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Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)



Hi, my name’s Luke, and I’m a Corpus PPEist from Wiltshire.

I came into the course with nothing but a great enthusiasm for politics and philosophy, having studied none of P, P, or E. But, upon arriving at Corpus, the course proved to be everything I hoped for: providing a deep insight into three different but interrelated disciplines. There is plenty of scope within most of the topics to pursue the aspects which most interest you, whilst being in the wider Oxford environment also helps to foster a passion for your subject, with opportunities to see world renowned speakers at the Oxford Union or meet like-minded people through societies such as the Labour Club or the Conservative Association.

During the first year of the PPE course we have covered a huge range of topics, and in the final couple of years there will be far more opportunity to select modules which we each individually find most fascinating – for most of us, they are areas which we were unaware of, or hadn’t considered before starting the course! PPE provides an opportunity to gain a unique insight into the workings of the world around you, through three distinct courses.

In general, there are around 10 lectures and 2 tutorials a week, meaning that there remains plenty of time to balance your work with non-course-related activities. Almost all the work is carried out independently, which is a responsibility and opportunity that most seem to relish and allows for further schedule flexibility.

As a college, Corpus Christi was welcoming from the start. Its relatively small size means that it’s a wonderfully close-knit community and it has proved to be a fantastic opportunity to meet people from a diverse range of backgrounds. Despite everyone’s heavy workload (thankfully slightly lighter for the PPEists) there are always people around and some kind of event available to get involved in.

Please don’t hesitate to send me an email with any questions!

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