Going to university is not just about studying (although it is the focus!). At Oxford and at Corpus Christi, there are so many different opportunities for students. We want to make sure that our students can take part in these without worrying about the cost. 

Academic Expenses Grant

With access to an extensive library, most students do not need to buy books. However, there are times when students may wish to purchase their own books or academic equipment. With the Academic Expenses Grant, students can apply to be reimbursed for books, scientific equipment, and other academic expenses. Students can apply for a total of £162 each year. 

Vacation Residence Credit

Students living at Corpus have a 60-night rent per term, meaning that they are required to vacate their rooms during the vacation. This keeps the costs down for our students, as they only pay for when they are at College. However, there are times when students need to stay in College either before term starts or after term ends. Corpus can offer financial support to students which allows them to stay in residence during the vacations for up to 14 days. This is extended to 21 days for final-year students. The credit covers the costs per night of a room during the vacation. 

Personal Development Fund (PDF)

The aim of the PDF is to assist students in their pursuit of a wide range of extracurricular activities that enhance their skills and enrich their lives beyond their academic studies. This could include sports classes, hobbies, equipment, competition entry fees, and much more. It does not cover travel (students can apply to the Travel Grant for this). 

What the fund will cover:

  1. Subscriptions and membership fees to University Sports or other societies
    1. This will cover a proportion of an undergraduate’s membership fees to University Sports or other societies.
    2. The maximum amount available will be 50% or subs up to a maximum amount of £125 per year per student.
  2. Equipment
    1. This could include (but is not limited to!) sports equipment, yoga mats, music equipment, drama equipment etc.
    2. The maximum amount covered will be £75 per year per student.
  3. Other Courses and Development
    1. This could include online or in-person courses covering such areas as mindfulness, meditation, or non-academic computing skills.
    2. The maximum amount covered will be £75 per year per student.

University Language Course Reimbursement

There are plenty of opportunities for our students to pursue further study in other subjects outside their degree course. Learning a language is a wonderful way to try something new and enhance your skill set. The University runs two types of language courses:

  • General and Academic – students can enrol one term at a time. Students who have a strong academic need and apply for a priority place, the College will reimburse the fee of £120.00 per term on successful completion of the language course.
  • Fast track – this is a yearlong course. The College will reimburse 50% of the cost for students who successfully complete the course.