Attending university can open many doors. Students have lots of opportunities to travel during the vacation to enhance their education or provide experiences to help them secure a career path after their degree. At Corpus Christi, we offer our students travel grants to help support them with this.

Travel Grants

Each term, undergraduate students can apply for a travel grant. The maximum grant awarded over a period of study is £450 with an additional £150 available to students who study for a four-year degree, instead of a three-year degree. The trip must, in general, have some academic purpose (but not be part of your course). This could include an internship, work experience, research placements. The College will also consider non-academic but broadly educational valuable trips, for example a volunteering project or cultural exchanges. 

Sharpston Travel Grant

An annual travel scholarship worth £600 for travel anywhere in the world that will advance a student’s learning and/or intellectual development. In 2022, Ellie Vohra travelled to Morocco. Read her report published in the Pelican Record here.

Palmer Travel Grant

A biennial scholarship of up to £600 for travel to Europe for a period of two or three weeks; the travel should be related to a project over the summer vacation and have an academic benefit.