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The Frost Society

Bishop Fox founded Corpus Christi College in 1517 with the help of his friend Bishop Oldham who donated £4,000 (approx. £1m at today’s value). This was followed by a legacy from William Frost of Avington, Fox’s Steward and later High Sherriff of Hampshire. On Frost’s death, he bequeathed his estate at Maplederwell to the College, the income from which was intended to provide for the maintenance of a Scholar and a Fellow. The College has decided to name its legacy society in recognition of this early benefaction.

For over 500 years, the financial support received from its alumni and friends in the form of legacies has helped to shape and transform Corpus. It has helped to endow Fellowships, establish bursaries and scholarships, renovate buildings and create new teaching spaces. Corpus now operates in an international setting and it must find the resources to provide both world-class research and the very best educational experiences for students.

If you would like more information on how you can include Corpus in your will, please click the image below. You can also find forms for notifying us of your intentions here.

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