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Preeti Dhillon

History and Politics

I joined Corpus in 2007 to study History and Politics, after taking a gap year in which I worked and travelled, learning valuable skills for university life.

I was very nervous before I began, I didn't know what to expect as there are so many stereotypes and myths about Oxford and I didn't know what to believe. It all worked out great. I really enjoyed Corpus life. I chose it largely due to the friendliness of the people I met on an Open Day, the location, and facilities. It did not disappoint. The tutors made studying challenging and stimulating, and the 24-hour, well-stocked library facilitated the many essays there were to write! The close-knit community made it a home from home, and the thriving cultural and social activities such as jam sessions, pub quiz nights, and movie screenings, led to a fun-filled three years.

I was heavily involved in JCR life at Corpus. I was the Equal Opportunities Officer, and then JCR President. That was an exciting year; we won University Challenge and then had our title taken from us (!), we won the annual tortoise race and it was televised on beloved kid's show, Blue Peter. We also restructured the JCR Committee to make it more representative for ethnic minority students and gender minorities. I still use my experience as JCR President as an example of leadership, communication and team-working skills in job interviews.

I have just finished a two-year Erasmus Mundus master's degree in International Development and Public Policy. Soon, I will move to Indonesia to be a Co-Director for an educational centre for a year, and then I plan to continue working on education and youth projects and policies in developing countries. My experience at Corpus has certainly shaped this career choice, as a good education can be a transformative experience, so I want to help increase opportunities and access to education for youth worldwide.



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