Photo Credit (above): Karl Harrison

General advice about applying to study Chemistry at Oxford may be found on the Department’s website. The standard A-level conditional offer is A*A*A with both A*s in science subjects and/or mathematics. Equivalent offers apply for the International (or other) Baccalaureate, Scottish Highers, etc (for details, see here). Chemistry and Mathematics are essential at A-level (or its equivalent). Another science subject or Further Mathematics is recommended. We are pleased to receive applications for deferred entry. If you have any questions about applying to Corpus to study Chemistry, please contact Professor Hore or Dr Wormald.


One of Professor Hore’s research interests is whether birds use magnetically sensitive chemical reactions as the basis of their ability to detect the Earth’s magnetic field as an aid to navigation. The flavin molecule depicted is one of the proposed components of this chemical compass and the equations describe the quantum-mechanical basis of the magnetic response.

Subject Ambassador David writes:

"The chemistry course is primarily driven by lectures (two each weekday morning), labs, and tutorials (academic discussion sessions usually with one or two other students and a tutor). Twice a week (for about three out of every four weeks) you will be in the lab performing some new experiment, followed by results analysis. Tutorials are weekly (at Corpus - other colleges may vary) and involve being given a subject to read up on and some problems to solve and hand in, before going over them in detail in a small meeting with your tutor. There are other aspects including a maths segment with associated classes in first year, but such further details can be read about on the Chemistry departmental website."