Hi! I’m Paulina from London, and I’m a second-year Classical Archaeology and Ancient History (CAAH) student at Corpus.

CAAH was not something I considered until my very last year in school, as I had previously thought about studying history and politics at university. Looking at Greek plays and their history, combined with some Roman history in my A-level classes really got me hooked on the ancient world, and I quickly developed a huge interest in the history and the material culture that ancient societies left behind. CAAH was the perfect option for me, as it allowed me to study the ancient world without learning the ancient languages, as well as offering a broad range of topics to explore. In my first year, I was able to solidify my love for the ancient Greeks by studying Greek vases and taking a core class. These core classes were super helpful, as I was able to learn how to write essays and understand archaeological material, which was something I never looked at in school.

My tutors have also been wonderful and have been a great support, especially over the last year where COVID-19 has sometimes made things more difficult. The welfare support at college has been very good, both by my tutors and the student body (welfare tea is one of my favourite parts of the week!).

The workload was something that surprised me in my first term, as I went from being a student who usually found my work quite manageable to feeling as if I couldn’t quite get the hang of it. I think this is something that everyone feels at first, so there is no need to worry about it! It takes time to get into a routine, as the nature of the work changes from A-levels to university, but by the end of Michaelmas2 I found it much easier to manage. I had a great work/social balance and would often go to bops3, formals4 and all sorts!

I am the first person in my family to go to university, so Oxford was certainly not a place I considered until some teachers at my school suggested I try it. Coming to Corpus was both very exciting and slightly overwhelming at first as my parents couldn’t quite prepare me for what to expect. What I loved about Corpus, as soon as I arrived, was how welcoming the community is; I quickly made friends both in my year and the years above, which definitely helped me settle in.

Corpus is a wonderful, wholesome and friendly community that will make you feel super welcome and supported. I know I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! If you have any questions about Corpus, Oxford or CAAH, do let me know - I’ll be super happy to answer!


1 Welfare Tea happens at 4pm each day and involves tea, coffee and biscuits in the common room.
2 Michaelmas is the first term in the academic year and runs from October to December.
3 Bops are college parties.
4 Formals are optional three-course dinners that take place on Fridays in the dining hall.


Resources categorised by subject and by Key Stage, as well as materials for applying to Oxford and finding out more about Corpus, can be found here.