What is the JCR? 

The JCR is here to help ensure your experience as a Corpuscle is as positive and enjoyable as it can be.

The JCR Committee represents the interests of all undergraduates within the College, and the JCR President and/or officers sit on most College committees.

The JCR organises all kinds of events during the year, from daily teas to regular meetings where students get the opportunity to discuss social and serious issues.

As well as sport you can get involved in:


The MBI Al-Jaber Auditorium is a large, modern and pleasant space with lovely acoustics and is equipped with a modern over-strung piano. It can be used for practice and performance of music and drama.

The Chapel contains a fine tracker-action organ by Thomas Hill (1880) and an excellent harpsichord by Goble (1976). The Chapel Choir performs a Sunday service (Evensong) once a week.

The common room in the Liddell Building (accommodation) contains a Broadwood grand piano and is a good setting for more informal music making.

Music from all periods can be found at Corpus.


For the aspiring actor, drama at Corpus revolves around the activities of the Owlets. The company has earned its reputation with an amazing lectures series and two five star shows. It produces several plays a year including a ‘Cuppers' entry - the University's freshers-only drama competition. Some Owlet successes include productions of ‘Othello', ‘Year of the Rat' and a 50-year anniversary production of ‘Murder in the Cathedral', featuring members of the original undergraduate cast of 1951.