Good food, good prices

During term-time, we offer cafeteria-style self-service, breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week, apart from on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

You can also enjoy a more formal sit-down dinner (known as Formal Hall) once a week during term for a reasonable price as well as occasional special dinners. 

Average meal costs

  • Breakfast - £2.69
  • Lunch - £4.25
  • Dinner - £6.27

Our pay-as-you-go system makes it easy to budget for food. If you would rather cook for yourself, there are kitchens in the College houses and the Liddell Building.

Rave Review on 'Observing Oxford' 

Corpus received the following write up from an Oxford student, who attends to college Formal Halls in order to review them for 'Observing Oxford'.  

Food: 9/10 - Oh my GOSH - the food was amazing! And it turns out I'm not the only one who thinks that - lots of you got in touch to say how much you'd enjoyed the food at Corpus Christi when you visited! So HUGE shoutout to the chefs for an absolutely delicious meal - I genuinely enjoyed every element of every dish.

Menu: 9/10 - We started the night with prawns and then had chicken, although I'm not 'exactly' sure what the main was because I couldn't spot a menu.  Anyway whatever it was, me calling it 'chicken' doesn't do it justice.  Unsurprisingly, given my sweet tooth, dessert was the highlight! And my gosh what a pudding it was! It was a chocolate-salted caramel pot and I could eat it everyday for the rest of my life! 

Hall: 8/10 - The Corpus Christi hall is truly, truly beautiful.

Thank you so much to the Corpus Christi team for making it such a lovely evening.

5-star Rating

For the past six years, the College has held a 5-star rating for the health and safety of its food provision. Jimmy Hinton, Head Chef, was interviewed for the Sundial, Issue 11.  The interview can be read here: Cooking up a storm.