Corpus Christi usually admits 7 undergraduate students per year into Materials Science. In addition there are a number of graduate students usually studying for Doctor of Philosophy degrees. We have two Tutorial Fellows, Professor Pete Nellist and Professor David Armstrong, and a college lecturer Dr Christopher Patrick. In addition, Professor Nicole Grobert is a Fellow of the College.

Professor Nellist is an expert in the atomic resolution microscopy of materials. The relatively recent development of nitride semiconductors have allowed a range of new devices, including the white light emitting diodes used in bicycle lights. Professor Armstrong's research focuses on understanding and developing materials for use in extreme environments – focusing on aerospace and nuclear power generation with side interests in geological and energy storage materials. Dr Patrick works on modelling the physical properties of materials with interests in solar materials and the magnetic properties of engineering materials. Professor Grobert is an expert in the synthesis, characterisation and processing of nanomaterials. Nanomaterials have many unusual properties and are of great interest for use in a large variety of future technological applications

Corpus Christi is a small College, creating a relatively close-knit community. We generally find that students in different years get to know each other well, and can pass on advice and support when needed. Corpus Materials Scientists tend to make their mark in the wider university scene, either through sporting achievements, by taking on positions of responsibility in clubs and societies, or by sitting on committees in the department representing student views.