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Teaching and Research remain at the core of the College’s activities. The loss of state support  particularly in the Humanities, has meant that the College has had to look to its alumni to secure a number of posts. Since 2010, thanks to the generosity of our alumni, we have been successful in securing the following posts by raising £6.6 million:

Tutorial Fellowships in English, Philosophy, Latin, and American History

The College needs to raise further funds in support of permanent academic posts. It also needs to expand the currently narrowing opportunities for graduate study and post-doctoral research, and so nurture the next generation of academic leaders.



The Brock Junior Research Fellowship, named after former Corpus Tutor in Modern History and Politics, the late Michael Brock CBE, is a post that gives a young scholar the opportunity to establish him or herself on the lower rungs of the career ladder as a professional historian. In 2012 this position was taken up by Dr Ben Mountford and he was succeeded in 2015 by Dr Alex Middleton.

The cost of a three year appointment is £150,000. A further £100,000 of philanthropic funding is sought to complete the second phase of this post.






The Corpus Christi Centre for the Study of the Greek and Roman World plays a key part in the College's significant role as an international research hub in Classics. It is responsible for the Corpus Classical Seminar, providing termly series of classical research seminars given by scholars, the sponsorship of one-day events and colloquia throughout the academic year, plus periodic major conferences. Its activities to date have led to the publication of more than twenty scholarly volumes. This level of activity requires  considerable funding and time-commitment. Corpus is seeking to endow its annual running costs. The sum of £120,000 will allow us to continue to run this impressive programme and develop our activities further.





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