In September 2021 the Bursar joined colleagues from Cambridge University at a meeting organised by Dr Ellen Quigley with senior executives from both Barclays PLC and Lloyds Bank PLC to press them on their lending and other policies towards carbon intensive industries. The intention of the meeting was to press lending institutions with whom Oxbridge Colleges do business to increase their funding to green industries and to divest from projects which do not support climate change objectives. The Bursar has also attended a number of Sustainable Finance symposiums, the most recent being held at Keble College in late June 2022. 

Corpus is one of sixty-five institutions and trusts in UK Higher Education who have collaborated in a new effort to create a market for cash products that do not contribute to the financing of fossil fuel expansion. For more information click here.

We continue, through ongoing dialogue and an annual audit process, to encourage our Endowment managers to behave sustainably. The Amundi Low Carbon Fund which we incepted with Clare College Cambridge now has £400m+ in assets.

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