There’s an excitement surrounding Corpus’ Telethon this year. The College is taking part in the Oxford’s Young Alumni Challenge and your participation is its key component - you can choose where to allocate the Central University’s funds to boost a Corpus project that matters to you.

What creates Corpus is the strength of its communal spirit and togetherness. As our alumni, Kate Pickford (1984) and Ginger Rinkenberger (1984) said “Corpus is love”. The College embraces all its members and makes them feel that they belong. We wish all recent graduates feel not only that they received a first-rate education, but friendships that have lasted a lifetime, and a place they have always come back to.

The Challenge is founded on this sense of community and invites recent graduates to contribute to the College’s projects that play important role in improving lives of the current and future students. As a recent graduate you know so well what extra financial support means to students. Please join this new initiative and impact lives.

Your regular (monthly or annual) gift to Corpus Christi will unlock a 200% match on its annual sum, so a gift of £5 a year would mean you can allocate £15 of funding to the cause of your choice. Our priorities this Telethon are Outreach and Access and the Pelican Fund. If Corpus has the highest participation rate, each gift gains an additional 100% match, so the £5 would turn into £20 at no extra cost to yourself.

Remember, the match fund means size doesn’t matter, it’s all about partaking. Give £5, £10, or whatever you can afford. Every pound makes a difference.

Even if making a gift to Corpus is not in your current plans, we hope you will take the time to connect with our current students. I know they are looking forward to talking with you.

Go, Corpus!

There’s a simple way of donating online, should you wish. We are also planning to contact you via phone between 23rd September – 2nd October 2022 during our Telethon. Use the Telethon event page on our website to let us know if you wish to be contacted at the specific date and time. If for any reason you would prefer not to receive a call, please contact the Development Team at