Seminar Series Trinity 2024

24 April (Week 1): Introduction to the Greek and Latin grammarians
Eleanor Dickey (Reading)

1 May (Week 2): Reformare and 化 in Angelo Zottoli’s Cursus Litteraturae Sinicae vol. 
Cynthia Liu (Oxford)

8 May (Week 3) : Do all words have a meaning? Indian grammarians and the semantics of indeclinable words
Althea Sovani (Oxford)

15 May (Week 4): The naming of the pronoun in Alexandrian grammar. Critical study of the different traditions at work in the development of a grammatical category (Apollonius Dyscolus, On pronouns, 3.9-9.10)
Lionel Dumarty (CNRS)

29 May (Week 6): The Poetics of Grammar: (Paratextual) Poetry in Early Modern Textbooks
Lukas Spielhofer (Heidelberg)

5 June (Week 7): Ordered rules in Greek and Latin grammarians
Philomen Probert (Oxford)

12 June (Week 8): Using ancient grammatical texts in the Greek Middle Ages
Ugo Mondini (Oxford)