Personal Biography

I recently completed my DPhil at St John’s College, Oxford, before coming to Corpus. I hold a postdoctoral research position within the Biochemistry Department, where I use computational techniques to study how genomes work.

Research and Teaching

Transcription lies at the centre of gene expression, and is the process by which the information contained in our genes is ‘read’ by the cell. Genes are transcribed to produce molecules called messenger RNAs, themselves the templates for protein synthesis. However, many regions outside of genes are also transcribed, giving rise to RNA transcripts that are not directly involved in protein synthesis. My research focusses on how such non-coding RNAs regulate the way in which genes are transcribed, bringing about fundamental changes in gene behaviour.

Previously I was a tutor at St John’s College for four years, teaching metabolism and molecular and cellular biology. I now hold a lectureship at Corpus, teaching molecular and cellular biology to the 1st-3rd year biochemists, as well as the 1st year medics.