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Issue 10 of the Sundial magazine can be by clicking on the cover image below.


 Back issues of the Sundial are available in pdf format.  Please click on the links below.

  Sundial Issue 1          Sundial Issue 2         Sundial Issue 3         Sundial Issue 4          Sundial Issue 5         


 Sundial Issue 6           Sundial Issue 7          Sundial Issue 8         Sundial Issue 9



Pelican Record


The latest edition of the Pelican Record is available in pdf format. Please click on the image below.

Previous editions of the Pelican Record can be viewed in pdf format by clicking on the images below.

Pelican Record                                     Pelican Record                                                           
Vol. LIII                                                   Vol. LII                                                
December 2017                                     December 2016



                 Pelican Record                                    Pelican Record                                     Pelican Record                                                    
                 Vol. LI                                                    Vol. L                                                     Vol. XLIX                                                                     
                 December 2015
                                    December 2014                                    December 2013    



            Pelican Record                                       Pelican Record                                      Pelican Record
            Vol. XLVIII                                                 Vol. XLVII                                               Vol. XLVI
            December 2012                                       December 2011                                     December 2010



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