Recent changes to the course have included the introduction of material from the CORE textbook, The Economy. The second-year sequence covers Micro- and Macroeconomics at a more advanced level, and also includes an introductory course in statistical methods and econometrics (termed Quantitative Economics).

Although some remedial maths classes are provided through the Economics Department, applicants are strongly advised to have completed the equivalent of an A-level Mathematics. An A-level in Economics is not required, and is indeed of only very marginal utility for the first-year courses.

Currently, almost all first- and second-year tutorial teaching is provided within the College. Professor James Duffy, the Tutorial Fellow in Economics, teaches Prelims (i.e. first-year) Microeconomics and Quantitative Economics; Mr Luke Milsom, a Stipendiary Lecturer in Economics, teaches Prelims Macroeconomics and Core (i.e. second-year) Macroeconomics. Core Microeconomics is taught at Queen's College, by Professor Willemien Kets. Third-year option teaching is provided by specialist tutors in other colleges, as organised centrally by the Department of Economics.