Rewards for academic achievement

At Corpus we celebrate our members’ efforts and successes at our annual Scholars' Dinner.

Each year a number of prizes are awarded.

  • Fox Prize | £500 - Students who come in the top 5% for their first public examination are eligible for this prize, named after the College founder.
  • Scholarships | £200 - Awarded to students who get Firsts or Distinctions in any examination before their Finals, or whose work is deemed outstanding by their tutors.
  • Exhibitions | £100 - Exhibitions are awarded to students who are working consistently well and at a level just below the first class.
  • Music Awards - £200 towards the cost of music lessons or other musical activities awarded to one student a year.

A number of named prizes are also awarded.

  • Bushell Prize in History - £150 to a Finalist based on their dissertation marks.
  • William Charnley Prize in Law - £150 to a second year law student for outstanding achievement.
  • Corange Prize in Medicine - £100 to any Medic who obtains a distinction in both parts of the First BM.
  • Corpus Association Prize - £100 to the first year undergraduate who has made the most outstanding contribution to the life of the College.
  • Haigh Prize in Classics - £150 for the best performance in Classics Finals
  • Palmer Prize - £500 for a research project involving travel to Europe (awarded every other year)
  • Sharpston Prize - £600 travel scholarship.
  • Sidgwick Prize - £150 to a second year student consistently producing excellent work and recommended by a tutor
  • Thomson Prize - £150 to a finalist obtaining the best marks in FHS Philosophy papers

Expanding Horizons Scholarships

Established in 2017, this programme is open to all current undergraduates and graduates, including final-year students. It awards up to three students with scholarships of up to £5,000.

These funds give the recipients the chance to spend 4 to 8 weeks in the US or a non-OECD country during the summer vacation. The aim is for the student to experience broad educational, professional and vocational value beyond the scope of their academic course at Oxford, building connections to form a basis for greater understanding and shared purpose, allowing the recipient to expand their horizons.

On their return, each student writes a report on their experiences.

Travel grants

As a Corpus undergraduate, you can apply for up to £200 every two years towards study travel. The maximum grant awarded over a student’s period of study is £450 and an additional £150 is available for students to apply for during their fourth year of study. Grants are not available after the Easter vacation in your final year. ) The proposed trip must, in general, have some academic purpose (but not be part of your course), this could include internships, work experience, research placements either in Oxford or further afield. However, non-academic but more broadly educationally valuable trips (e.g. volunteer projects or cultural exchanges) will also be considered for the summer vacation. Recent grants have enabled students to:

  • Visit Greece and Rome to see sites of classical importance
  • Make research trips to Scotland, Ireland and Liverpool
  • Work with drug addicts in Madrid and HIV sufferers in Lesotho
  • Study the lives of workers in rural Spain
  • Attend an international summer school in Germany