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Visitors are welcome to enjoy the gardens when the College is open to the public.  Please ask at the Lodge about access.

In an article about the gardens, written for the 2018 Pelican Record, David Leake said"I admit there is a certain amount of chaos in the garden, as there is in nature, and I accept there are times when it does not look its best: most of us must feel this about ourselves sometimes. But – and this does not excuse everything – there are some reasons behind all of this. First, I know there are some colleges (and one in particular comes to mind) where the word “organic” delivers a shiver down the Garden Master’s spine. I for one do not like using weed killers or pesticides, or over-feeding the plants, and here at Corpus I have nearly always been in a position to go down that road. I often think that what you don’t do is as important as what you do. I like the way that plants have insinuated themselves into the garden without my help – the hollyhocks against the wall of the Front Quad, together with other little plants such as valerian (which attracts the hummingbird hawk moth), corydalis and the greater celandine, the flower of the patron saint of Oxford, St Frideswide. I like the oxeye daisies that grow in parts of the College lawn and that miraculously survive the trampling of the crowds who come to watch the tortoise race in summer. And I like the little daisy-like erigeron that grows under the walls of the Chapel and the JCR in the Gentleman Commoners’ Quad. They’ve all come in on their own: I might gently look after them but it is all chance."

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