Along with our colleagues across Oxford University, Corpus Christi welcomes the Government’s announcement on Monday that A-level results will now be based on teachers’ Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs), and not the Ofqual algorithm. We are very conscious that this has been a period of turbulence and anxiety for our offer holders and students across the country, and so we are pleased to announce that Corpus will honour our offer of a place to all applicants whose CAGs meet their conditional offer, in addition to those to whom we have already awarded places.  We are now working to ensure everyone who has met their offer conditions under the new CAG policy can be admitted either this year or next. As such, we are reviewing college and university capacity and will confirm the position to offer holders as soon as we can.

Over the past week, the Corpus admissions office has been carefully reviewing every application and working with tutors, departments and faculties; we have been particularly alert to the issues faced by offer holders from disadvantaged backgrounds who were disproportionately affected by the Ofqual algorithm.  As a college we are committed, and have been for many decades, to making sure that talented students from all backgrounds have the opportunity to study at Oxford.  We believe that no one’s aspirations should be constrained by their background and as academics our hope for all our students is that they are able to fulfil their potential through studying here.  Many of our current students and alumni have shared their particular stories with us in recent days: they bear eloquent testimony to the power of education in facilitating social mobility and building a more just and generous society.  We look forward to welcoming our new students to the Corpus community, and congratulate them on their success.