Corpus manuscripts available online at Digital.Bodleian

Nine Corpus manuscripts, digitised for the Early Manuscripts at Oxford University project, are available to view at the Digital.Bodleian platform.

500 Years of Treasures from Oxford: Corpus Library books in the US

Photos from the Folger Shakespeare Library where some of our manuscripts and early printed books were featured in an exhibition celebrating Corpus' quincentenary.

Leather consolidation

In 2015, during a placement at the Oxford Conservation Consortium, conservation intern Cécilia Duminuco restored one of Corpus’ Early Printed Books, Phi.E.3.5. Read her report of the restoration project.

A binding fit for the Black Prince

This unusual and handsome gift to the Library from Old Member John Scott (CCC 1956) is a deluxe medieval-style binding epitomising the Victorian Gothic revival. We were also fortunate to receive two exemplars of a carved Gothic style of bookbinding from John Scott.

The illustrations in John of Worcester's Chronicle of England (CCC MS 157)

The visions of Henry I from MS 157 are some of the best-known images from any of the Corpus manuscripts, and amongst the most frequently-requested for publication. In 2015 MS 157 was on loan to the British Library for their Magna Carta: Law, Liberty, Legacy exhibition.

Saving the crumbs from the rolls

Read about the conservation work being undertaken on the Rerum Britannicarum medii aevi scriptores.

Edmund Chishull (CCC 1687)

Read about the achievements of Chishull, one of the Old Members featured in our Trinity 2013 special collections display Corpuscles and the wider world: CCC in the 18th century.

On the art of building

First published in the Sundial in 2013, this article outlines the significance of a volume of three early architectural works bequeathed to the college by Richard Fox.

Sea creatures from the depths of the College

This article, first published in the Sundial in 2014, describes aspects of a 16th century illustrated work given by Brian Twyne.

The Clothworkers' Company Project

Read about this project to protect and preserve three printed volumes with botanical specimens and an early manuscript bible.