Personal Biography

I am a Stipendiary Lecturer in Mathematics at Corpus Christi College. I'm in my third year of my mathematics DPhil, and I'm a graduate student at Worcester College. My mathematics undergraduate (MMath, 2013-2017) was at St John's College in Oxford.

Research and Teaching

I work in the geometry group in Oxford, and I work within the area of symplectic topology. In this field of study, I look at a range of invariants associated to symplectic manifolds which admit certain circle actions. My supervisor is Alex Ritter.

In Corpus Christi College, I am giving tutorials to the first- and second-year students in their analysis courses. The topics I cover include convergence of sequences, continuity of functions, differentiation and (Riemann) integration in the first year, and complex-differentiable functions, metric spaces and topological spaces in the second year.