Joining the Choir

Choir members enjoy three free formal dinners a term, plus a free dinner after every sung service. We offer plenty of other forms of hospitality and entertainment after each sung service.

The College offers eight SATB choral bursaries of £150 per year and also meets the cost of two singing lessons per term for each Choral Bursar. Non Choral Bursars are also eligible for free singing lessons. Dr Pardee and the Organ Scholars choose the Choral Bursars early in the academic year.

Each summer vacation, the Choir goes on tour. Recent trips include Skipton, Leeds, Dublin, Ross-on-Wye and further afield to Bordeaux, Rome, Barcelona, Japan and Canada.

Choir Recordings

The following CDs are available for purchase on the alumni merchandise page here.

Carols from Corpus

This beautiful Quincentenary collection of Christmas carols comprises both traditional and contemporary music, selected and recorded by our wonderful choir under the direction of then Organ Scholars Peter Ladd, Eric Foster and Theodore Hill. Arranged to reflect the order of the Christmas narrative, the selection takes us on a journey spanning 500 years of festive worship.

O Sacrum Convivium

This means sacred banquet’ and is the title of a famous St Thomas Aquinas text which rejoices that we encounter Christ's saving love in the Eucharist or Holy Communion. The CD includes a musical setting of that text, as well a banquet of sacred music from the sixteenth century to the present. It was organised by then Organ Scholars Dorethea Harris and  Padraig Staunton.

Pie Pelicane | Music for the Christian Year

This first CD from the Chapel Choir was produced under the direction of previous Organ Scholars Julian MacBride and David Moore. It features 16 tracks sung through the Christian year in Chapel, including music by Howells, Byrd, Gardiner and others, plus two of David Moore's compositions for Corpus Christi.