Corpus Christi is delighted to announce that Professor Michael Johnston has been awarded an EPSRC Established Career Fellowship.

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Established Career Fellowship is a personal award which enables holders to conduct a “novel and outstanding piece of world-leading research.

Professor of Physics at Oxford's Department of Physics and a Fellow of Corpus since 2002, Michael Johnston investigates the physics of charge dynamics in semiconductors and light matter interactions. His research stretches from fundamental physics to real-world applications and encompasses the fields of terahertz (THz) science and technology, semiconductor nanostructures and photovoltaics.

The £1.8M fellowship award will unveil electron motion at surfaces and interfaces on ultrashort length and ultrafast time scales, which will provide for a deep understanding of semiconductors suitable for solar-to-electrical energy conversion.  

On hearing the news of the award, Michael Johnston said: “I am grateful to EPSRC for this award, which will allow me to focus on developing instrumentation that will both open fundamental new discoveries in the field of semiconductors and make crucial contributions to the development of renewable energy technologies.”