The Chapel


Welcome to Corpus Christi Chapel. The Chapel is open to everyone, every day.

For over 500 years the Chapel has been a place for the corporate worship of God and the ministry of Word and Sacrament. It is a place where we offer prayers for the needs of the local community and the world. It is also a place set apart for quiet and reflection. To this day it enriches Corpus life in all these ways.

Everyone is welcome, every day. College members can attend services and participate in Chapel activities, including our ongoing work with local homeless people through the Oxford Gatehouse and the Oxford Winter Night Shelter.

The lovely intimacy of our Chapel makes ‘in person’ services unwise just at the moment, but the life of the Chapel, of music making and worship, goes on despite of Covid. You can find the Michaelmas Chapel podcasts here.

If you’re baptised or have communicant status in your own denomination, you’re welcome to receive Holy Communion. We also welcome members of the public to all services.

The Chaplain

The Reverend Canon Dr Judith Maltby is an Anglican priest and has been Chaplain and Fellow of Corpus since 1993.

She is also Dean of Welfare, working with colleagues to look after welfare provision and policy in College. She can advise on welfare and faith matters, in complete confidence, and help you access support across the University.

Outside Corpus and the University, Judith is a member of the General Synod of the Church of England and is a member of the Crown Nominations Commission, which nominates individuals to be diocesan bishops.

She is also committed to Christian unity, having served on bodies to strengthen relations between the Church of England, the Methodist Church and the Roman Catholic Church. She is active in groups committed to promoting equality in the Church of England.

Her academic interests include English church history in the Tudor and Stuart periods, as well as Anglican literary culture. She co-edited a volume of essays on Anglican women novelists of the 19th and 20th centuries, such as Dorothy L. Sayers and Barbara Pym.

Contact the Chaplain

The Reverend Canon Dr Judith Maltby

01865 276722 |

Student voices

"Weekly services are an opportunity to share and be grateful for the gifts of music, friendship and collaboration in a warm and homely setting. The idea that countless students and scholars have, for centuries before me, used our Chapel as a space for reflection and prayer, is inspiring and gives me a strong sense of belonging in the Corpus community.”

Augy, Classics