The Chapel


Welcome to Corpus Christi Chapel. The Chapel is open to everyone, every day.

For over 500 years the Chapel has been a place for the corporate worship of God and the ministry of Word and Sacrament. It is a place where we offer prayers for the needs of the local community and the world. It is also a place set apart for quiet and reflection. To this day it enriches Corpus life in all these ways.

Everyone is welcome, every day. College members can attend services and participate in Chapel activities, including our ongoing work with local homeless people through the Oxford Gatehouse and the Oxford Winter Night Shelter.

Most weeks our principal service is Choral Evensong at 5.45pm on Sundays. Like all our services, this is for those of all faiths and none, offering a helpful opportunity for a time of reflection in a beautiful setting, supported by music and readings with a sermon or talk.

From time to time, our main service is a Eucharist. If you are baptised or have communicant status in your own denomination, you are welcome to receive Holy Communion. We also welcome members of the public to all services.

Read the Chapel Information leaflet here.

The  Chaplain

As Chaplain, Stephanie oversees the College Chapel activities, both through the leading of worship, in collaboration with the Director of Music, Organ Scholars, and Chapel Wardens, and through other events within the College. She is particularly interested in matters of diversity, inclusivity, equity, religious literacy, interfaith conversations and the arts.  

Stephanie is here for all members of the College community, whether they come to Chapel or not. The College Chapel is an inclusive space, in which all are welcome, where we foster a sense of belonging, and where everyone can feel safe and valued. If you have any questions, would appreciate a conversation, have suggestions on activities involving the Chapel or faith, or would like to help during services (reading, setting up, etc.), please reach out to Stephanie by email or come to talk to her when you see her around. 

Stephanie’s research was originally on French literature and paintings, specifically seventeenth- and eighteenth-century art criticism and art theory. She is now researching the works of early twentieth-century British artists, who revisited Christian imagery in the inter-war and post-World War II period, either in England or abroad, often wrestling with theological questions in extreme situations. 

Contact the Chaplain

The Reverend Dr Stephanie Burette


Stephanie is also the Chaplain at Lady Margaret Hall.

Student voices

"Weekly services are an opportunity to share and be grateful for the gifts of music, friendship and collaboration in a warm and homely setting. The idea that countless students and scholars have, for centuries before me, used our Chapel as a space for reflection and prayer, is inspiring and gives me a strong sense of belonging in the Corpus community.”

Augy, Classics