Personal Biography

I am Professor of Environmental Law in the Faculty of Law and have been a Fellow of Corpus since 2000. I am currently on a three year Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship researching ‘Environmental law and legal imagination: pasts and futures’. I write widely on environmental law and administrative law in national common law jurisdictions. Risk Regulation and Administrative Constitutionalism (Hart Publishing, 2007) won First Prize for the Peter Birks Prize for Outstanding Legal Scholarship in 2008 and Elizabeth Fisher and Sidney Shapiro, Administrative Competence: Reimagining Administrative Law (CUP 2020) was jointly awarded the American Bar Association Administrative Law Section's Scholarship Award 2021. I am an Overseas Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law. I have won teaching awards and I am General Editor of the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies and served as General Editor of the Journal of Environmental Law for a decade from 2012 to 2022.

Research and Teaching

My scholarship explores how legal thinking operates and evolves in administrative law and environmental law in common law legal systems. I do that by studying doctrine, legislation, legal culture and socio-political culture. My work shows how law frames the physical and social world, creates forms of stability, and constructs understandings of good decision-making processes.  I was instrumental in setting up the undergraduate and postgraduate environmental law courses.

Selected Publications

Elizabeth Fisher and Brian Preston (eds) An Environmental Court in Action: Function, Doctrine and Process  (Hart 2022)

Elizabeth Fisher and Sidney A. Shapiro, Administrative Competence: Reimagining Environmental Law (CUP 2020)

Elizabeth Fisher, Jeff King and Alison Young (eds) The Foundations and Future of Public Law: Essays in Honour of Paul Craig (OUP 2020)

Elizabeth Fisher, 'Executive Environmental Law' (2020) 83 Modern Law Review 163

Elizabeth Fisher, Bettina Lange and Eloise Scotford, Environmental Law: Text, Cases and Materials (2nd Ed OUP 2019)

Wendy Wagner, Elizabeth Fisher and Pasky Pascual, 'Whose Science? A New Era in Regulatory “Science Wars”' (2018) 362 Science 636

Elizabeth Fisher, Environmental Law: A Very Short Introduction (OUP 2017)

Elizabeth Fisher, Risk Regulation and Administrative Constitutionalism (Hart Publishing 2007)