Personal Biography

I am affiliated to Corpus as a Research Fellow and am an associate member of the Philosophy Faculty. I hold the Chair of Metaphysics at Durham University (2016-). I came to Corpus in 2007, after earning my doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Edinburgh (2006) and my Laurea, also in Philosophy, from the University of Pisa (2000). I have been based in Corpus during my entire time at Oxford, holding different positions in College: I was initially a Departmental Lecturer in Philosophy in the Faculty and in College (2007-08); a Junior Research Fellow (funded by a British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellowship, 2008-11); and an Official Fellow in philosophy (2011-17). I have served in College as SCR Master, Tutor for Women, Dean of Degrees; and as University Pro-Proctor.

Research and Teaching

I specialize in two research areas: on the one hand, ancient, late antiquity and medieval philosophy, and on the other, metaphysics. I also have strong research interests in the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of religion. In metaphysics I am particularly interested in questions concerning fundamentality; composition and structure; the nature of properties, dispositions, relations; the metaphysics of substance; and causation. In the history of philosophy, I have worked on an eclectic collection of topics, on Anaxagoras, Aristotle, Plato, Plotinus, the Stoics, Gregory of Nyssa, and Thomas Aquinas. I have published monographs, edited books and journal articles in all these areas. I am currently working on a new monograph, Forms and Structure in Plato’s Metaphysics. I have been directing a large-scale multidisciplinary research group, with funding (in successive stages) from the European Research Council, the Templeton World Charity Foundation, the Leverhulme Trust, and the AHRC. I am also the founder and co-editor of the peer-reviewed journal Dialogoi. Ancient Philosophy Today, published by Edinburgh University Press (2019-) I have gained undergraduate and graduate teaching experience at different institutions in the UK and as visiting professor abroad.

Selected Publications


Metaphysics: An introduction to contemporary debates and their historical background, OUP, 2019 (co-authored with Erasmus Mayr)

Everything in Everything. Anaxagoras’ Metaphysics OUP 2017

Aristotle on Perceiving Objects, OUP, 2014

Edited Books

Exploring Gregory of Nyssa: philosophical, theological and historical studies, OUP 2018 (co-edited with Neil McLynn)

A History of Mind and Body in Late Antiquity, CUP 2018 (co-edited with Sophie Cartwright)