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Teaching and Learning

In Oxford, the University organises lectures, some classes and, laboratory work; colleges provide tutorials and further classes.

As a student at Corpus you will have at least one tutorial a week, usually lasting an hour, involving a tutor and typically one or two other undergraduates. Normally your tutor sets some work in advance: usually an essay or a sheet of problems to be discussed in the next tutorial. This method of teaching ensures that students are intellectually stretched in a way that is not possible in a system of lectures and classes alone. It also means that the teaching is directed at you and targeted to your particular needs.

Most tutorials are given by Corpus tutors and are held in College, although for some of the more specialised topics we make arrangements with tutors from other colleges. If you want more information about the subjects taught at Corpus, visit the Subject Areas page. For information about the research and teaching interests of our academic staff, visit the Fellows page.

Corpus tutors are responsible for overseeing the studies of their students, offering advice on the choice of course options and providing encouragement and constructive criticism. They are also available to help sort out problems related to your academic work or life in College. Corpus is proud of the quality of its teaching, which it regularly monitors through confidential student questionnaires.

The College tutors are scholars with international reputations in their fields and who publish their work in books and top academic journals. Their active involvement in cutting-edge research gives a sense of excitement to tutorial teaching and encourages large numbers of Corpus students to go on to graduate work. High-quality teaching demands an input from the student as well as the tutor, and Corpus undergraduates are expected to match the commitment of their tutors by showing similar levels of curiosity and application.


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