Hello! We’re Rhiannon from the South of England, and Sampada from India, both (soon to be!) second-year Law students here at Corpus! 

Neither of us ‘always knew’ we wanted to come to Oxford, or study law for that matter, but we’re very glad to have applied and we’ve felt very welcome through the whole process, from the application stage, through interviews, to now. Corpus is a small, friendly college and while Rhiannon applied directly to Corpus after attending an open day and loving the friendly atmosphere, Sampada made an open application, but interviewed at Corpus.

Life at university (especially at Oxford!) happens at a very fast pace, with short eight-week terms which are jam-packed with lectures, tutorials (academic discussion sessions with a tutor), and many fun activities around both college and the University. Law tends to have about ten hours of lectures per week, and three tutorials a fortnight, with an essay due for each tutorial. Tutorials usually happen in groups of two or three and, in fact, interviews provide a good idea of what tutorials are like. Don’t worry if the prospect of writing so many essays scares you: Sampada studied science in high school and had never written essays before coming to Oxford. Studying Law is a new experience for almost everyone: there are no required subjects and no prior experience of the law is expected or required. Everyone is eased into the course and while the workload is challenging, there definitely is time for us to pursue other activities. Rhiannon can’t seem to get enough of law, and is the Returning Officer of the JCR (which means that she gets to interpret the constitution of the undergraduate student body!) whilst also rowing and playing football at a collegiate level. Sampada, however, takes her well-deserved breaks from academics by being Corpus’ International Students Officer and playing badminton on the University team.

Law at Corpus is a special experience because of the very tight-knit Law community of both students and tutors here. Corpus boasts its own law society which often hosts events with law firms, for those interested in networking. Be it a Christmas party where we play ‘fun’ law-themed games, or a friendly competition (in which even the tutors participate) to see who can advocate best for their favourite case or piece of legislation (very nerdy, we know), there are ample opportunities to get to know anyone and everyone who has something to do with Law at Corpus. 

We absolutely love the time we spend at Corpus, and we cannot recommend it highly enough in terms of both academic and welfare support! If you have any questions at all, we will be only too happy to answer them - please feel free to email us.