During 6th Week, Corpus took part in the University-wide initiative Green Action Week, the aim of which was to celebrate and empower environmental action: to determine what each of us can do, beyond switching off lights and computers, to be more sustainable.

The Library organised a book display, highlighting ‘green’ resources available for learning more about the living world and how we can work towards mitigating the damage we are doing to our environment. In the Dining Room, the second vegetarian and vegan formal of term was held, and once again it was oversubscribed.  JCR Environment and Ethics Officer Courtenay Crow launched a student sustainability survey seeking ideas and proposals for contributions each of us can make to the University-wide effort. And lastly, this week saw the Corpus Green Impact Group meet to develop and push forward ideas to help the College further improve sustainability and promote ethical choices for the good of the world environment.

Courtenay said, "In addition to the plethora of sustainability events held by the wider University, I am proud to say that Corpus made its own special contributions! My personal favourite was our sustainable welfare tea, stocked with delicious food (pastries, cakes, you name it!) sourced through Too Good To Go, all of which would otherwise have gone to waste."