At Corpus, our welfare team offers both youth and experience. The variety of resources and individuals may appear a little baffling but the aim is to provide a range of people to meet the diverse needs of our students. Sometimes a peer is the right person to talk to; sometimes it is someone older and more experienced. We offer both.

  • Senior College members
      • The Welfare Dean & Chaplain – whatever your religious beliefs are or aren’t
      • The Tutor for Welfare
      • The Academic Registrar
      • The College Nurse
      • The College Doctors
      • The On-site Counsellor
      • The Harassment Advisor
      • Tutor for Graduates
      • Senior Tutor
      • Graduate Adviser
  • Junior College members
      • Peer Supporters
      • JCR and MCR Welfare Officers
      • JCR International Students' Officer
      • JCR Equality Officer

Subject tutors can provide pastoral care and are often the first port of call for undergraduates. They will be happy to discuss issues with you in a confidential, non-judgemental way and to sign-post you to the further support if needed.

A termly Welfare Guide is produced and made available to all members of the College.

If you would like to know more about pastoral support available at Corpus and the University, please contact the College Office.