The President set up a Sustainability Working Group in Michaelmas 2019, which consists of Fellows, the Domestic Bursar, the Bursar, the Sustainability Officer and representatives from the MCR and JCR.  At the initial meeting, lots of ideas were suggested with an emphasis on taking targeted action in areas where we can get immediate results.  It was remarkable that in the end the policy was written by the Junior Members (with occasional edits from the SCR) but essentially this piece of work is something which has been created by the student body and in particular Freya Chambers (Classics, 2016) who deserves the lion's share of the applause for shepherding this landmark policy. This Working Group has now been formalised into the Sustainability Sub-Committee, which reports to the Sustainability and Buildings Committee.

Read the Corpus Christi College Sustainability Policy here.

Read the College's annual Sustainability Report here.