparative politics: rationality, culture, and structure

526.    Light, A.    Moral and political reasoning in environmental practice

527.    Linz, J.    Problems of democratic transition and consolidation: Southern Europe, South America, and post-communist Europe

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529.    Marsh, D.        Theory and methods in political science. 2nd ed. (2 copies)

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531.    Peters, B.        Comparative politics: theory and methods

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535.    Shepsle, K.        Analyzing politics: rationality, behavior, and institutions

536.    Skinner, Q.        Visions of politics: Hobbes and civil science

537.    Swenson, P.    Capitalists against markets: the making of labor markets and welfare states in the United States and Sweden

538.    Tate, C.    The global expansion of judicial power

539.    Varshney, A.    Ethnic conflict and civic life: Hindus and Muslims in India

540.    Weaver, R.    Do institutions matter?: government capabilities in the United States and abroad

541.    Wilensky, H.    Rich democracies: political economy, public policy, and performance


542.    Bremner, J.        Blackwell handbook of infant development

543.    Claridge, G.        Personality and psychological disorders

544.    Cooper, Colin         Individual differences

545.    Dow-Nelson, P.    Lecture outlines for note taking for Atkinson and Hilgard's Introduction to Psychology. 14th ed.

546.    Goswami, U.        Blackwell handbook of childhood cognitive development

547.    Howell, D.        Statistical methods for psychology. 5th ed.

548.    Kline, P.        A psychometrics primer

549.    McLeod, P.        Introduction to connectionist modelling of cognitive processes

550.    Pinker, S.        The blank slate: the modern denial of human nature

551.    Smith, E.        Atkinson and Hilgard's introduction to psychology. 14th ed.

552.    Smith, P.        Blackwell handbook of childhood social development

553.    Zigmond, M.        Fundamental neuroscience. 2nd ed.

Total number of volumes 578

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