Hi! I’m Jamie, a PPEist from Surrey, and I’m about to enter my second year at Oxford.

Whilst visiting an Open Day at Oxford in Year 10, I asked a PPE student at another college about their course, and I knew straight away that this would be the subject for me. I’ve always been fascinated by the way the world works, and so studying Politics (which would show me the inner workings of governments around the world), Philosophy (which would show me the ideas and principles behind our beliefs), and Economics (which would show me what really runs the world) immediately called to me.

I have been blessed with brilliant tutors in all 3 disciplines, people who are clearly both knowledgeable about their subject and passionate about passing it on to the next generation of students. Whilst there is a lot of work associated with the course, particularly reading, I often find myself captivated by whichever author I’m analysing or essay I’m writing, and consequently tutorials are always full of lively discussion and debate.

Whilst your studies are obviously a very large part of your time at Oxford, there is still a lot of time for extra-curricular activities, such as sports, the arts, and just hanging out with mates. As the only person from my Sixth Form who came to the Uni, I was naturally worried about fitting in and finding friends, but the whole college was immediately warm and welcoming, and I settled in in no time!

Outside of my degree, I am a member of the Oxford Union, the University Karate Club, play football with the college, and occasionally run Music Society events in College, where I play guitar and bass. I’m also always happy to help with any questions, queries or concerns you may have!

Hope to see you around college!


Resources categorised by subject and by Key Stage, as well as materials for applying to Oxford and finding out more about Corpus, can be found here.