Hi, I’m Theo, a first-year Law student at Corpus, from London.

I have been state-educated throughout my life and know how vastly different being at Oxford is both as a student and a prospective applicant. Before arriving at Corpus, I was nervous about the changes I would have to make to my life in order to accommodate the work that I would be putting in to my degree. As it turns out, you do not have to change much about your life in order to enjoy your time here. I was worried about not being to do simple things like go to the pub or watch TV, but that has never been an issue as my workload fits nicely into my day.

Corpus is such a great place and lives up to it’s reputation as a ‘small and friendly’ college. People at Corpus are some of the most kind, genuine and fun people I’ve ever met and I am so glad that I ended up here. The undergraduate community at Corpus is such a supportive place. Everyone is going through the same thing as you, so you never feel alone!

It is no secret that studying at Oxford is intense. Coming from a college where I had a small workload, I was very worried about being overwhelmed by the step up in the sheer number of hours a week that I would have to work. Admittedly, studying Law is very intense to begin with as you have exams at the end of your second term (known as Hilary term). However, the workload is definitely manageable and there is more than enough time to enjoy going out with friends as well as keeping up with your hobbies.

At Corpus I am a member of our rugby team and have rowed for the college in the annual Summer Eights races. Rugby at Corpus is a lot of fun and we are a competitive team. We are typically one of the better teams across the university and find ourselves in the latter stages of the inter-collegiate tournament (‘Cuppers’). Expected commitment is not much (usually one training session and one match per week) and the players are very supportive. Rugby at Corpus is so inclusive and our women’s side were the inaugural Cuppers champions in 2022!

Overall, Corpus is a great place to study. It is an excellent college to study Law. The tutors at Corpus are excellent and are so understanding. I have loved my first year at Corpus and I am sure that any prospective student would too!


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