Seminar Series Trinity 2023

Week 1 (26 April)   Boris Chrubasik, University of Toronto
‘Towards a local history of the Hellenistic southern Levant: sealings and lives of Maresha’.

Week 2 (3 May)      Rubina Raja, Aarhus University
‘Religious banquets in (Graeco-Roman?) Palmyra. Dining as expression of local traditions or cultural affinities with the Graeco-Roman world.’

Week 3 (10 May)      Benedikt Eckhardt, University of Edinburgh
‘Attica in Syria? The Fate of Cities in the Post-Seleucid Southern Levant (129-63 BCE)’.

Week 4 (17 May)     Leah Lazar, University of Oxford
‘Revisiting the monetary economy of Archaic Asia Minor’.

Week 5 (24 May)     No seminar (Lewis Lecture)

Week 6 (31 May)     Ivana Petrovic and Andrej Petrovic, University of Virginia
‘Curses in Greek sanctuaries: the case of Herodotus’.

Week 7 (7 June)      Dan Etches-Jones, University of Oxford
'The Lumbarda Psephisma and Greek Colonisation’.

Week 8 (14 June)    Ben Akrigg, University of Toronto
‘Quantification and Comparison, Description and Explanation in the Economic History of Archaic and Classical Greece’.