Research Conference
Friday 17 June, Auditorium, Corpus Christi - and on Zoom

As Terence's most successful play, Eunuchus was consistently part of the Latin school canon from the late Roman Republic to the modern era. Over a period of more than two thousand years, the comedy has been edited, performed, commented on, criticised, illustrated, and imitated numerous times. By bringing together experts on the ancient, medieval, and modern reception of the play, the workshop aims to discuss a wide range of approaches and provide insight into the colourful afterlife of one of Rome's most successful poets.

Confirmed speakers:

Edith Hall (University of Durham)

Antony Augoustakis (University of Illinois, Urbana Campaign)

Andrew Cain (University of Colorado Boulder)

Vincent Graf (University of Oxford/Leipzig)

Giovanna Di Martino (University College London)

Andrea Peverelli (Leiden University)

Giulia Torello-Hill (University of New England)

Andrew Turner (University of Melbourne)

Beatrice Radden Keefe (Universitӓt Zürich)

Stefan Feddern (Universität Leipzig) 

Conference Registration

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