Why is Corpus Christi an excellent choice for international students?

This is what some of our international students think about working and living here.

“Though I started learning English at the age of six, it is still my second language. I have not found the academics difficult. I sometimes find everyday communication a little harder because of the culture difference but everyone is easy to talk to and I always feel included.”

Jiwang, Chemistry (China)

“I chose Oxford because of its reputation and because most science papers nowadays are published in English so I thought it would be better to study in English. I have enjoyed my Chemistry course enormously and although my English was only school standard have not found the language a barrier at all. Corpus is extremely welcoming to international students.”

Janko, Chemistry (Germany)

"Being an international student anywhere will come with its challenges and difficult moments. At Corpus, no matter where you come from, we are a home where everyone cares and is here to help you - because you are you. From the Chaplain to porters, tutors to Peer Supporters, you are welcome as your unique self."

Sing, Law (Singapore)

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