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Hi! I’m Jake, and I’m studying Philosophy, Psychology and Linguistics (PPL) at Corpus Christi. Applying to Oxford is definitely a daunting experience. All the extra steps; the admissions test, the interview… it seems a lot. But I’m so glad I went through it, because how else would I get to study at this amazing place!

Oxford is different to other universities in some ways (the tutorials and college system for example), but pretty similar in loads of others. It’s an amazing opportunity to meet loads of wonderful and interesting people, and to get involved in practically any activity you can think of! If you’re eager to learn about your subject and Oxford seems like a good fit for you, my advice is to just apply.

Corpus’ unofficial tagline is ‘small and friendly’. There are about 70 people in each year group, and that means that in first year, we all live pretty much together. Everyone and everything quickly become familiar - after not too long you won’t be able to walk for ten seconds around college without saying hi to someone you know! Our library, open only to Corpus students, was once called a modern wonder of the world by Erasmus and it really is beautiful, plus it’s open 24/7! Even more beautiful is our roof terrace, which looks out over Christ Church meadow. The roof terrace sits on top of the auditorium, an amazing space that I’ve used for loads of rehearsals for plays and seen charity concerts and student run events in. Despite being one of the smallest colleges, we have fantastic spaces we can use for anything you can think of - regularly hosting everything from both the University Lib Dem and Labour societies, to yoga! 

Another great space in college is the Beer Cellar. Found underneath our common room, it’s a great place for a game of pool, a bop (our big college parties) or just to chat. Even though I didn’t apply to Corpus originally, I’ve still come to love it and think it’s the best (but everyone says that)!

 The PPL/EP (Experimental Psychology) course is great; you get to have an introduction to lots of different areas in the first two terms and then go into more detail. The ‘experimental’ in experimental psychology is what makes it so brilliant - the whole course is grounded completely in scientific papers published in peer reviewed journals. In lectures and in work, you get to talk about stuff going on right now, that has just been published, as well as important classic studies.

Another thing that makes the course so great is how flexible it is. You start in first year by picking three from philosophy, psychology, linguistics, statistics and neurophysiology in first year. (If you pick Psychology, stats and Neurophys then you’re doing EP!) Then after the first two terms you can choose to do all psychology, or to do half the psychology modules and take others in philosophy, linguistics or both! There are very few restrictions and it means you can choose whatever interests you most!

I’ve had an amazing first year here and am so glad I took that first step and applied, even though I never believed I could do it! There’s so much more to say about Oxford, Corpus and the PPL/EP courses. If you have any questions at all please e-mail me at the address above! And if you do end up coming for an interview, I can’t wait to meet you!



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