All members of college working or interested in Philosophy are welcome to our events, which are intended to be friendly and accessible to all. Please contact the current society co-chairs Aryan Goenka and Jonathan Krude if you have any questions about attending an event.

Events held throughout the year include:

Invited Speaker Lectures

These bring in philosophers from outside Corpus to present their current research in a way that is intended to be accessible to all from first year undergraduates to more seasoned researchers. Lectures are followed by dinner at a nearby pub or in the SCR. Those wishing to attend dinner are asked to RSVP to the co-chairs. 

Work in Progress Talks

These are usually held once a term or more. They offer an informal and friendly venue for Corpuscles to present their current work at any stage of the writing process and to receive feedback. Please get in touch if you are interested giving a presentation.

Philosophy Brunch

A casual gathering to discuss philosophy informally over breakfast. Just collect your breakfast as you normally would in Hall and join the philosophy table - and the discussion!

Alumni Tea 

This is held in Trinity Term. Those who come, including both current students and alumni, can enjoy drinking tea, listening to a talk in the Auditorium, and discussions in the Garden. The aim is to foster intergenerational relationships between current and former students.