Help with financial hardship

Consultation with Fellows of the College and our student representatives led us to develop three schemes that offer financial support. Applications are considered every term.

Students can apply by submitting a form to our Maintenance Committee, which includes the Vice-President, Bursar, Senior Tutor, Tutor for Graduates and Chaplain.

Each application is assessed according to financial need and all details are kept private

Ongoing Support

This scheme helps students who cannot meet the normal costs of living in Oxford. If you don’t have enough funds, even after taking advantage of any available public and private help, you can apply to the Maintenance Committee with details of your income and expenses.

We review the figures we use to assess Ongoing Support applications every year, to ensure they reflect the latest college rents/charges and general cost of living.

Ongoing support lasts for the academic year in which you apply, but you can re-apply for future years. All students who come to Oxford are asked to sign a financial declaration form, so please note you're only eligible for help from these funds in exceptional circumstances.

Emergency Support

If you suddenly find yourself short of money, the Maintenance Committee considers applications to this scheme quickly and confidentially, and may award a grant or loan.

Moving-out Loans

The College recognises that moving out of College accommodation can impose substantial charges on students at an inconvenient time of year.

After consulting our graduate students, we set up this scheme offering graduates and some undergraduates interest-free loans to cover the cost of deposits and upfront rent payments.