Professor Robin Murphy, the current Psychology tutor, organises and leads your learning experience, but your teaching at all levels, writing, thinking and communicating is supported by Fellows from Corpus and the wider Oxford community. Corpus has been a home to distinguished psychologists, such as Professor Brian Foss. who taught here in the 50s, and Professor N.J. Macktinosh (Magdalen), was a lecturer here in the 60s.

For further information about the Experimental Psychology and PPL courses, see the University admissions website.

Current teaching staff include:

Professor Robin Murphy, Dr Patricia Lockwood, Dr Miriam Klein-Flugge and Research Fellow, Professor Catherine Harmer

Professor Pawel Swietach and Dr Peter Zatka-Haas 

Professor Mark Wrathall and Chair of Mental Philosophy Professor Michael Martin

Dr Wolfgang de Melo

Subject Ambassador Tyrell writes:

"Oxford is different to other universities, for instance through the tutorials and the college system, but can be quite similar in other aspects. Experimental psychology however is distinctly different in its own right - the focus on ‘experimental’ evidence provides the foundation for which the course is built upon."