The key source of the College’s environmental impact is its building.  The Buildings Committee has been renamed the Sustainability and Buildings Committee. Corpus is dedicated to reducing the energy use in its buildings and decarbonising by 2050 at the latest.

Completed Projects

The College is among the first Oxford Colleges to have removed all gas appliances in its kitchen, a key part of gas use reduction.

Similarly, the programme of upgrading old sash windows in Gentleman Commoners’ Quad was completed during summer 2022 with a view to improving the thermal efficiency of our heritage buildings. The same is the case with the recent refurbishment of the Porter’s Lodge.

Passivhaus Building

Corpus considers the environmental impacts of any new building projects. We went live with its project to build a new Special Collections Centre in 2021. To be named The Spencer Building. It will, we hope, be the first Passivhaus building to be linked to a sixteenth-century Grade I listed range of buildings, having passed a rigorous pressure test, a significant milestone on its journey to passivhaus certification. The architectectural firm Wright & Wright, is well known for the work they have done in both Oxford and Cambridge and most recently at Lambeth Palace. The project will be completed in mid-2024. 

For more information about the building, look at the project’s website here.

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