Hello, I’m Taherah and I am a second-year Law student at Corpus! 

I was slightly overwhelmed when I had to choose a college; I initially applied to a different one, and that decision was based on trying to compare as many accounts of all the colleges as I could find on the internet. I was offered an interview at Corpus, and later a place, and I’m so happy with the way things turned out. Corpus is famously ”small and friendly”, but it is also beautiful, exciting and busy - especially during a weekend brunch! I would definitely recommend visiting on an open day1 and just taking some time to explore the city if possible.

The terms are only eight weeks long, meaning that time flies (too) quickly - and learning is also done at a fast pace. There are about ten hours of lectures a week and three tutorials2 per fortnight, with each tutorial requiring a piece of written work. There is a learning curve to even understanding how to study law, but being in small groups definitely helps (there are five to seven Law students per year at Corpus, and tutorials are held in groups of two or three). Corpus also runs a fantastic book loan scheme, which means that all of your books for your first year (and most of them in the following years) are provided for you for free. The scheme is part of our very own law society, which holds fun events throughout the year, including a Christmas party, a summer tea for finalists2 and plenty of dinners with firms/chambers, as well as speakers in a diverse range of careers who come to share their experiences. Terms are also punctuated by JCR3 teas, bops and even college dog walks! Though Corpus will be your main “home”, even outside of college there are so many opportunities, societies and activities to get involved with. Some are law-related, like the mooting competitions, but we have everything from musical groups to Quidditch - there is a register of student clubs on the University website that is worth checking out.

If you have any questions about Law, Corpus, Oxford, or just university in general, please feel free to email and ask!


1 Please note that the Open Days on 30 June, 1 July and 17 September 2021 are virtual.
2 Finalists are students who are in the year of their final exams (usually third year).

3 JCR stands for Junior Common Room, meaning the undergraduate student body at Corpus.
4 Tutorials are regular academic discussion sessions usually with one or two other students and a tutor.


Resources categorised by subject and by Key Stage, as well as materials for applying to Oxford and finding out more about Corpus, can be found here.