Bridgeman Images

Bridgeman Images hold copies of some significant individual images in the Corpus manuscript collection, as well as of some paintings and portraits owned by the College. You can lease transparencies or digital images from Bridgeman for reproduction – they can also grant permission for this use on behalf of the College.

Bridgeman Images, 17-19 Garway Road, London, W2 4PH

T: 0207 727 4065 | F: 0207 792 8509 |

Photographic orders

You can order digital images and photographic prints for private study and publication from a professional photographer via the College. Please contact the Librarian to check image availability or get a quote for new photography.

  • Items from the modern collection may be subject to copyright restrictions
  • The copyright of any image supplied remains with the College
  • You must seek advance permission before using an image in any publication (see below)
  • The College reserves the right not to allow photography if an item is deemed too fragile, damaged or in any other way unfit for filming

Permission to publish

If you want to publish images of items from Corpus Christi College's collections, you must ask permission well in advance of publication deadlines.

Bridgeman can grant permission for the use of images they hold.  Otherwise, complete and sign the permissions application form, then send it to the Librarian. Legible scanned copies are welcome.

If we approve your application, we release your permission for publication once you’ve paid the appropriate fee(s). By ‘publication', we mean publication in any media, including books, articles, theses, web sites, TV programmes, exhibition displays and so on.

How to apply for permission

First read the terms and conditions, and complete the application form in full, crossing out any irrelevant sections. Then submit a completed and signed print or electronic form to the Librarian. 

Other reproductions of Corpus manuscripts

Many of the Corpus Christi College manuscripts have been microfilmed, and are available commercially. Library staff can microfilm other volumes on request (subject to conservation considerations) for a minimum charge of £100.

1.Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts

Microfilms of many Corpus manuscripts can be obtained from:

S.C. Albert, Director, World Microfilms

PO Box 35488, St John's Wood, London NW8 6WD

T 020 7586 4499 | M 07745 959202 | F 020 7722 1068

2.Manuscripts from the Library of Dr John Dee

Microfilms of John Dee manuscripts in the College collection have been digitised, and are available from the source below.

Adam Matthew Digital, A Sage Publishing Company

Pelham House, Pelhams Court, London Road,
Marlborough, Wiltshire SN8 2AG
T 01672 511921 |

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