International students play an important role in College life. They form around one fifth of our student population making us a diverse and lively student community.

Why is Corpus Christi an excellent choice for international students? This is what some of our international students think about working and living here.

"The Corpus MCR is a tight-knit, eclectic community, and being a part of it has both broadened and deepened my academic horizons. It’s a wonderful space to dive into your interests, no matter how unique!"  

Gabrielle, DPhil Student (USA)

"Corpus has such a strong sense of community, probably because of its small size. The MCR has given me not just a place to have fun but somewhere I can express my ideas in a non- competitive environment. Regardless of what you study, where you come from or what year you are in, the members of the MCR always seem ready to offer academic as well as emotional support."

Ebba, MSt Student (Sweden)

"I was given the chance to spend a year at Oxford, and I couldn't have asked for a more welcoming and comfortable community than Corpus Christi College. The administrative staff and porters are some of the most helpful people I have encountered in my life."

Julian, MSc Student (USA)