On Friday 12 May, Emeritus Professor Ewen Bowie will deliver the Centre for the Study of Greek and Roman Antiquity Annual Lecture. Entitled, "Lives of the Atticist lexicographers", the lecture will set the more voluminous information we have about C. Iulius Pollux of Naucratis (the 10 books of his Onomasticon and Philostratus' biography in his Lives of the sophists) alongside the scantier evidence available for his near contemporary Phrynichus (fragments and a summary by Photius of his 37-book Preparation for a sophist, Σοφιστκὴ προπαρακευή, and the text of his 3-book Selection, Ἐκλογή). Suggestions will be made concerning Phrynichus' origins and the dedicatees of his books, and an assessment will be offered of the importance of lexicographers in the Greek culture of the second and third centuries AD.

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