Hey, I’m Effie and I’m a first-year classicist here at Corpus. During my time here I’ve certainly been challenged academically in a way that is both fast-paced and fascinating. I’m so grateful for the warm and welcoming environment Corpus provides (particularly the kindness and banter of my tutors). Even though I’m not of the ‘typical’ Oxford classicist background that difference has never been felt because of the great community Corpus has! Coming here has been refreshing to say the least and I am ever grateful to be a part of this college. Initially I was quite anxious about coming here, feeling worried about fitting in and not being able to keep up, but the support system at Corpus is a blessing that should be acknowledged (no amount of welfare tea is too much welfare tea!). Additionally, I was worried about the college being quite small, but this actually turned out to be one of my favourite things about living here. Corpus feels a lot like a secluded safe space for when life gets too daunting, a community of supportive and generous people who always have a great time together. It’s safe to say that Corpus has quickly, and rightfully, become a home away from home.

I have no regrets in choosing Classics at all. I used to be the student that understood things very quickly and barely stressed about work; coming to Oxford very much changed this for me. Naturally this was scary at first, but there is something very rewarding about slowly and properly developing greater understanding in something you love and are passionate about. Being a course IB student (A-level equivalent in Latin, learning Greek from scratch) means my workload is occasionally more intense than that of my fellow classicists, but thankfully my tutors are always understanding of any deadline I may be unable to meet and accommodating of any struggle I may be facing. No struggle is ever as bad as it seems (Corpus tutors are always here to listen and probably offer you a lovely cup of tea).  My favourite thing about the course is probably how varied it is: even with the elements that seem boring, it only takes one captivating article on a reading list to change your mind (and there is always said captivating article).

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns about Classics or Corpus - hopefully I’ll be seeing you around.