Hi! I’m Lucy, a second-year biomedical scientist at Corpus.

Biomedical Sciences (BMS) is a fantastic degree that offers students an immense amount of course breadth and flexibility. In first year we study Body and Cells, Genes and Molecules, Brain and Behaviour; the range of course material means we often share lectures with medics, psychologists and biochemists. From this foundation in first year, the course becomes progressively more specific as we get the choice to study topics we find most interesting. For me, this has been ideal for my second and third year courses, allowing me to choose the options tailored to my interests.

Typically in first year, on top of lectures and practicals, there are two to three tutorials (academic discussion sessions with one or two other students) a week with our college tutors, accompanied by an essay or another form of work in preparation for the tutorial. The workload for this course is undeniably challenging, but completely do-able with a bit of time management and organisation. I definitely found that, with time, confidence in my work grew; with a good grasp of my routine I found I was able to manage the workload with plenty of time to explore Oxford outside of academics.

Corpus is a fantastic place to study Biomedical Sciences. Tutorials with our head tutor Pawel, one of the top scientists in his fields, are a great privilege. It is also lovely to share these tutorials with the fellow Corpus BMS students, who are always there to help if you need it! The whole Corpus community is super welcoming and friendly, something I picked up on from my tour around the college in Year 12. I am excited now to help with the application process myself: if you have any questions about Corpus or the course, please feel free to drop me an email!