When you join the College, we expect you to take a mature approach to your work and encourage you to think ambitiously around problems. In return, you can expect plenty of stimulating discussion and real freedom to explore your ideas with internationally-renowned scholars.

Teaching - Oxford-style

The University departments and faculties organise your lectures, classes and any lab work, while the College arranges tutorials and further classes. Most tutorials are given by Corpus tutors and lecturers and are held in College, though you might work with tutors from other colleges for some specialised topics.

You have at least one 1-hour tutorial each week with a tutor and one or two other undergraduates. Usually the tutor sets you an essay or questions in advance, to discuss in the next tutorial.

What is so effective about this approach is that it provides you with the resources and independence to challenge and stretch yourself intellectually in a stimulating and co-operative environment.

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Learn from world-class thinkers

Your tutors supervise your studies, offer advice on course options and are always ready with encouragement and constructive criticism. Whether you are facing issues with academic work or college life, they are here to help.

Corpus students are expected to demonstrate a high level of commitment and maturity in their approach to their academic work. In return, they are rewarded with stimulating intellectual discussion and the liberty of having their ideas explored and discussed with internationally-reputed scholars.

The academic environment of the College dissolves the traditional teacher-student hierarchy, encouraging students to think ambitiously around problems and issues within their subject.

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